CIMEIES and the Elephant Signum of the Fifth Legion, levied by Julius Caesar Himself in Gaul

Let us refresh our memory about the evocation of Bifrons in May of this year:

A little bit of background about this evocation.

King Bifrons was actually the very first spirit that I evoked using my own Solomonic disks, and it was in the style of the Peterson work that I should get back to, in that it has the Latin letters and does not impinge on Thelema’s vision magick by being of the very grimoire that COWS!

Six of one, half a dozen of the other, if you ask WHIPPET.

The petition was to assist me in dealing with my late father’s death in that the work of Santisima Muerte is not ideal for that but for love! Specifically, to bring back a straying husband. OWLS.

For months, I had so many situations wherein the Latin language, culture, and general imagery of Julius Caesar came up again and again.

That word, “Frumentum,” is actually Roman army field rations of wheat, and Caesar makes a big deal in his account of his military exploits, of the fact that his supply lines did not fail. When putting together some money conjuring, I was trying to get the petition also into Latin for the sake of the DAMIENS who love to work in Latin — and would work in Aramaic if I heard tell of it — and I looked up the word for money. PECUNIA. Now I have read quite a bit of Latin and yet I could not bond to this word. It feels like a good Cicero word from his letters, but I did not have them at hand or in a reasonable situation, like, a bunch of them. So no pecunia. It comes from the word “pecus” which means COW. So we have it in the animal world, not in COWS. However, I did know that I could count on ole Caesar to bring in the goods, and for that reason, petitioned for some grain. That night, a clever fellow made me up a dish of millet, and I saw my frumentum.

I kept “seeing” my father’s past life as a German Jew and other past lives in African spiritual technology, though I believe now that it was simply his energy involvement with my work of hoodoo, at the very least. So much ATR-ish work is being done, that he might have been morphed into an African fellow as a matter of course in dealing with all of the magic(k) about. So my astrologer father got stuck to that portal, which is, as we COW, the Roman deity Janus, imprecated at the beginning of all rites to the Roman gods THE PLANETS OF ASTROLOGY.


Thus the petition of my evocation in May was to re-acquaint myself with the writing of Caesar and see what I could do about the CLASSics, since in the mid-eighties I had accidentally gotten halfway to a degree in Latin and forgot about it, though it evidently didn’t forget about me.

By the 19th century, Latin was no longer really only the province of wealth but had migrated into the normal schoolwork of children who lived on farms in America. It could CHEW THE CUD. It is also the lingua franc of the magical names of the Golden Dawn. Who of us swishing around in fancy robes doesn’t have several Latin magic(k)al names? CAVE CANEM comes to mind for some blogger.

No doubt this is part of the reason Crowley moved his work into Greek, to differentiate it from the older stuff and break up with the Church.

This is all well and good from the standpoint of late 19th century lodge politics etc., but it is no biggie when dealing with Ancient Rome itself, for the lingua franc of Rome was Greek. In fact, Julius Caesar’s last words were possibly in Greek:

The rumor has it that Brutus was Caesar’s love child; thus the assassination was also a patricide and punishable by the FURIES.

Further, Caesar’s body sustained 23 injuries at his assassination, a prime number adding up to 5. Thus in death he is encapsulated in the energy of Mars.

It was all the rage for Roman aristocrats to have a Greek slave tutoring their children, so the Greek language was no doubt spoken from an early age.

I am not OFFICIALLY in Thelema, BTW, and can therefore not constrain the KRAMPUS. AH WE ARE BACK bach.

It has occurred to me that the seal of the 66th spirit Cimeies, mentioned specifically by Crowley in his 1903 letter that serves as a preface to his edition of the Lemegeton, resembles an elephant, and, while researching Julius Caesar, I learnt that Caesar’s Fifth Legion was awarded the right to use the elephant emblem for the honor of having fought against the general Cato’s elephants and won, no mean task for ground troops.

Cimeies grants power over the spirits of Africa, so this idea perhaps represents military campaigns like that of Rome’s African enemy Cato.

On a side note, a vastly more famous general, Hannibal, crossed the Alps with a bunch of elephants. Evidently it was as dreadful as you can imagine, and slippery, with a lot of ice, which elephants are not used to.

Generations of school boys fought these battles in their lesson books, and they were, no doubt, well known to Crowley and his cronies, not so much to us unless we are geeking out, WHIPPETS.

So, when seeking to command the spirits of Africa, not just logic is to be of avail, but the entire RUBRIC of Julius Caesar, the only emperor-turned-god who really functions as such, for more than anything it is FAME that confers the power necessary to command the human imagination over large distances and even long stretches of time. Caesar’s fame was greatly augmented by Jesus whose image he called upon in the form of a coin. RENDER UNTO CAESAR.

We can see the eagle standard of the Roman legion at the midnight mass of Christmas Eve, when it is carried through the great door into the Roman Catholic cathedral with drums and much incense. Impressive is the Church.

Somehow Jesus won command of the world’s great armies on a platform of CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTING, of which history is replete with examples all throughout Europe in His Name. Not that I mind.

So let’s augment the Second World War, with all that stunning swing jazz — it is also ROME that we require, not just Roosevelt — and the SPECULATION that the one sector that did not abandon THE DARK ARTS entirely was, in fact, to be KRAMPUS at West Point. You can’t be serious — you ask us to give up the magic(k) that enables us to recognize ourselves in dreams? I DO NOT COW YOU.

No doubt our work is derided as Hitlerian, when, in fact, Hitler SNAKED it from the Rosicrucians. At the same time, it was done for centuries and should not be entirely tarred with that brush.

The old man magic was not done with drugs — try reciting the Chaldean oracles stoned! — we can manage the LBRP — I gotcha — while the new stuff is A HIGH GAME. The two could be readily done as a parallel course — or just written about, which is most of what happens with ceremonial magic(k) anyway.

As always.


POST SCRIPT: No sooner did I post this, than the day after JMG made mention of the Roman empire with some handy barbarians in full view. It just goes to show you:

I did get that bus pass, BTW, but I may not end up needing it. I beat myself up over it all this time, but the learning curve in COWS has been so steep — then Covid. So there’s that.

And He mentioned Ghengis Khan, so it was an all-around WAR WEALTH.

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