Operative Astrology

I had originally got this day job of mine with the operative astrology portal the Heptameron in an evocation of Sol. I could see the angels coming down down down from the sky. They were more fairy than Christian angel. We get confused about what angels are–they’re whatever they need to be. I knew then that I wanted to summon them on a ship. That’s what they wanted–that’s what they deserve. The magic turned my late mother into a beautiful yellow bird who helped me remember to take my good shoes for the interview.

Two days after I started my job, I got food poisoning and ended up in the hospital. I thought it was curses on the job and the magic, and it was. But it was also the fact that this creaky old portal no longer works without the witchcraft of the era.

I doubt any ceremonial magic was ever performed without witchcraft. That is something the magic manuals don’t say because they are hundreds of years old and certain things were assumed, like that you would of course also be doing witchcraft. It just goes without saying.

The beings in witches’ books of shadows look amazingly like the “demons” of ceremonial magic who also look like the various therianthropic and sphinx-ish animals in museums from shamanic cultures.

A rune reading told me that my late father was not doing the energy work to heal his life. I sprang into action and performed a Latin rosary for his soul with the assistance of my patron in German death work, Saint Gertrude the Great.

A couple of days later the magic shop I had been wanting, needing really, became real. The mechanisms, the executive decisions necessary to bring it in.

Of course, I had made a hoodoo jar with a seal of Leraje, the archer god of the underworld, who is very good at strategy and executive ability.

As I was negotiating with a particular potential client, it occurred to me that I needed to cast his chart.

My late father was an astrologer, a wonderful intuitive one, who brought us up with that and not the Catholic Church, which he was not terribly comfortable with, being a Jewish soul. I really grew up pagan. St. Gertrude has informed me that in the underworld, I have not really converted to Christianity. Not really.

I knew that the peanut butter brains I had experienced at work had a lot to do with the fact that most of my co-workers are African Protestant power workers who are trying their best to forget witchcraft while doing a great deal of it in their sleep. It’s a tricky business making wishes with my African old ones around. I always end up surrounded by Africans.

Two of my colleagues had ended up in the hospital for various illnesses, so today I set some lights to heal them. Healing is part of my regular work for the job, but this was more focused on these people in particular.

With all this ferment, it occurred to me that the use of an old astrological operative portal had been incomplete without the operative astrology OF THIS ERA, which is hoodoo, at which I am–eek–more proficient than I like to think.

I feel fairly ridiculous. I have been conned into not working with great power by the snobbery of Hermetics.

We need to get away from the rift between man magic and woman magic. The only way to really nail anything is to do BOTH.

So I am rolling up my sleeves and getting the roots on it. The illness left untended by work is part of my problem. We are all riding each other. I agreed to ride and be ridden by this work group in exchange for a job I do and don’t deserve. This job is at the high end of my pay scale in a wonderful industry that I have never worked in! I was given this job because I “fit” the corporate culture and am a power worker surrounded by power workers.

Bringing the job in with ceremonial magic means I am open in ways that are not the norm.

The Abramelin instigated a divorce which instigated this new career and a move to the right coast, which I love but I have no ancestors in the ground here to back me. I am relatively defenseless. I am building an organization with energy work, the gods of the land, the old and near workers of this region, several churches and a synagogue, but I am still grounding myself. If I am grounding myself with the people at the job, their ill health is part of the general malaise of the situation. I have flirted with the idea of going home to my ancestral home in retirement, but I am married to the gods here and can’t leave them.

Today my late father told me that working the sun sign heals, because in order to be that sun sign, the person has to be ALIVE.

So a word to the wise for ceremonial magicians. Work the magic of the era in astrology.

Oils, baths, jars, mojos, talismans of this era. Things that work in the magic of today that have to do with astrology, which is in all of the old magic. Astrology can build a bridge from today to the great beauties of Europe that we are striving for in all this.

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