Notes about the Mormon Women’s Auxiliary (rev. 1/8/21)

First of all, let me thank the many people in the astral vision work who are no doubt assisting me and beg your forbearance, for I need to pick my way past many SWORDS and on to many more. WILY.

As I have previously recounted, I spent many years in the WISDOM world of the Latter-day Saints. Our spiritual practice involved about ten hours a week of active labor in the form of attendance at Sunday meetings; the reading and study of scripture; abstinence from alcohol, coffee, tea, or any other stimulant; a warm chastity of conjugal relations only within marriage; payment of a full and honest tithe; and much compassionate service within both the religious community and the greater society. Once a month we attended a Masonic-derived service at the local temple where we honored the departed in a death portal of significant calibre. I received a wonderful education at their flagship university, Brigham Young Provo, including the classics. It was a sweet and VICIOUS life, with a slight Victorian tinge and an upper-middle-class notch, and we were conversant with classical music, art, Shakespeare, the humanities, much science and technology, all things lovely or of good report or praiseworthy. ONTOLOGY. It was a gorgeous world that I left, sadly, because the community required of me a feminine role of women and not that of a great playwright; and a healthy marriage within the sect did not seem probable in that most of the men were not that interesting to me.

Sorcerers involved in the new work will recognize a situation where much of the telepathic vision magick can be done at a lower level of interference by drugs and the strangeness of many lovers, in that the psychic links are already present and worked to a considerable degree.

The local levels of the church are governed by the laity in the form of a committee of three called a Presidency. This includes the women’s auxiliary, where I often served as the third — and being unmarried, junior — member, the Secretary. I recall one afternoon we were deliberating on which sister should occupy a particular position in the organization; there is a full staff of regal and efficacious ladies available for our work. As the gentlemen, so-called the “Priesthood,” would say, “If you want something done, ask the Women’s Auxiliary.” We had a list of names, and we went down the names asking the Lord in prayer whether this name was right, or that.

Now name papers are the physical means accompanying the temple ritual — a death portal. One is handed a name paper and then vicariously represents that name in the ritual. In over twenty years of attendance, I believe I received the name “Fanny Price” about two or three times. Given that there is a Fanny something or other — maybe Price? — in my own ancestry — I couldn’t fail to notice that this practice is, no doubt, a convention. Whatever are they doing with the temple? (cf Jane Austen!)

However, there we of the women’s auxiliary were with the names on those little papers in some world, praying over each, and when we reached a particular name, there was a decided “Pop!” in the air. We all looked up and concurred that this person was the one arranged by the Spirit. Evidently including the dead via the temple.

So the idea that psychism cannot be worked sober and without congress is execrable to me, because I know it can, with assiduous study and practice.

We do not want to lose our husbands to the GAME or our own capacity of something like it.

You will recall that our rubric separates males and females into magically efficacious circles. CLOUDS.

I will speculate that such communities, which might include the Anabaptists (Mennonite and Amish) and some of the more observant Jewish worlds would be capable of doing such work or are probably being targeted as fuel cells for it.

No doubt the men expect to hold a certain position associated with the biological structure of male physiology, that is, I AM THE KING OF THE CASTLE AND YOU’RE NOTHING — their own work is what we constern — and no doubt there is much transformation in both mores and neurology for the sake of this magick.

It has to be a secret — an open secret in some worlds — in order to work, or we have to be a little Heisenberg and look the other way while the electron does something we want but cannot overtly ask of it.

YOU CAN’T KNOW WHAT WE ARE UP TO. Okay — I’ll just tiptoe around.

I hope that we can work together to sort out what is possible and heal the magicks that can be done sober KRAMPUS and reasonably.

I would say that the classic ethnic magick of the Americas has considerable normal psychism when pursued vigorously and many half-measures like plain ole tarot cards that can be worked as psychism is developing. These magicks are also more suitable for females.

The lodge worlds so finely described in this blog are no doubt under colonization by New World Sorcery and in many ways, eager transformation. It is a great magick and it will end up being wonderful for the entire world, while also not. Some of my friends in lodges have made very clear that they extend the hand of fellowship in our hearts but DON’T COME HERE WITH BELETH INSTEAD OF ENOCHIAN SEX MAGICK we are all peering.

It is not duels that we are avowed of but polite conversation LADIES.

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