So What Is Going on with the Ship?

Silly WHIPPET! The “Argo of Magic” is a book, not a boat.

I made reference in the last blog post to the “spirit” of Jake Stratton-Kent’s magic — hereinafter referred to as HELLAS — “appearing” on my boat.

This spirit has been noticed many times since I began summoning instead of merely performing a hundred repetitions of the magic(k)al eucharist over the magic circle of The Lesser Key of Solomon, much OWLED by GENGHIS KHAN as he transformed into Druids.

Why by the Seven Great Gods GOATS who rule over the sea would you bring me this far just to WATCH ME DIE? I didn’t. THAT IS THE ENERGY-VALUE-COMMAND OF US.

It is speculated that, after so much of the same old same old, it was not expected that I would summon. At that time, I did not know that my magic(k) was of any consequence to anyone outside the magical tradition except for my own spiritual development. “Grant thine aid to the higher aspirations of my soul, and guide me in the paths of thy wisdom,” I called out to the Lord of the Universe at every ceremony of the Magic of Light.

It is now clear that such ceremonies are a source of MEDICINE to the WHIPPETS.

I aver that Jake Stratton-Kent’s advice to summon a Solomonic spirit once then move the power magnificently to altars is both just and true, for who can avail themselves of twenty thousand hours of being A FRAKKED-OUT RITUAL SPECIALIST IN HELLAS? Obsessively boring same stuff all the time that is not very smart and only brings tiny kernels of insight that were easily bought by the HIGH PEOPLE.

Mine was not a very interesting diary. It was merely a twenty-year slog. How dull. This is the diary that is interesting. SCOWL.

Those of us in the swim know that women do not KEY until after menopause, then they are most welcome, especially if sterile. It was at a certain age that I was summoning at last, after fifteen years of Steady Work.

HELLAS and the gang in Thelema! have informed me that SOLOMON is very nice in Thelema! when the adequate preparation is made in Thelema! and lucid dreams come in naturally in Thelema! whereas only men get the OWLS in the old lodges that probably trained JMG. THE OLD WORK WAS PRIVILEGED AND IS NOW SUPERSEDED & skryable in some ways and it is a world of government sorcery and dangerous WHEN QUIMBAUNDA COMES IN IT ALWAYS TAKE A LIFE!!

Now, about the boat.

I used to live a few blocks from a seedy old haunted blue-collar yacht club off the Long Island Sound. That was too great a temptation not to start a novel, the theatre having cooled to me considerably after I turned down THE PROPOSAL

An evocation in that very neck of the woods had urged me to get involved with sailing. The ghosts at that yacht club are well-documented with many sightings and paranormal phenomena. I went down there and interviewed the Commodore and got a feel for those orbs. After a while, they became spirit guides, and it was irksome when I left.

CALLS COMING IN: In THE GAME — hereinafter to be also dubbed AIR, for in our world it is the Adeptship of AIR in demons that is availed of in waking lucid dreaming magic(k) and the Adeptship of FIRE the operative magic(k) such as we ENDURE, whereas WATER is the involvement of animals — possibly only animal imagery; that is how things were done in eras past — not in your rubric but available in the older work usually of the agricultural variety but here most particularly in the THE SAILING CLUB OF NEPTUNE, and birds are always very important as are the draft animals— and EARTH is the scholarship that we admire! This is why we are talking ALL THESE COWS in this blog, and if you read THE RUBRIC (The Lesser Key of Solomon in the Crowley/Mathers AND PETERSON who is awesome version) you will see the ambiance of the work, and how inSPIRED it has to be! — and what could possibly go wrong with the new methodology? A Geist world that SÉANCE SLIDES into illness would not please us.

Now, as we have COWED, I worked mostly in the Cabalistic Golden Dawn — first edition, please, for that is how the DAMIENS function in ocean magic — with the tomes Paths of Wisdom and Circles of Power. That trident is a SIGN that the ocean magic is the requirement of DEMONS, which is to say, something besides Christianity on their terms which is not as beautiful as what we want and are capable of therianthropic Neptune death magic coming from the 19th century, not the visions of the 18th so organized in contemporary Thelema. If you care to play A GAME called magic(k). The big people shut the Golden Dawn down in the giant meltdown of the early 2000s and a girl got THE GOLD WRAPPER, shites. please John Michael Greer who worked it in HELLAS It isn’t a STRONG WORK if you don’t actually do lodges. And WHIPPET had had a terrible time of it and am really only here through the kindness of many in AIR (formerly called THE GAME). It is speculated that persons in ocean science known to me worked off me, and after decades of powering off a stupid broad doing the old Neptune stuff, the ocean spirits themselves decided to work in their erstwhile form with a great magical exocortex and lots of classics and Graeco-Egyptian thoughtforms and it was better for them than the dumbed-down new GAME and now they are WHIPPETS, as are the persons. And some of my best blog posts have come when I was living in a tent while keeping a job of course and a stone’s throw from from a homeless encampment. GOWNS. It is mostly about having fun when women get the DAMIENS going. UR COWING all over my important stuff. If only they had left that podunk theater stuff alone. NEIN.

BTW after Jake Stratton-Kent’s advice to do some magic you hate — and a lot of us hate sailing! — I have humbled myself about the television magic(k) situation and will be chilling out in Harry Potter with a pointy hat, just thinking it instead of smoking a dooby or going on a date, which is how the work is done. Why can’t we just say things? THAT’S THE POINT OF TRICKS. YOU NEVER SAY THINGS. Divorce is the point. REQUIREMENT.

I had lived a mile from the ocean for twenty years, no matter where I went, or which coast! so as part of my researches, I began the whole business of learning about sailing, watching those impossibly addictive YouTube videos everyone seems to have to make of their own boat moving through ocean water in perfectly ordinary ways as if it were special, but we all watch spellbound anyway. It is the dick pic of sailing. Here is the boat, just off Blake Island DOING WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO. We all nod. I’ve been there. I love Facebook. I don’t “work it” in a really fine way, but there are several sailing groups here in the Puget Sound, and IF YOU DON’T GET A BOAT YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

I do not like the business of “working” the sailing WHATEVER scene and not really being human about it. There is a genuine magic to human endeavor that must be carefully left alone, in my opinion. We are not empire building in Hermetics.

What would it take to “kidnap” someone into the Golden Dawn? You would have to put them in a room A CHOKEHOLD with about a hundred books and force them to read them, then force them to do a lot of ritual and meditation. The most efficacious way of achieving this is a gizmo called parenthood, not a matrix of necromancy. Our work is too boring — as Robert Wang says, intentionally so.

We do not “set people up” for the work on the astral. We teach them a pile of Hebrew letters and allow EGYPT to fascinate them!

At the same time, for someone who is working with spirits, the DAMIENS are so fun when they are in just doing stuff, and that involves the boating. On the water. With all of the ecstasy of the physical plane, and not just the lucid dreaming that gets sick after a while.

Sailing is a question of the management of momentum, and that takes time to learn on each boat.

Now, my principal magic manual — early in life — was John Michael Greer’s Circles of Power, which required, as the instrument of protection, the trident and not the sword, whereas Jake Stratton-Kent calls his magnum opus Oops! THE ARGO OF MAGIC (the name of the ship that carried Jason and the Argonauts around Bronze Age Greece). Dion Fortune’s imagery is much available in her novel The Sea Priestess, and so on. BTW I visited the archaeological dig at Iolkos when it was just a bunch of students digging a ditch, as well as the Tholos tomb where “a certain someone” is presumed to have lain. Long since robbed.

No doubt this is symbolic of something going on with ocean magic, and the novel is exploring that very thing in reference to the Age of Sail and, as a matter of interest, there is an $800 sailing school right here in the Puget Sound where you can pull on lines in a replica SHIP of the late 18th century, when the rich finally noticed that sailors were more expensive than limes (scurvy), and why not BLOG ABOUT IT? It sounds ecstatic.

From the standpoint of magic(k), boats are often associated with death by reason of the accidents that used to be called shipwrecks. I personally know four people in this death involvement. Not everyone wants to be “that person” again. ALE.

As well as the yacht club friendlies, which can CALL IN from New York, when there is a regular yacht club or three, like the ones I’m hanging around with here.

Now with regard to boats, it is actually boats, water, with a strong interest in affordability and not going over to the club too much, and I have no idea how the owners of those fifty-foot motor yachts with all the bells and whistles can even face themselves with all that fuel consumption, but here we are dealing with the situation that I now live on boats as well as almost sail them. It was an accident that is fun.

Actually it is both.

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