“Why Are We All Wrapped around in Wire?”

This last evocation was of King Buer in the POWER WORLD of MRS. GENGHIS KHAN, an egregore of perhaps originally a famous fellow’s wife and co-conspirator, Sara Greer, not necessarily John Michael JMG, who is probably wonderful, but not a Jew, in a word, the usual Eucharistic magic of that oeuvre of the Cabalistic Golden Dawn in Aztecs!

Now I had had some problems with Buer before that I chalked up to being technical, to wit, the whole situation of the seal being a requirement of fixed Mercury and not the more insular metals hitherto arranged. This is my description of how to make the seals using jewellers’ supplies — I attended jewelry school for exactly such a purpose: https://buildingtheunderworld.com/2020/10/01/how-to-make-solomonic-discs/

I had considered many ways to solve this problem and one of them was to sit there with a mini-kiln at two thousand degrees in the backyard hating my life and how to get that mercury not to evaporate as it settled into the jeweller’s brass or silver while not poisoning myself or the people living on the first floor?

There are no manuals for LURK.

So I had gone with Athena’s suggestion of working with Buer in silver, which, without Thelema and the Enochian Angels, as she does it, was so lunar it bound all kinds of things and one of them was ENOUGH IS TOO MUCH as well as a dog named Marley! A ram, a fiendish ram!

Now sadly deceased and perhaps a WIRE herself of the family graves.

She was a great old thing.

When in the midst of early Covid and a perhaps ill-advised younger man, the magic(k) began causing my skin to feel like it was burning, like a person who had sold her soul to the Devil, I relinquished the seal against the advisement of the ancestors, to my bewailment, for it had solved more serious problems than it had caused, and why didn’t we just MAKE UP?

ART. Love.

So I resolved to solve the technical problems of the seal by performing the evocation in Sagitary as required, and, having no children of my own and therefore under a death ray from Judaism, Mormonism, and THE GAME, I set out to blather all the time and CREAM PUFF. The solution lay in a seal of art paper, shellacked with a fluid condenser as described in Franz Bardon and Circles of Power, and accompanied by some crystals of the appropriate planetary configuration, all under the gun working 60-70 hours a week, and Sagittarius soon going dark.

Alas the gun.

The crystals were affixed to the paper seal with caged beads. https://youtu.be/JpBrhj9zWIY

Here is Ally in to help us cage a bead. My crystal looks a lot like this.

The evocation ended up not stepping on the toes of Thelema overmuch while involving GENGHIS KHAN overtly at the level of the second opening, with their unstated work of the Heptameron. I have worked in exactitude in all three of these goetia magic(k)s, and the Heptameron in Latin, as we PECUS, for many years, so the rite was clear, precise and wonderful and involved an offering. Arundell Overman, my new Facebook wizard crush, had put up a working he had done just recently and I took a cue from that and involved several spirits:, with the support of the Holy Guardian Angel: King BELETH for some reason was requested (the demons are always kind of tricky spitting and hissing FOUND) and he is always very protective of me. He knows the tricks practiced upon women and is willing to go to bat for a female sorcerer, not just CROWNS.

Queen VEPAR came in. She has always been a great teacher to me, as well as involving Herself in how to deal with the SHIP, for the ship is still mine and still important to me. We will CRY OUT FOR The Age of Sail in a trice, but believe, People.

I will append the writing already done on this important WEALTH, for poverty and CRIME cause Greatness in the OUT.

An Abramelin familiar was also unnamed while PEE COW. (Urine magic in Wicca.)

Plus Odin and Eir, the Angel plundered all the way into working-class heathenry where a working-class Angel with the classics and Gullah is of transcendent finery!

The petition in cantrip as usual, for that is how we plough.

A lot of damage, I think.

The working amazed and caused the Greatness that I required, a sigh of relief for the innocents, and we can POWDER mean cows but not wreak.

Happy Hanukkah!

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