Further Thoughts on ASTAROTH and All My Friends! Again!


I had been planning to write a blog post on all of the types of people involved with the Theurgia Goetia and how they can interface, when a nice reading of Jake Stratton-Kent’s work caused me to think about things differently.

Reasonably speaking — and try not to LIKE — you always do this to the guys and then we are all SLAVES to your stupid WHIPPET strike — but I see BELETH coming in with the SWAN CLOAK and the magic ring and a sword to lie between them, for that is what we are ALWAYS ON about — there is more to THE GAME than lucid vision dreaming vision stuff.

Telepathy is also available in the waking world and it is much better for generative art than visions. Art is its own vision magic(k) and should not be mediocritized by this nonsense, even if the high people can commandeer the slots.


The military set can use that more effectively than a bunch of rich guys got all the shakes

explain that the magic(k) can go into many avenues.

Lucid dreaming is not WHIPPET’s favorite thing because why not work all the time?

I actually work while awake and by hearing and usually on the graveyard shift in a nursing home UPSCALE ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY, so if you want to chat with me, you will come to my facility in the telluric hours of midnight to 3 am when all the world is asleep but me and those in the last throes of life walking endlessly up and down the halls trying to get home. I explained to one woman that you are 97 and about to die, and she said, Is everyone like this? Yes, pretty much. Then let’s call the police and liberate the place! Soon after that she was in the lockdown ward, and the police do know that we are not hurting anyone over here. Just death.

Find the microwave in the staff break room. Next to it is the door to the hallway that leads to the exit. From there you can get out and to your vehicle of conveyance away.

If you CHOW HUT, you can COW IN with BALDR to find that it is the Roman empire that actually knew BALDR and all the Norse gods where we can honor the playwright for a change and have a symposium at The House of the Tragic Poet


If you cannot find the microwave at the facility, stop in at the desk and ask CENTURION CRATYLUS how to get to WHIPPET and the gang — multiethnic as you please — in the staff break room where we will have RICH COWS and discuss our magic(k).

Now let’s consider all of the types of people who get involved in the spirits of the Goetia and what they are like and what they do with the spirits, for it is a matter of the most vital importance to place oneself IN HONOR.

What would happen to the military if their only IKON was the CO Jesus? Or the police? Or the battered wife? Now that is a constituency. No. When Jesus, God and all the fineries are used to take well-meaning people apart, the liquor store can candor.

We will start with the entourage most accessible to THE GAME, and that is the highly educated and sophisticated mostly male magicians.

It was always very fine to be in a lodge.

In the old days, like, when I was young, a lot of them were old lodge hounds. A devotee of the dark arts was said to be dabbling in the occult and generally showing off, and no one ever ‘fessed up to their crazy misadventures UNTIL NOW. That is why no one puts on the robes in demons. You want them where you can sort of not be around.

Spirit Summoning is like being in a garden club, only with monsters. The traditional set simply read the books and were always at it.

A lot of our old chums or the usual suspects seem to be CALLING IN from these worlds — often these places are also the antechamber of Heaven.

No doubt the magic(k) worked in and of itself in the ambiance of the lodge by the simple expedient of normal people doing boring, plebeian and eternal lodge rituals while having a nice place to drink, poking about in THE ART, and the perpetual nature of the work simply functioned as it always has. It became a soul-making rigamarole that rivaled the Church, and probably part of the reason that Masons and Catholics or Jews don’t get along besides exclusion. Ritual and ceremonial — the movement of the body and the intoning of the barbarous names of evocation –are part of how we are able to really ratchet things up in dream, unconscious and presumably ghost form, and also to the animals — within and without — able to get into SOLOMON in ways they cannot the normal. I recall waking up in a frightening dream once and performed the LBRP in the dream. It worked.

This is also true in religious participation, though ceremonial magic is almost always of the Catholic-ish high Church while the Jewish grimoire tradition is more focused on talismanic and mental magic and not the dramatic flowing robes, incense, circles, and the glorious dragons swooping down from the heights of the cathedral to instruct and KRAMPUS! While that awesome BEAST the ancient Hebrew language and its enchanting songs no doubt built many structures intelligible also to animals of our faith.

It is justifiably a NONSENSE WORLD in horses, so let’s call the entire Lemegeton a magic(k) that may include animals but not in a one-to-one correspondence with the demons but a scene that we all endure, and each spirit merely a part of it, as is SOROR GERTRUDE NEPHTHYS HOWL.

AMDUSIAS points out that when the spirits are worked with only in entheogens, the magic(k) can be stormed by THE GAME.

Thus in the early days of summoning, THE OLD BOY suggested that I cross the entire thing up with the Norse work so that the Druids could get into it!

Grimoires are magical books in the extreme. They decide who gets to read them! And if it is you, the words and figures can start to almost move before your eyes and an entire world dances before you on the page. Open Sesame! is really more a requirement of here.

I was MAR-MON for twenty years. In other words, laborious as an ox with no coffee or tea, much less the good stuff.

It never occurred to me to smoke a dooby and let this happen through chemical intervention, though in an era of easily obtained and safe substances, this is no doubt what most people do and is a critical part of the magical revival. The wicca-heavy magic stores in my area are thriving, not failing. No doubt people looking for something interesting to do on drugs have discovered the glorious adventures in consciousness of the magical world and are supporting these many elegances of the dream worlds of Europe. There is always a fresh crop every year. The public appetite for new magic books is seemingly irrepressible. It is something fundamental to human nature, while the siss-boom-pah of the occult store itself helps people bond to the books before they buy them.

And haven’t we all had glorious conversations with gentlemen at those illustrious shelves?

Before quite recently, it was very difficult to read a grimoire because they had such sharp teeth. Now they are being refined by scholarship and caused to remember the classics as well as the tv, for THE OLD GODS of Greece cannot simply be legislated away.

In a lot of ways, grimoires are lodge books, and they forget to behave elsewhere.

Another set of the highly fine men involved with SOLOMON are the library moles who clique with scholars and not with lodges and their more accessible mindset and service projects. They used to work alone or in some kind of letter situation which has, no doubt, exploded now that the letters have turned into pixels and we are all always talking about everything unceasingly. There is no way to keep up with your five top scholars much less all the chitchat, some of which is not accessible anyway and perhaps always less to females than males. I am not complaining because I seldom look for these letters, though I used to, and what happened to that? preferring instead to do the less-informed albeit endlessly transcendent magic(k) itself which talks plenty. Sure, you can have a Ph.D. in everything and be very fine, but the spirits are always looking to get their work done, and if it is done, they will get you the library card. Heck, they got me out of New York annoyingly before COVID, so we can start to worry about the library now that it is open again.

Sober is often the best bet in witchcraft when there are not just ideas but objects. It is hard to pick up a bunch of herbs out of jars and put them on a bowl and light a candle while intoxicated to the extent of having compleat astral visions. Ritual magic is also best performed sober. How are you going to recite the Chaldean Oracles baked? There are a lot of words and you are moving around and making all kinds of symbols in the air with a dagger. I was once performing a rite and set myself on fire then put myself out. Try that stoned. I demanded of the DAMIENS what would happen if I set myself on fire again. They said, You would put yourself out again. At this point, I cut the flowing and elegant sleeves and bottom off my lovely white linen robe and caused it to be simultaneously less elegant and less flammable.

Jake Stratton-Kent does point out that goetia magicians often put the candles out with their fingers because we have POWER OVER FIRE, whereas the Angel magicians have to use a candle snuffer DICK.

I have found this to be the case more of paraffin than beeswax which has a higher melting point. NORTHRLAND probably would take note of this for future reference in regards to THE VIKING FIRE. And don’t drizzle it on yourself. That is NOT STRONG.

Grimoires are not the books of women, so they don’t FUND the same, hence the low-paying job from Astaroth ISIS because the women who form up in the work have less power of money.

SOLOMON is an older magic(k), too, and women always used to have husbands, so the kind of job where you can also be available to home and family is more in the offing. I once worked six months at a job where I averaged a dollar and a half an hour without even noticing that the gas, paid for by my husband unit — whose business was causing a stultifying amount of money that I had no claim to — cost more than that. No doubt the encumbrance of this was considered lovingly as, Oh, look, my wife has a cute hobby called a JOB.

It was years before I could think about money accurately, and even then, SUM. Nowhere to go is how this NOISE MAKES.

And, as we poke about in the underworld of Thelema, we notice that that Order uses the grimoire magic as a way to compartmentalize its poverty energy in the OWLS of Choronzon as the poor relation of ENOCH, and is how ENOCH trolls.

I was so enmeshed in GHENGIS KHAN — the solitary Golden Dawn magic of John Michael Greer — that I couldn’t figure all stuff out while running from government sorcery, which loves to use grimoire magic(k) but not to spend twenty years going around and around in a circle.

I have discussed my lodge brethren who are wonderful about women in the lodge, and they very kindly enjoy an upshift in natural SHAMANISM psychism when women are members of the lodge, and do a lot to help us be there, including magic(k) to get the money straightened out.

In the Golden Dawn, when fraternization — romance — takes place between two opposite-gender parties, the woman almost always leaves the group when the relationship nearly invariably blows up. That is why we discourage fraternization and the lodge pulls together a very good BOUNDARY as well as love outside the group.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

But really, folks, a lot of kind souls have helped, and I really wish the new magic(k) well. YOU ARE IN IT, OWLS.

At the same time, those of my STYLE are not at the Ph.D. level in the bookish end of it — more like the Master’s degree which is slovenly — but the body power of ritual and hoodoo when avowed of the upper middle class in some ways and lower in others — this was squandered in the chicken dragons BOTCHED ROLLOUT IF YOU ASK HER and can’t we just complete the mission, Children of Earth?

Part of the situation of a lucid dreaming magic(k) is presumably that you have a select set of highly educated and sophisticated people who pay good money for it — or humble villagers who have done it for millennia as with the Mayans of Guatemala who DONE GOT SHOT — all doing it and doing it very well with certain rules and structures and if the whole thing is an energy purchase on outsiders — especially women — which it is not in Guate where the women are in positions of NORMAL — then it is supposed to behave as they require and not be the old lodge magic(k) that is in FOUND books everywhere in America.

But who am I to just live in a house and then be dreamed on by someone? Or work in a job?

I hope to not be a smart aleck forever and suggest some solutions to the problem of the production of energy in magic(k) vis-a-vis the secret society shtick and social class — a magic(k) I have not been initiated into but eavesdrop in Hermetics. If the magic(k) was built by genius magicians and then presented to the upper middle class as part of the High Society and business magic(k), but the underlying structure of the RUBRIC along with its many structures is not comprehended, then our friends and family have unintentionally caused a great deal of destruction with no proper comprehension of our work AS INSISTED UPON BY GURUS — and, really, why not be content with our lots?

Those of us in the old religions point out that it is all a giant pile of tricks that hunt, OWLS, and didn’t the Mayans periodically smash their temples and kill their gods?

The next set to consider are the workers of the ethnic witchcraft who have worked with it for a hundred years as paper seals as they could not afford gold. They have the backing of a great world of witchcraft as well as the weltunshauung and personality of the spirits in their work.

This writer does not know the Solomonic spirits in that setting very well, though I do hoodoo every damn day, so cannot predict how they will function except they do if the spell relates to their work. My work is MARKETED as circles and should remain a fundamental power of lodge magic(k) — AND EXPERIMENT — or it does not do what it needs to, though the O.T.O. has less capacity of real church than the THE HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GARAGE BAND or slightly the B.O.T.A. in Catholic, which Order is speculated to have moved to the new continuum while blathering and still able to form up in the demons of Catholic ceremonial. And when were Catholic priests not always hanging around with each other? Exactly.

THE GAME likes everything to be high and special, and this business of being a normal witch who throws a pinch of herbs at a tea light KABBALAH candle every day is often not a big enough splash for the upper-middle-class trancing that is usual on a $5 tv tray, or is it “the simpler yet more powerful magics of the Adept” mentioned by JMG in some book. This has been done in the past, and the entire paraphernalia of occult stores is a question of lots of money on spells. Maybe that old grocery store hoodoo unit that I put on the net about ten years ago should be resurrected — it fell off! — and give the recipes because you can do a lot of BITCHING many kinds of kitchen witching through your spice cabinet by knowing the astrological attributions of the food you actually eat. Rationale more. And NOUNS.

My schtick is that the gorgeous elegance and power of the Lucky Mojo product line is, in fact, a world, and it is just for it to have a significant level of enclosure for safety as well as one’s essential path in life and why should demons be in the middle of a rubric dedicated to Christ?

The compromise that has been implied worked out — and I do mean physically — is to purchase the products and herbs from my local retailers and let the magic of place be how I relate to that RUBRIC, for it was arranged as such, and I have almost had an auto accident the last time I got within 50 miles of the Forestville COW. No doubt there was some rancor in the ranks of THE TARMAC WEALTHIES — the BUSINESS cult of my longtime love THE JESUIT and lessons must be taught of anyone who uses ceremonial magic(k) to not be of the



At the same time, the whole business of fueling the Solomonic magic(k) is that it does need many types of energy, and the work of “natural magic” is a very fine one, as is donating to the charity of your choice, doing some practical work for the nice people around you in good ways, attendance at the house of prayer morning and evening, visiting the sick, escorting the dead, providing for a bride . . . and the study of Torah is equivalent to them all.

And when such a ritualist evokes, it is speculated to crash everyone’s dreams NOT THAT GHENGIS KHAN WOULD MIND for why not have the deep worlds of one’s family and friends in the old work? It can contain itself within a regimen of many types of work that provide filters for viewing the world, an adequate education of the spirits, and a culture and refinement that we cherish. ABSOLUTION IS WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN, not a wreak.

SOLOMON does have a “type” and I have noticed that it is often interested in us menopausal femmes but our RUBRIC — replete with ghosts of lodges — has a slaphappy and experimental approach in sloppy ROUTS that enables many different strictnesses to CLOUDS.

I have read about people who said they had evoked every single Solomonic spirit.

While I do not doubt this — and have a very strong sense of what this would be like — I wonder how many they did each month. Such an enterprise would require about six years of nearly continuous evocation if one were to perform one evocation per month, which is all I would recommend. Was it in full form? That seems to be the sense of the matter, though it could also be scried if done carefully. I have not done it. I am not criticizing it. It is quite an undertaking. I have considered the value of evoking the entire lot in succession and learning what the circle means. It is a compleat structure, not just a bunch of random spirits.

I will aver that it is likely. Why not be a specialist?

ANDREALPHUS does point out that Thelema conserved and protected this grimoire, and when worked with the O.T.O., it is, in fact, a vision magic(k) of its own in a Renaissance wizard strike, and didn’t they have wizards in Germany popping out to the forest to POW WOW with Odin? It works in the energies of both high church Christianity and Judaism but is not entirely of either. As PAIMON says, Christian Angels and Jewish Demons is the Rosy Cross. The Solomonic spirits like to be the over-religion, and if they got the chops, why not ENDOW them with all kindly grandeur?

They can accommodate the kind of mundane religion that I SINCERE, as can THE HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GARAGE BAND can, and so I do need to finish 4=7 and attempt to CRY ALL DAY in Thelema, but my work of “Second Order” stuff is the Lemegeton itself, a STUDIOUS camp.

Lodge magic(k) is a great magic(k) in and of itself, but it is a more amorphous thing and it does work over a long period of time with a group of people in close formation. This is the very definition of an afterlife society, and it is important. Lodge magic(k) is a magic(k) of a large system, and I do not comprehend it like I do solitary ritual magic(k). SOLOMON. Lodges are a stable structuring device for solitary work, which means that there is a limitation to what can be done on both sides, especially with the goetia. They do benefit from group work, especially the groups that are right for them, but they also need much time with their sorcerer and much dedication to their development, not the many other types of strands that are a part of lodge magic(k). It is not counter-productive but THE ART is always something a bit apart. A lodge initiation or rite is different, and the changes and actions in a person’s life are more in a course than in the explosive creativity of a goetia magic(k). Hence it was usually done after the initial RUBRIC. JMG’s Cabalistic Golden Dawn is perhaps built to do this very thing and with ritual, not money. Thus the work of the Lemegeton in the situation of lodge magic(k) is somewhat dependent upon the O.T.O. in certain ways, and without it, the grimoire does careen about, as does the magician. Hence the imperative within the magic of the Cabalistic Golden Dawn of John Michael Greer is to involve oneself in ceremonial magic(k) and not just the most popular and performed grimoire, The Lesser Key of Solomon. It does not stand by itself, especially in the magical universe of JMG, whom I have heard from an actual ceremonial magician in Seattle was in that super secret lodge that is not, but is not easy to get into, and only for males, and was probably part of the training with THE LORD (Satan, not the other guy), and how one works with these spirits. In the Pacific Northwest, there seems to have been a cadre of Native American ghosts who participated quite considerably in the work and perhaps still do given that their actual spirituality is welcoming of the idea of animals as gods. ALSO THOSE.

That brings us to the question of what does it take to enable an animal to function in human spirituality? For one thing, they have to be made much of and figured out. This cannot be the same in the other RUBRIC and is a complaint when you are OVERMANDED to kill everything you built because you will not give it up to the CHICKEN DRAGONS while ethnic.

Hence the whole business of selling one’s soul to the Devil as opposed to “selling out,” and the tricks within tricks in THE GAME to cause all of the magical talent to go into its structure and especially to get stuck in its afterlife. So I have a bee in my bonnet for all the nice naive people who, without my knowledge, consent, or participation in the Buddhist ATR, set me up to be a defense contractor in the afterlife — albeit wealthy.


We are also war mamas!

There is the whole business of when you throw a godform at someone, what forms up is what is in their actual soul. The chthonic power of scholarship comes to our ADVICE, for I had an ancient Germanic language in my word hoard.

You asked for Ogun? Here we come.

Let’s ask Odin.

Defense contractor is how WHIPPET got to Odin. Also government sorcery elsewhere.

Another set of people who must be considered in respect to the Solomonic spirits is the witches of European stripe, wicca in its wild and solitary sense.

I do not mean to criticize Gardnerian wicca because it is wonderful to get people moving forward into the world view of European witchcraft and to have chums. I have had much world of lodges to get me into Solomonic magic(k).

But “wicca” is not the same thing exactly as a wicca coven, and I have always felt that what I wanted was kitchen witching itself, not the more elaborate structure of a religion.

This is entire stretch of the tradition of European witchcraft, especially as it was practiced in its heyday, and up to the early twentieth century.

It is also a shamanic situation of spirits, land, plants, and animals with an individual and highly focused practitioner at it all the time and much psychism. Such individuals were often of the working class and frequently female. It originated with the spiritual practices of the indigenous European people and was suppressed by Christianity, taking as its godform within that culture the Devil and not Christ BECAUSE MAD.

Hoodoo is not like this but works within the constraints of Protestant Christianity, in which Jesus is reasonably viewed as a conjureman, whereas curanderismo has a more subtle and diffident relationship with Catholicism in that it uses the Church as it sees fit while also resorting to whatever else works in a savvy and often technical, nonsuperstitious way. The history of the Catholic conquest is completely available to the Latinos whereas European witches did not know their history.

It is not easy for a woman to work in man magic(k). The energy structures of men are not of the same body structure. Thus when we raise the power to do the work of Solomonic magic(k), it helps for a female exorcist to address it in the way that a female would, and that is wicca.

That is part of what happened when the Solomonic spirits offered me the Pact. They were treacherous, also. WE COW THAT YOU ARE TOO FORMED IN YOUR MAGIC(K) TO PEER. To be deconstructed in this even by the best practitioners of it is, at best, not predictable, with an outcome that is likely to be middling because too magic(k) and even my own have to just patch things up and watch a woman figure stuff out.

There were no books or teachers that really would have got me past what faced me.

I have spoken before of the extreme wealth of my ex THE JESUIT, which I did not obtain but lost what I had — and beware of quick tricks! — but I have not talked about my sense that at a certain point in the development of his business, I was no longer part of the inner circle of our relationship but the business was an inner circle, and probably also a cult. I am deeply indebted to this man and this cult for not bringing me in but just letting me do whatever I pleased. Indeed, it was a great big pile of real war magicians who enabled WHIPPET to succeed. OUCH.

I will speculate that it is not easy to do their work and that I do not understand it. I recently met a person who in his mid-forties caused me to exclaim by his very excellence in many matters to be a fine candidate for THE GAME in ten years, as it would be in our work, only to surmise later that he had been in THE GAME for perhaps that amount of time. We in THE GARAGE BAND type society are mortified when it takes us seven years to really command the astral that people are being brought in so early, so quickly, importunately, and on drugs and sex alone. Much RUBRIC of knowledge of your stuff and we COW all over you. I will concede that they have handed me my booty on a number of occasions while also not. But they cannot change the structure when it irks their great loves, and who am I to coo?

An astral magic requires people to either work very intensely and then meet in reasonable frequency or to spend a lot of time together and do regularly scheduled work.

The genius set does not have the time to spend learning all kinds of languages, history, and magical procedures because they work 80 to 100 hours a week and accelerate their magic(k) by using drugs and the natural syncing up of sexual experience. The knowledge of our stuff is often a set of tricks and catch words that are perfected by the professional workers then handed out on mimeograph for use in dream transactions.

It is the lower middle class, that has a decent enough education but the social liberty to make the very center of their existence the study of an art for which one lifetime is seldom enough. Hence my revulsion at the cruelty of notching us women so low that we are a requirement of government entitlements in a few very short years of a sex, drugs, and electromagnetic grave-robbing rubric that is not calibrated for us, while the men are elevated to unseen heights and work at our expense, while we could just do Hermetics, wicca, and hoodoo that rival your OWLS instead of the dream work that whips and chains can finely notch us into, and is there no ulterior motive in either EPICENE or NAZI? Remember, the female brain was designed to keep track of five little kids, scare up some supper, guard the lower animals, gossip about what floozy might take your husband away, bow and scrape to a man to whom you are faithful or else!, etc., and not the intense focused concentration of hunting, the competition with other men, and the securing of many mates. At the same time, I would not hinder women from doing the magic(k) they want or imply that lodges, wicca, and hoodoo are inherently unworthy of masculine endeavor, or keep folks from mashing things up.

The spirits of ceremonial magic do form up easily in wealth and power, but they also love a great deal of work of them. When you restructure your entire life to work with them, they make you their darling and, in the end, do have considerable power within your walk of life: health, prosperity, a way forward. These are within the grasp of the magic(k).

Given what seems to be going on with the formation of astral circles in small businesses or working groups, it is to be expected that the mind meld within a small set would preclude comprehension of another magic(k), and that is what happened here, I think.

I once (!) dated someone perhaps in THE GAME, and saw many things in his work of exploring my magic(k). The mindstream of their world is intense yet very different from the normal thought worlds of our culture or our magic(k). It is, indeed, a new heaven and a new earth, and all the cool kids are in it. One is subtly ostracized when not in THE CLUB, Hermits.

Much can be done in that mind state, and it is exciting to have all that telepathy, but it really does not comprehend the heights of our work.

I saw my partner go into the GAME ideation of western art magic(k). He was able to construct it with a great elegance and ping around in it. But it was passé, not very fine, and not populated with the best minds or power. I saw that same magic(k) coming down into my ritual space and being gawkish and ridiculous forming up around a body in motion with second-hand objects and polyester everywhere. Just broken, beaten down, a pathetic waste of this eager yet silly magician OLD GIRL, and not very good.

WE DO BUY MOUNDS (graves).

The Jews are a big part of this, and they are involved in a stream of thought that can pull together a modern rationale for SATAN the horse.

Here are some things from another document on that subject:

It is speculated that the afterlife configuration of THE GAME is a working group that becomes a giant Angel. It looks to me like tiny pulses of incipient consciousness that are part of a CLOUD. No doubt it is ecstatic, but I am too curious for that, MY PRETTY.

With the DAMIENS, the sorcerer/ess, however humble, retains their fundamental OWL STRIKE and is a silly human in so many ways. To bind in a death world of the goetia is a long, slow formation that wreaks in its own work and is kind about biology and more fun. THE GAME gives a person a short period of time to either sink or swim, and if they take you up and you do not “make it” they take you very far down and artificially keep you down instead of having egg on their face. This is the government, lords and ladies. “GOOD ENOUGH FOR GOVERNMENT WORK.”

At the same time, I arranged to divide my living quarter situation between a project boat and a tent six months before the Covid pandemic, so CALLING IN to complain about “the coming land invasion from China” made me feel like an idiot but perhaps caused my friends in security clearance government sorcery NOT SQUIRREL WORLDS to blanch and me mordé el calzón (bite their boxers) while not being the most financially reasonable course in the world, and PHYSICAL PLANE IS CREEPS.


SOLOMON is a death world of its own. Intransigent. A REQUIREMENT OF THE FINERIES.

We are in smaller structures with different people. It is a choice that must be made, and if you spend too much time around SOLOMON, you will become part of our afterlife instead of the heights of that one because it is magnetic in the extreme. CALLING ALL MALCONTENTS and artists. THE GAME has all the slots but is not impressive in keeping the quirks. SMOOTH. Readings, please.

It is, in many ways, a better world of the kind of art that the middle class can get into. I don’t necessarily consider the CLOUD art of YALE always superior, though the Ivy League does have wonderful technical prowess. They have control of the big stuff in the world and have better slots, but they are not necessarily better generative artists whom they rip off, especially in etheric plane. It is often a hollow art that moves into the monstrosity called television, and if you are not the best right off the bat, at this point they set you up to be a dream artist and all of your work feeds the dreams. The lower middle class in the arts is becoming hollowed out in this way, and what’s with all the GAME portals that are fake and reprehensibly mediocre art? Great art is a human endeavor of the normal thoughtstream, not the entirely new thought worlds of THE GAME. So people with extreme projective psychic power are making mediocrity on purpose to GAME and thereby causing the real artists to underperform.

The psychism of the theatre is almost fatal.

They are not reasonable in certain ways. A giant CLOUD of the greatest geniuses of theatre TECH Star Trek please and asking me to compare my own one FAILED self with the combined excellence of all of YALE is a stupid ridiculous manger COW. It is not reasonable for how actual art functions. You do lots of stuff and then you get better, and, in the end, there is a form and a musicality to art that relates to how the body is as it experiences art, and that is very fine when it is done with OWLS. 

I pay obeisance to the concept that I have devoted my time to mastering the thing called SOLOMON more than theatre, and while that does enhance theatre, it can be in due proportion, please. I do deserve my talent, RICH BOYS, but not all things. 

By the way, JMG’s Cabalistic Golden Dawn places Tiphareth at the heart center, which is the traditional energy center of the West and contains within it not only the Sacré-Couer, but enough nerve energy to really DISH THE DIRT, and where larger animals – including your fellow workers stuck in a CLOUD — can be born into your world of SOLOMON and can focus on it in the afterlife, whereas Regardie changed that to the solar plexus where he could hide from the Church. It is reasonable for this era, and the old work at the heart center often did cause THE PACT in that the goetia — or those creeps bombarding you with KRAMPUS — could kill you by stopping your heart. While constructing my Lemegeton temple, I had the experience of having a horrendous strike three inches outside of my heart center. I thought I was going to die. ODIN IS A WHIPPET.

And the solar energy at the actual heart has a different quality – EGO SUM — one that arouses no small ire when it takes on THE LORD OF THE MANOR. 

It is also the heart. HEARTLESS. That is why we like demons. It is an aggrieved heart.

As IDES points out, Some of the best demons are simply women.

It is a magic(k) that is entranced to the rituals, the houses of worship, the STONE OF THE WISE a stabilized albeit smaller form in death. We did not ascend into Christian heaven magic but stayed with our horses AND OTHER BEER TRIBES. 

Now, the idea that one is poached into a different afterlife through mating is part of Judaism, Mormonism, and a lot of in group situations, so join the club. How do you work? Off the people you know. Who require THE BEST MAGICIANS IN THE LAND. It is BIG and SOLOMON will only prevail in very small work.

We lodge mites have a naive wish to just learn stuff while telling it to ten people a week and THE GAME is very stylish.

The whole business of Astaroth and wicca is that following a crazy evocation (!), I was guided into the old tenement neighborhood in Manhattan. There is some disgruntlement in RUBRIC that I do not continue that particular style of evocation, a melange of things I found in books, and thought to try, OWLS, involving the Solomonic spirit, a new Jewish floor design, a planetary energy, and Norse godforms in runes, all written up handily in barley flour on the floor with hand-made khyphi incense.

I should have spent more time researching kepat incense and figuring out how to approximate it a la Heptameron and its gorgeous world of the Roman military goetia. EERIE. But I like to evoke often — and it is just fun to have a dream world telling you to get the hell out of that apartment if you want this job — with THE OLD BOY all KRAMPUS — and let’s have the petition in Anglo-Saxon alliterative verse style — with plenty of Latin also.

My Book of Shadows is long since THROWED OUT, but that was a gorgeous petition.

One can only imagine the sheer fright of THE TARMAC WEALTHIES as their dream world turned into the old battlegrounds of Caesar’s invasion of Germany, for that is where we HAIL. It just crapped out THE JESUIT who was found to be dependent on a lodge magician and not the other way around.

I had been invited out for drinks with an old friend, or maybe I had invited him, or we had uninvited ourselves for years. WHIPPET is not right for the work for me at this point and I will SNARK ABOUT IT remember us when we were young, but the very rich can afford to be rebels. PLEBES. owls, the insincerity is the requirement

I needed a new frock for this non-assignation, so I called off work and went shopping in Soho. As I sat at breakfast in an old diner in Midtown drinking the glorious thing called American diner coffee, I could hear him say, “You know how you hate shopping with all the bags. You will need a place to leave the bags so you can shop some more.”

BELIAL had just gotten me a gorgeous and affordable apartment a block from the train in Larchmont, that old money enclave where my playwrighting teacher Edward Albee grew up. Now Ed had died some sixteen days before — is it only sixteen days? it feels like more — but his power was unmistakeable in the gift of this apartment and the playwright. At the same time, I am sure even he would say that Larchmont is a place to run away from, not end up in. So after fifteen minutes, it was clear that I was not going to have a grungy theatre scene from that locale, just a rich boyfriend.

This was as I was fleeing a genuinely affordable yet bedbug-ridden crib in Jersey. No, I did not bring the bugs to Seattle. I am very good about physics and understand how to obtain the machines that kill them and the plastics bags, the sprays, and all of the gorgeous uses of the dryer. And it is impossible to control them in Manhattan at this point. But at this point, the bugs were a concern, so fleeing the budget dwelling was how this went — and not bringing the bugs to Larchmont equally part of THE DUEL. No doubt a certain real estate agent I know was part of the entire MISSION in THE GAME of keeping danger away from Larchmont, which they did admirably.

New York is glorious about class. The classes respect each other and the boundaries and just figure out how to get stuff done. It is not about being who you are not. I might be better off in an older city where I can rest on the past all about me, hence the Victorian neighborhood here. It is a class of its own. The subdivision is a gash in the land that I hate, even if the housing stock is more costly. This is also true of the very old. They need the class all over the place, as they phase into the afterlife.

So I booked into a hotel in the Bowery as a place to keep the shopping bags en route to Larchmont. As I passed a group of benches, it seemed like a psychic wind swept up along with the real wind, and about ten orbs whooshed in and spoke with one voice in unison and began teaching me. It was the most triumphant and beautiful answer to an evocation ever, and I met those spirits there for six months before I just couldn’t do it any more. I wish all kinds of things, but they are not to be, and APOLLO with his silver arrows of Covid was right around the corner, so getting stuck in Little Italy was ultimately not the best idea.


As ANDREALPHUS said, You will try to be virtuous in your own conception of the matter, but you will not be able to.

Now this is the era when I threw everything away, even my glasses. I walked around Lower Manhattan for six months kind of blind and bumping into things and not on the internet or Amazon, which I COWED by carrying boxes all over the warehouse and may do again. The trick is to figure out how many months your body can take it before workplace compensation is a stupid requirement. I still have the weight belt and those awesome biker gloves. Now just for the blue hair.

I do not remember everything they said individually, but most of what was bestowed upon me was a mindset and some ideas for how the ghosts thought about things.

Thelema urges people not to work with the Lemegeton without their magick or the Enochian Angels, for the simple reason that Crowley injured himself very badly and many people around him, and it is not expedient or just to take that journey or inflict it on those around one. He broke the bank for magick, traveled the world seeking instruction, was fascinating to women as well as men, sorceled for the government, yapped about in nuisance lawsuits, maddened his wives, alienated his son, and ended up impecunious in a very modest dwelling with his friends checking in on a sick and ruined old man trancing on THE WORLD from his hermitage.

And he taught — for free.


To “method act” in his grimoire is to risk slipping into those patterns, and they were the patterns of the Solomonic spirits anyway. So if ASTAROTH brings you a low-paying job, feel free to turn it down!

The RUBRIC of New England and Irish witches at the Five Points, along with some ceremonial magicians from Little Italy — and a tough lot they are! — and their LORD, the great Satan of New York, who was so very fine to me and whom I hope to OWL WITH AGAIN, taught me, and in order to hear them mostly clearly, I got rid of every magic(k) that would involve the common sense of GET HIGH and HERE COMES THE GAME. It was all over the place and I hadn’t quite kenned it.

Why must a devotee of magic(k) be enslaved by this new stuff when the old is perfectly able to communicate and work in THE GAME as we see fit. THE NEW AEON IS THE GAME, just not expensive enough for your friends.

HERMETICS COWING IN to say they have a better magic(k) but they are not better magicians, WHIPPETS. Different animals, also.

KRAMPUS, I planned to get to Thelema eventually, only after the Golden Dawn, which is a labyrinth and not to be CREEPED OUT. I just ran out of time and THE OLD BOY had to be of SOLOMON without his finery. I was at the end of my rope. I had already had three cancer scares that always went away but this time there was a lump in my breast, the lab in California just called and I couldn’t get anyone on the phone, THE JESUIT and his club THE TARMAC WEALTHIES were standing by to pay for the next mammogram, my mother had already fought very hard and lost her life to cancer with a lot of weird signs, I didn’t know what was going on, but I did sense that THE JESUIT was to be my complete destruction, the art world was mad about how the government sorcery of the N.E.A. didn’t quite commandeer a devotee of the dark arts — I could have written a better play in MOUNDS of the lodges, thank you — and I had finally fired up the magic(k) circle that I had danced over for a decade.

The witches told me that Enochian magic(k) shatters the Akasha and they could not form up like this, and THE STORE says they do not allow Angels to be of solitary female Solomonic magic or it would DOWN the vision magic(k) of the rich. The tree spirits RUNES say that there are aliens involved in some energy stream and that my DARPA wows are something or other. THE JESUIT WAS OF TREASON TO ALLOW THIS. But the gist of it is, this is a great pile of graveyard work, it is restructuring the death worlds, the old witches have to hide, if they try to mate with destructive magicians they can get killed!, and now that I have told on the Lower East Side it will not have soul.

By and by the place where I met them, already slated for a major construction project, was fenced up. Cranes came in and tore up the architecture objects, and the witches were gone. I have not visited that location since the construction was, no doubt, perfected.

I do still have the cocktail dress I acquired in Soho for that date, and it is still a stunning piece of understated WHIPPETRY.

The Hermetic stereotype of the Holy Guardian Angel is that it is of Enochian magic, whereas PAIMON pointed out that I have not really succeeded with that archetype but of the sacred round of the demons of the Shemhamphorash. Wicca is a wow.

Now, about the low-paying job, given that things manifest in accordance with big stereotypes, I will have to say, What kind of job did the old witches have?

Low-paying is my guess.

Lucifer was thrust down from heaven socially, man.

And I do have a serious situation of being as real in this configuration as Crowley at the end of his fascinating magical career. There is no way back to what I was headed for in THE WORLD before THE HOLY SPREAD SHEETS OF INTEL summoned me to Portland, whereas John Michael and Sara Greer had moved to Oregon and I really did get swept up in that monumental move, while the Asatru Fellowship of Centralia with their gorgeous entree into Druidry probably picked up the automatic writing of BEOWULF in my LUST world, and the MAR-MONS consider the Highlands of Guatemala to be the true seat of the Book of Mormon. My magical career is a clobberfest of accidental crossups in the midst of much promising something.

And, in the end, what is FUN?

After all, I wrote six hours a day and have a drawer full of unproduced manuscripts, got a lot of nice dinners and a couple of nice vacations, and the companionship of a clever man who looked like a kouros. PAIMON says this man will never be what he was slated for in THE GAME after this, unless I stay with THE DEMONS.

So back to Jason Miller’s wonderful spell, If Astaroth with his ingenious PENTACLE brings you a low-paying job, feel free to check in with THE CHARMED ONES. The women are CALLING IN — wicca is probably very savvy about THE SEX MAGICK LOCUST TRICKS OF THE UPPER MIDDLE CLASS.

A science fiction writer can imagine using the science dogs to extract energy from everyone’s food to fuel the graves. Isn’t that why the old religions blessed the food?

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