The Playing Card Siddur of the Texas Marranos

DEMONS: Those who read the demon blogs know that a lot of it is channeled from a bandwidth that includes many depths, some surfaces, some enemies, some friends. This post comes from that place, and as an artist, I revere the crazy stuff. I am not a Nazi or a homophobe, but let’s have some fun. OWLS.

When I was researching some of these matters, a fellow Judia, who had extensive knowledge of such things, told me that they would set up card tables or card games on tables and play cards on Friday night and do the liturgy.

Now I know my people. They would have had regular decks, perhaps even marked in some way but


I can’t say that we were not wealthy.

But they probably would have had a particular card representing a particular part of the liturgy, and arranged the deck to deal out the hands in a particular way, and play THE SAME DAMN GAME every Kabbalat Shabbat, with the candles going – oh I know not what I say – and perform the liturgy with game.

And if they had to just play the game with regular CHISME it would, in effect, MAKE as shabbat. This is your table, vecino. We are funding it over here.

Now this had a wonderful advantage in that we were ALSO Aztecs and this setup had the QUARTERS of the ancient shamanic peoples, which would have been called in by the old ones and the others and caused the whole thing to make in WE ARE THE MAKERS, NOT THE RABBI sort of way. And the ladies played as well. And did THE WORK.

Because synagogues are inherently authoritarian IN ARCHITECTURE in ways that are abundantly clear to us old timers in whose family the work was done in our lifetimes as I AM CONFUSED BY THIS CHURCH PLACE. I know I am supposed to be here, but it is WIRED.

Stay home for high holy days, especially Yom Kippur. You hear Kabbalat Shabbat.

Tio reminds me that we all had AMERICAN FLAGS and much work of THE SERVICE, Jota. So there, RAM. I am worlding this as — wow — Voodoo. 

Yes, we have Christian stuff like pews, but this whole situation of the Rabbi and Cantor up there and us down here means we have a top to bottom situation with our religion, and that is INSANE. It was always thus, but kind of Che Guevara’d in your world.

I suspect part of the reason for my energy’s discomfort in this whole synagogue situation is the playing card Shabbat which is usable in the Deep South of my family near FORKS. I just need to figure out how it was done and call on the dead in the right way and we will have our Judaism put together in Jesuits and there was always a betrayal and no doubt the Church has the Siddur under lock and key and in many worlds.

We are SPANISH Jews and we go back to the Golden Age of Spain. I do not like all of these ancient CREEPS causing us to lose ground in certain ways and OCCULTING the essentials of JUDAISM, FRIENDS —  THE ART – the Crypto-Jews’ ART. Which was Aztec Jews in this world and CABALA IN THE UNDERWORLD, for that is what we are on about in SPANISH. Also, CROWDS.

When these ancient beings come up, they are UNCONTROLLABLE, so we only go back as far IN THE CRYPTO-JEWISH WORLD which is wise AND NOT GOVERNMENT SORCERY as we agree with their point of view. THIS IS HOW OF GOVERNMENT IS CRIMINY MORE HUMAN SACRIFICE! and what is going on at GITMO? The Golden Age of Spain is where we stop, for that was the era when RULED BY THE MOORS we all lived in amity and elegance and a SCREAMING CULTURE is welcome in OWLS, Ultima.

In order to have a nation of 300 million under CENTRAL COMMAND we have to call in NEOLITHIC POWER which is intransigent — also apes! — and didn’t the Aztecs have state-scale human sacrifice? — and the lesser Moors always did the best work. It is a SMALL situation and not large and you can’t have COWS in command of the military of the United States, it just doesn’t work like WAR.

I loved the Iraq War. It was BRAZENLY about money. Let’s have a war where almost nobody gets killed! That is the situation that KING EDWARD actually voted for. At the same time, it probably tipped the scale in the eyes of Moors in favor of DESTRUCTION and especially of Jews.

We should have just INVADED Syria and BOOM! four buildings go down and a bunch Americans sit on their rumps playing CARDS. This is better than the entire country being BLOWN UP and all of the houses down and people running for the border, Slum.

The best thing we can do is secretly read the Quran as well so that the PHASE SHIFT is not so harsh and they cannot READ enemy in our underworld but I CAN’T FUND THIS. The Bride of Apollo is never popular with her friends and family and others and usually DITCHES the job and Apollo is not kind when jilted, so here we have the situation of OAF! If you are a creep as usual . . . 

There is something to be said for ALWAYS BLEEDING ON THE STAGE in embarrassing and homely ways in I SEE ALL YOUR ADULTERY and here is my Fool. This is why we can’t have nice things and why I am Jung

When the Moors first went to Spain, the Celtoiberian powers made them MIND THEIR MANNERS. These ancient paralytic power workings were cancelled out by the necessity of COO! melding our worlds and constructing a wonderful life for everyone, says the King of the Jews in Inglaterra. When the Jews came into Spain, they were required to SMUT SUBMIT and be FINE. They threw the lot of us Semites out and some came to Mexico, some to Galicia, some stayed in Spain as Crypto-Marranos, but the ARMING of ancient power in dreadful ways is NOT ON THE AGENDA and we will not be TURNED into Ashkenazim but stay Sephardic with our playing cards and our hoodoo WORK and our culture of the Deep South. HOW ABOUT YESHUA? I WILL THAT. This is perhaps why the Sephardic Jews were not as abused as the Ashkenazi Jews and not as HOWLED AT.

“Russia” is of destroying Israel but not of KILLING THE JEWS. This is the subtle and nuanced position that we SEE in the underworld. It is clear that democratic capitalism is a cultural mission from GERMANIA including England and the farther you get from the Germanic culture that built it the harder it is to manage. China can’t figure it out. Neither can Russia, which is back to the Tsar with less regalia, which I regret, though I do love the KREMLIN.

We need an entheogen, and since the Prophet Mohammed removed the WINE of the CABALA Christians and the Jews in order to keep out their ancient WOW, we cannot use wine, but we can use the entheogen that is common to all of these powers except the Mormons, whose Prophet Joseph Smith pulled a similar stunt with the COFFEE of the modern world — look at England and the fine world of the COFFEE SHOPS that we lament so — also Cabala — and the TEA of New England and Ireland and the WITCHES — and the Hookah of the Moors taken from us as well — so we cannot HEAR — and so it was that Grandfather FELL to lung cancer with his hookah of the Jews in Kabbalat SMOKING. It was a confusing world. 

I was also STONED BEYOND BELIEF while sober 364 days a year – only on New Year’s — 4th of July — did he allow himself a single daiquiri. They had the same bottle of rum in the fridge MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD.

So I am nominating COFFEE. One afternoon right before Kiddush I heard SOME BEARD saying, I CAN’T DO A THING WITHOUT COFFEE, and I said to myself, THIS IS THE PLACE.

I hope the Mormons will CONSECRATE a cup of coffee once in a while with their sacrament prayer, for what great REVOLUTION can take place without SACRELIGE? WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO MUCK ABOUT WITH THE TEMPLE AND ALL THOSE LOVELY DISEMBOWELMENT OATHS RAISED AGAINST YOU — and this is why we have the Viking Warrior, whose POWER lineage will be discussed soon.

Power lineage is INBORN and inflects the life into certain patterns where it can function and that is clearly NOT New York. Try to come to Switzerland and find out what happens. 

It can also not be traced in Ancestry. The power jumped the fence as it saw fit. The Chinese were WISE in listing only the MALES in their genealogy, so the Emperor could not trace it.

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