Let us refresh our memory of the tale: WHAT IS MY NAME?

There are several legitimate ways of considering the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, and they should be considered first and foremost, and then there is an old fairy way of considering it, and this is what I will focus on then.

At the most literal level, women were abused in spinning, and often suffered terrible injuries from overwork. Look at today’s carpal tunnel syndrome, which afflicts females disproportionately. A repetitive motion injury that, once well set in, reduces capacity in the hands considerably and permanently. Milking cows reputedly had the same effect. The social commentary of THE DEVIL solving this problem is very cowed in this tale. To give up the luxury items of the necklace and the ring would have precluded the entire business of spinning until injury to the hands and marriage to a greedy man. MOSTLY THIS I THINK.

A second approach is the fact that children need scary stuff. This little goblin who came to help and then almost caused a dead baby can teach a child to cope with a dead brother or sister, similar to the tale of THE EARLKING. Infant and child mortality rates were very high in the premodern era, and a folk tale explaining what happened to a baby is in order. This baby was saved, but the next time the elusive name of the goblin might not fall into the mother’s hands. My grandparents lost five of their fifteen children, and there were many magickal interventions to save the babies in the era before antibiotics or widespread use of heating in homes. This is perhaps the most important function of the tale.

Another approach would be the Jungian type maturation tale of a woman who is betrayed by father then husband and has to do something deeply wrenching with the psyche — the goblin is a part of herself etc. — to achieve adulthood or some kind of threshold experience. I should not be snarky about Jung. The entire world of Jungian individuation was very much in vogue in the early years of my occult career and is now about FLYING SAUCERS? electromagnetic phenomena that Jung himself experienced.

Freud and Jung are more beautiful if they are read in the form of complete books. It is not that their psychological theories work well in actual therapeutic practice, or that they are the founders of the talk therapy method, but that they were both deeply cultured physicians who read and thought widely and attempted to construct a modern approach to what is the soul? YOU HEAR A PAGAN. It is to enter a world to read them and I hope to do so again.

Another approach is the magick of the Church, which powered the destruction of luxury and ornamentation among the normal people and extreme ornamentation in the building of the church itself. A lot of the OWLS on both sides, Amerindian and Norse, maintain that the religion of Christianity is mostly about a building, whereas their work was about the spells themselves and what you could get with them. REPENTANCE. Mary McCarthy reports that nuns used to tell girls that bracelets turned into serpents in hell.

For my part, it is not normal human psychobiology to avoid ornamentation. When there is no metal, people ornament themselves with shells, feathers, animal skins, tattoos, and the like. Ornamentation is part of human functionality and it is just plain bad to strike hypocritically at it. No doubt the religions of monotheism that sought to replace polytheism grasped the extreme importance of the physical elegance of polytheistic work and required their adherents to step away from it, for a minute, until they turned Mary into Venus with a baby at her breast and the Hebrew alphabet into the vainest calligraphy imaginable. The Norse work being so much of bringing spirit into flesh has a great tradition of ornamentation of many types. Many types of magickal energy rest on ornaments and keep the person from being ridden so much in the body, especially by the dead. A few metallic objects on the body can bind the deeper parts of the soul energy so that they do not make us insane or ill, and when they relate to traditions of our spirituality, that energy can form in a clear and comprehensible way instead of a general cloud that makes others insane and us thrown out of polite society. IN INDIA IT IS A SAVINGS ACCOUNT. Also Northrland. Come to think of it, I have hocked objects.

And then there is the village itself, with its normal human sorcery that the Latinos call INVIDIA — envy.

To the modern mind where all bread is purchased at the store and flour comes as a fine powder in a paper bag, the idea of a miller is quaint and unconnected with the social class reality. Traditional small family farms grew their own grain, enough to feed the family and the larger ruminant animals for a year. These were often large enough concerns, with the resident family owners, their extended families — farms often passing to the firstborn son and the other sons residing on-site to work — and any hired hands necessary for the enterprise.

In the Americas, the grain of maize is a large, soft grain that can be ground by hand by women using fairly small stones. Traditionally it was ground up, placed in a gourd along with water, limestone in powdered form (to access the B vitamins) and saliva (!), and fermented for a day or so into a gruel or arranged somewhat dryer for the staple food the tamale, which usually contained beans in the center for a protein cross that resulted in the 8 essential amino acids necessary for survival, but could also contain meat for the wealthier set.

This is not as possible with wheat because the grain is so much harder and the edible portion so much smaller. It is more feasible to take wheat, barley, or rye to a large grinding operation with very large stones, provide the kinetic force necessary to turn the mechanism — often a stream with a watermill or animals like donkeys or horses — and grind it in large batches. The bran, which is not edible, is sifted out and the central starchy substance is used for flour. Of course, if the miller were dishonest, some of the flour could be stolen and substituted for clay, eventually causing malnutrition then illness, a graft evidently widespread enough in the Middle Ages for there to be much miller hatred that would play into this tale. Imagine substituting the idea of the LAWYER and you get the idea of the general venomous hatred there would be for millers.

Milling is thus a middle-class occupation, and even by the Middle Ages, the making of bread was an industry. So a miller’s daughter was a prominent person in the town’s local gentry, and her possession of fine things to adorn her person would show off her father’s status and enhance her bid for a good marriage.

Now, on to the fairy tale.

Rumpelstilskin began to be written down in the 16th century that is the 1500s, after the invention of the printing press in 1400 which cranked out a big run of Bibles and saints’ stories, but by the 1500s no doubt these were at market saturation and the printing concerns could begin to look about for stuff with a greater entertainment value. And then some.

We should assume that this tale was in common currency long before the printing of it in this form.
So the tale in Europe is several hundred years old, and in its vestigial form, it is evidently quite old — this source posits 4,000 years — and appears in folklore in many Indo-European cultures: provenance.

So what has been going on for 4,000 years that we need to remember as shorthand for how to transmit spiritual structures to children under the nose of the church?

The great witching takes place out in the country where the land, the animals, and the ancestors are not magically overtapped or disobeyed in the interest of empire. It is clear that the chthonic work of crossing the “demons/daemons” of contemporary Solomonic magick and the Norse paganism contribute to the capacity for understanding DRUIDRY women’s magick in what is really old Germanic witchcraft, and while no doubt Druidry was chosen by GENGHIS KHAN for many reasons, including his Celtic heritage, it is also clear that the Germanic work is politically incorrect and has been passed over in New World Sorcery on account of the dreadful and unhealed racism so darkly executed in WWII. It is unfortunate that Thelema never really reconnected with the Germanic tradition in the after-events of WWII and that it falls to a weirdo to remedy the situation for her own work. The Germanic work was offered to me because nobody else wanted a female Santeria refusenik classicist and dark artist on the run from the high people. ARK.

When I was in Guatemala, my teacher of the language I studied, K’iche’, told me how much sympathetic magick was done by means of color. Yellow, the color of gold, was the reason that a flower called manzanilla — chamomile — came to be used as a talisman for attracting wealth.

Let us consider the idea that the miller’s daughter’s capacity to spin straw into gold should be read as shorthand for exactly this type of magick, and that this would have been known quite readily to anyone above the age of ten in premodern Germanic culture.

It is also a recognition of the additional household income that was routinely brought in by the more industrious women spinning late into the night, often to the detriment of their eyesight and carpal tunnel. Even today in Guatemala, women support their families by weaving elaborate and beautiful designs on their backstop looms for sale to the wealthier set and to tourists.

Ghosts and other energy beings have an easier time forming up in repetitive motion of the body, especially when it is accompanied by some sort of chanting or spell. In shamanic magick, this was done with routine work like spinning such that the powers, ancestors, animals and other nature spirits were able to join in the work in elegant ways that caused them to comprehend the human condition and work in it, and these beings often have magickal capacities that exceed those of humanity. Part of the reason for our contemporary crisis in soul making is that we do not work very much of it compared to our forefathers. Many of the prayers of traditional religions accomplish such an aim. Judaism is full of such prayers in musical form that compensate for the lack of representational art, and no doubt old school Catholicism with its plethora of saints with prayers could enable one to construct the energy web that would involve the operative worlds of plants and animals. It is a lot of work to enchant the entire world, but probably worth it.

Icelandic literature records the use of spinning chants of the pagan type for the purpose of facilitating divination (citation TBD when I get a handle on the stuff, some of which I have read). The chants themselves are lost, though they were probably part of the family liturgy, in much the way that each tribe of women had its own sweater design. My family knit elaborate Irish-style fisherman sweaters, and at puberty I began knitting them, too, without that much instruction.

Thus the entire business of the spinning and weaving would have built the energy work of the family into the articles, and the entire village would have been keen on how this work was performed and distributed. The old ghosts and spirit complexes from the family would have answered the call of this work in the knowledge that a female needed assistance.

The fact that the spinning takes places in a barn is a sign that we are dealing with a farm complex spirit like the one described in Ezekiel 1, noted in the last blog post. Granted the animals described are fierce predators like lions and eagles, which could have been kept as pets by kings, but in magick an animal can be POSITED substituted for another of the similar type, like a barn cat for a lion. I know many lions around the house here. Chickens could also play the role of eagles. Bats as well.

In premodern farms the entire enterprise worked in the magick, and the animals NO DOUBT were able to participate in human energy work in a way that caused them to be full beings in the greater scheme of human culture, in such a way that we really should consider them part of the entire structure. In Jewish culture, the work of animal sacrifice described in the Torah was evidently substituted for Kosher butchery in later developments as the Christian rule took effect and substituted plant sacrifice for animal sacrifice as evident in the rite of communion and frequent references to the farm animals in the liturgy (Lamb of God) and the imagery of the church. But in Judaism the Temple of Solomon lurked beneath the surface and had a different outcome in energy to that of the Christian world, which often had to transfer animal killing portals to the godform known as THE DEVIL. Animals get kind of feisty in death and need some structure. The contemporary work of animal sacrifice in American sorcery and witchcraft is clearly part of how the entire BUSINESS worlds, and the Jewish work of Kosher has much power in stopping these MORES magickal structures from overpowering the normal energy work of targets. Hence the frequent and vicious magickal attacks on Jews and the massive restructuring of their energy anytime they get near this rubric of value-energy-command that is unseasoned and unscrupulous. At the same time, the honorable work is no doubt exciting and interesting, a relief from the endless mind-numbing SAME AS IT EVER WAS of the old religions. One of my Jewish friends used to say, the Rabbis are geniuses at making the interesting dull.

Judeo-Christian magick uses a sip of red wine, not laboratory drugs in excess of human neurological capacity, but over many thousands of repetitions the whole magick of THE DEVIL is ripe, as I discovered after about 7,500 hours of THE BLACK MASS OF THE CHRISTIAN CABALA.

Women, by virtue of the capacity to form the souls of new people inside of their bodies, also POSITED had the capacity to reach forward and backward in richer, fuller ways into the life of the family in incarnations and with ancestors and spirits.

We flow into our children, and when we have once started having them, there is less room for work with the deep worlds and the fey in a way. I am doing all of this chthonic work because I don’t have children so I am constantly giving birth to the demons, the gods of the dead. A lot of us who do intensive magick do not have children. This is why the celibacy of the Church often contributed greatly to the work of the dark arts, and why many systems require that this work be done only after the age of menopause and not be involved in any more soul-making. FAIRY CHILD.

This young lady has not yet had a child, so she has capacity for these energy works in odd ways, and can work with the old makers of the farm in obtaining money at perhaps a more intense level than would be otherwise. VIRGINS PREFERRED.

If this is a farm complex spirit, it could perhaps be powered by many generations and types of people, animals, and crops of the family and would be working with many destinies over many generations and in different worlds and layers of energy of not only the dead, but the beings whose souls had yet to become and those who would use the magick in lieu of fully incarnating. Some, however, especially in former times, could come very close to the physical plane and have a great deal of influence over events here.


In the next post, on Nicodemus, I will posit the reason Christianity chose to focus on the physically higher levels of energy in its work with the dead and why, for this reason, most Christian shamanism needs to be worked with the understanding that the animal world is the bird and the plant world the tree. Hence the wings on their demi-gods.

There are many ways of dealing with the situation of money, and a tale of this sort could call these questions into discussion in the underworld in ways that can enable many beings to consider them. Perhaps this is why the devil is so easily beaten. The old HORSE wants to be beaten, so that he can recall how to be and what calibrations need to be made in the flow of wealth in the family.

It is also true that it is easier for animals to comprehend simple tales. What is the world? A big pile of turtles. All right. That means we have to have a lot of fine old gods in many layers going down to enable the whole rigamarole to be, that rigamarole being human magick. Buer has instructed me to work with the demons as if they were well-trained dogs, because it is easier for them to function in learning human magick if they do not also have to learn human civilization at the same time. In the end, a magical world that is a rich conglomerate of species cultures is better, and dogs can be trained to function very beautifully. DOG-FACED DEMONS. Bael, as we have noticed, is overly worked by cats.

(Buer also required me to consider this Graeco-Egyptian magick with Norse power as a necessary adjunct. Many improvements are taking place, which I will discuss.)

The grimoires of ceremonial magick seem very silly in their petitions. Usually the demon is good for obtaining favor with princes, causing wounds to fester, inciting love in women. We offer the humans silly things and get to arrange things. It is dangerous for old spirits to come close to humanity. Often the wizard is sacrificed to enable some things to happen. That is why we have a Pact with the devil and a few years of good fun. SKANKY WE HOPE.

Wealth is a force field in a family, neighborhood, forest, etc., and there are ways of influencing how it works.

Some of these are fair, like hard work, a college degree, teamwork. And others are involved with black magick, like knocking someone over for a promotion. And others involve various kinds of negotiation, like, work 8 hours or work 12? More money, less time with the family.

Whose turn is it to get the underworld group’s support for the money?

I related the idea of a work party in my post on my boat, and these do happen, especially in communities without so much technological infrastructure involved with large projects like farming, home repair or construction, making a quilt, putting together a religious or cultural festival, wedding, or funeral. All such events involve resources that the group has to decide will be spent on a project.

As we say in Hermes, as above, so below; these types of resources have an energy associated with them and this has to be dealt with in magick.

Magick itself is a way of spending time and resources, and this increases one’s general energy field to a certain extent and reorganizes work and socialization such that a different outcome can be achieved, but you have to understand the ramifications of the magick you are doing, and this is not EXPLAINED by Llewellyn, which sells books that never get worked on very much, and group work organizes things to be blinded but 85% eerily effective. In the end, Hermetics IS BEING COO’ED TO is going to have to take the next step forward and face the effective means of healing itself in the face of New World Sorcery.

There are many things going on in this tale.

So what we have here is a prosperous middle-class fellow who is making a bid for social ascension.

We notice that the miller has a daughter and not a son. Viking times instruct us on the whole market of resources and progeny in the practice of exposing unwanted babies. We must speculate that the greater portion of the exposed babies would have been female, as is the practice even today in parts of the world like China. The practice of purchasing or capturing brides from the Irish no doubt contributed to the breakdown of ancestor magick and the ultimate downshifting of the Norse wyrd.

So the first thing THE ANCESTORS are pointing out is that we are going to come in and heal the situation of the daughter in very special magickal ways.

What does it take to get a daughter well-situated in life?

Don’t keep her so low that she is undesirable. The daughter should be put together nicely. This girl clearly has had some resources expended in her upbringing. This is why she was given these lovely ornaments that set her off from the rest of the young ladies in the village and they would have been the focus of much attention envy. Metallic objects react to electromagnetism. The animal aura has much actual electromagnetism in it because the body chemistry is awash in actual electromagnetic activity for the work of the cells. The oxygen we breathe in has an electron that readily disengages and flows into at the very least the krebs cycle for the working of the metabolism. The nervous system is electromagnetic. Everything in the body is awash with atomic energy, and no doubt subatomic as well, and it surrounds the body. Even a reasonable non-psychic person can detect a stare  from behind that probably has various types of energy in it. In cultures where much magick and religion are practiced, the capacity to work consciously with it is enhanced, and the wearing of metallic objects would cause a person to be a STUPID willing target for such activity, and the more expensive and prestigious the objects, the more power directable at them.

This type of work would have been used as shorthand for both sides of the portal and very much for the protection and healing of women, who were often considered expendable. After all, who tells fairy tales to children?

There is another matter here. It is how beautiful and fine it is to have a daughter and how much LIGHT they bring to a world. The careful arrangement of their life potential is a matter of great import to the family, especially in an era when their magickal capacities were clearly part of the entire structure of the spirit work of the family, especially in an agricultural or semi-agricultural setting.

In old shamanism and witchcraft, it is speculated REVEALED that the chakras below the body — perhaps only vestigial in our spirit worlds — were how the women in particular held the souls coming into the family up into several generations. This is how we arrange our entire world. It is in these energy structures that we commune most strongly with the animals and land that we are a part of. Women in the old ways knew what was coming, what had happened in other worlds, and what needed to be. Certain types of magick — the dark work of sex magick in particular — can cause parasitic connections, and when the New World Sorcerers grandly arrange to mount you in a future life, they are probably not kidding. This can be a means whereby they incarnate into wealth in future lives in ways that are not reasonable.

A life of wealth is of extreme caliber exhausting to the soul and the infrastructure of an area and we ideally need to refresh ourselves in mocking the healthy in lives further down the social scale. When I asked Baldr to deal with my working-class grandfather in death, it was a bit of a BUMPY RIDE for all of us, because he didn’t have the soul matter necessary to deal with the situation. (I will discuss the body and social class and magick later.) But I felt that other relatives and his old powers high in the Church would function surreptitiously through this situation, as they had his entire life and enabled his children and grandchildren to have beautiful and interesting lives as long as they were very involved in spirituality so that he could perceive and comprehend them.

The fact that GRANDFATHER himself was working class but a very industrious person meant that I felt he would eventually tinker about with everything and give himself lots of options and heal me when I was shattered KRAMPUSED by the heights.

A person who is worked from the old ones at the heights has a weird life, and that is part of the tale of this young woman.

Norse work will be on a better track if we can bring the urban farm and the traditional world of domestic labor into the work and not focus so heavily on the drug and sex magick of the incoming astral vogue, and this is easier when women are witching and not only of mental veneration of godforms in extreme intoxication.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch — the miller’s boast to the king is a bid for social ascension, and the magickal resources to enable the daughter to call in the money for this marriage — spin straw into gold — would have to come from the entire circuit that this family is a part of.

The daughter knows better than to be too big about this boast that she can spin straw into gold, but she does not have the power to refuse. In some versions of the tale, force is brought to bear, but more likely is a fancy restaurant and a whiff of the finer things. Too many energies in her family, friends, ancestors, and village are interested in the upward mobility attendant upon such a bid, and while saner powers no doubt prevail in the end, perhaps it is only after death. A woman who has much capacity in witching is also usually so psychic that she has less capacity for self-defense than a man would under similar circumstances. This is why soldier and police magick practiced in man bands upon a witch is so very DESTITUTE, OWLS devastating while also rich in krampus.

This young woman doesn’t have a defender in the world, so the king locks her in a barn and demands that she make good on her father’s claim that she can spin straw into gold.

Fairy tales are always larger than life in certain ways, in the same way that movies always have extensive explosions and romance novels involve MR. BIG or someone like that. So what we have here is a King, not just a man who is higher enough in regular social status to be unattainable without the extra push of some serious money magick or something slick that will enable you to pass for richer than you are.

No one notices that I have done exactly this and, having returned, am now REPORTING on how things are in those fancy places.

The young woman can refuse to spin straw into gold and see if the king is actually going to kill her or just concede that this whole business was nonsense, but she is in a melodramatic situation that is really not so much, and in this extremity, she is involved with what normally happens when the higher-ups look for money in the lower-downs. TEMPTATION.

We in America have a special focus on upward mobility because, with the wealth of an immunologically depressed continent of Amerindians, the Europeans were able to snake a lot of land that was, in many cases, virgin as to European farming techniques, which are more damaging — and noticeable — than the Amerindian counterparts. The First Nations peoples of the Northeast kept their farming down to small plots in the middle of forests, and basically managed the entire ecosystem with great perspicacity and self-restraint. This is the only way humans can live sustainably, and it is regrettable that the stupid people won.

This enabled a lot of relatively impecunious Europeans to rise in prosperity over a couple of centuries, so we do have justification for the idea of changing class.

But there are reasonable limits to how classes function, and many fairy tales involve the dangers of involving oneself in unmanageable class ascension using magick. The American weltanshauung and our relative insularity concerning magick prevent us from seeing the extreme delicacy of the matters of class in magick, with the result that many regularly well-intended FOPS are injuring themselves and others when they might notice that a guru now in African robes who charges hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month for ongoing magickal service that we agree actually works may, in the end, create an unsustainable energy working that does cause one to end up frakked out and covered in sores like a number of the lower-middle-class geniuses of my acquaintance.

There is a lot of absolute prosperity in the working and lower middle classes, and the higher ups do often seek it out, holding their noses at our gauche manners, but when we sell out the village, things do go wrong, especially when the village witches are on patrol.

As they always were.

Hence the Inquisition.

HERE COME THE MEN IN BLACK. THEY WON’T LET YOU REMEMBER your past lives or the culture of magick in the children’s songs.

Sometimes forces align in exactly such a way as to place you in a position of having to work dark in ways that cannot be remedied except after death, and while many interpretations of this fairy tale are possible, I am going to read it dark because no one else in our world has, and recommend it as a cautionary tale and possibly spell for the hapless Anglo wizards newly involved in Afro-Hispanic sorcery where they are progressively more and more in THE BUSINESS and cannot get out without their own electromagnetic destruction resulting eventually in death.

The miller is a nouveau riche showing off for the “king,” which, in the fun exaggeration of the entertainment industry, we can read as HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY, or probably the local upper-middle-class or fancy person. He is seeking a good marriage for his daughter and is committing a faux pas of overreach that is most likely to result in an embarrassing pregnancy and most certainly a venereal disease. Low girls looking to marry up are a dime a dozen. They have to come to the table with more than a pretty face. A fine organization of money witching is more to the taste of this king.

There are chakras in the human body that extend up above the head and down below the feet. These are pictured quite nicely in the Hindu terminology that is the basis of much of our thoughts on the matter, down to calling them chakras. The Cabala called the outer chakras of the head the Ain, the Ain Sof, and the Ain Sof Aur. Different energy workings happen in these chakras than in the ones inside of the body. In a sense, the unusual workings involving telepathy with large groups of people, especially in magick, and telepathy involving animals and even plants like trees happen very much in these chakras. The Cabala refers to this as the Holy Living Creatures and assists us in working with animals in these parts of the aura. I can attest to the irk of working with them too closely in the trunk, as can Dion Fortune.

The shamanic peoples are more free with their energy in this world, which weakens the chakra configuration asserted by empire religion. The monastic power work seems to work with the animals in ways that keep the entire business more compartmentalized and serious — WHILE SOLOMONIC MAGIC TURNS YOU INTO A COW!!! — is a rubric of communication between our actual living animals and ourselves in ways that cause us all to regress toward the mean yet prevail at last, while evolving in greater elegance, for animals are always STYLING — while being FUNNY AS HELL — the Devil is associated with Mirth — and I like it better WHILE I LIKE YOU WURST.


The original mythology of Europe posited a sacred animal for the various deities, very much in the style of Greece, which had moved past the therianthropic style of Egypt and the goetic workers of Europe, including the witches. We know these animal correspondences in the Norse work from Snorri Sturluson’s work of preserving a stupid culture that was fun, while being a very fine Christian, a position NOTICED AS FOOLISH BUT INVOLVING MORE LONGEVITY. No doubt someone ended up in Valhalla, having been slain in battle. These animal spirits thus ride higher in the body as a norm, and often interact with humans in energy “planes” that are several feet above the head or below the feet, as in how the dead are perceived. Many plants are working this in their roots. This was recognized and honored in medieval Christianity by the construction of gargoyles on the Gothic Cathedrals. The old gods were called demons, and were poo-pooed a bit, but the Church no doubt noticed everything went more smoothly when these beings were put on the church. The old magic worked with animals that we actually know and live with in beautiful ways. These wonderful beings evolve with us up the levels of power, and make their bones in the work, eventually achieving an honored place as great beings of demons. These statuettes would have honored them and given them a place in the worship. To this day, I see them in the Church riding the power high, and that is why the demon work is so much richer in churches that are older and have these high ceilings. My old haunts in New York build the Graeco-Egyptian dragons with greater definition than the churches in Seattle, no doubt part of the cause of my being tricked into leaving.

(I was given a free scanner by a kind soul on Craigslist. Color crayons look different in JPEG.)
A lot of people no doubt complain that living in a tent rather than going into Santeria is a stupid and ridiculous BUSINESS. Some say there is great anger at me for “delaying my entry” into Santeria because I have capacity for great magickal power in the physical world and the gods need that to build the new sorcery ARRANGED.
GO TO CHURCH lodge is my endless retort, boring to OWLS.
The goetia I work with are, in many cases, animals who knew me in my youth and have worked this magick with me for decades. They didn’t have to do that. They are very perfected in their own worlds and actually lose chops in animal worlds by doing all of this human stuff. They came back IN ROUT out of love and are now amazing and wonderful. Much of living animals, too. 
I don’t like the idea of shattering these magical structures that my family, friends, and many wise and wonderful animals have worked with all these years and leaving them without the course run. The astral work reconfigures the body in such a way that these new sorcerers cannot understand the language of birds. I SEE THEM.
Here is where we can consult the record of Hinduism, which in some places posits the soul as starting with small organisms and moving up THE GREAT CHAIN OF BEING in animals up to being human, a course also represented by Merlin turning Arthur into lots of animals as part of his training. For the Hindu monasteries, this work was very high and sacred and surrounded by extensive monk magick and only for the illuminati, whereas we witches suspect that they went out to the farm and got the language of birds then beat the farm wives senseless so that the rich could incarnate into wealth forever.
There are many things the older structure can hear that today’s work cannot, and yet there is much de facto assumption that we should move “forward” by causing irreparable damage upon the rubric of the goetia. This is not acceptable. Some of us should be galdramathr in a more shamanic energy structure. It is weaker than the astral RING OF POWER coming into vogue, but it has its place. Many things need to be worked out, and I am quite frank about my many problems and losses. Lisiewski says that the first time he evoked, the operation left him with a collapsed lung and in the hospital for quite some time, but he was so enchanted he loved the demons anyway. 
What would be the outcome of a young woman who found herself in the situation of TOO MUCH without the magick working?
The first gift offered to the spirit is a necklace, worn at the throat. What does the throat energy do? For one thing, it speaks, and what the throat can be used to speak is the underworld, both the world of the dead and the world of the living in eerie ways.
Here is where we have to speak frankly about one of my problems in Solomonic magick.
The first time I evoked King Beleth, I recited the normal speech in The Lesser Key of Solomon, when I commanded the spirit to “speak to me with a voice clear and intelligible, without any ambiguity.” Beleth said, The dead love to speak. Then he gave me an odd look.
Here we are, five years later, replete with Paimon’s blog — those who know will attest to the fact that Paimon is always blogging when he gets his own sorcerer — and it is ME who is speaking nonstop FROM THE DEAD and the living with a voice clear and intelligible without any ambiguity in a situation that can only be described as Tourette’s Syndrome. The Sorcerers who trance on me will no doubt notice themselves YOWZA I can’t go out with you I am insane when we are making love IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING talking nonstop. Perhaps Duncan McCloud and the Highlander series is part of what is — they are taking my head, though only on the astral WE SCOWL. The ATR practice — also medieval European — noted in the Torah with the witch of Endor — of using a human head as a divinatory tool no doubt plays into this in our astral world. Then there is the head of Mimir who was belligerent toward the Vanir IN A BLOG? and got his head cut off whereupon it resided as a divinatory tool in a well and was consulted by Odin who relinquished his right eye for the boon! In any case, the whole business of psychism requiring speaking — channeling — is part of the throat chakra that this spirit would have been attired with. (The Solomonic spirit of record has both a necklace and a ring, we notice.)

So this young lady is arranging psychism for the purpose of money magick in an extreme and intense way.
What might this look like?
As a general rule, it is only possible to push the common people so far then they revolt. Numerous peasant revolts can show us that if there is no one to do the work of the feudal estate, then there is no wealth for the aristocrat who supposedly owns it. Other, smaller types of revolt are also possible. It would be necessary to work against the people in many ways and simultaneously to get the maximum wealth out of the situation.
Here is where psychism comes in.
Let’s say a sharecropper farms for 40% of the crop. Another, in his place, might farm for 38% and the additional 2% would go to the rich guy.
It is really a few pennies here and there where you can achieve THE PERIL the greatest graft, and that takes endless diligence and perspicacity. A truly great psychic would be able to attune herself to the slightest potential loss.
Let’s say there is one particular defender of the 40%, and this person’s horse looks to be ailing in the underworld. The easiest idea is that it injures a foot or leg, yet this person is absolute in the care of this animal, because his entire family’s livelihood rests on it. Regular curses are easily fended off within the village. What is needed is the full weight of the aristocracy and the Church of a region, which are usually focused on the normal routine maintenance of their power. She can point out that this horse is the key to much wealth and throw a region’s aristocracy’s curses at the horse. It falters, and the man is dispossessed of his position or compromised in a certain way, and the new rule of sharecropping goes to 39.5%
Voila. Wealth. 
It comes, however, at the cost of the young woman’s actual support in the village, so she has to go ever and ever further afield into darker and darker places for support.
The second trial is of the ring.
This is where the hand chakras come into play. The hand chakras are what we express in the world, but specifically what we do with our hands. Our work. For example, as a spinner, she could influence the spinning of the region to pull more energy into the king’s spinners or those who took a lower rate and enable the king to siphon more wealth out of the situation.
Imagination can fill in the details.
Then we come to the child.
This is where the astral sorcery is starting to get into the territory of GAME in ways that it didn’t used to with the intermittent practice of garden variety sex magick.
Sex magick’s fundamental raison d’être arises from the fact that males have more sex inclination than females and thus there is a superabundance of sexual expression in their bodies. Putting it to use in practical magick is reasonable. You offer a spirit a sexual experience in the way of a demon lover and then the lover gets you a new jacket using your normal life force. As with all magicks that rely on the body’s own energy, there is a reasonable limit to what can be achieved without the loss of health or even life. The rubric goes dark when a fellow human lover’s life force is offered to a spirit in exchange for your new jacket without their knowledge or consent. This is growing more common. A frequent means of doing this is called in Hermetics The Magickal Child. It can be abused in astral worlds with significant efficacy, especially when gifts are involved. A usually male sorcerer takes a woman out on a date, makes love to her, and the couple conceive a child in another world. Then he names the child MY NEW JACKET and the world throws jackets at him while her capacity to manifest jackets deteriorates. 
The spirit world has made a point of disciplining me on the situation of the sex magicians and their new jackets. Three times, and I am clear now. It is very clear. This fellow bought me a gift worth $100. Then I weirdly mismanaged $100. The two other sums were greater, and we now see me just past the self-destruction of my entire assets and trying to make sense of it. IT’S COWS. 
I make less money than the fellows. Way less. They can afford these gifts more than I can, and nothing is free here. 
I see a clear mandate of keeping my life at my pay scale in dating.
This young woman has clearly involved herself in the sex magick that perhaps involves attachment of a spirit to a physical child, even. Many things are possible and I do not want to belabor the point of magickal abuse of children concomitant with other abuse. It happens. And children who are victims of abuse can have the experience of flying out of their bodies and onto astral realms, and this could make them very fine practitioners of astral magick.
But without ethics.
And that is my beef about the smacked-down child witch. You don’t know what they will turn into, and maybe very much better than you at spirit work.
I don’t hate black magicians. Most were crapped out as kids in various ways, like nobody wanted to play with me because I was odd. I look back at the black magicians who have crapped on me, and after many decades of work — and losses — they achieve a kind of illumination, and are almost always at it anyway, while the rest of us are happy-go-lucky bumblers and FOOLS ARE OFTEN SAVED.
On the eve of her handing over the child, the spirit is seen by others ranting about his name. 
In my experience, no one around me sees spirits on a regular basis, while lodges in session do have unified telepathy and many types of clairvoyance, even, in addition to the usual objective phenomena involving candles and whatnot, but it is very subtle, even with a large group of people around EXCEPT IN ATR WHERE IT IS BIG WHILE BEING THE WORK OF THIS ERA. We are far afield if we do not know that Hermetics works
For a spirit to form up in a way that seemed nearly corporeal with an objectively audible voice is a show of force that would have to be noticed and comprehended.
The young woman would have been given due notice, not by a stupid devil — trolls are always reputed to be stupid, and I will discuss this later in the question of the building of bridges — but by a very serious spirit.

What is her position here?

She is overextended in energy by making this enormous bid for social ascension. She does not have the ancestors, family, or general rubric to cause the world to support her as a queen. In an era where death is at every corner for the Pretender, in the form of poison, accidents, and intentional plagues, and serious black magick, she would have to know that she was being called on her position.

If she names the spirit, it will be bound as a demon and this name will be used by every commoner in the realm to pull money away from her and her presumptuous marriage above her station, which will no doubt end. She will be back to the mill with a baby at her breast, much predicted in anything to do with fancy men.

If she does not name the spirit, it will bind to the baby and suck the life out of it in a reversal for all of the work it has done.

She does the right thing and saves the child, and now a farm complex spirit rides the world in high places along with her.

We are entering an era in which astral work and consciousness are becoming possible for the West in easier ways than the dark arts of the Western tradition, which required the study of languages and cultures (the usual were Latin, Greek, and Hebrew) as well as much work of lodges, exhaustive and extensive ritual, meditation, the memorization of intricate symbol systems, many symphonies of spells in witchcraft, much risk of backlash from the dominant culture, and a careful tending of this work over generations in families.

This is not wrong, but it also doesn’t carry with it the instruction manuals that people went to their graves to preserve.

Like this children’s tale.

The family cow, horse, goat, chickens, and the ancestors who did a lot of witchcraft, as well as the more hip witches in the neighborhood, now have a means of getting into the high astral worlds of the king without actually being born to wealth. THE COW JUMPED OVER THE MOON.

As the mavens of New World Sorcery can tell you, it is a high that is of incalculable magnificence to enter the astral worlds of wealth and it is followed by a DESIGN UPON YOUR MONEY BECAUSE WE CAN’T STAY THERE. Thus the erection of Ponzi schemes in energy worlds wherein the lower people are FUNDS, and, in the end, the rich know who you are and you pay with a big comeuppance.

Such gate crashers lower the general calibre of the astral experience — and make much dung — the demon work is notorious for its association with excrement — and the high people don’t like this.

I am putting together this blog at considerable energy expense so that anyone and everyone can learn to have reasonable astral consciousness using the rubric of Western art magick, witchcraft, and garden variety church.

I don’t use drugs. I use hard work. And I can see you FOWLS.

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