The Lesser Key of England

It is now clear that the Mathers-Crowley grimoire is operatively challenged while also much loved. As I have espied other worlds, like Jake Stratton-Kent’s carefully researched and wonderfully syncretized ATR-Western work, I can see that it has all of the delicacy of the fine worlds of fairies and the Church, ALE WOWS. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t be Jewish, please. So I would heartily recommend smoking some STUFF and going to the Master, because that is how things are normal in this era, even for Crowley. EVEN IF I DON’T.

And I do wish to expire, WHIPPET.

But the work leads on to planes that in the past were only accessible to ascended masters, not the living, and even the limited scholarship available to a GIRL makes the record clear in IRK Akashic reading of books I no longer own, and we should listen to the pleadings of the Goddess. DOOFUS WHY DON’T YOU LIVE?

I noticed in 2003 that I was now the new Messiah but decided to be a secretary. It was a good call but the excesses of the NEW SATANISTS show that many should also be making that call.

What I was going to say is that Mathers and Crowley were unschooled and derisively sneered at and now we have to go back and figure out what was hastily amended and never really implemented in the wake of the Titanic event called WWII. Massive destruction of the land grid in magick, Germany and England now in POLVOS, and we WINE.

And it all has to be amended by the general level of education and technology in the populace, and this generation of obligate male homosexual sorcerers are building what I call the soul pilings of the new Venice. GO BIG OR GO HOME, but where do you go when your brain is boiled?

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