Why Not Do the Heptameron Again?

Haven’t quite figured it out.

Here is some magic(k) diary yapping and all about me, but, as Jake Stratton-Kent says in Geosophia Volume II, “It is relatively unimportant whether such and such a spirit is the equivalent of such and such a mythic figure, or even an aspect of them. What is important is the fact that such figures had a myth, and were seen in mythical terms, and that this was a critical aspect of the magic in which they played a part. Even late demonologists, who spent time pedantically tabulating names of whose spelling they were never quite sure, were aware of the need for a story. Myth endows a spirit with a history, a family, a residence in the universe, and precedents for tasks undertaken on behalf of magicians and their clients.”

So here is more myth from the lady sorcerer!

My very first full evocations after the Abramelin circa 2015-2016 were, in fact, of the Heptameron with its lovely astrological magic in Latin that comes out of the Catholic Celtic tradition. If you know Latin, you will recognize the very same script in The Lesser Key of Solomon, a bit shorter, but the same words. We are doing the same magic(k)!

At a certain point, I was unable to eat.

I did a desultory working of pharmaceus — entheogen work — and landed in the hospital. SNICK SNACK.

After that, everything I ate caused either food poisoning or outright vomiting. I magnetically caused the wrong piece of fish. I got the runs and couldn’t keep anything down. I became a walking skeleton and did not see how I could live if I could not consume food.

There was a halal food truck outside of my office. A lot of people in the office ate there every day, so I know the food was good. I go out of my way to be supportive of citizenlike Arabic people, patronizing their businesses, behaving with courtesy and respect toward them, and perusing their holy writ on a frequent basis to give them some solidarity in the energy world. I even lived in the Middle Eastern part of town where they were my neighbors and rode the bus with me.

I could not eat this food. It just made me ill. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DIE AT THIS POINT. Fuggedaboutit.

It also made me angry that an attempt to heal the situation of racism in this country was not availed of in this energy. Something in the chthonic world of Judaism, I felt, was deeply opposed to the Arabic food truck, and vice versa, as wonderful as those people were. At this point, I also am suspicious of the CHICKEN DRAGONS of the usual animal sacrificing magic(k)s.

So I performed an evocation of the Heptameron to heal myself and a day later I was chowing down on a juicy burger and didn’t have those problems again.

An evocation of Jupiter got my play a reading with a wonderful company. The reading was held at an Israeli cafe, and we all noshed on french fries in olive oil and Kosher beverages.

The very next month, I performed another working, and I do not work mean but very nicely, and this time when I went to a reading by this same company held at a bar in Williamsburg, a trendy spot in Brooklyn. The bartender who was supposed to open the bar was almost an hour late getting there, and it was clearly magnetic. The entire entourage went to a nearby restaurant for fish and chips, myself included, but the reading did not take place. After that, I couldn’t figure out how to get to the theatre, and am only just now returning with healing knowledge and A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS.

I purchased a table on credit for use as an altar for the Heptameron. Mistake! It was a fine table at an expensive milieu, and the department store lost that charge. I spent six months calling and calling and demanding that they find the charge and put it back on my account. I went to the store and sat in a dingy office — much of New York is falling apart — while a manager flipped through a spiral notebook and found the handwritten entry for the table and called corporate to put it on my account. It was only then that I was able to alter my destiny in this current fashion.

My conclusion about the Heptameron is that the ambient GAME will cause temptations that are of the “strong arm” variety and you have to fight really hard to be honorable. There are also tricks and you have to hold on. The purchase of such power is no doubt of extreme value to one’s ambient workers of the new magic(k), though I wish their magic(k) didn’t play so hard. We can learn to work together. Hermetics likes magic(k) and is willing to work at a lower price point. It is the five-dollar t-shirt for us and much ELEGANCE.

I have not yet read Joseph Peterson’s new study of the background material of the Heptameron, and do plan to (Elucidation of Necromancy) with a new translation of the Heptameron. There are many guides who wish to return to that system because it is not so very full of Hebrew letters and not so very owned by the O.T.O. It is also described quite clearly in the fiction of Dion Fortune.

I recommend purchasing the tome from a local bookseller, because an occult store has a power intelligence that can do many things for the magic(k). In the Seattle area, the most knowledgeable store that quasi-specializes in ceremonial magic(k) is Edge of the Circle Books. CALL THE STORE.

It is feared not to be a vision magic(k) when I do it, and that is why many are KRAMPUSing about that. At the same time, it “looks” like the world of Shakespeare to me. One operation was about getting a job in admin. My mother, who worked in that, was able to form up in it. I was about to leave for the interview wearing the usual tennis shoes of the New York subway variety, though I usually changed to business pumps when I got there. But I was forgetting my nice shoes. My mother’s energy formed up as a giant yellow bird and showed me the shoes. It is a beautiful WIZARD world if you can be of the Rider-Waite deck — SKIP liked the Universal Waite for its astral colors — while I like a dash of German fairy tales in it — read The Tempest and work with The Lesser Key of Solomon, for that is THE GRIMOIRE.

Each grimoire likes to be THE ONE, and they generally crap out the others. That is what happened with my Abramelin operation. It is also what happened with the magic I called GENGHIS KHAN, John Michael Greer’s Cabalistic Golden Dawn, which, after much practice, does become a grimoire.

At the same time, there is no one grimoire that can function adequately by itself over the long run. That is my two cents. They all kind of become crazy. That is why practicing ceremonial magicians like to mix it up.

Now for a little gushing about Jake Stratton-Kent’s magical universe. His Encyclopedia Goetia appears in five volumes, and the very first is its grimoire, not the scholarship. So there’s that. The magic(k) of WORMS is of such extreme power that it is, in and of itself, an inebriant for those conversant with the ancillary works, like lodges, conventional religion, the glorious OWLS of the African-American Deep South where at the crossroads *we three meet again, the cultural backdrop of the tradition in scholarship AND TELEVISION. Even without any more mind-altering substances than an ounce of consecrated wine, it is very engaging, and no doubt others who do the newer work in entheogens who are in my physical presence occasionally can FUND. I know when people are around me they mysteriously take up the art of WRITING. There is some scuttlebutt around this village about a very important art concern that is struggling presumably due to neurological degradation thanks to the drugs. That is the real purpose of this blog, to assist those around me and that they may not be crazy. Jake Stratton-Kent can hold that neurological state while also doing some of the most difficult, taxing and recondite scholarship in the classics and all magical disciplines, and frequent recourse to his ouevre, also a work of art in itself, can head things off at the pass and provide a magical skeleton of guidance and assistance. It is not easy to be a sober stoner in the Renaissance while walking around Manhattan, and it is very clear that I have been assisted by that milieu to be this worker and not one of the new magic(k) in a difficult era as a solitary or I would have been IRRUMATORed ^ out the ying yang.

The vision magic(k) seems to need people to be tabula rasa** — brand new — when they come in and do only that. Even my beloved HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GARAGE BAND seems less able to work syncretically than in our youth, when we all bumbled about the town being in all the lodges and mixing everything up. Now it’s all MOUNDS MOUNDS MOUNDS. The MOUNDS need this and the MOUNDS need that. What about the magicians? There is no requirement of a lush and wonderful lives that all this magic(k) used to bestow. The BOYFRIENDS, for one, used to like making love. Now it is only a recruitment bonk they are after.


While I avow myself of this Order, it is clear that I fit better as an Emeritus member sticking to the old operations — and being a girl — that have been retained. The crossing of the River Jordan is not for me.

The idea that I sold out the theatre and got with some daddy warbucks to slack around and not help is not really fine. The necessity of the theatre having its own cult was very much in vogue in the early aughties, and SOLOMON did chart a Path for me, tended me, and enabled this worker with the most perfect dossier needed in our work and who wanted it was going to have SAFE PASSAGE THROUGH THE WORLDS.

Some BEARS are available.

Do I think the Heptameron is worth pursuing? I do! But I do wish to ponder it quite a bit more, study a few of the items of Latin that need to be traced out — especially the magic(k) of the letter Tau and it isn’t very nice! — and put it on the ground again. It should be worked, especially if one has a background in Latin and/or Catholicism — and ritual magic(k). Figuring out that Dante’s Divine Comedy was no doubt in part the preeminent vision magic(k) of Catholic Italy and that the Heptameron could be greatly referenced by knowledge of those tunnels in the underworld is not even mentioned in English Hermetics. You have to just know stuff about Europe to get it and why are we not saying that?

I can’t help but notice Vergil hanging about the place. In fact, The Divine Comedy may be one big grimoire itself, written with the help of THE MUSE in magic(k), and perhaps even Paulo and Francesca could be summoned — or visioned! — for a world of clandestine LUST using the astrological attributions in THE GEEK FOUND.

I am not trying to de-Thrace everyone. It is just that women in ancient Rome were educated, empowered with civil rights, and often had their own businesses, property, inheritance rights, and didn’t just waste away tending children in the gynasium (women’s quarters) as did even the well-born women in Athens. Furthermore, everyone in Ancient Rome spoke Greek. It was the height of literature, art, math, engineering, spirituality. The aristocrats had Greek tutors. Caesar’s final words were in Greek, not Latin.

Even Jewish powers could enter it because it is an interesting ANGEL capacity that no doubt in part COWS in the Golden Dawn’s 4=7 grade of the dark arts of the Church in Mithras, for that is what we are ON ABOUT in FUNDING the various lines of ceremonial magic(k), and the B.O.T.A. can deal with a Latin grimoire of astrological Angels like nobody’s business and not be in a war with the O.T.O. and the Jews –hence our *play* set in ancient Rome and taking place in the break room of the nursing home like some kind of site-specific performance art known only to the idea lords of blogosphere.

And not to forget about the WIZARDS of medieval Germany who have to conjure these powers up hundreds of years later — and some of you need to play in there and not here — as well as my great love in New York who can play in anywhere.

And how can we forget about the PO PO SORCERY LEAGUE and our friend that old mule LEYA whose circuit had been tracking this operation from my days as a DARPA moll in theatre à la JMG’s military lodge magic ANY CONVENIENT SWORD perhaps discovered to be workable by the Mennonite war mites of the mid-Atlantic. I encountered LEYA in the art six months before coming back to Seattle and slumming it out in clean and sober housing for men, and that was one gigantic SIGN of the KING BELETH variety, though he was fine enough not to COW.

Please, I’m working.

Native American shamanism of the Pacific Northwest is closer to hunter-gatherer because corn had not yet gotten this far north and they lived more on hunting and fishing with the occasional collection of berries, roots, and other comestible items exclusive of large-scale cultivation, whereas Viking shamanism is BOUND in the farm, the ship, the Dane Law, and the war band, a different set of animals, structures, culture, etc., and it is good to think about these vis-à-vis the energy world of the Pennsylvania DUTCH with its hexcraft.


CALLS COMING IN: The break room in the nursing home is dark and not everyone can get into their togas or Centurion gear. We are just sitting there in scrubs. My dinner is going around and around with Jove’s lighting strikes in the microwave!

Sit in the dark, OWLS.

PAIMON is what we thought we had.

PAIMON came to me as a fawn in the Heptameron.

PAIMON is in not only the Lemegeton, but also the Abramelin, and the Torah as the operative power of Azazel who is worked in the atonement at Yom Kippur. He is one of the chief DAMIENS in all western art magic(k) and occupies the seat of the West.


I did know about the nursing home.

I once “saw” Jake Stratton-Kent in the nursing home instructing me to construct a mental image of it. This is a big rig, and it takes a while to turn it around, so here we are, about eight months later, FOUND. STYLE AND SOPHISTICATION ARE A REQUIREMENT. I do need to intrigue a bit more.

People bled and died in that war you profiteered from. Over half a dozen relatives served in the armed forces in this country. My father tromped around Korea. A great-uncle walked up the beach at Normandy. An uncle went bonkers in Vietnam. The G.I. Bill is how these Mexicans got into the middle class and is the reason I have a college degree. It wasn’t a deal breaker. And if you do not use oil or modern technology, feel free to be righteously indignant while taking their checks.

JMG makes no Blue State WING COWS.

Now we see why we didn’t tell you.

Hearse is not welcome but there is someone near who is ill. I shouldn’t say it then. You should know who is.

It is not to be discussed like that. It is THRONE, not him. Absolutement.

Runes are how the Heptameron got the Norse power in. We are COWING it.

I have watched the local occult joint THE STORE for many years. It is the preeminent book shop of ceremonial magic(k) in the country, and I have visited many of them. Twenty years ago there was an ATR altar up with pride of place. Look what is coming. That is not there anymore, but the display cabinet is full of Thor’s hammers. The paganism is coming in, and Seattle is a great big pile of ethnic Scandinavians. We are not white supremacists, though Seattle does need to heal the darker aspects of that egregore.

We are overtaxed in so many ways. Evolving was the requirement and in the arts.

*witches of Macbeth

** tabula rasa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabula_rasa

^Latin for creep

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