The Lucky Hand

Thor is of assistance in the working class and to get the life you want. That is where the upper middle class got strong.

The monasteries of the East are reputed to have perfected astral vision work while sitting down. I don’t actually know. I just know one person who spent seven years in an ashram and reported a lot of crazy things. The kundalini supposedly rises like a serpent from the “lower” stupid chakras to the shining and resplendent head, which is very nice for cubicle workers. This is overKRAMPUS but the situation of body energy mismatch BOARDING is so horrendous and I do concede that the GAME has an extreme power in the head.

In the old days, most people worked with their bodies all day long, which means their magic(k) had to be the kind that could be done while moving around and doing other things. This is the magic(k) of the working class. The magical work was thus distributed throughout the entire body.

JMG’s Golden Dawn puts things together for a body. We move around the room, intone, pull energy with our bodies, manipulate it like a form of tai chi. It is not just in the head. Thus people in his magic(k) can use horses as the means of work, grow a garden, make stuff, and live with the earth. OWLS.

I will speak in greater length about Angels and Demons later. To protect my magic, I was a requirement of the working class and the power world that is of it most finely, and that is the heathen world, which I try to rectitude. It is also how theatre works — in day jobs. My family and friends of working capacity have pulled me back from the disapproval of the GAME and in requirement of being this. It is just and good and has no destruction in the work, not one single destructive spell in my entire life — though I have been naughty in a blog – -but not enough!

Thus I am really an Angel worker in demon magic(k) and must bring the Angels home so they can refresh and heal.

The Lucky Mojo has a lovely product called The Lucky Hand oil that helps with what you do with your hands, and Psalm 91 blesses the works of the hands. Their candle ministry can light a candle for you if you don’t have one.

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