GENGHIS KHAN: The New Edition

I started out with John Michael Greer’s Circles of Power in the original version in 1998, and when I recommenced the work after a two-year hiatus with the Abramelin, a new edition had become available — which I conveniently harassed a bit but purchased.

The older edition had a system of magical openings à la the Enochian Watchtower gizmo only in three stages for different purposes, all of which I used extensively over twenty-plus years of practice. When I took a gander at the new edition, I noticed this three-grade situation condensed to a single opening, the newly preferred expanded elemental one.

Even so, the original openings worked for me because I figured out how to work them. The Second Opening can cause introspection that can lead on to depression, so it must be done sparingly, while the Third Opening tends to work for the Builders of the Adytum — with which I caucused for a decade — and these Rosicrucians probably have some WORLD of Golden Dawn without ENOCH. So I just ignored this alteration because I had such extensive work of the old way and went ahead and performed an exorcism with the older variant of the second opening.

Also using an axe instead of a sword so as to bring out the Jack Nicholson in everyone around me — $11 at the hardware store for a piece of sharpened heftable steel that was not “magically useless pot metal.” My shtick is if you can kill someone with it, then it is a requirement.


I then went to get a Covid vaccine shot and while waiting to be cleared of side effects, I noticed some dangerous new world sorcery ghost magick coming in through the electric outlets.

Or incipient schizophrenia. Who can tell?

A great argument for the hallucinogenic drugs is that you can blame them for your psychosis.


So I decided that the author’s updates were, if not valid — and they are being COWED and with perfect courtesy — HEELING is WHIPPET raunch — and why is exorcism outside of O.T.O.? — we are FIRE!— they are at least defensible PUNISHABLE in this NEW AEON of STEM whippets on acid.

Where the two oceans meet.

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