Therianthropic Hathor

I found this beauty at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Golden Dawn even into Thelema in some cases usually portrays this godform as possessing a cow’s head in a pure cow-looking head, whereas this is an admixture of woman and cow.

It is the entire methodology that we need, not just THE BIRDS.

Let us recall an archaic image of Freyja examined before.

Cat Woman indeed!

That is not to say I am repudiating the ritualist’s norm, merely adding an insight here and there. The older forms are harder to stomach. Could they represent a more egregious level of transformation? European witches often had such imagery in their Books of Shadows, and the PGM is full of multi-spells with aggregations of animal parts, while Solomonic spirits such as Bael often appear in monstrous and chimerical forms.

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