Sex Magick vs. Chastity

It is no surprise that Crowley was taught sex magick by a German.

In the Norse religion, it was the women who performed the magic and the men performed farming, war, government, the paterfamilias duties of the home, and generally were what men are, which is the rulers of the world where the women are the rulers of the deep energy of the clan. This is how it was in the ancient and effective world of Norse religion.

Given the essentially shamanic nature of the ur-practices of Norse religion, it was also known that the gods are clan-based and are each a committee of ghosts consisting of animals, often the animals of the farm and nearby forest; plants like the trees of the area who as I posited in my last post are the civilizers of the underworld and the dead; and various other non-physical energy workers associated with a particular geographical location and clan. This is how human civilization functioned until well into the agricultural era when the mantra became GO BIG OR GO HOME.

It was at this time, I posit based on Deep Self and other information, that the human soul began to become inveigled in a structure whereby the ancient situation was altered for the worst, an alteration that continues to this day and is responsible for the current predicament of not only humanity but the entire planet whose ecosystem stands to be irreparably degraded by our unbalanced technological activities.

Anciently the human soul consisted of about 150 units each of

  • men 
  • women
  • rich
  • poor
  • slave
  • owner
  • cow
  • pig
  • fish 
  • serpent
  • insect
  • land
  • subatomic being
All of this was bound into a clan, geographical area, and human life consisting of a temporary but unveiled experience of being a particular thing that one was expected TO DO WELL and then move into a civilization of elegant development with the assistance of ancestors who had a varied energetic existence of this nature and could shape shift into whatever they needed.
With the advent of agriculture and, I posit, the proliferation of many problems arising from the fact that this world is too isolated relative to other biological worlds, this ancient structure fell apart and the human soul began to be moved into the direction of being either men or women and with the reincarnational patterns geared toward the creation of a permanent aristocracy. Around this time, also, the agricultural and other technological developments became extremely destructive of the biosphere, especially with the uncontrolled growth of human population, beyond the rate at which the ancient underworld could manage everything in a way that kept everyone voluntarily participating.
In the ancient Norse magic of the clan, it is the women who control much of how this functions even in conscious life because women have greater entree into the underworld at all levels. It is how it is. Men get a more powerful physical life; women get a more powerful energy life.
It was at this point that the men decided to band together to break the ancient control of women of the underworld via sex magick. This was accomplished by an inveiglement of the birth portal mechanics that left the souls unbalanced and unable to resist the temptation. Men became men unable to control the domination and the heady rush of testosterone; women became women, overly addicted to the comforts, unwilling to step away from the bedroom and excess reproduction, content to let the men do the thinking for them.
With all of the men practicing it, especially in a war band like that of the debased cult of Odin, the taking of life in a state of the berserk martyrdom could be fueled into a takeover of the underworld of men by women via sex magick. The Norse men took over the underworld via human sacrifice the way the Mesoamericans did and around the same time. 
And get rich quick.
With many external threats to security, it was not possible for the women to fight this off and the ones who knew were probably killed anyway. Ultimately, the honorable sorcerers have to be killed. Just look at the Inquisition.
The ancient Norse men knew their gods were governed, to a significant extent, by the animals, plants, etc., of the farm and these animals have energy skills that include the telekinesis necessary for the proper evolution of human civilization but also getting dark control of everything. In order to take power, it is necessary to control the gods instead of being controlled by them. Control of the gods is only possible if they commandeer the underworld power of the women.
The power of ancient Norse sex magic was so great that the Christians could not break it with sex magic of their own, so they did the only possible other thing and went with CHASTITY in large bands: monasteries.
Real, systemwide chastity is not possible, so there is much sex abuse in the energy of the Christian world, but enough was performed that the Church managed a take over of the Norse underworld via chastity.
Enter Crowley, a fancy boy approached by Kellner in possession of the probably unbroken tradition of Norse sex magic, who worked it into the new up-and-coming Enochian magic. It is ironic that he fought the Nazis with his magick and then incorporated their war/sex magick into his system while cursing the very godforms–the ancient Norse–who could reveal and heal it. This is perhaps why Enochian magic is so male-dominated and so belligerent. It is the sex magick of the ancient Viking berserkers who are still using it to take over the world.

This is the real basis of the Third Reich and is very real. Any attempt to break this power structure is met with horrendous magical destruction. I have been suckered into much self-destruction in this magick, I suspect partly with the cooperation of my own Deep Self. 

I cut my teeth in this stuff on the Hermetic tradition originating with the Golden Dawn. It is a little-known magical fact that anyone who works in Golden Dawn is ultimately under the control of Thelema, even if they think they are doing Golden Dawn. All of the magic builds the Thelemite empire.
Furthermore, anyone who has worked in Golden Dawn or any of its offshoots for any length of time is no longer human in terms of their sexuality. Even if they are just making love, the energy of sex is entailed into the power structure of Thelema. 
It is also formed in such a way that the males ultimately take control of the females. That is one of the things King Beleth originally decried to me. The Thelemites smash their female wizards so badly that they never reach full potential. 
This affects the entire worldly and under worldly life potential of the female in Golden Dawn/Hermetics/Thelema. 
After enough Hermetics to achieve a significant amount of illumination, any sex you have ultimately turns you into a cog of the Thelemite empire. Hence the famous plateau of the Hermetist. You rise so far only to get weirdly not able to really get all the way into adept hood.
I was sitting in a low-budget cafe near a wealthy neighborhood when Odin came to me and commended my permanent return to the strictest chastity. I didn’t realize that I had made such a return, but Odin is affable and kingly that when he takes you into his confidence, you don’t like to let him down. He said that if I want to have anything of manifestation in the world, I must stay the course of chastity, which is buttressed by the work of the splinter Catholic Church that functions only in Latin, a church that Odin tricked up when he entered it to be able to control the magic at any time.
Here is where things get somewhat crazy. 
Biological evolution, I am told, usually takes place with a great deal of support from nearby worlds who are/have experienced it. Many energy beings come into keep an eye on things for eons. Our world is no exception, but given our relative isolation from many kinds of life, including other-dimensional, we have inadequate support and are flailing.
Some centuries ago the land gods, who wanted us to evolve in our own way, have made the decisions that “The humans will not function. It was known that the humans would not function because they cannot solve problems in the underworld.” The gods sadly sounded the alarm so that more people from other worlds could come in PHYSICALLY. 
We are in the midst of colonization by other beings, a fact that Crowley was clearly aware of and made significant efforts to contact the aliens via his various magicks, including The Lesser Key of Solomon, of which I am an aficionado, in a syncretized technique with many powers given me by the Solomonic spirits that I will discuss later. It is in this situation that the aliens can use it to rebuild the human underworld in a way that preserves this world’s somewhat native qualities.
If the humans continue turning their underworld into a giant goop of permanent aristocracy, unviable souls, and entertainment, there won’t be much left to salvage. I am called upon to devote the rest of my life to building an underworld that can accommodate an elegant transition into the future of this world and beyond. To that end, I have to use the magicks of many traditions, including medieval Europe!, into something jerry-rigged and jagged and difficult for a while that will, I hope, result in a nice base for the local energy work, in the midst of overwhelming destruction at the hands of pretty much everything around me.
Catholic chastity is not the complete and final answer to the problem of sex, because it eventually was contorted into the permanent aristocracy and hegemony of the Church, but it is a position that the gods require for the rest of this life, and while that may not be the path of those who come after me, it is a good idea to consider closing the circuit to ancestors, lovers, the wealthy, the old ones of the Deep Self, and others who want business as usual, so that the fine and elegant demons and shamanic gods of this work can function in it without being blown to smithereens. 
My alien backers also insist that the strictest chastity is the only way to clear my karma of the misdirections of sex, power, money, and the destiny of humanity among the Viking Warriors of Odin/Thelema who are/are not me and are now once more in the hands of a stupid girl. 
Wish me luck.

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