ERRATA: Dwarves and some further Re-Misunderstandings from the DOWN WORLD

We will discuss congenital disease and etheric magic(k) among the Hmong later, one of JMG’s favorite insights. It is speculated that the Jewish ethnic magic of the operative Cabala was significantly a requirement of keeping alive a lot of people who could not live otherwise, hence our culture’s extreme interest in health care as a profession. At the same time, the Holocaust was a cheap fix that didn’t fix, because they just went elsewhere and often still marry endogamously. Scientific remedies in assisted reproductive technology are probably being brought to bear on the matter as well. The more honorable way would be to let the modern world sort things out, for all of Europe is inbred.

It is also difficult to do JMG’s magic(k) physically because he is a mildly autistic world-renowned superstar in a neurological structure that few understand but no doubt has an interface with his world that verges on spectral and therefore to bind Paths of Wisdom and Circles of Power PoW! CoP! seems to honor his great-grandfather, a policeman who fell in the line of duty and whose family was supported by the lodge.

It is speculated that THE GAME cannot tune into etheric work of the West without losing their visions capacity for involvement so we are stuck. IRK. AIDS is not a requirement. BUER prevented me from getting HIV but it is a very hard energy to work. HA-SHEM WAS INVOLVED. Without the daimons, street smarts go and the Angels need to be a matched set, eh?

I hardly ever talk about the HGA, and that is not healed, but how Angels are in our magic(k) is only hinted at and symbolized, and, to tell the truth, it is often a placeholder for a being from a contiguous dimension that decides to work with a particular magician along with the other powers who are BOUND. I have many friends in the various spiritual paths that I GET AROUND in, and they power into the Angel without really intending or something. THE VIKING WARRIOR. It is pogromed. If such an one is attracted and worked with, then it becomes a Hermetic HGA Angel through many functionalities, at great risk to itself, and I have trod a rocky Path for this being and am different from most people, and the truth is, this is the old Rosicrucian path wherein a worker pushed through the rubric and eventually formed their own group BLOG. This is how John Michael Greer was evidently trained and worked, and Golden Dawn flipped out and everyone has attempted to turn it into a AIR GAME, but it really should be many things, and not just what THE GAME now pursues.

It is not usually allowed for women to have Angels in man magic(k). No doubt my solitary and intense magic(k)al life is the cause for this. NOT PERMITTED IN JUDAISM, EITHER, and much chastisement is in revenant.

I am not certain how the structure of the Angel, with its enormous solitary work, works with the astral cult of THE GAME which is a communal eroticism and telepathy. The concatenation of business magic(k) with extreme power does not bode well for the rigorous ethics required of an Angel.

It is speculated that they don’t allow THELEMA and JMG to cross the streams. ARK.

The visions of the Golden Dawn are very hard because it is a requirement of so much learning, and spectral is insane. RUBRIC. Here we are recommending a compleat perusal work of Jake Stratton-Kent who went through the whole thing physically FIND IT I did. The New World Sorcery is how this goes and we WANT it. Perhaps the vision magicians will have some adjustments, but if they will hold onto their horses, they can do our work by reading it monomaniacally. WHIPPET’s work is a partial magic(k) in tune with blogs that is associated with radios. Tune into the blog, turn on a mythic radio, and SEERE.

Now, moving on . . .

Let me hereby reclaim the Dwarf while changing His name.

ALPICOOL, as we may know, is a trade name associated with 12-volt refrigerators common to both vanlife and boats, so he will hereinafter be called APLICOOL.

Why have a Dwarf?

Reason not the need. There is a Dwarf requirement, and, for some reason, it will be honored.

Living part-time on a sailboat, I fully intend to own such an item as this refrigerator in the not-so-distant future, because it is a fine refrigerator at the price point I require and carries the connotation of Norse work. However, the many campers, vanlifers, and boat folk who COW electricity in relation to these items do not need a sorcerer at the ready!

Now what’s all this talk I hear about ELECTRICITY?

The question I have about THE GAME is, Is there any outer limit to the number and type of cults and practitioners who can power off someone?

It doesn’t seem so.

A recent involvement wherein I was noticed by a group resulted in a big fat curse in my field of health care. I am not pointing the finger at any one person, merely saying that these folks are all around and they are evangelizing as well as setting people up to be power sources for their graves who are not fed with candles, regular church, food offerings, participation in a comprehensible dimension of life tracking on their worker who ideally should be a family member or co-religionist, etc., and the whole system is NARCed on to its confusion. WHY AM I A WHIPPET?

I am trying to solve this problem without instruction through psychism alone while being female in a magic(k) of BOYFRIENDS, JMG having turned on the channellers with his blog course ( on Dion Fortune’s The Cosmic Doctrine, which I missed BUT NOT REALLY. I keep lamenting for having mooched off a very fine elegance


Sending over a drink to THE JESUIT. It was a succession of moments of the most superb physical beauty. I always sensed that it would come to an end, but I could not let go of visual art.

— when, in fact, the depths don’t like to mess about with the tedium of a day job. They would rather have pretty things, all day of writing and lots of magic(k), STYLE AND SOPHISTICATION, the high places of the world. We can notice that Mathers, Case, Crowley, and even John Michael Greer depended upon others for their livelihoods and did some wonderful world-class magic(k), and I did go down that road, but it’s not me and I would rather have a meager and eccentric life with a reasonable structure of assets gained by honest labor, not even professional witchcraft. As THE SOLOMONIC MAGICIAN said, Involvement with the Cabala inevitably brings in COLLISIONS WITH WEALTH AND POWER that must be strictly controlled, and it is necessary to pay the piper with respect to Judaism in some ways.

I should not only talk about famous people. FAME SHMAME. There are a lot of very important and competent local practitioners and the entire RUBRIC that are part of the energy. It is silly to concatenate wrongly, while being under the requirement of writing down my magic(k)al adventures for those who want to know what it is like to do all this Solomonic magic(k). Ten blog hits a day, that is not important, so who cares. Back to the WHIPPET.

It was a couple of weeks before Covid lockdown and probably much disturbance in the force.

I was supposed to take a class for my new job. It was scheduled for the evening, of almost the last day I could get the class in and keep the job, and that day the burglar alarms or sprinkler alarms went off all day, and the class was cancelled. When I tried to get to a replacement class later in the week, the GPS took me around and around in a circle and I almost didn’t get the class in.

Naturally this made me very angry, for there had been significant SIGNS about the CPR.

Later that summer, a cute guy I was dating was “helping” me to become vegan, and I had decided to go down another path and begin the work of Kosher, as practiced by a very fine Messianic synagogue. Evidently some tricks were laid — near my job — and the fire sprinkler system at the Shul broke and water filled the kitchen where all that forbidden meat was kept.

Naturally I became angry A WHIPPET for the fifteenth time. The people who powered off me for twenty and thirty years now have to work a 16-hour overnight shift every weekend with me to make a living, and MacBeth hath murdered sleep. FYI, the graveyard shift during the telluric hours is part of what I was instructed to do, and I do not mind, but must instruct the KITCHEN TO LEAVE ME SOME COFFEE flock that giving the daimons a fair shake involves a very strange lifestyle. THE DARK ARTS.

I do not dispute that the magickal dream world is extraordinary nor that a rich, communal Transpersonal sexuality is delightful — albeit a touch cool to the humans — nor that the emoluments in terms of pay scale, upward mobility, and those coveted SLOTS are under the command of this Cabal, nor that the RING OF POWER of the high Church soul of being one gender is so powerful it can blow the lights out of an enemy. I have been offered this BOON many times, so please consider the preservation of my family’s old Jewish souls and various Native North American others OWLED.

Just for kicks, Let us take a look at JMG’s work for a HINT — though I do not know him or have any STRENGTH of speaking his COWS —

We are examining the magic(k) charm that is a protective implement and has been advised of since at least 2005 that I know of in his various publications which should be REARED. And I quote, “Get or make a small red bag (small enough that you can wear it on a cord around your neck without it being conspicuous. Get a small sharp nail of iron or steel—white metal, in other words, not a yellow metal like brass—and a teaspoon or two of kosher salt. With two pairs of pliers, bend the nail at an angle. Then put the nail in the red bag and fill the bag with salt. Tie it shut and wear it near your heart.”

BENT is many things, including BUSINESS, but it also ODINS in putting on a dress.

It would appear that GHENGIS KHAN built and maintains a way for the shamanic soul to maintain its own OWLS while PREPARING TO BE DOWN! rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. There are many things we could not have without cooperative soul enterprise of this sort. The iPhone comes to mind.

THIS IS LIFE IN BED WITH WHIPPET. Lon Chaney OWLING in. A never-ending steam-of-consciousness from THE WORLD of western art magic(k).

SOME DWARF CALLING IN, I would have worked with you in YOU NAME IT, but homogenization of any sort will cause the genius PAIMON to be crapped out.

The synagogue in SOLOMON possesses the memory of what our ORDER did and can be viewed in this OWL by even a low power thanks to my old BOYFRIEND. In the end, they often just shatter the women in the afterlife who REBEL and choose to remain feminized. PAIMON has been adamant about this.

MY JEWELER. He did not want to be rich again — he wanted to be of gods!
I am not a POWER — just a pistol!

We will COW in to remind folks of how THE GAME with its necromancy uses the objects in invisible sorcery, for they were always how the departed commanded the world. Then there is the immense power of the BOYFRIENDS in THE GAME, and the neurological trends within it.

I do not wish to speak disrespectfully of homoeroticism in any way. Many of best friends are gay, and I genuinely try to GIVE THEM SOME SPACE about their sexuality, as I like my own. It is a natural contraceptive technique and a form of bonding that is, no doubt, part of the human condition. Bonobos engage in liberal amounts of social sexuality, and, really, SIGURDRYFA IS HOW LIKE IS.

But, to speak technically, males who mate predominately with males almost universally adopt vocal intonations, physical gestures, and decorative trends reminiscent of femininity, as well as many functionalities, and females do the same only by becoming masculinized. Anyone can see this. It has always been. This points to the idea that genuine queer is its own psychospiritual and BIOLOGICAL configuration and the gravity of this should be kindly respected. It is not something to be done out of one’s back pocket, and I think those of us who are not in this configuration can scarcely comprehend it. It is a Secret Society of its own!

I can hear CALLS COMING IN from the arts NOUNSing the idea that I was backed for a career in the arts at the highest levels and did not do the sorcery that was a requirement of that world and it now includes WHO DO I BLOW is her. There are many fine females in THE GAME who would be glad to heal it, but WHIPPET is a dud who knows that the ingenium is distributed as THE GAME requires, and there is no way you get to keep that magic(k) when we could have A GREATER VISION OF IT.



In my opinion, on the down side, the sorcery of THE GAME is too limited and lacking in variety and is bubbled up in a fad. It is supposed to be secret. OH CRY. On the up side, it has powered our astral world in a way that enables the SLACKERS of thousands of hours of HERMES to ride it without drugs or sex, IF COW.

There’s a lot of interesting physicalized magic(k) that can elevate the energy and enable us to communicate, work together, and NOT BE FAILED. The question of sexual magic(k) is that it is very uncomfortable given my entire system of conservative people and the realistic entrancement with the dead. It is very hard for the departed who did no spiritual work to not get plastered all the time sucked into a boring life as a CNA and hate their child for all this stupid witchcraft. Did I mate in front of my parents? No. That is the SITUATION with BELETH’s energy world, and ENOCH can diatribe its sluts.

I realize that THE GAME solves this problem with a fantasy interface that includes eroticism, and wonderfully, then causes another one called mandatory homosexual energy work that often COWS, and while I am not going to say that it is not ecstatic, especially when practiced SPARSELY, as did the old tribes. In Judaism, for one, a certain amount of homosexuality was simply lovers who had been a different gender. Here is where we are CALLING IN with JADZIA DAX and the forbidden reassociation of the Trill. Parting the VEIL OF PAROKETH does involve one in different lives of the deep work.

You don’t know me, but you do know I’ve got a lot of shite on in this HARD SOUL SITUATION which we have gotten away from and you have FOUND in NORTHRLAND which requires you. GENGHIS KHAN IS INVOLVED.

I will say it is difficult to convince THE GAME that we would rather work at solving the problems by our own extensive REPERTOIRE magicianship and creativity. For one, A.I.D.S. AS A GRADE OF THE GOLDEN DAWN? NORTHRLAND CALLING IN to stout that.

The Mayans had significant dream magic(k) in a state of family life — along with whatever is — by having magic(k) in everyone’s normal life and not entirely controlled by the rich or workable in interachangeable parts, so they were hunted and blocked. Each family was, no doubt, different and had their own P’s and Q’s.

Let’s consider the situation of the actual making of art. In a recent review of Sometimes You Have to Lie: The Life and Times of Louise Fitzhugh, Renegade Author of Harriet the Spy (New York Review of Books, May 13, 2021), Sarah Blackwood points out, “The scholar Robin Bernstein identifies Harriet the Spy’s queerness in its formal elements: its meandering structure, its giddy unpleasantness, its commitment to growth without change. Harriet the Spy is not queer because its author was, or because of anything to do with the identity of its child protagonist. It’s queer in its very bones.”

I have said before and I will say again that there is nothing wrong with switching for a great magic(k), but if ONE SIZE FITS ALL, then NO SIZE FITS ANY in the arts.

And then what happens to the real queers who have this neurological configuration in their authorial voice? There are a limited number of slots, and if the heavy-hitting straights all go queer and everyone wants a star shag with Hollywood, what will happen to the development of actual queer art?

One black magic(k) perhaps used to counteract the unfortunate losses with an artificial homosexualization for magic(k) could be a spell conferring an artificial heterosexuality upon a person with respect to that particular attribute, as I have noted about writing. I write my Muses — and they are all my loves. Great men have great worlds, and I rely on them TO BE IMPORTANT to teach me and guide me, and then I am making the baby called art. It is how I WORLD. But with respect to the ONE SIZE FITS ALL mediocritization of THE GAME, capacities can be conceptualized using the body part, as we know from Mexican witchcraft with its delightful charms of the body parts, used in healing but available for other purposes.

I CUT YOUR HAND OFF AND TAKE IT IF I WANT SOMETHING YOU DO. There goes the lower middle class. That’s why my hands always hurt when I get around these shites. We are eyeing those lucrative slots anyway, and how can you prove that the born-again queer is not sincere?

The idea that we can onboard a rich and famous straight woman writer into THE GAME, and then clean up the mess by chop shopping the little people onto her talent, while she goes, is something I very much object to. Most of what Solomonic magic bestows — and please read the grimoire! — is talent, but in our strike, it must be paid for in just ways.

THE DYKES ARE SHINING — we want you to feel it, fags.

I can feel it.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say that in one’s say, synagogue, church, or other power group, everyone has an incipient talent for drawing, but they do not use it very much, so they get all put into a soup energy of drawing, and everything around them starts to be drawing, and we all pool together and are drawing a particular person’s art while having a more organized, richer, more effulgent imagination energy. Meanwhile, I show up every meeting and throw a giant pile of POWER into the mix for them to do whatever they want that is HEALED if they choose. THIS IS HOW OPERATIVE MAGIC(K) WAS ALWAYS DONE and under the table. Now, are we sharking in the arts community?

How far along is my drawing? Take a look. I have much work to do, yet it has a certain STYLE AND SOPHISTICATION bestowed upon it by my own talent and work and the great worlds of western art magic(k), Latinidad, and the Norse elegance which is not as classical as folk/naive.

When I first returned to Seattle, a kindly advisor hinted that I should take a look at the spell in ceremonial magic(k) called THE HAND OF GLORY. It is a candle in the shape of a hand that is used for the prayer of Psalm 90: the work of our hands, establish thou it — and to bind the demons of the Masons. ENOCH IS A COW. We can do the work of talent and with an adequate interface and with proper payment and not just SNAKING AROUND.

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