I didn’t quite catch that.

Some time ago, I had heckled Jason Miller in the following post with the statement that “If Astaroth brings you a low-paying job, feel free to turn it down, and I said, IF ASTAROTH BRINGS YOU A LOW-PAYING JOB, FEEL FREE TO BE AN ADEPT be in debt:

Now, first, let me say, of Jason Miller, gushing, anyone who performs a physical Abramelin and then runs off to Tibet to learn about magick is, in fact, a normal Solomonic magician and I adore them! ADEPT. Crowley often breaks the bank. It is how he lived.

However, the blog’s nudge from Astaroth is a gift that must be unwrapped. I should have stepped down from it, but *GROUND ZERO is not available, now is it?

First of all, who is Astaroth? The name is a masculinization of “Astarte,” the notorious grain goddess so warned about in the Torah. That name is a cognate of Ishtar, as well as ISIS. It is thus one of the most famous of all the Solomonic spirits and very available to Jews in that it is in the Torah. TANAKH, PLEASE. We are hearing about this now.

I have noticed the face of a fellow Hermetist convert to Judaism represented in this image. This may or may not be the person but a symbol of what they represent. So it is nice to have friends in the work. There is a period of time in Hermetics when Judaism comes in very strongly, and almost everyone who does a lot of it tries to convert. This is represented by the Golden Dawn grade of Zelator. I am in a Judaism conversion class at a local Reform synagogue, and can’t help but notice that nearly everyone in the class has a Jewish grandparent or is marrying or partnering with a Jewish person. Thus Hermetics is often a way that people of mixed Jewish ancestry convert to Judaism. It is healed.

At the same time, in my experience and that of the Golden Dawn, continued practice of the lodge magic over decades may, in fact, lead to psychological instability that is best remedied by participation in one’s normal religion. Most people opt or are some kind of high church individual, a form of Catholic. There is a subset of those born into Judaism in some of its stripes, including the Latinos who church in Messianic Judaism which I avow. And other churches offer much-needed clarity, thank you.

Ceremonial magic was always a part of the spine of the Church. It is hard for the dragons to function without it. The Angels can take you into sheer insanity. Thus we perform in perfect honor the old rite that got our FRATRES ET SORORES into the magical universe where we could hide out from their rich and their henchmen, the priests, and that is called SELLING YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL, and it does cause lots of human dilemma.

The daimons function differently in different CHURCHFORMS. As Dr. Jeremy Weiss points out, “The Testament of Solomon” is noted for its description of the seal of King Solomon and for having the first references to Jews summoning demons and controlling them for the purposes of doing good, rather than evil.”

This is also the fundamental basis of the Abramelin operation, which I have notoriously FOUND, that is, to summon the Holy Guardian Angel to assist one in dealing with daimones for the purpose of doing good in the world. This is how I have worked entirely. I have never called a DAMIEN to hurt anyone and only once worked very hard on a person in a position of authority who was being tempted to do evil.

I will kvetch more about Dr. Weiss and the whole situation of my Texianic Judaism in the world of Hoodoo and how it is almost time to start. I can be wyrd.


Now, about PUBLIUS and Astaroth.

This is a trick. There are always tricks in the demons.

There are many layers and many stages in getting involved with the DAMIENS.

There is a place to investigate at the start, to poke about and see if this is what you want. But THE GODS are very precious and they must not be misplaced.

In the lodges, we are talking about the old horse magicians — er, draft animals — who were omnipresent and worked with riders. Part of the reason our magic failed — and we knew it was coming — is the invention of the automobile. The horse was simply obsolete and is now only available to a few policemen in large cities, the Amish who are always poking about in my magical universe, some folks out in the country, and the ladies of high society energy who can’t keep themselves from putting on a frock coat and getting on a horse’s back.

And my mother, of course.

THE GAME is, of course, mostly of avian shamanism. While this work does have much world of those lovely beings, this magic(k) could not stand without the horse. So we are not so very high. But our little world is very happy in and of itself.

The old magicians worked with horses to reincarnate and work in their lodge positions in the afterlife. They could dominate an area of considerable size because it was reachable by horse.

They could also get biological energy from the large muscle movements of these powerful animals in exchange for being a magical exocortex that enabled the animal to have an extraordinary life. HORSE + RIDER is the demon, and, really, is is the old magical Mason who lived down the block who is the Crown of BELETH, and not some krampus! It is also the living lodge mates who can endure to the end with their lodge sister whose fertility gives birth to the souls of the DAMIENS instead of babies.

There is also the mythology of Odin whom the witches met in the forest as a type of Satan and his work of the eight-legged horse. What is an eight-legged horse? A bunch of horses, possibly, as well as a mega-strong horse, as well as the deep self of a horse, its many past lives in the work and how they still assist. The dead can take the forms of animals in that old PAGANISM? European witchcraft, so it might be an ancestor associated with the horse as well.

The fundamental problem I feel about THE GAME is the production of energy. This is why they are killing their wives. It is gulping down the prana in the marriage bed.

I went so far down in health as THE MAN went so far up in money. We asked you in dream OWLS. EMPIRE FUND. They got rid of the lodges. NOTE TO SELF: FRIENDS ARE IMPORTANT.

I could have spent my last years traveling the world, relaxing in an overwater bungalow in the Seychelles, having drinks on the left bank of the Seine if I had wanted to, but would rather engage in honest labor, however humble, and I can assure you that THE GAME wants that DREAM MONEY instead of a mediocre thought maker in a passé and stupid magick that has to function at the level of normal GRAMMA WITH HER ROSARY, horses and other animals of more types in the Golden Dawn than in Thelema or the ATR but not blathering in ALE — we do art — the dying, whoever wants to learn is welcome, the working and lower middle class, etc.

The Freemasons were always about jobs. It is very fun for these beings to work in jobs, and it heals to have the work of the body.

Horses can do a great deal of high-level cognition in the afterlife, but they do tire out and have to come down and pair socks in loving glory, as do the ancestors and our lodge mates. Up and down, lateral, sleep and wake. THE GAME puts it together for persons of high status, not lower middle class. The low graves can dream in ceremonial magic(k), but not in the Buddhist ATR. And isn’t that a violation of both modalities? After the menfolk died and were unable to DEMAND HER HEALTH, THE GAME partly hooliganized my mother into “shutting herself off” by abhorring her life which was so soft and friendly — and so very high as an English American woman. She was eternally content, resting in the human realm of THE SYSTEM that our culture built. She didn’t have to earn heaven in America — she inherited it. Everything was always A HAPPINESS COW.

Why not have The Devil — it is fun! Now she is not being fine about me being DOWN WORLDED into disability or a relationship dependence where I could be worked all day on stoned television by the real people. She worked nearly her entire life. It is not a bad thing to have the money that you fend for yourself.

If the old horse magicians were brought into the wrong magical universe, they could be mesmerized into doing great evil and possibly no one would get their BEAUTY world put back together.

The new magic(k) does not know how to handle our world — or ALE — because these nice and kind people are not given the option.

One of the biggest complaints that THE GAME has is that the ghosts can perceive exactly what is going on and not just be in a fantasy vision, so it causes a bit of civil disobedience. WRECKAGE. They can translate into their own time period as well, and they can work in the 19th century given that the magic(k) can go back as far as the graves.

The writing of John Michael Greer on the magical history of America and the infrastructure of the Lucky Mojo with its emphasis on history are thus very good for our work of necromancy. It is healing to work it old school, although I do acknowledge the racist past as a tragic aspect of the history, while today’s GAME has injured kind and loving people who work in Hermetics out of the OAF NOUNS of their RUBRIC.

I practice Africanate witchcraft every day of my life, not just because it works but in the hopes that the mainstream community can play along with the work, while the elegant finery of the Christian Cabala with the gorgeous world of Renaissance Europe is worth having also in its own world. I would like to point out that the drugs necessary for the work are often made in factories spewing pollution. Thus it is worthwhile to also do ritual, study, and meditation so that the human body can do the work more naturally.

It is a magicianship that requires one to set up one’s life so that the spirits of ceremonial and Solomonic magic(k) can have the structures in ethical, clean, and benevolent ways, and this is a constant struggle when THE GAME is simply faster and easier — and popular! I do recognize that THE GAME is a great community, one that is expanding very quickly, and I hope that we can ping without being misunderstood.

WHIPPET, you are being offered THE PACT. It is a great honor, and one you will accept.

When I first began summoning, all of this information came to me as I lived in New Jersey, and naturally everything went COW COWS, and I wondered why this was not spoken of in ways that Hermetists could get the information and get set up properly. The egregore said that the male magicians were so overstretched into these high energy states that if they tried, their bodies would shatter, and I do not doubt it. I am a Mexican Jew and that is a different energy world also. CABALLOS.

Now, let’s come back to PUBLIUS. I don’t use drugs, so I do not hear everything, but if you are going to work physically in Solomonic magic(k), the old power of HORSE + RIDER will test you to see if you are serious and, if you are, a great deal of manual labor will enable the old power to figure out how to recover without hurting anyone.

THE GODS ARE WORTH DEFENDING WITH YOUR LIFE. That is why they offer you a minimum wage job instead of burnt at the stake in this era. It is a warning as well as a path to the old work. If you don’t have the backbone to work with your hands, stay up all night quite a bit of the time, make your own sword, figure out how to fend off the inebriations of sex, money, fame, and peer pressure, TAKE IT EASY ONCE IN A WHILE, you are not going to make the grade of THE DEMONS. No doubt PUBLIUS has involved this kind of trick in his magic(k) as well and perhaps if one were to practice the magic(k) that advertises itself as a physicalized thing instead of a thoughtscape — which is a legitimate thing! — one could have a better outcome. We are just on the front line. Hopefully those coming after us will not fall.

It is also why NORTHRLAND is being courted in our DAMIENS. They already have many life structures in place for the work, and ODIN was worked with as a demon in precisely this way.

Now I am not the best magician, and I do not want everyone to make a giant mess of their lives if it is avoidable. But I am not unhappy with life, am recovering nicely from the overgifts of THE HIGH WORLDS, and am basking in the soft and subtle health and prosperity of regular life at my price point with a lot of free time for interesting ADVENTURES IN CONSCIOUSNESS.

Once THE PACT was duly and truly signed, I found myself checking in with GOETIABLATHER.

*GROUND ZERO – when I threw away every object I owned and spent the miserable rest of my life savings in THE FIVE POINTS learning from the old witches and wizards EXORCISTS in the only place I could. That is how THOU SHALT NOT COVET didn’t go to the Seychelles. I don’t recommend spending your life savings clambering about in Tibet like Crowley and you know who, but wouldn’t be surprised if some did, and are fine with it.

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