Location, Location, Location

The Catholic Church was so repressive in Europe that the work of ceremonial magic had to be transmitted via book.

Of course, it got into European culture via books anyway. The native magic was witchcraft.

So in order to practice it, the wizard had to be able to read. The only people who could read were wealthy.

Thus ceremonial magic was and is the magic of wealth.

It is not impossible to practice it without wealth, but the energy of wealth and some of its accoutrements are necessary so that the spirits can be fully “cranial.” They can’t operate and, in some cases, can’t fully form up without the energy of wealth.

It is also shamanic in that the spirits are most fully, elegantly, wisely and powerfully formed when the ghosts of animals, plants, and the land itself enter the magic. Thus it needs a significant amount of wilderness to function fully.

Location is very important in chthonic magic, because it is bound to the land in the body of the operator and in the energies of their ancestors, family, lovers, friends, magical companions, churches, etc.

The very best location is where old money/world rule money meets wilderness. It is there that the gods are at their finest.

The vacation homes of the rich.

When I first began opening the demon portals in earnest, in the New York City area, I was told to go out to the Catskills by a pet that I had hoped to acquire. I did not end up with the dog, but she was and is an amazing and wise being who tried to help me organize my daily life. If I had kept my dog when all this was brewing, I would not have suffered so many losses, but my mother was ill with cancer and I was caring for her, and hospitals don’t take dogs. Maybe someday his spirit will come and live with me when he has shuffled off his mortal coil. I had planned to keep his skull and place it by the step of my home, he was that good a watch dog.

At the time I thought that this mandate was for a weekend camping trip, but I now believe that if I had MOVED to the Catskills and commuted into NYC for work I would have avoided many of the incomprehensions that have bankrupted me and caused many problems.

Live and learn.

I now do much work in the areas of my new home base–my ancestral home–where the wealthy and the woods are at confluence. There the spirits are almost visible.

The Norse goddess Gefjun taught me that the Aesir don’t just maintain the civilization of the dead–they construct forms and portals whereby the dead can interact with the living in safe and reasonable ways. The Norse way of doing this is familiar spirits in the form of animals. We can see this in the Germanic tales of the witch, whose great familiar spirit is the black cat. These spirit forms are often “black” in that ghosts don’t come in much color. When I work with the Aesir–even reading tales of them in the Gylfaginning, my “Bible”–I can see and feel their work in the forms of these little spirits.

They are strongest in areas where there is a preponderance of the working class.

Thus my magic has and I have suffered from a great big battle between what the spirits need to function.

The spirits who are principally bound by Solomonic magic need the smart set, as do I, really. That’s who I am.

The spirits who are principally bound by the Norse work need the men and women of work. That’s who my ancestors are on the maternal side and many on the paternal side.

The serpent god demons also need people to function in their bodies. This builds the lower chakras, their energy home base.

One thing manual labor has taught me is that actions have consequences. If you drop your hammer on your foot, IT HURTS. In recent years I have spent too much time with knowledge workers, mad scientists who cannot FEEL the consequences of their actions. It has caused much damage in my comprehension of WHY I must do this or that magic. It has also injured my body. I have had two surgeries and two cancer scares.

The body would know, and the people around me are disconnected from their bodies to the extent that they cannot feel what is, and I am so psychic that I cannot get past them. The magical technique attendant on contemporary Solomonic magic–always worked with Enochian–is wrong for anyone who is not a North American soul, in my opinion. I cannot be worked from the underworld by Amerindians because they generally enslave and eat me going into the Deep Self and into future lives. Those souls of my clan who are from other places–at this count Asia, the Middle East, and Europe–are also considerably ground into powder and never able to connect with their old ones.  Graeco-Egyptian magic was put together as a platform for enabling ghosts from any culture to function kind of as themselves. It is also possible to bind souls into their professions and great passions and enable to make on the world of work and endeavor. With Christianity making the call, only churchy Christians or their counterpart in orthodox spiritual stuff achieve immortality. Carpenters can go rot.

What a loss.

Correcting the errors of my life has also placed upon me the obligation to study science, in that regular science has mystical operative capacities that we contemporary occultists lack, mired as we are in the European Middle Ages or in shamanic Africa. I was told I was being killed by the iPhone because people who use it don’t want me wrecking their energy structure.

Solomonic magic makes everything physical, and it does so in a way that is not controlled by contemporary culture, hence the wreckage, but in the end building the magic of Europe into the magic of calculus will enable us to change the world because it is European technological culture that controls it.

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