Crash Landing

Solomonic magic can create a form for very old immortals of the Deep Self to come to our world in a way that is recognizable by them. This is not the case with other magics, which create forms that do not enable them to be relatively themselves, though they are safer than with this creaky old stuff. Enochian magic turns them into giant warbirds, in my opinion. I hate it. The B.O.T.A. turns them into tarot cards where they “make” whatever the Order wants from the card  without really grasping what it is causing in the person’s life. It made me fat and killed my sex life, because the Order wanted all the kundalini for empire building. This is why everyone in my “making” enterprise likes Solomonic magic–at least they can remember to be human-ish.

But it is not easy for them to come back to a human-type world. Old ones are always cranky when they come back to these levels of the energy. They come in with their issues and have to work them out. The penultimate old one of this Deep Self enterprise was an African slave we call the Zydeco Healer who practiced Voodoo and root work. He hated this world for what it had inflicted on him and didn’t want to come down to the levels where he would have to be that person again. This is a common complaint. The ancestors cried out, “You have struck us and caused us to be those people again,” and proceeded to simultaneously save and destroy my life.

The Zydeco Healer was angry at the Deep Self for what he called the “hostage situation,” the way this Deep Self places the new ones in impossible lives that force them to strike the world with such intensity that the gods can hear them from the depths. I kept trying to placate him, as I always do because he is a great demon worker and wants lots of strokes and his own temple and not the stinky New York City subway. And as a Voodoo Priest, he links the Catholics to the shamans, and this is what has enabled the Norse to rise again. Without the Africans in this line, we would still be stuck in the lodges and the Church, which of course he sent me right back to because now that he is situated to his liking he is interested in a little payback with the B.O.T.A. for turning him into a stupid tarot card.

Odin was clear that the progression of the line was going to mate with him again. He could “hear” his wizards within him marrying the wizard-eaters and whirling in the Sufi Elevations and crapped out in all things, so he knew ceremonial magic–“howling”–was happening in the world. Odin is partly a corporate being of the spirits of illuminated ancient beings of the world, ones that we would call peacocks and others, including wizards, operating a portal that my Deep Self has worked for millennia, so we’re cool with him. He is also partly a demon. Some of Odin’s originally came to us from South America, where he was imprisoned in the Incan underworld and unable to be himself. Odin is very kind to his little project, humanity. We are tiny babies in the evolutionary sense. We are pooping in our pants and he is caring for us in his great energy. So he is not angry that we have not been of gods for a hundred years. The entheogen work of Odin’s followers enabled the portal/god/old ones to stash themselves in the stories and poems and cling to them. When we laugh at the Amerindians saying the world is a giant turtle in the ocean, we don’t have the chops to get into the stories with our mushrooms and our dances and our ancestors and hear the ancient beings telling us about the Big Bang (“Let there be light.”). (This is why my grandmother is angry that she never had the entheogens: she would have gotten back. As it was, it took me crapping out to get her back in her sleep to find out what the devil her ghost “bodies” were doing.)

When my grandmother the Deep Self Asian came in, she informed me, “I am not sure why you should be. I do not know why I am of these small people. I could strike you and take your power and you would not be and it is something I can do.” She then asked me to come to Chinatown every day so that she can have “a cranial work”–and I can have a life. The old ones require a thought energy situation to be able to function and I don’t have the right one very much, but I do have the wrong one very much. I am a power that shatters the “bodies” of Asian ghosts, and so they strike me with their terrible chi. So I go to Chinatown because that is better than an awful lot of stuff that has happened to me involving Gramma’s strikes and why Solomonic magic is not popular with the get-rich-quick scheme of lodges. You have to hear and obey Gramma to survive, and no one in the lodges does. 

And, in the words of the witches,

When “bodies” shatter on the earth
We suffer from immortal dearth.

Thus witches strike the wizards down
And on Hermetic antics frown.

A witch we cause you to become
And dragon’s bowel you must be from.

Refuse to join our witching band
And you’ll be struck by Angel hand.

Your name in blood by your own hand
And Devil binds you in witch land.

You also need the Buddhists. According to the gods, the militant Buddhist empire conquered the underworld of Western Europe in the 6th century, and they are the reason Christianity de-shamanized and became a very small thing, as Gramma says, but the Buddhists have an avowed philosophy of healing the human soul and helping everyone become illuminated. As the gods say, They have played a trick on us so we will play a trick on them and HOLD THEM TO THEIR SHTICK.

The gods needs the wise ones to remember to be gods, and when they manage to have them, they can make the Buddhists play ball, with their terrible chi. I am trying to learn to be and not be in the right way toward the Buddhists by practicing Buddhist meditation, as Odin insists. When I perform Buddhist meditation, the entire Deep Self line contained within Odin performs Buddhist meditation, and it is by this means that Odin can cause his wizards not to disintegrate when Buddhists are causing them to. And to function with Buddhists in the underworld, which is fairly important to my Deep Self Asian ancestors and others. It is kind of a lingua franc.

This is equally true of Catholicism which is why I go to mass and religious services multiple times a week and assist a dragon to cause peace. Gramma knows about dragons. She was Asian all those times. Dragons cause people to melt properly so they can heal. That is why she is in this creepy female situation. (Chinese sexism has evidently slowed my progress as a dragon worker, and that is equally true of the West, where I am told if a man had done thousands of black masses like me, he would have been taken seriously. And the magic of the black mass acretes to men more readily, the Man of the World asserts, who did all of the black masses with me only with greater style.)

Gramma also insists that I shall be in Chinatown because Chinatown is the only place that a dragon can be properly arranged. I know this from the New Year’s celebration, where a dragon is at the head of the parade and not evil like in the Catholic church which used to depend on the Solomonic magicians to “make” the church at the chthonic levels by forming a dragon in the mass. (At least, our dragons are beautiful, says my Deep Self Muslim wizard Grandpa.)

Grandpa maintains it was a tacit situation that got fussed over by militant Christians–and is now pure love, says Gramma. The church has not been made properly in centuries, as Grandpa says–the rich don’t like having less than 98% of the money. And that is why we have all these strikes in the Buddhist situation, he maintains. (The Buddhists say it has always been a real party with us.)

In life, these two opposing wizards Gramma and Grandpa with their terrible chi caused each other to be completely immobilized. In the underworld they are polite but they can’t get within a hundred feet of each other without the Catholic Church and Chinatown where they can remember to be gods. This is why Odin should be involved in matchmaking.

It is not enough to trend toward a mate with power–you must also have knowledge of the powers involved and work all of them. Birth wizarding is even more important. A Catholic and an Asian with much war had one child who was a Deep Self Amerindian and another a Deep Self Japanese war hero. They never knew why everything was kind of crapped out with all the opposing chi. As my uncle Lama Bob says, “If only I had been great.”

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