LA HAUTE MAGIE: Introduction

I have not done as much work with JMG’s book club as I had wanted, but I am going to do it. I can still catch up, especially at a higher arc.

I came in too late to do Dion Fortune’s The Cosmic Doctrine, though the blog had assured me that “we will convene in France.” MAKE IT SO, NUMBER ONE. When in 2013 I performed the Abramelin, I cut off all kinds of FUTILITY entertainment and didn’t catch up with JMG for some time.

Starting in 2005 I spent a few years “taken by the fairies” and living in an enchanted wonderland of DARPA/Intel/NEA/an old Victorian neighborhood where I simply did the work of the Cabalistic Golden Dawn while losing everything and not noticing as someone else in the bedroom generated oh about two hundred million dollars in intellectual property and the energy of that erased my COWS. I did not get fabled money from that. “Divorce” matched my teacher’s savings account then Portland wickedly erased all of it. We now see that the fancy stuff is caused as a GAME routine of I am buying your power. FIRE. So now the Angels have to work THE DOWN WORLDS where they have the magnetic Golden Dawn and not just the ATR, and now we COW!!!

I had always read a lot of books on western occultism, but during that epoch, I weirdly forgot to do that. I just worked in ritual and meditation. In the end, I lost all of the books. They just went away because they were stupid and now everything is GAME.

I have had to buy JMG’s books multiple times. Maybe this time they will just be in a house.

But back to this wonderful romp through Eliphas Levi’s The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic.

My first impulse was to purchase the tome on an audio format, as I have said before.

That was right, because the style is so RAP, as JMG himself points out. WHAT’S WITH THE DUDE’S NAME? There is a difference between my egregore of that affiancement and the human magician who is still working, so I will make the distinction. GOETIABLATHER IS NOUNS.

Here we begin: Beyond the veil of all the hieratic and mystical allegories of the ancient doctrines, beyond the shadows and strange trials of all the initiations, under the seal of all sacred writings, in the ruins of Nineveh or of Thebes, on the eroded stones of the ancient temples and upon the darkened sides of the sphinxes of Assyria or of Egypt, in the marvelous or monstrous paintings which express the sacred pages of the Vedas for Indian believers, in the strange symbols in our books on alchemy, in the initiatory ceremonies practiced by all mystery cults, we find the traces of a doctrine which is the same everywhere and everywhere is carefully hidden.

Now, let’s come back to the East Texas scriptorian that I was raised from a pup by the MAR-MONS to be, and figure stuff out.

As pointed out by JMG, why is the style like this?

The Middle Ages is an important FORM.

Let us consider how people lived.

This is a photo that should be in the common domain. It is the dice players of Pompei.

Look at the posture of those people. The core muscles are activated and the torso is held upright. The arms are moved significantly with force from the large muscles of both the abdomen and the back and not just the smaller muscles of the arms.

This is ballet, for those of you who have studied that art.

Why would they move like this all of the time when it is so much easier to just slouch?

I am a health care worker. I spend up to 16 hours a day on my feet. I can assure you that if you do not hold your torso like this, your back will fail.

Those of us in the modern world do not have to stand and walk all day long, so we do not use our muscles like this.

Look at these women walking, carrying a baby at the hip and a jug of water on their heads:

The entire body is activated in exactly this fashion. It is beautiful.

This is how humans had to move their bodies in order to preserve them. It takes a lot of muscle to move like this.

It is also why we modern people have so many health problems. We do not have to hold ourselves, move our limbs strongly, or walk nearly everywhere. Even our minds disintegrate, because they were designed to function with a great deal of this type of movement all the time.

So, when premodern humans were taught to move, they moved like that because it preserved the health of the spine and limbs.

This woman is learning to stand and walk all day in a dress, probably with some kind of corset or girdle wrapped around her waist to support her much work.

Thus the style of normal human existence was considerably ornamented.

One thing we learn from digging up old stuff in archaeology is that it was always artistic. Having ornamentation reminds us not only of nature with all of its crenelations but how we have to move, live, and be.

For this reason, the inimitably wonderful style of Jake Stratton-Kent’s prose fits squarely within THE CORPOREAL INTELLIGENCE of the classical world and it is most important to live it.

How much food did people have in the premodern era? Not as much as we do. They no doubt spent a great deal of their time hungry. A part of their normal routine was to focus the mind on things other than hunger. Part of the ornamentation in everything gives the senses something to focus on rather than the gnawing hunger.

The ancient world loved to give it just a bit of sexy as an upshift in the mood. That helped everyone bear up to the hunger, cold, pain of excess labor, injuries, illness, and the ills that the flesh is heir to.

France is part of the continuum of this ancient Near Eastern culture by virtue of Rome.

THE OLD BOY — Aleister Crowley — gives a hint about western art magick’s polyglot nature. We know from the history books that Solomonic magic was part of the great intellectual treasure house that came into Europe after the fall of Constantinople as scholars and the wealthy moved to Europe. He points out (somewhere) that A Thousand and One Nights is the most important magickal book of all.

For him.

Those of us who have done these European magics notice that, at a certain point, it pings on the actual land where the magic(k) was practiced. The Golden Dawn is notorious for pinging on the pre-Christian Celtic culture of England, though I posit an additional rendezvous with Saxons, for some of us are Norman.

(The ATR is not supposed to NARC on itself but NORTHRLAND can, so why not be a Jew?)

The Hermetic work of so much Egyptian stuff eventually touches land in Egypt itself, which is conveniently Muslim. So no doubt the Thelemites have noticed that things get rough in the chthonic until they read the Quran and study Islam, including its magick. I don’t like to practice Islam because it wipes everything else out, but I do like to get along kindly with Muslims and read their holy book often.

I used to read the Quran all the time when I was in New York and have read it a couple of times through. It is like jazz.

England caused African slavery, so, like any conquering nation, it is conquered in the underworld by its former victims. The Golden Dawn was conquered by India which in the 19th century was all the rage in being conquered, and today’s magicians of English stripe are conquered by the ATR, especially when they come to America where they did all those stupid things.

This is hard on a Mexican because there are more of us than there are of African people and the witchcraft looks almost the same. We notice that THE GAME is mostly Anglo people shifting into opposite-gender African dreamscape without much problem, whereas it COWS on the etheric body of a Mexican WHO IS A REQUIREMENT OF CHRISTIAN — it is ancestors; our instruction manual snides that WHIPPET does not have the ancestors to work the deep worlds of Judaism — whereas Judaism notices that the concept of reincarnation is COWED so the entire aggregate soul of Judaism lines up as the energy work requires and I believe WHIPPET’s DAD was a Kabbalist in past life while Jewish male — shout out to my Mexican uncle STUDIOUS who spent his entire adult life in Germany — all I know is that the Golden Dawn works your actual religion which can be revealed to you as you are falling into it and that, for me, is Texianic Jew while also some Christian and lots of brujeria. And my Mexican grandfather did actually practice ceremonial magick, so COW.

Real life is more complicated than the statecraft sorcery of GETTING ALONG WITH ALIENS allows.


Now, let’s notice that JMG has written three books that relate in some way to the disciplines practiced in Arabic type magic(k). His two books on geomancy relate to a divinatory tradition still practiced in the Arabic world, whereas his translation of The Picatrix is also Arabic in origin, while containing some world of Latin. Quomodo ego habeo pecuniam whereby he COWS.

Buy these books and support a living writer, don’t just skry a picture on the internet.

The most difficult book of JMG for me to retain is, in fact, The Picatrix: he who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Not only that, France is currently involved in the stupid business of underfunding Muslims, and is thereby causing itself a lot of self-destruction in the energy world. Injustice always causes the energy of the injured to be very dominant.

It is not a bad idea to do some Arabian studies if you want this book club magic to function, for it does, and no doubt JMG’s recommendation of reading it in French is probably to the point.

I will yap about Jason Miller PUBLIUS later. I do admire his work and plan to do some of the magic, actuals. I used to live in his temple’s magnetic shadow in New Jersey, not that it had any influence on SELLING YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL if you practice John Michael Greer’s Cabalistic Golden Dawn.


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