Further Thoughts on Astaroth and the OUCH

ANDREALPHUS said that if you work with the spirits, you will try to be a virtuous person, but you will never entirely succeed.

The colliding thought worlds, your own beingness, and the RAPTURE of everyone’s adultery will always COP YOU OUT.

Furthermore, the demons do have a certain amount of dark work to do. That is part of what they are. Since the time of the Emperor Caesar Augustus, they have been subject to a bad PR campaign and encouraged to be thought of negatively which got them lots of “business” of the wrong kind!

Jake Stratton-Kent is trying to rehabilitate their reputation by exploring their work alongside that of today’s hip and happening Afro-Hispanic sorcery which is so powerful, extant and elegant. I am trying to get used to it, being Mexican. Ethnic magic when I was young was done by the people who were of that ethnicity. I am not criticizing this — merely having a lot of giant energy things to deal with all at once when I can’t hear your dreams nor you mine, but fortunately we now have blogs. And if I would rather have Odin than Kung Fu, it is hard for them to talk to me anymore because lucid dreams are all the rage.

Now, back to the fundamental uses of man magic(k) . . . What would happen to the military if their only IKON was the CO Jesus? Or the police? Or the battered wife? Now that is a constituency. No. When Jesus, God and all the fineries are used to take well-meaning people apart, the liquor store can candor.

What kind of honor in battle comes from gassing a bunch of now-starving people called Jews? The whole gambit of the warrior is the beauty of that moment when you bet your life against another’s and enter THE SILENT MAJORITY is what we think — form Valhalla with the magic(k) of displaced life potential — shit all over yourself.

THE GAME called video is where we can be maudlin about state-sponsored violence. The thing martial arts really teaches is The best way to win a war is not to really spar and have the inevitable injuries that pile up when grown-ups are kicking and punching each other.

Tales of swapped-out life potential is a thing that gets presented to me when I first begin summoning in a region, connecting with the area’s lodge magic(k), and FIND IT the most inimical pantheon to the theatre community. These downshiftings are magnetic but time cannot be reversed except in how we think today, and while it is fine to muse about the other destinies, let us content ourselves with the most desired best of all possible worlds, for this is the timeline where I am sitting here typing these words, and it is a pretty good one.

Would WHIPPET have preferred the other life? This conjectural one where everything was fixed was not possible.

Reviled people often FIND the DAMIENS — or the DAMIENS find them.
A nice Goth scene is ultimately better than a school shooting — plus you have to learn the classics. It is MARKeted.

Western art magicians are very technical, says one OWL.

WITCHES are how the Cabala always ends, say the western art magicians.

No deben hacer tantas cosas en sueños, say the MOUNDS. They should not do so many things in dreams.

People don’t understand art. It is a vision magic(k) in its own right. Done or even left undone by expert technicians, it can FUND the vision magic(k). But be careful because once the new wizards are situated, they don’t like to change.

And they buy you stuff.

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