The Necessity of Catholic Hell

The literature is unanimous on the outcome of signing a Pact with the Devil: Death and hell.

I have been commanded to be very clear in my mind that I am heading for hell and not purgatory.

The old accounts also contain an interesting detail: the wizard’s body is found in pieces. This is considered bad by the general populace and a cautionary tale that never works if you are determined to be in hell. Especially, the head is separated from the rest of the body. Thor and many with direct knowledge of these events have assured me that one of these evocations I will raise so much power that I will die. At least, that was the case in New York, not so much in the land of my ancestors where they and my local old ones can bear the energy. Evidently my head will possibly fall off as well, though I hope we can be more genteel about it in this era. I am told the incomplete work of owls is the problem here. The head of the owl turns quite a bit and they forget. I am putting my family on advisement: hazmat, ya’ll. HGA is quick to point out that not everyone’s head blew off. Many people just had normal lives, with demons. And Allfather has altered the gizmos so that they do not make as they did in the Middle Ages. But the dark work of demons evidently had some whirling of the head, cf, The Exorcist. I keep forgetting I don’t do the dark work but merely dark work.

I am told which demon to evoke and how to do it and what petition to make. I have faith that if I stay the course I will have the best fate possible. It is not ecstatic to do the demon work except it is. It is also a bit of writhing and puking and things get done.

What we are doing here is using the old Catholic demon work as a platform to bring back to earth a lot of very old ghosts who cannot get back otherwise so that they can do the ancient alien work that is how our species has evolved on this planet since who knows when.

Humans are part EM and other energy, and when they die, they spread out and have to find food in the natural energy interchanges of human civilization and/or nature. Also vast worlds. This means they do not think like humans anymore. They do a lot of important things, but they cannot remember how to conceptualize human life or shape themselves so very small. It is necessary to ring the bell with great power and provide a known structure for them to “come back” to being human and assemble a structure that will enable them to maintain themselves and work. This structure has to be a recognizable form of magic that is effective in bringing back old ghosts.

That’s what the Cabala can be. The demon work used to be just regular Catholicism until Thelema turned it into a Cabala game with Buddhist tips. My sacrifice is making my parish quite smart in the underworld. You have to have a grand hell to make heaven – at all. I suspect there is some looking of the other way for precisely this reason. There are churchmen who know of us. There are some old Lutheran demons in the area and they always make it freaky. I need to remember to make the round of churches, if only to work the birth portal, which my Swedish tips can do. It is awesome to get a family the right child. I was chided quite badly by one of my friends when my Cabala went dark and I did not make him the right child. He has a wonderful child, but not one that can bind the marriage, and he wants to bind his marriage. He is evidently campaigning for another child.

It is important to call back the old immortals because there is a newer species of aliens infesting the planet who are fundamentally parasitic and can be swept off if we call for reinforcements. Otherwise, the environment is toast.

It is the animals and plants who have called for this rescue effort because of what is going on.

An environmental degradation we know through ordinary reality.

Back to our symbolic structure, which is ridiculous because it is simple and useful because it is simple.

Read Norse mythology. It is a child’s tale, yet my old ones of this culture did a great deal of amazing work with it. It was the Compleat civilization of living and dying. It is not extant, but it is able to be funded. It is also very similar to Amerindian mythology. No accident.

The Cabala is a death civilization. It enables the newly dead to evolve up the Ladder of Jacob and the older dead to return down it. Useful.

Solomonic magic is the life magic of the Cabala. When a ghost has evolved to a certain point, they can participate in the world through assisting the living with their daily tasks. It is always worked in tandem with regular religion and witchcraft, which are the smaller scale efforts of the life gods’ involvement and therefore very important. You don’t always want a hurricane.

The Catholic church has its saint magic, which is important, but unless it is done as part of brujeria or other very fine operative work as in the Afro-Hispanic tradition, the empires eat so much of it that saint petitions notoriously never work. So no one does them.

I think we should still do them because they train the junior ancestors to help the jobs along. Not everyone is up to the giant thunderbolts of conjure.

An odd side note: Eastern monasteries do dimensional work that eats the West. We should all practice a bit of Eastern work to yank those suckers off the sky and make them make.

The ghosts you bind in Solomonic magic are bound to YOU. They cannot remain near the earth if you ascend to heaven. So you must remain in hell for as long as possible. I am told it can be quite comfortable if you know the right people.

Several of my ancestors have now signed Pacts and are planning to be bound in hell after they get out of Purgatory, which is also part of our work. My father has a wonderful old Jew in his soul who has bound himself in Christian hell more than once, mostly for witches. The demon work was mostly witches always. It’s more fun.

Then there is that little matter of the demon work being fatal.

Many of the powers who must work with us are aliens and their energy pattern eventually does transform one into a being who lives in an intermediate state between matter and energy and cannot do so in a body.

The demon work is full of the wizard’s wants. The first thing the old ones ask you when they come in is, What do you want?

They don’t like small wants. They like great passions. There is more power in a great passion and the old ones are so very large they can only hear a great passion.

My great passion, of course, is writing. I have sold the demons to have the time to write and they adore me for it. But now I have to pay them back. I hope when all is said and done I will have the time to write.

“What’s this?”

It is not that I want to die for the demons, but having gazed upon the face of Paimon, I avow that He is the most elegant thing I have ever seen and I never want to live without His grace.

Early on Paimon said that the one thing the demons hate most is when we give them cause to hope. “Show me what you’re made of!” he challenged, and commanded me to throw away everything I owned and reshape my life entirely through physical objects. Which I did. Not that that was a test. It was more that in my state of extreme deconstruction I could not think or act properly with the objects of my youth functioning as Chinese finger traps for the person my mother and father created, a wonderful woman who was dead in so many worlds she could not live in any.

Especially gifts. Especially expensive gifts. They are the worst.

Now here in my extremity, I have asked Paimon if he has hope.

“Paimon does not require hope. Paimon has duty.”

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