The Guild Approach to Santeria

Here we are on Christmas, and I am bearing good tidings of great joy when I SUSPECT that the guild system is coming back, only in democratic capitalism which employs the idea of the COLLEGE DEGREE instead of the PAGAN GOD.

This is what we fought for.

Back in the Middle Ages.

Mostly the Roman Empire.

Now we have a great world of wealth and power that has discovered that drug and sex magick with dead chickens and African gods works better than secularism, but doesn’t work better than thousands of hours of ritual magick. Who does this anyway? Including the mass and lots of SATANISTS prayers of all kinds, which are COWING IN SOME WORLDS but not the normal.

Much television, Satanists.

Have some Christmas, please.

We used to think that you sent out a resume and they picked you, but now we know that it is a business of cowrie shells as much as your diploma.

It is not just ARE YOU OKAY? but are you going to work in our SATANIST Thelemite power wyrd, because we are having to be not just a business but a house of African magick.

And that is just how things are in COWS.

Now I realize that not everyone I work for — and I have had several jobs in the last twenty-five years — is in Santeria, but more than you expect.

Now when I apply for a job, I expect to work 40 hours a week and get a paycheck. That is America.

I do not expect to hand over my ANCESTORS, my past lives, my power wyrd, and my eternal life to a boss who just went to college and worked in a cubicle and is now my Jesus ambassador in Cuba?

What am I going to church for? We expect that functionality elsewhere here in America. Separation of Church and KRAMPUS.

But no. That is now in Cuban gods if you are approaching wealth and power.

And if you are a able to generate a significant amount of energy, then you will be routed to such firms and GET USED TO IT, THELEMITES.

You are now employed by ELEGUA.

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