GENGHIS KHAN: The Trout Transformation and Bael (much rev. 1/5/21)

I had lost the animal transformations in John Michael Greer’s Circles of Power for a while, probably due to interference. But since returning home to the greater Seattle area where the work was initially done and in the magnetic reach of others who had done it quite intensely — even GENGHIS KHAN himself — I recaptured the task and have been able to restore the shapeshifting that is so necessary to the older kinds of shamanism. European spirituality had evolved to the type of the Greeks, a sacred animal associated with the deity or Saint; animal symbols in astrology; while the work of the witches and wizards maintained the older – more usable – form of the therianthropic image. We will be taking a gander at one shortly.

GENGHIS KHAN no doubt broke every rule in the incoming EMPIRE SORCERY mandate when he built the magick manual Circles of Power, and did clue me in to many things, as well as an indirect MOAR COWS! command to ABANDON THE ALAMO, which I did not, and do not hold him or his cohorts responsible for the outcome, which is to say, I bought ceremonial magick fair and square — SATAN IS INVOLVED — at the reprehensibly low cost of much of my life savings, inheritances from family, a fine marriage slot, and a national playwriting career. WHODDA THUNK IT? JMG personally told me and probably about a dozen or two other diehards to quit, and that is how wonderful he is.

You did not FIND regular Jewish spiritual practice as requested (being Mexican and HELLO IT’S MESSIANIC). OR LEARN ENOUGH. Or be male and — preferably — available for epicene eroticism. (I was mostly celibate. The same thing.) The many frequently warring factions that must be courted and worked also play into the matter, and the fine and elegant TRAIL OF BREAD CRUMBS in the work of GENGHIS KHAN must be worked out in both scholarship and psychism, the attainment of which is faster and easier with entheogens, which so many had but you did not.

YOUR GODS LOOK FUNNY AND WE DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY. To be explained in western art magick.

Too much digression. I usually do four shapeshifting operations per animal. That seems to be what is necessary to set in the animal form, which then becomes well-nigh permanent. The Basic Opening, Elemental Form, begins thus: “And the Elohim said, Let us make Adam in our image, after our likeness, and let them have dominion over East) the birds of the air; South) the beasts of the field; West) the fishes of the sea; and North) every creeping thing that creepeth on the earth. As the animal transformations collect, I have noticed that the animals can come to inhabit their quarter and thus the GIANTS are with us in the work, and can, in the end, power THE NORNS in that most-worked but SILLY IT IS COWED grimoire The Lesser Key of Solomon, which I have worked in the Crowley/Mathers version, the highly preferred Peterson version, and will soon discuss my ideas concerning Stratton-Kent’s approach to the spirit Furcas.

Which is how we can get past the many rubrics of EMPIRE SORCERY that seek absolute command and are quite willing to magickally abduct people and spirits into their work. Some of these workers make large amounts of money for the witchcraft that works and the vision world that is very fine, so wiping out the competition is a requirement of IT’S JUST BUSINESS, even if the competition comes at the price of a $20 book and ten thousand hours of ROUND AND ROUND IN A CIRCLE. Nobody gets rich doing Hermetics, unless the richness you refer to is the energy world in western art making, extending into the grave. Then we are unconscionably rich.

GENGHIS KHAN has maintained his position of the Middle Pillar being worked at the heart center instead of the solar plexus where the rest of Hermetics works it following the mandate of Regardie who thus put the Golden Dawn energy body into NEW AEON format AND HIMSELF IN FRONT OF A FIRING SQUAD. This is perhaps why my buddies have made very clear that they do not feel I belong with them. WE ALL DO THE DRUG VISION MAGICK. We do not have the same chakras and aren’t we all just nice WHIPPETS anyway?

We are nice WHIPPETS.


Now after dozens of readings of Circles of Power I had misunderstood the requirement of the floor diagram, which is only for exorcism and evocation, not for PLAIN everyday use of magickal eucharist.

Now the magickal eucharist is SUPPOSED TO BE one of the central practices of Thelema, but is now understood to be merely a throwback to the old ceremonial magicians’ use of it tracking on the high Church. It is how the old demon workers opened the psychic centers to their god THE DEVIL and thus retained knowledge of past incarnations and the workings of the fey/Rokkr and the deep worlds, even across large expanses of geography. It is THE HIEROPHANT we seek, not the Pope. I suspect that it was my abuelo’s documented work of ceremonial magick in Tex-Mex Judaism — with THE VECINOS involved — that brought my father and an uncle into this life, my father an old German Jewish soul who got the DAMIENS in. One of the cattle spirits had moved to Tex-Mex Crypto-Jewish practice three lifetimes earlier and was able to arrange many things with us. HITLER WAS A FRACTAL. But it was the Catholic version in the Golden Dawn that enabled me to find THE DOOR with them which is the demon WITCH world and work as we had supposed would be. Why not have the Cabala? It’s fun!

So here we are in 2005 and I am shaking out this magick manual and for some reason I MISUNDERSTAND what I must do, and that is paint a Solomonic circle on the floor and do ALL MY WORK over it, with the rich overseers just faintly COWING. I have read this manual dozens of times — it is my principal spiritual practice of 15-20 hours/week for a decade and a half — and for some reason the words dance before me and I mis/UNDERSTAND what to do. HOW GRIMMoire!

That is why we “tell all the truth but tell it slant/Success in circuit lies”! THE WORLD teaches what must be in 13,000 years of magick!

I had decided to make the SACRED ROUND of astrology in magickal animals, starting with Aries.

Naturally I got around to this with the Goetic circle on the floor, in GENGHIS KHAN, and accidentally caused a magick RAM and a magick COW before the whole thing fell apart. That is why we have these wonderful shites!

Feral demons of the Cabala and usable by anyone who has the capacity for the great improvization that is necessary in ceremonial magick, as maintains my ancestor — GENGHIS KHAN — Charles Morse the civil engineer. Often uncivil. This side of the family is part of how visiting the family cemetery involved me in the idea of calling BELETH many times and getting a husband already. I don’t have a husband, but avails are COWED, not lifelong celibacy. BELETH is also how the ancestors get out of weird strikes in the sex interaction with the necromancer and the new drug and sex magick in general which offers them sex in exchange for mercantile avowals. This Solomonic spirit could possibly enable them to learn to BUILD THE UNDERWORLD and make love again in their own worlds and thus to have a kind of happiness. Enabling the lower classes of the deceased to have rich and fine lives is afforded in the new sorcery if they are willing to work — but not with their animals, and that is unhealthy and confusing for some — and who consents? The deceased are more enabled to function by the rote repetitive spiritual practice of the older religions, which is not easy for some living humans to endure, preferring instead the Buddhist meditation that fractures out in Asian energy. ATR is a living magick of extreme calibre that is not always useful to deceased people of different neighborhoods. We have seen that I have had much LODGE DUES LOSSES over that energy world. The living who are used to it might offer that it is part of our regular energy constitution and we cannot do as much without it, as ridiculous as it is to have TWO KITCHENS.

Here the New World Sorcerers point out that their spirit world is now Africanized and very beautiful, whereas mine looks an awful lot like the 19th century, whereas the 18th century is where you get the strike force you need and in usual gender image, so skry it if you want to find it. BUBBLED UP IS NEW WORLD SORCERY.


LOS VECINOS — descendants of the Spanish Jews in my ancestry — have noted that the working class need to work with their own gender god images — the crossing of gender is breakable by wealth. YOU ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE YOUR SPIRITS. They have also said that Solomonic magick is a different energy world from that of the German Kabbalah of my father’s power and that of my Mexican uncle who spent his adult life in Germany itself. Their significant world of Catholicism caused a Greco-Roman magick that goes back to the Spanish Celtoiberians who were all of a piece with that culture and while we don’t actually have to be around living cattle in the old neighborhood, they can flow into it. OR VISIT MAYBE. Thus we can FIND the 18th century.

I like my caravan. LODGE DUES, B.O.T.A.

We notice a rubric of the magickal Masons who taught someone something in the Pacific Northwest. POWER LIKES TO WORK.

So the Alamo has been abandoned, and we are free to play around, so we make a magick RAM and a magick COW that fifteen years later are spitting in a blog about how to notice that THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES.

There is no contesting this claim. It is RUE.

And now I am getting back to the regular practice of the shapeshifting in that preparatory world of ceremonial magick called the Golden Dawn.

At this point, GENGHIS KHAN — the imp powers of this magickal rubric — suggest that the next transformation should be the trout, a fish symbol that can encompass the world of Pisces, the astrological sign of a close MALE relative.

It has been a long time since the shapeshifting, and I am now lodged at my own expense in the greatest neighborhood for me ever, and that is historic Tacoma, in a Victorian house, upstairs in an affordable room, where nothing is ever likely, and I going ROUND AND ROUND IN A CIRCLE again.

Trout #1: The fish is a preeminent symbol of Christianity. In this transformation, I learned that some of the old wizards of Europe turned themselves into fish in order to look like some kind of Christian thing. The Angels were confused. This is a holy fish! So we COW. It is shamanic Christianity. The fish and all. Somehow Jesus is a fish? We will LET IT PASS. It is an invisibility spell. I am confused.

Trout #2: Here I learn that there is a great deal of food insecurity in the actual life of a trout. They have to eat x amount of insects every day, and spend much of their time hoping that insects will fall into their grasp, but sometimes being unrealistic in that hope. Hence they are caught by those fishermen with the rubric. It is a dour and often depressing life, with much anxiety. We must guard against overeating and not saving money. The only savings account a trout has is a bit of fat under the skin, and if he has too much, he grows too large for his hunting grounds, and that is fatal. Life as a trout is a careful calibration of one’s own age and duties; the available resources; life choices; temptation; the psychic energy workings of their species; and fate.

The brown trout is recommended because it is the animal most thought about by humans who are hunting fish; thus its image is prominent in human thought and more easily tameable for vision work. It is the fish most stocked in common subdivision lakes where people often walk by and don’t take fish at all, and the animal most regular to eat if you are eating a caught fish as opposed to an industrial fish. It is a brand name and very apt to slip into human thought patterns, unlike the others who are strange and basically enemies. It is how we get back into the Neolithic pattern of fishing while also having the ease and luxury that are endemic to the modern world, so sacred to the female who likes birth control.


Trout #3: At this point, the fish FEMALE had become accustomed to me and was ready to really cut loose. We inveigled together a bit, then I went to lie with my young man, and he was absolutely ELECTRIC in the you-know-what, while usually rather cool, for many reasons, but THE GAME is probably one of them. The animals in the work cannot run their own lives, PAIMON suggests. After I slept, I had a lucid dream, not a common occurrence for me since I dream all day long. I saw an elderly Anglo man who looks like an actor friend of mine sitting on a modern-ish throne on a dais, surrounded by white marble. Around him was the night sky and a giant sea, with dolphins leaping out of it. I understood this to be New World Sorcery’s scorn of traditional Christian religion — UR GOD IS AN OLD WHITE MAN — and felt all of their supercilious upper-middle-class beyondness to that tired old trope. Then I went under the water and saw my old sailboat covered in barnacles, the outboard motor in disrepair, my lover in the form of two paired crocodiles swimming around her, and the boat yard feeling like Coney Island in the New York that I have lost.

The next morning after he got up the immanent magnetism on his side of bed flashed into an odd self-awareness. First an eye formed up, then a tail, then it was clear that the entire body of a fish began coming together. Et voilà! He was a barracuda. I was momentarily angry at GENGHIS KHAN because this was way more spiffy than the trout, and now I wanted to be a barracuda, too. FEEL FREE, WHIPPET. No, I need to move on.

By the next moon, that boat was mine again and under an efficacious repair, part of the world of the water and the trout AND BELETH.

Shape shifting is how STRIKES need to be.

I was given to know that the energy work didn’t match, although I don’t know that much about their work. This method is now so adapted for work in Druidry that it does not seal itself without it. Tree magic(k) in the form of a fish. This magician could not get past the vision for the sake of the magnetic physical experience, while I was having a great time in THE MISSION.

A couple of days later, I saw a school of fish with energy about the same size. They informed me that they were gay fish and were taking this over. Evidently the matched set is the requirement of OWLS, and that is why WHIPPET dates her creeps.

Theirs is a magnificent witchcraft full of all the wily wisdom of the greatest low magic as it extends eventually into high but in a specificity that cannot CHEAP.

I can now hear THE JESUIT hunting my love work of the human. He is looking at the boat. It is not high, nor is it low. It is a slide into failure, and it is eating me alive if I do not have the clarity to be a Mexican about it, and then it will keep itself.

Two fine magicians eyeing each other in mutual admiration, primed to strike, although in the end there were those who sought a resting place elsewhere, more at a distance.

Trout #4: Here the entire working came together and all of the animals moved into the quarters where I had been calling them for twenty years, and caused the Angels to be full of animal energy. THE GOETIC WORK. Here we are deciding that we must continue this work and cause all kinds of ideas about how the daemons look and function and how do they get into stuff? Maybe they can fly up high to the skyscrapers and tell me not to lose my job when those BOYFRIENDS call out for maximum power. Or they can kvetch with the departed and say WHIPPET YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE STONED. Or now I am living on a boat, which I am, and why not LIKE it? There are many reasons to be of fish, and since GENGHIS KHAN caused his magick sword to be a trident thingie, shaped like an implement of fishing, we can divine that killers of fish are less insane than the soldiers — killers of humans — as with regular swords — but they are fatal still — and so we can move into the mystical space of the most dedicated of the magickal Masons who did their work on the bay, because it did not impinge on GRAMMA WITH HER ROSARY in the land grid of Christianity and thus retain some sense of the work as it must have been even here and be apart from the regular strikes of the humans for which “God is in his heaven/All’s right with the world.”

Which is the fisherman and which the fish?


Back on the home front, my guy felt a strange need to watch A River Runs through It.

Now why be a fish? I have discussed fish magick in the New Testament in an earlier post entitled New Jersey Taxes in Dog Worlds and will discuss it at least two more times, because it is very important, though probably not as operative here as in Europe.

TAILS WAGGING over that. ATR is the American sorcery par excellence — even we do it — though it is unjust to “call it” when known and recent ancestors and family friends QUARRELS worked in the dark arts.

It occurs to me to put in a plug for the therianthropic images of ceremonial magick and to take a gander at one that is clearly amphibious. Here I refer, of course, to the seal’s image of BAEL, the first spirit in our grimoire.

This power has come in in a recent post How to Make Solomonic Discs as this:

BAEL in his dueling stance, er, SHOOTOUT AT NIGHT NOON.

We tend to consider duels as a ridiculous custom of the aristocrats of Europe where they had elaborate manners and a faux pas of some kind — including a love affair! — would result in a fatal one-on-one battle between two gentlemen. And they were.

While also not.

The class system combined with technology and advancement in the decorative arts in Europe afforded a lifestyle to the wealthy that was of unparalleled OPULENCE while the poor lived in not just hunger, but squalor, filth, disease, ignorance, working long hours in short lives and having their wives and children pillaged by the wealthy and raising children who were not even their own while being preached to by the Church Everything gonna be all right. BELETH IS AVOWED. This is where much of the power came in the dark arts.


A peasant uprising was a very serious matter, and could cause not just the inevitable death of the workers of those fine estates, but much disorder, financial loss, fortunes swept away. It was necessary to keep everyone GOING AROUND AND AROUND IN A CIRCLE for the monster called civilization to function.

Evidently the magick knew that a certain number of SENSATIONAL MURDERS among the aristocrats kept the whole boiling pot under control. The rich have to pay for this shit. This destiny was not to be discussed or the system wouldn’t work. So they kept things together in some ways, and many decisions we know were made by the women and often the witches. So they routinely arranged to fight each other in a very public way in view of the local peasantry — and gentry — to the death. Here I call in an echo from THE MAN OF THE WORLD in this blog relative to my stupidity: I was commanded to fall in a duel — and I am very good with swords.


A tad Berserker for my taste

Look at Bael’s seal. He could be a demon of duels. He is described as “he appeareth in divers shapes, sometimes like a Catt, sometimes like a Toad, sometimes like a man, & sometimes in all these forms at once” (The Lesser Key of Solomon, kindle iPhone edition, Location 333 of 5274, ed. Joseph H. Peterson).

The reptile aspect of the human physiology can imaginatively also be associated with the snake in the ancient Near East. The simplest of animals, it is a spinal column with a gastrointestinal tract, a mouth at one end and an anus at the other. Humans can live without arms or legs, but they cannot live without the spinal column including the organs of consumption and excretion, symbolizing survival at its barest. The snake is also very much in evidence in the Bible, though there are not that many snakes in cold Europe. The viper, yes, and they are kind of poisonous, but not that numerous. Those who lived by the coast could find an eel for snake magick but that is also involved in the ocean, a different magickal world altogether. The most abundant reptile readily at hand for land dwellers on the fly would be the toad, and frequently worked in witchcraft, though not always nicely. The toad would be the natural enemy of the human, because most interactions with humans would be destructive to the toad. Women would encounter the toad when bathing, gathering water, or washing clothes at the river. The men might fantasize about being toads themselves if she were coming down to bathe.

Putting a piece of a toad in a spell is still in practice in some of the darker aspects of feral European witchcraft. I know a witch who does this. It is frequently described in the grimoires. I have also written about how a trapped and hideously murdered squirrel accidentally entered my work as an angry demon power and barred the way to the Angels. So there. This is how PAIMON made himself known: How the Great God Paimon Was Bound.

Our friendly dueling POW POW GENGHIS KHAN!

Here are some handy books that can teach you all kinds of moves if you already have rubricked THE LAMB:

The chthonic work pings the body, and we have much physical work to do if we want to be able to use ceremonial magick to heal and educate New World Sorcery USE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

A reptile in a demon could activate the entire world of reptile functionality and cause us to involve ourselves with bleakness, while a cat could draw in the witches to oversee the entire rumpus OR FIGHT TO THE DEATH OVER LOVE.

As I examine the principle of the duel in the dark arts, it is clear that it was a doorway that was usable by ceremonial magicians to enter an afterlife not controlled by the Church where your soul can be killed. When indicated, you call out your enemy and misfire your pistol and thus save your magick. This is perhaps why the Thelemites consider BAEL the principal demon and the one they work most often. A lot of poor fools decide to call all 72 of them and don’t get past the first, so there you have it. They all work at everything especially IF YOU HAVE A SEAL AND WORK IT.

One can also be tricked into issuing a challenge to a duel, and it was irrevocable if one wished to retain one’s place in polite society.

There was also trickery and fraud in duels, wherein one did not die but fell over and a corpse was substituted, absconding to the colonies or reposing in some remote location for the duration of one’s life. It could be a way out of debt, into adventure, away from a pregnancy following a dalliance. Not all was said and done. It could also be a way of evading the inheritance powder called arsenic. Loyal servants kept one abreast of the real goings-on in the scullery.

Governesses — nannies — were educated and thus able to read books on ceremonial magick and were probably able to FUND it. They got called in in many ways, including as operatives.

There is another issue here relative to New World Sorcery AND THAT WE COW. The new sorcery requires a level of belief to come in that is not native to modern secularism, so it has to have a bit of pizzaz to get the interest up. They probably cause cheap miracles that cost the OWLS a lot of energy. It is part of the recruitment.


So can mine but I don’t do it intentionally. It is crass and gets you burnt at the stake.

Some concerns of hoodoo often cannot accommodate a pact with the devil, which is the entry par excellence into ceremonial magick, because they are Christian and fund an OWL instead of Satan.

The use of drugs and sex to bootstrap the newbies into a level of power where the shared lucid dreaming is possible does not give them time to develop individually. We spend at least seven years in extensive preparation for the drug and sex vision work doing much work in the body and with groups, teaching, healing, and studying. We do not like the neurological destruction inherent in moving many, especially women, too fast into a high and hard system of man magick. It is not just the physiological destructions of the drugs but of the magick itself for what the Solomonic spirits call “a playground of extraordinary caliber.” RAM says that in the old work, 5 out of 9 would achieve individual immortality, whereas in the new work it is more like 1 or 2. The rest are subsumed into THE RING OF POWER and relinquish their own separate energy, sinking into naught. I am very frightened about what will happen when some of my nice people die. They will be sucked into the stupid people.

There is a perceived need for a hard world because some of the best opportunities for the astral circle are in the workplace where we spend many hours in mind embrace on common projects. For a brief and beautiful few years, we had THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, when anyone, even a female, could expect to punch a clock and not curtsy and leap into bed with the boss: The Guild Approach to Santeria. The sorcery is often just plain illegal. I HAVE A LOT OF SHIT ON YOU FOR THAT. Several old bosses do.

The takedown tactics of New World Sorcery can involve a gang-type situation of THE RING OF POWER coming after an individual. If you do not come in, we destroy you, because your energy is worth a lot of money. And we don’t really have the kinks worked out in the Golden Dawn, whereas Thelema was built as a gorgeous SAVAGE system of the sex — and usually drug — magick that does tune into this rubric. Drugs involved BUT WOW THE VISION MAGICK that I can faintly discern. It is wonderful but I have miles to go before I sleep. It is a delicate balance between me and the local friends who do the GOVERNMENT work. I have to tiptoe around and not get too involved with everyone and just be nice and grease some palms. PO PO SORCERY LEAGUE always keeping an eye on the WHIPPET.

And not really in line with the sword sorcerers of the magickal Masons so beautifully researched and written about by John Michael Greer. How to Kung fu all fucked up? I posit that it was, in some ways, martial arts training that I have dabbled in that kept me going. It is physicalized or it is a leaky entry. How can we get people to live the magick that was built in the 18th century with our technology? The STEM folks have taken it into vision and we are crapped out by the actual workers of the ATR. I suspect that it is not entirely consensual to take the entire shebang into the vision worlds, and we are working on partway measures that can assist in movement between the streams.

Jake Stratton-Kent has given the wily hint of MAKE YOUR OWN SWORD. I might add, if trying to live in this world, also fight with it, because after thousands of hours of work in ole GENGHY’S ceremonial magick, the swords come in physically in weird ways, like a lover who is a fencer or close relatives taking up fencing.

You do the work of GENGHIS KHAN – the swords will surely then come on!

Consider the sigil of Bartzabel, the geomantic spirit of Mars and protection. It looks like a whip.

The get-rich-quick scheme of one giant system could not screen out the social ills that often drive otherwise rich and successful males into spirituality in the first place. The modern world is such a rich and engaging place and we have solved the issue of the 29-year life expectancy. We ship our elders off to special facilities where they can be humanely tended and not seen, and funeral preparations are performed by trained specialists and not the family, so the ever-present spectre of death is not sufficient to cause many people to engage in spiritual practice. Some of the most accomplished sorcerers of any type have wounds, and often cannot solve their own problems much less prevent them in others. In a magick of this type, those problems seep into others’ lives along with the elegance, wealth and social vistas of the new magick.

Rosicrucians do not attack. We live gracious and elegant lives minding our own business and that is now seen to be not enough when the upper-middle class turns into a bunch of stoned magick hooligans. U HEAR NOW.

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