BLACK CLOUD: Oil Company (Revised)

As usual

Here I am going to cross-talk to a blogger who has taken to TAILING me. It is our fave Black Cloud:

What this means to me is the condition product “oil” company Lucky Mojo, as we see from the reference to miss cat’s fabled toy train set — “slot car track” — in the front yard of her STORE:

There are many things I will have to say about BLACK CLOUD, for he is a freakin’ psychic and can’t be admired.

Now let me proNOUNS a bit.

I am presuming that BLACK CLOUD is pinging on what THE GAME uses to denigrate and thereby derail the condition product magic of perhaps the foremost genius SCHOLAR of operative magic in the West, and a woman.

I don’t speak for everything over there — merely I have completed the Lucky Mojo course and one week of the in-person apprenticeship before FOPPING OUT. But that is from the world of the Cabalistic Golden Dawn of JMG who himself endorsed the Lucky Mojo, and that is how I got there from Golden Dawn. The road was not as readily passable twenty years ago.

The Lucky Mojo is currently moving into Egyptian archetypes, based in the African Kemetic energy world, but accessible to Hermetics. This will perhaps assist in solving the problem of shear force so noted in my magic(k)al career.

I do work the root, and with local herbs as well, a couple of which I grow, and also their herbs and mineral curios, but it is in the condition products that the vision comes in most clearly. Requisite number of minds, it would seem.

At the same time, the magic(k) of constructing a world has an all-encompassing quality, and it is difficult to work different worlds at the same time, especially one so hunted as that of the Golden Dawn’s SOLOMON. Thus it was that I stepped away from all of my other magic(k)s for a time and did only SOLOMON with the Norse power. It was a wild and glorious time of jailbreaking my own mind while also BEING TAKEN BY THE FAIRIES after having been ASSIMILATED by a cult possessing extreme wealth in ways that for an entire decade were undeclared and not welcome, but the opposition was so horrendous and I experienced so many losses in life that I began to gradually restore the magic(k)s that I had had, along with their concomitant WORTH.

THE GAME should investigate the Lucky Mojo world. I have personally heard miss cat say that she has over a thousand samples of graveyard dirt from around the world. In fact, her course requires the student to go to the local cemetery and collect a sample and send it to her. This is often how the student does not make the connection with the factory in California, opines a local source.

We notice that hoodoo is not a requirement of an Ivy League degree, a seven-figure bank account, or even the best drugs money can buy. It is an $10.00 bottle of oil, for heaven’s sake. Perhaps the upper-middle-class whose lives have been mismanaged and whose resources have been consumed by the fancy powers of THE GAME could stand to involve themselves in a more accessible situation wherein the price of admission is constant work in magic(k) and not just being powered off of in their worldly endeavors. I refer mostly to the denizens of class ascension of which I am RETIRED.

The apprenticeship program takes you out back in the lovely old hippie town of Forestville, where miss cat and Nagasiva have acreage and a garden where they grow their own herbs. I have personally picked Forget Me Nots, the delicate little flower that has to be hand stripped from the stem, about the size of thyme, and put into the jar mouth half the size of a dime. Every single bottle of STAY WITH ME has this flower. You can see it in the bottom of the jar. Every single jar.

It is a labor of LOVE that my DAMIEN BELETH coos about.

It is the purity of the work we admire.

And they have a black cat whose hair is used in magic(k).

Here our POW POW in the classics is CALLING IN to remind us of HOW THE GREEKS DID EVERYTHING FIRST of the myth of Odysseus and Circe.


If you will recall, at one point on his journey home, Odysseus and his men stop at an island where they encounter a beautiful maiden named Circe who takes Odysseus as a lover. This caused the winds not to blow for their magic(k) SHIPS. All night Odysseus and Circe made the most passionate love, and all day he and his men sat by the beach waiting in the dead calm. It took the wind right out of his sails.


The idea that the Lucky Mojo is entirely Anglo is not right. I have been to their training and festivals, and there are many persons of color of all types. At the same time, my comadres complain in the underworld that they can’t really relate to those products, so I do mix it up with Indio products for the sake of the flavor.

It would be important to note the culture of the magic(k)s of the Lucky Mojo for purposes of conceptualization. The straight up condition products are African-American, and the imagery seems to be Art Deco. There are saints, some of whom, like Santa Marta, are of the ATR stripe; as well as the Latinx worlds of Nuestra Señora, Santisima Muerte, San Simon, and Dr. José Gregorio Hernández; the Irish world of St. Dymphna; and the classical worlds of St. Expedite and St. Cyprian. These are all syncretized with Catholic Christianity. The Hindu deities present an image of that great culture, of magical assistance to the Jews who, no doubt, used it in the Holocaust. The Hindu work is a great resource for those wishing to work in past lives, as is also so clearly taught in the more conservative branches of Judaism and the Cabala.

However, if one wishes to phase shift into European magic(k), the genital oils seem to point in that direction. Genitals do not just relate to sex but to ancestors whose genitals gave one life. Thus the magic(k) of sex always involves family, living and dead. The Celtic work of wicca seems to be winked at by the Lucky Clover Vulva Oil, whereas the gorgeous myth of Freya is clearly indicated in the Lucky Swastika Penis Oil TO GET THE QUELLETH OF THE THING, whose graphic image might also hint at the consummation of the goddess with the four dwarves at the corners of the world to acquire the most beautiful necklace known to man, the Brisingamen, worn at the throat chakra, attributed to Venus in the western art magic system.

Given that I work with the DAMIENS, I always throw in a dash of Black Arts Oil, which ties everything to the alleged DARK ARTS or so-called MYSTIC ARTS. The use of the term “Black” perhaps pings on the requirement of pulling this magic(k) into the Africanate imagery currently au courant, and that is wonderful, while we also maintain the use of the Rider-Waite deck, powering in the Renaissance magic so touted by JMG.

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