Follow-up to THE CHARIOT

Things are starting to come into view in various ways.

Yesterday’s blog post related how the PGM was used as magic(k) to affect charioteers.

I related the normal mundane operations of chariots, such as being annoying in the streets of Herculaneum, but a more high budget arrangement would have been in the professional chariot races that presumably had betting involved, as well as THE THEATRE OF WAR.

My ex, the defense contractor — always very kind to me — was witty and fine, just a perfect specimen! His firm worked in taking pictures on airplanes, which could be construed as chariots.

No doubt they worked the tarot card THE CHARIOT very hard in their work.


Now I had spent ten years in the B.O.T.A. and the Golden Dawn meditating upon this tarot card and working in ritual magic(k) with the Egyptian godforms. WHEN PRESCRIBED PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS WE ELFS CAN DO A LOT WITH YOUR WISDOM COWS. The entire Golden Dawn on disability?

In our symbolism, The Chariot relates to Cancer, the Moon, and the Mother. MAXIMUM POWER FOR THE CHARIOT should have been more closely monitored, and my question is, IS THERE any grownups in THE GAME doing that?

This is a POWER of incompetence ONE SIZE FITS ALL, NO SIZE FITS ANY.

My father was an extraordinary mental magician with lots of funny little tricks like the ones presumably going on all around us. When we would stop at a red light, he would often make a little lasso with his hand and lasso the opposite car to keep it from running into us. That is how he did things, and his magic(k) worked.

Presumably powers in the underworld were powering off the scripture reading, church attendance and scholarship in the family and area, his own astrology, his own imagination and the mental work he did, and the many farm and pet animals we had associated with us, to get the job done. And our Crypto-Jewish vecinos and his own father did practice ceremonial magic(k) while the ladies did the limpias.


He passed away in 2010. A month later, my mother suffered a heart attack, a year later she was diagnosed at Stage 4 Cancer, and three years later died.

I am not going to say that shingles was not an issue in her cancer, nor thirty years of smoking and consuming two soda pops a day, nor the extreme stress of many events and situations in her life, nor her Standard American Diet coupled with no exercise, and a longevity of seventy years is pretty nice, actually.

But the serendipitous timing and many events seem to be signs of an overtax of the many magic(ks) being practiced in my ambiance as well as the fact that that Dad could no longer protect everyone in the same way. KNOWN.

When I advanced to the national level in my career, all of my lodge-based affiliations and practices just seemed crazy and it all went away for the six months it took to get this hodge podge of high level probably even state woo woo happening around me.

Decisions seem to have been made for me in certain ways in the arts that I am grateful for but, in retrospect, the era was difficult and we are now more evolved and can pick up the pieces better on all sides. It is okay — WE ARE FOUND.

During this period, I was keeping in the loop with JMG via the A.O.D.A. cluster of practices, for not everyone is really right for medieval Irish HUMAN SACRIFICE COWS — and the entire rigamarole of working the Golden Dawn for so long does need a fine tuning.

I was working their Golden Dawn, in the grade of Fire, when one night I had a little too much to drink and drunk dialed an insult into a theatre listserve. It erupted into a firestorm involving slots, Latinos, and — FIND IT — Judaism, and it had unfortunate repercussions in isolating me from the theatre community. After that, I began to distance myself from the whole Druidry phase shift and fell into a no-man’s land, the B.O.T.A. already having been discovered as very annoying with the five-minute timer, and who needs Hermetic lessons on Sexual Polarity anyway?

I did not reconnect with JMG’s wider world until GOETIABLATHER told me to read everything he wrote and figure stuff out, because it is always working in the underworld. Come to think of it, there is a lot of synchronicity between my work and my life experiences with that cluster of magic(k)al education and activity, while also ARGO. For one, the skills of green wizarding manifested and I have a wyrd of homemade pickles.

Some would remind me that THE WAY OF THE WORLD was always involved with crouching before the Alpha Ape! But my father’s power just couldn’t put that together for anyone. We will have our NAME IN LIGHTS at the local Chamber of Commerce, please, not the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In some ways, racism is a RUBRIC that keeps our magic(k) together and our souls healed. The old souls can walk the earth with great enjoyment like this. They broke the cycle of incest in his generation through scrupulous effort amidst great social change, and I should really be more circumspect about that — while acknowledging the openness of the popular culture and the opportunities for healing that that affords. People didn’t used to have privacy and pornography to deal with their bodily functions, and it is wonderful.

I will not be perpetually snide about the new RUBRIC human nature. It is no doubt remarkable and extraordinary, has many levels — though with entrainment in drugs I am not convinced the lodge set is happy with what has happened to our WORLD — and, coupled with the type of sneaky inversion of class and ethnicity in practical magic, it is a fine topsoil that will yield much wealth for a generation of magicians, until the Latinos remember the brujeria that their abuelitas did and get their butts COWED and we were trying to get away from that old country mafia witching and enter the modern world of education, democratic capitalism, and service in the American military instead of ALL THE TIME IN CHURCH.

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, and I did get a big cheque at the conclusion of my CHAMPAGNE AND CAVIAR with the DARPA fellow! Which was obviously charged back to me and I am back, having been taught a lesson.

When you teach a competent adult a lesson, they learn one, but they do not learn the lesson that you intend.

The lesson I learned is that there was evidently insufficient respect for the magic(k) of John Michael Greer and other Hermetic CROWDS in the N.E.A., DARPA, and Intel in Portland, for it was absolutely known what was going on and what it could cause CAREER. Furthermore, if you are going to work your butt off in this stuff, the actual community, the deep worlds, and the magic(k) itself will come in.

Whenever a witch was burnt, she was asked to pronounce a curse.

When I first opened the portal of SOLOMON, I was burnt at the stake in some universe and asked for my curse. The good witch invariably FLINGS this fylfot cross at everyone:


We are involving ourselves in THEATRE.

We have killed a JAIN.

The higher levels never come down this far.

Is killing people with magic for a living COWS?

Now, checking back in with our fun stuff, we need to get back with the legion. We are going to start moving in to our world of KING BIFRONS, who is an idea lord, and his fine exegesis of the CLASSICS, peppered liberally with the snappy patter we all love so much.

LEYA will be joining us for our unit on Julius Caesar, for why not have THE GUN?

Get ready for some OWLS, trench wars, and what the DEVIL?

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