About the Blogger

Soror Gertrude Nephthys HOWL, a.k.a. WHIPPET.

Affiliations: Goetic and Solomonic magic, Golden Dawn (Los Angeles Golden Dawn and Ordo Solis Hermeticus), off-brand Thelema, John Michael Greer’s kickass Cabalistic Golden Dawn since 1998, B.O.T.A., Jake Stratton-Kent, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (excommunicated) and its great HOGWARTS, Brigham Young University (class of ‘85), Mexican Jewish ancestry and Messianic+Reform synagogue involvement, Heathenry without swastikas, Dr. Jeremy’s wonderful Temple of Miriam (Jewish magic), hoodoo brujería trained by the Lucky Mojo but not completely in, Rainbow Girls of the Masons, and a writing career in theatre, opera, radio, fiction, poetry, and now blogging.

Latin, Anglo-Saxon, the Mayan language K’iché, and, of course, Spanish.

I have worked with four grimoires. Soon to be five. Why not have twenty? It is a requirement of the right magic(k), not being a creep. IF U CAN HELP IT IN DAMIENS.