The Abra-MELON

The Abramelin operation was finished by me in Los Angeles in disobedience to a direct order from the TARMAC WEALTHIES whose handsome ambassador sat on my sofa and said I don’t see how you will finish this.

But I had moved to Los Angeles to be in the rain shadow of the Grand Lodges of the O.T.O., the B.O.T.A., and the Golden Dawn, and being a Lost Jew, while reading Plato like a punk, all of which allowed GHENGIS KHAN’s COW to work it as an altar shtick with offerings and a weekly meeting with the HGA.

But that was the only magic(k) I did, not knowing about THE GAME#. All I did was write and in the greatest writing town in the world.

I sat in a coffee shop a block from the Pacific, pacing and working. No doubt the workers just powered off of it.

The only physical plane manifestation was Latino theatre.


But long it could not be* — and here we are.

Now, I have gotten back to that script, the one that the DAMIENS said was produced in THE SKY, written by a girl, about my mother’s death, and it needs to be a theatre power, not TV.

These things are geographically based. That is why THE OLD BOY used to take his students on these long journeys, demanding that they relinquish all their things and be ONLY OF HIM.

We are clear.

We are also living in a $648 project boat, because that is what you get when you do too much magick. And ecstatically WRITING!

*Shakespeare’s Ophelia in Hamlet

#THE GAME my opinion of the new overmagic(k) of the upper middle class comes out of Star Trek

GHENGIS KHAN = Since 1998 I have worked with John Michael Greer’s Cabalistic Golden Dawn magic manuals Paths of Wisdom and Circles of Power. The magic spirit that has been thus bound I conceptualize as a frog man named GHENGIS KHAN who looks an awful lot like John Michael Greer at forty.

THE OLD BOY = the magic(k)al universe of Aleister Crowley and his darling O.T.O., also Crowley himself who did all kinds of crazy things that we COW.

TARMAC WEALTHIES = the defense firm co-owned by my ex THE JESUIT that earned perhaps not quite $200mil that I had no claim to. I got some nice HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS. Wealth has a magic(k) of its own, and the rich do hire workers as well as have a lot of power in THE GAME.

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