About Me

WHIPPET a.k.a. Soror Gertrude Nephthys HOWL

I began this journey of Solomonic magic in 1963 as a half Anglo with roots in the Pacific Northwest and half Mexican-American Crypto-Jew. My mother was a housewife who usually trended toward the overt spirituality of her mate, starting in New Age and ending in Southern Baptist Christianity. She herself was mostly a mystic of horsemanship, and her family background in the Olympic peninsula informs my work with its old-timey religion of Presbyterian church, tricking, Masons, and Satan. My father was an astrologer trained by the American Federation of Astrologers and a Spanish-speaking Co-Mason raised up a Master Mason. His father was a dabbler in ceremonial magic. I joined the Rainbow Girls at the age of twelve but quickly switched to the Mormon Church where I remained active for twenty years, graduating with honors from Brigham Young University in Provo with a Master’s degree in English, and studies in Latin, Anglo-Saxon, and theatre.

For ten years I was a member of the Builders of the Adytum and completed the entire Pronaos ritual scheme and officer rotation and use their deck meditatively; served with the Outer Order of the Fellowship of the Golden Dawn until 3=8 and continue to express my support for that wonderful path; have completed the Hoodoo Root-work Correspondence Course of the Lucky Mojo and work in hoodoo daily; am waving to an awful lot of cool people at Seattle’s Horizon Lodge of the O.T.O.; as well as Allfather sorcerers in the Heathen community. I attend a Messianic Jewish synagogue and take classes in Hebrew and Judaism at a Reform synagogue.

Most of my work has been the solitary Cabalistic Golden Dawn work of John Michael Greer — an egregore hereinafter dubbed GENGHIS KHAN — in its form as the meditative work of the Tree of Life in Paths of Wisdom and the ritual magic of Circles of Power which I started in 1998. This blog’s commentary should be considered in part an unofficial commentary on MY ongoing 20+years of practice of this great occultist’s magick. I did not enter Druidry because I was not finished with Cabalistic Golden Dawn, and I never will be. Germanic mythology was how European paganism went for me — for why did the Golden Dawn claim to be German and nobody is Germaning? I freely concede that the Norse power world has a strong wing of ethnocentric European magick and wish to support that by being part in and part out while writing all kinds of interesting blog posts about its glorious extant literature. My entire magical life is in many ways an exploration of this one manual and what this perfect gem of ritual magic was intended to do. However, JMG himself — whom I do not know — has gone into Druidry leaving me with this lousy t-shirt, and that is okay, because I belong at long last in the thick of it, whose ground WORK is Thelema. Its evolution into Solomonic magick has taken me in other directions that I hope to COW in an entertaining fashion in this blog. The whole situation of the vision magick is a moving target and all kinds of things are always happening.

As a playwright, I have had a lovely time in black box, local and small theater, including the award of an NEA Grant in 2005 that enabled me to travel to Guatemala to study the language and culture of the highland Maya that informs much of my work as a Solomonic magician. I have also practiced various types of ceremonial magic, principally The Lesser Key of Solomon. A year in Anglo-Saxon studies has involved me in Norse studies and pinging about in my own interpretation of it, and I have generally syncretized a lot of my spiritual systems. I do not use hallucinogenic substances but am psychic enough from a life of intense spirituality and writing to do a lot of vision work without them. I attend a Messianic Jewish synagogue, and like a lot of Crypto-Jews, have an array of HOUSE intrigues, and poke my head in at the glorious cathedrals and other locales of spirituality in Seattle and always New York.