One’s a Marriott and One’s a Postman

The suit is the great leveler here, and it is poor form not to just be regular.

In the last post, I discussed the concept of class in Mormonism thus, “of the right class, and that is, wearing a suit.

There is something important about that and I have regrettably removed the rough and ready posts that discussed it. This new religion does not have a public worship and community for people to rub shoulders irrespective of class or ethnicity. Thus the new magic(k) of the rich is in danger of failing to be a truly great religion and degenerate into a pile of MAFIA tricksters.

When there is a community of intense worship, especially worldwide, that goes on for generations with reference to ancestors, such as the MAR-MONS, it may be possible to have reincarnation in a RUBRIC that is reasonable, flexible and workable, experiencing different classes and we hope different genders.

Not just full reincarnation — does that exist? — but a way into the world through a living person in a predictable and effective way. It may be also a parallel life, perhaps even of an animal in Solomonic magic.

Or the outer limits of psychism.

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