Looking for a Wife

MARMONism has a mandate of universal premarital chastity, which, insofar as it is practiced, or pretended to, lends a Victorian air to the culture, which is quite refined.

Brigham Young said that a single man over the age of twenty-five was a menace to society.

In my youth I saw many instances of a gentleman of the normal class, that is to say, wearing a suit, arrange a sojourn or even a brief visit in one of the more cosmopolitan and populous congregations, walk into the hall, and announce, “I am looking for a wife.”

It was generally KNOWLEDGED that there was a social mechanism for such an event. The news would go round and everyone would get involved, all atitter.

The Society has many events, balls, lectures, games, and festivals where maximum exposure to the looky loos would be discouraged, and serious candidates put forward.

The entire affair could be arranged in a weekend, with the wedding celebrated after services on Sunday!

I personally attended the nuptials of a couple who were told by the Bishop, “You two are heading for trouble. I am going to marry you this Sunday. Go and get your marriage license.” At meeting we were told of the event taking place in the cultural hall and would we please attend?

No one failed!

No doubt many consider my romantic life to be strangely distended — no one who didn’t grow up in such a MOUND STRIKE.

It is to be speculated that THE GAME is exploiting the imagery of marriage in its recruitment into a structure that is essentially a sex cult.

Not that there is anything wrong with sex cults. Many people flourish and develop quite beautifully in that structure, but it should not be the only RUBRIC.

People who grew up with strict mandates for endogamous marriage are no doubt more vulnerable than the mainstream. My own self-adopted Mormon adolescence was probably a deep and distant also ancestral echo of the J-DATE kwelleth, but Jehovah’s Witnesses, Anabaptists like the Amish and Mennonite, ethnic Hindus, and others can sympathize.


Such marriages are not as bleak as outsiders would suppose. Our own family boasts happiness among those whose first kiss was practically at the altar. It is a sumptuous life to have such wholeness, one whose lack is no doubt lamented by many in the modern world.

I can hear THE PRIESTHOOD actually the ladies at the Relief Society tsk tsk. You can check out anytime you like, but you can’t ever leave.

There is a wyrd power of outrage in a violation of home and hearth foisted on us in magnetic dream trancing based in an unknowable new religion. I have glimpsed the thoughtstream of THE GAME. It is different from conventional human thought and also different from Hermetic thought, particularly the thoughts bound into the body with ritual. Hence we SATAN with Gramma and her rosary.

Worlds with astral capacity do have a GAME of their own that can provide an alternate point of view. Electromagnetic capacity is DEAR and THE GAME does not allow it.

A rising star has intoned, If the GHOUL wants to come in, they will.

DOWELS. Wands.

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