The name is not to be considered relating derisively to Diamond District transactions, though I have “seen” many spirits in Manhattan who seemed to form up in that garb, in that area, and behave toward me in a friendly manner. It is thick on the ground there, and I do feel Diamonds as immanent when reading the Tanakh or praying in Shul.

I would like to tell the story of the spirit’s name Diamonds, the one referred to in regard to feminine Jewish power as it works with me in these magics. Whether reincarnation exists or functions, or partially functions, I don’t know, but the belief in reincarnation probably makes it more likely that some incipient older soul energy will function in a person’s life. Or she could be a guide. In any case, Diamonds is the name the demons have given her, though another image that comes to me is of a male Kabbalist who died in the Holocaust and has overshadowed me.

Mostly, though, the name is a reference to a ring with nine diamonds that I was given as a gift.

John Michael Greer’s Paths of Wisdom follows the Golden Dawn tradition in relating the stone the diamond to the Cabalistic Sephira of Kether, that of union with others in the Cabala. It is in Chokmah that the individual soul is considered to begin. Thus other people or groups can overshadow a person in Kether. Let us recall that the center of the Middle Pillar exercise in JMG’s magic, taken from earlier documents in the Golden Dawn tradition, works on the Sephirah of Tiphareth most extensively, and it is a solar center that relates to the Lower Genius, one’s own personal Holy Guardian Angel, as opposed to the Higher Genius of Kether that is transpersonal in nature and thus more easily commanded by larger structures in the group soul. Israel Regardie changed this focus to one that placed the solar power at the solar plexus, or midbrain, as opposed to the traditional center at the heart, and had the energy circulation move between Kether and Malkuth, thus giving the leader of the group or movement and the Angels of the Transpersonal way more power. JMG’s method doesn’t make you quite as exalted, and there is that whole business of seeming arrogant while also being less available for the extensive head-to-head telepathic union of the astral magic in Kether. The Golden Dawn magic in general is more an astral working of the entire body, which binds us much more physically than the more meditative methods.

And it is hard to walk around giving secret handshakes when you are baked!

We are not as high, but we are also not as low.

That fellow is not by any stretch of the imagination stupid, and he has not stepped away from this version of the Middle Pillar but continues to insist on it.

JMG does make a point of the diamond having magical capacities, but only when it is received as a gift. Being a fecklessly obtuse single woman, for many years I wondered how one would contrive to get someone to give you a diamond, except for the obvious, of course, which was known to JMG, being a married man.

I eventually did get a diamond. A pile of them, in fact, and got the KETHER kicked out of me.

The ring in question was beautiful, made of rose gold with a bezel set one-carat diamond as the main stone and other smaller diamonds in a vine pattern around the ring, made by a fine jeweler in Portland called Alchemy and procured by a man with unerring taste. I wore the ring for four years and then I left it along with many items of gold, diamonds, and pearls sitting in an apartment in New Jersey along with all of our pretty things and almost everything else I possessed. I even left my glasses and walked around lower Manhattan for six months with no glasses communing with spirits and getting ideas about magic that were radically impossible with all of those diamonds.

I might not be alive if I had kept that ring. I refer to medical exams and miraculous lab results that were miraculous and happened a lot in those years before the diamonds went away.

I am still wary of diamonds. They are stupid.

What magic might be done with diamonds?

THE GAME is very clever in using the energies and thoughts of the dominant culture to dream, communicate telepathically, bind magic, and think. The whole business of weddings is a big idea in our culture, and the accoutrement would naturally give rise to recognition, not just in dreams, but perhaps among the dead.

A ghost would know what a diamond is, and without the normal references of time, space, body, other people, and cognitive faculties such as those possessed by the living, unless they were magicians, they would perhaps latch onto the idea of the diamond and work with it as a marriage, especially in relation to sexual magics and relationships.

As could magicians.

The gift of the diamond would be most cunning for the giver of that gift, but it could also be used by other people in dealing with the energies of Kether of its recipient. Thus a ring with nine diamonds would accommodate the focus of nine people, situations, groups.

The nine interior Sephiroth in the serpent of Wisdom on the floor of my temple could have been assigned a diamond each. Also the Nine Worlds of the Yggdrasil, and the Nine Worlds of the Tree of Life of the Mayan culture. It could have been used as a portal by a conjugally minded fellow who always ended his night of love with the words, “You slay me.”

Or maybe the one diamond ring was actually nine rings. NINE RINGS TO RULE THEM ALL.

I did not take the ring off when I summoned all those Angels and spirits of the Cabala in that goetic magic circle with Enochian symbols at the center and quarters. I just sort of didn’t care, and anyone privy to the knowledge of all that energy work would perhaps be able to tag along as I worked my way up the Cabala from Malkuth to Kether over ten years!

You can check out any time you like, but you can’t ever leave THE HOLLY HOUSE.

I tried to leave. I ran away to New York and got a great job that would have made me very prosperous if I had not been summoned back to THE HOLLY HOUSE.

I didn’t want to go. I incipiently begged him not to endanger my prosperity and my power, but he was the principal of a company that built seventy jobs and, for some reason, those seventy jobs demanded that he get the woman he chose as a trailing spouse. BUSINESS IS BOOMING.

Devotees of the Norse gods will recognize this motif in the legend of the courtship of Freyr, the god of wealth, pictured always with an erect phallus, and Gerd, the giantess, a being of fundamental creativity. The ambassador sent to procure the maiden did so by compelling her. The only caveat was that he had to leave Freyr’s sword in the possession of her father. This was a special sword, in that it fought by itself. Freyr perished at Ragnarok when it got out of his control.

When it was clear the company was selling, and the seventy jobs no longer required this destined match, the spell lifted and we were free to part.

No doubt I was told in dreams what would happened if I made a particular Deal, but given that your dreams don’t COW in me somehow, I have no idea what you are doing, those slight hints, the magic spoons, the signs that others can be commanded by, look like regular spoons to me. That object is just a chair. Those words mean exactly what they mean. It is a NULL set.

So I am not culpable in the normal fashion. That is my position. Twenty years later there is a big hole, and an embarrassing TREATY. At this point, I know when they are trying to say something. I know that is a meaningful thing. I have to go somewhere else and just let it sit and think itself out, and then it can reveal stuff. But that is now. It is slow going, and I am awkward, while also saying real stuff.





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