Day Jobs

Dion Fortune recommended part-time day labor for the sorcerer, the minimum of work to afford a cot and three squares, so that the work of sorcery IS the day job, even if it doesn’t pay.

In my early experimentations with portals, I had snagged a great corporate job in an Angelic evocation with top pay and lots of goodies.

During the windup to the Solomonic evocation that blew up my life and cost me that highfalutin corporate job, Thor snuck in and said, “The gods cannot afford this job.” I could not fathom this, because it was a perfect job that I loved greatly and wanted to stay in long-term.

Humans loop on each other energetically in the various grids they are in: family, neighborhood, workplace, bodies of worship. This job had been secured through an evocation of the Bird God Angels, who had selected it and arranged it for their type of energy work wherein the higher chakras tapped the lower where the old ones have to be worked. Not only was I, but everyone in the entire workplace was draining my lower chakras in order to maintain this plum employment.

Bael advised me to relinquish all other ceremonial magic so that he could intensify his power. I dismantled the Bird God Angel portal that had gotten me the job, and when I evoked a working of Solomon of a particular chthonic god for the third time, the Serpent God Demons and the Norse powers came in with great power striking with shattering force at everything that did not “work” for them.

Five minutes later I was cleaning out my cubicle.

To remedy that, I performed a Solomonic evocation to get another job and it seemed all of my efforts to move into the regular corporate arena that I had formerly been a star in with high pay, great benefits, retirement packages, etc., have been absolutely and weirdly STUCK. I can’t give it away!

Contemporary Solomonic magic is a magnificent failure. The Church has cursed it so badly that it always tends to the complete destruction of the mage even if the mage is completely well-intended. Thus it must be worked with another system. The norm is Enochian Angel magic, which is best for the souls of Amerindian origin. European souls, like me, don’t function in it as well–we tend to get eaten and enslaved by the Amerindian souls–while we do function in all of the old school gizmos of traditional demon work. It also helps if a preponderance of your ancestors and family are from other lands as well.

I was instructed to work The Lesser Key of Solomon with the Norse work. Each time I evoke, I summon the demon of the disk along with a god and goddess who have been arranged by divination. The pagan gods work the middle chakras and are able to coordinate with both Bird God Angels and Serpent God Demons. I do work with Bird God Angels but on a case-by-case basis with individual very old Angels who are happy supporting a chthonic situation without dismantling it. (In my experience, Enochian Angels are the equivalent of teenagers.) (I will also be moving into other pagan gods with a number of disks, though the bulk of the work is Norse.)

This is not usually done and has a lot of energy conflicts within it, which have caused me even more than the usual problems.

  1. Christians are afraid of Serpent God Demons and strike at you for working with them, while they work with Bird God Angels just fine.
  2. Solomonic magic has the Cabala in it, and the Jewish egregore is very much at war with the Norse world. The Holocaust has permanently damaged the Norse work. I don’t believe it will ever recover.
  3. Ceremonial magic is the magic of wealth, and most people who do the Norse work in this country are underclass whites.
  4. The Enochian magical structure is invariably tangled up in it and tries to dismantle my unusual approach in order to make it smooth and normal and under Enochian control.
  5. Enochian magic is sex magic, and Solomonic magic really should involve monastic celibacy. Most humans don’t care for celibacy, and who blames them?

Back to the problem of jobs. Thanks to a Solomonic evocation, I now have three jobs and counting, so it worked, though it did restructure my whole approach to jobs. These jobs are not the middle-class corporate jobs with gobs of money like before.

The Solomonic system has an inherent social stratum within it, from King all the way down to Knight as the ruling spirits and many familiars who are the working class. The gold disks bring in humans who are the ruling class and this tunes the wizard into ideation of big money structures and ambitions without necessarily bringing in ancestral wealth or status to support them. This is not known about the magic and part of the reason for our money problems.

Even the possession of the disks causes the operator to energetically loop with that entire structure. It is more stable after a number of evocations, but the learning curve and the introductory procedure of getting the magic up and running is chaotic and painful. Few survive it, especially since the Enochian system decommissions it in favor of its own control.

I seem to be headed into situations of working class jobs or jobs that loop with the working class.

This is good. It is a way of grounding the magic in people who are working with their bodies, which involves the lower chakras, the province of the Serpent God Demons. The Bird God Angels need different energy structures from the Serpent God Demons in just about everything, it seems.

Normal people also need normal energy work, and you can’t have ancient Germanic chthonic structures welded to Dragons with all of their eerie wisdom and heroic values and power in a regular office where you are expected to be a normal middle-class person. It doesn’t work. You might as well show up to work in a superhero cape. I was doing the work of demons as my actual career. Offices expect you to be working there as your actual career in the underworld as well as this world. At a certain point, the job needs to be understood as a day job by everyone there and not just by you. Working class people oddly have more liberty in the underworld than the higher classes and are able to tolerate shamanism. In fact, it’s fun instead of confusing.

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