Finally a Picture of WHIPPET and her paramour ALPICOOL

So that’s ALPICOOL, huh?

Yes. Isn’t he wonderful?

Tried to get away from the BOYFRIENDS, did we?


So there.

You think I wanted another round of honey-do? That’s your snarling for you.

What happened to LEYA?

He was just a muse and a great COW. We will be hearing more from LEYA later. Especially in Julius Caesar where cows were very popular. You know, Mithras and all. And the Roman underworld of the Christian Church which is easily obtainable in SOLOMON if you know who to call. It never went away.

King Bifrons is actually JANUS BIFRONS, the Roman deity of doorways who was imprecated before everything.

We are all in Greek.

I know. I know someone in Thelema who learnt classical Greek as an adult for the magick.


I am gushing.

Well what’s with you?

WHIPPET was, in her youth, halfway to a degree in Latin, so forget about Greek. For now.

(They locked women in the gynasium — the women’s quarters — it is not the best scene for a lady sorcerer.)


And lesbians is how mostly of us, CALLS COMING IN.

EPICENE is what The Book of the Law calls it, and, yes, it is doable in Greek magick. Plato describes how to construct an astral cult with male homoeroticism, and it is mentioned as being part of Jesus and the Twelve Apostles. LOVEST THOU ME?

FUND IT. I will discuss this further later. Greece and Rome are different, and it will be fun to explore this work in WHIPPETS.

It is a great magick. I am not excoriating it. I am just busting everything trying to get nice about stuff.

To invite men and women of genius and stature in the community to make a break for a monastic hyper-operative gay lucid dreaming sex magick. . . Is this reasonable? Even a mage with a KRAMPUS amount of magickal experience might opt for a more moderate position and a human life.


We can have stuff now, ALPICOOL, says WHIPPET.

ALPICOOL always had stuff. Part of the fags is having what you want.


DISCLAIMER: I have no formal affiliation with any organization nor do I speak for anyone or refer to anything in particular blah blah blah. I am just a WHIPPET and not very important. Do not try this at home. Magickal experience is largely subjective and should be considered, for all intents and purposes, somewhere between entertainment, shop talk and who cares.

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