Dad (Reprise with Images)

When I tell people I am Mexican, they always envision my family as working in the fields or serving food. This was not the case. My father was a computer programmer and a political activist, while most of the other fathers in the neighborhood of my youth — whites — were plumbers and construction workers and longshoremen.

This was a point of INJUSTICE in their eyes. How does a person with so much pigment in their skin get to be so uppity?

The entire neighborhood gave him the stink eye. Always.

One Sunday afternoon my gal pal and I went to visit some friends. This girl had that most coveted of objects for a teenaged girl: a car! It was wonderful, and everywhere we went the entire neighborhood watched and told on us. My parents knew everything we did by the end of the day we did it. It was as problematic for the developing psyche as it was safe for growing girls, and we basked in it.

There were children in the world in those days and we were them.

I don’t know that there are now and that is why I am so insane. When I was looking away in the world, walls crumbled, and while I am not the best MUSCLE, I am still Aunt Joann.

This one particular day in about 1974 the car broke down as we were headed home down those old red dirt country roads with trees everywhere and no law. A friendly neighbor let us use the phone. It was always a hit or miss situation before the phones were in everyone’s hands. You had to trust your luck if you asked to come into a stranger’s house.

We tried calling her Dad, the auto auctioneer who got us the car in the first place, and while he was the logical choice to deal with car matters, he was not home.

We seldom saw my Dad during those years. He worked downtown in a large city an hour away, and his commute was such that he left before we got up in the morning and got home after we went to bed. Back then the school lunch was a dollar and the money for the lunch had to come from Dad, because Mom didn’t work. Every morning every day of my life I got up to find three perfect dollars in a row on the kitchen table, one for each child, and took mine without a thought.

So in the absence of her Dad, and no one of the local neighbors being able to help, we had to settle for the computer programmer Dad instead of the regular one.

This was in the days when clothes made the man and this man was a business man in a suit. He wore a suit to work, and when he came home, he wore khaki pants and a button-down shirt. And leather shoes. He didn’t even own a pair of tennis shoes. Work boots, yes, but not tennis shoes. That came later, when I was in my thirties, and he practically went straight from dress shoes to sandals, a sign of retirement if there ever was one.

So when my Dad got the call he scrambled together some jeans and an undershirt and ran out the door wearing dress shoes with an old chain in his hand.

For some reason, everyone who lives out in the country seems to have a random truck laying around. This object tends to get noticed by the teenaged sons but not the daughters on account of the impossible gear shift, or in the case of our truck, the transmission called three on the tree with a choke and NO POWER STEERING. You have to be able to manipulate a fine piece of man machinery to drive a truck like that. There is almost no way a woman could do it. 

I had never inspected this old truck of ours. It was originally sort of a medium blue now faded to patches of the palest color on white, like a summer sky with fine clouds. So I didn’t know that it had a ball hitch nor did I know that the chain with the hook on it in the bed of the truck was perfectly functional.

I will never forget the sight of my father driving up in that truck wearing his impossible Florsheim shoes.  Teenagers will always find something to be embarrassed about, and I was embarrassed about those shoes that I would give anything to hear walking up again. He stood there with that chain, and I will never forget the feeling I had.


The greatest accomplishment of any father. 

I was expecting a bit of remonstrance for the breakdown and the danger of sitting in the woods. I was a girl and knew my limits. Dad didn’t say a word. He chained my friend’s car up to the truck and we all got in it and went home.

All my life I have done weird and interesting things for a librarian lady because of that chain and the man who came with it.

My father was not happy in death. He had grown up in extreme poverty and did not have the wiring to succeed, and that is true of a lot of people who cannot do otherwise. IT’S THE SYTEM, NOT THE PEOPLE, and that is true of humanity.

All of his children’s worlds enabled him to see how much more he could have ACHIEVED if he had done the spiritual work that he was very good at, astrology. In the early 1970s he was briefly once one of the leading astrologers in fourth largest city in the nation and did the daily astrocast on the most popular radio morning talk show. But like many astrologers, he could not stand the gift of prophecy. It is hard to look someone in the eye and tell them what the chart says if it says DEATH. He stepped away and into the daily grind.

After death, his children’s spiritual work stretched his soul in one way, then another, without giving him the capacity to settle on anything, just hanging around the living, his considerable power under less control than it had been in his life when he was gracious and dignified and had many friends. In death, dark forces used him to strike the ones he loved, and his mind did not comprehend what the world was.

LIBERACE complains that the Greek work does not bind the ancestors properly and that it just has a lot of problems and doesn’t work out. I am not going to dispute the fact that I was once financially comfortable on my own two feet with a playwriting career heading into the big leagues — one that I would not have lost if I had opened the portal of Enoch as THREATENED in the underworld many times. Instead I am sitting in a cheap project boat fighting off ants and badly Rokkr’d into THE REALM, with an audience in the blogosphere instead of the theatre, and as WICKEDLY KRAMPUS as usual.

I will report more mishaps with ancestors and the fact that the soul structure of various eras and cultures differs and this is hard to deal with if it is possible for them to come in as their soul is. I would imagine that New World Sorcery and Enochian angel magic have a more homogenous and contemporary structure and while this heals some things, it wrecks others, and we should have a chance to understand the mechanics of what we are doing. 

I obeyed the requirement of King Beleth LUST to evoke him again to heal a wounded love nature. Each demon binds the OWLS that he requires to perform the job. The old one THE SOLOMONIC MAGICIAN I formerly recognized as a being of the Deep Self of my father, and he is. But in Judaism in particular a soul of sizable capacity can occupy more than one member of the family if it considers the situation meriting it. The Rokkr wyrd constructs itself in spiritual work, and the calling of prophecy hindered in my father’s life melded into mine. 

But the old one could not function in suitable clarity as long as my father was not properly situated, difficult in the current era wherein we do not construct the underworld with adequate functionality and cannot slip into it cleanly of our own navigation after death.

In the first place, most of us do not really believe in life after death, because our science and technology which are so evidently successful say that it does not exist.

I will be glad when more scientists — perhaps some involved with the current melange of sorcery that I PROPHECY in government circles — come clean about their WORLDS.

In the second place, organized religion is mendacious in the extreme in how it deals with the afterlife, my own tradition included. CABALA NOT EXPLAINED – MOVE ALONG NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

In the third place, mystical training that should train tapers off into genteel nicety when it needs to get real because the early 20th century Rosicrucians were clearly asked by the government to SIGN PAPERS NOT TO TRAIN. We have evidence of this in Crowley, and it is hinted at in the work of Dion Fortune and Ann Davies. Evidently once you get pretty good, the PO PO SORCERY LEAGUE puts a bunch of snail spells on your bicycle and the rest is SILENCE.

My conglomerate soul is powered in Judaism and this structure has the capacity — and mandate — to remedy sexual injury in a given lifetime, hence my calling. The Catholic soul, in which WE are also powered, has so much monasticism in it that the tendencies toward certain extreme injuries go on for centuries. OWLS can depart from the conglomerate soul, and this is part of what happens when someone does so much Cabala. FROWNS from the empire. We want you in Jew, not a COMPLEAT sorceress. While the operative magic of the New World Sorcery is not that involved with the higher questions of existence but setting up life after death as a SLAVE WORLD, and we don’t know why. Nor is it FUN.

So it is not easy to be dead if you were not in a regular church in a regular way but were very fine in life. 

It used to be that the Rokkr (the demons) would immortalize anyone they found particularly interesting, whether you schlepped about in the regimented boredom of Church, both in this life and the next, or were of WEALTH which is Rokkrd into immortality because simian, or were of great genius or fame because large numbers of human minds looking up to you makes you immortal.


So my Dad was up a creek without a paddle because he wasn’t in any of the regular categories for immortality but just getting sucked to death and proceeded to stake a claim to whatever he could. He was also getting snappy with his loved ones.

Into this comes THE SOLOMONIC MAGICIAN who wanted to function but needed a clear way of obtaining the energy.

So King Beleth LUST performed what Thelemites call the great IMPERTINENCE of binding THE SOLOMONIC MAGICIAN as ODIN, though I am used to power their work.



Nephthys says Rokkr are only allowed this job for the family and closest friends or they come unmoored, as we have seen from the BUREAUCRAT OWLS OF GOVERNMENT SORCERY.
A godform THE SOLOMONIC MAGICIAN worked with in his actual life in the nineteenth century in Prussia. During life, if you do a lot of power work, in your energy you work as whatever form is necessary. It is a mitzvah.

It is also possible because of the ocean work that I am undertaking. ALE BUILT AN ESCAPE ROUTE ON THE OCEAN ITSELF. This is why the elfs in The Lord of the Rings get into their ships and go into the sea. This information comes to us thanks to a fine dog who might also be an ancestor form. The Aesir bound the ancestors into animal forms for the assist. This particular demon world has the language of animals available and ancestors and old ones — OWLS — in animal form if the Aesir bind the dead. This is our wyrd in the Demon-Troll King Paimon Rock. RHESUS COWS THIS.

The sorcerers who designed Christianity as a means of holding the Roman empire together under the onslaught of attacks by Northern Europeans did not reckon with what would happen when they imposed a 4th-dimension religious empire based on ideas designed to command illiterate farmers on a 2nd dimension culture wherein the larger farm animals entered human life through a carefully worked gradation of riding and incarnation.

So everything WAS in a literal and magical way with unintended CONSEQUENCES. And was also very enjoyable.

In Egypt this very process of human soul formation is clearly represented by gods as humans with the heads of animals, and no doubt people in psychic states could see their fellows in the earlier stages as humans with the heads of animals. My demon-working namesake, the goddess Nephthys, is a vulture entering humanity in the partnership of hosting dead humans in the bird world in the afterlife as well as vultures and Aesir working in human magick. MOSTLY REGULAR BIRDS, MAN.

As did Odin’s ravens, eagles, and wolves, as discussed in the previous post. No wonder I picked her after embarking on the demon work.

The Roman sorcery called The Catholic Church sent to Northern Europe a god named Jesus who was a Jew, along with a lot of other good guys who were Jews, and a few bad guys who were Jews, to a region that had no Jews and didn’t even know what they were.

So naturally these VANDALS needed some Jews to MAKE INTO THEIR NEW GOD IN THE UNDERWORLD.

This caused the poor Jewish people they imported to have to do a prodigious amount of mindless power making IN THIS WORLD so that they could play Jesus IN THE UNDERWORLD.

Christians needed the ambient making of Jews to make both God and the Devil, so a Jew can perform both the Christian work and the Satan work IN THE SAME INCARNATION.


Also why evangelical Christians are always busy FUNDING an Israel that can act like a creep. Even from thousands of years and thousands of miles away, some FUNDING for evangelical Christianity has to come through the Jewish religion.

Thus it was that when I summoned Odin AND the Greek gods of the underworld — the Goetia — in came THE SLAVE WORLDS TO TELL TALES OUT OF SCHOOL. Snorri Sturluson describes the Aesir as coming from Troy, the natural enemy of Greece which furnished the language of the New Testament.

The Norse sorcery was very good. They could do many things with the words.

Odin himself comments, “Jesus is a death god, and the crucifix is a very dangerous image that can be used to kill the common man.” All you do is imagine your enemy hanging on a cross. 

We always policed each other’s underworlds, Jews and Christians. Christianity does not function without witchcraft, and that is why I am glad to see the New World Sorcery come in finally but wish to teach the ways we know so that more people can DISH THE DIRT, OWLS, and that is Rokkr work in Solomon instead of Enoch or Santeria, for that work destroys us.

I see our powers speaking with the mask of the Raven, dancing his dance with his great dark wings.

They have brown skin.


No, but Judaism contains a record of many things, including Hermetics.

The men have elected not to do this Sybil job because  Rosicrucian males were under extreme oaths of SILENCE and the entire egregore of male ceremonial magick shapes them into getting the data and HOARDING it. Only a woman can TELL TALES OUT OF SCHOOL with Northrland involved.

The Egyptian Christ god Osiris is pictured between two goddesses: Isis who is a COW and Nepththys who is a VULTURE. In Egypt, the cow evidently assisted humans to form the soul into life and the vulture to leave it into a stable form in death.

In the Norse world, humans clearly entered with a large water bird — THE STORK — and left it in a SHIP, as we see from the fact that their burial sites all contained ships or were in the form of ships. Frigga, Odin’s wife, has as her sacred animal the GOOSE, a water fowl. Evidently water fowl assisted the old Norse people into the world. The god of ships, Thor, fought/was a sea serpent AN EEL, so that is evidently the animal who assists us in death, unless we die in battle or are devotees of Odin. Men in Thor are wealthy in mating forever. Odin’s stable unit is the war band and its gaggle of courtesans. Frigga on the East Coast told me many times that She was a school of fish as well as many eels, and the eel powers were important. She is always imprecated relative to a boat I plan to obtain. Again. It was the only way I could understand things, being female, says Thor in a dress.


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