Step to Guard

Second tai chi class in years, this time at night when the ghosts are strong. The akasha formed up readily, unlike the atheist white district a few blocks away which is all about SHOPPING. I wondered how we in the mainstream world do anything–our air is so dead compared to this.

After twenty years of Golden Dawn with thousands of repetitions of pentagrams, hexagrams, and signs, the formative power of my bodily motions with intention is very strong, yet I have not been doing much of that since the Abramelin when I used to do it every day. The powers urged me to do nothing but the Abramelin–a mistake. If you ever do the Abramelin, keep doing everything that is intended to be a spiritual exercise, even if you keep off operative. It is all built into your system and becomes an open portal that can be used for bad stuff if it is not used for good stuff.

I am performing the motions of the tai chi form and the air is taking its shape around me. I can see that the Western worker does not work enough with the body. My god Odin told me that his work was always done with training of the body. It is how he works.

Thor is very fond of Asian martial arts because this is how his work is done in this era and culture, and Thor’s strength and strategy is to work the system. Me trying to bang about with a Viking battle axe wouldn’t really accomplish anything. At least, not anything predictable. I am developing a fondness for Thor. He is Odin’s right hand man, tasked with making sure I have a job and a roof over my head in the normal, corporate, reliable ways that a person of the lower-middle-class is comfortable with, while also longing for me to enter Asgard because I don’t belong in this world, whereas Odin is willing to hang around New Jersey adjusting Southern honey jar spells for Iron Age Norwegian ghosts. Thor is making it work until Odin pulls me into the underworld. He wasn’t able to be of us until the evocation of Bael, the Canaanite god of thunder. The war gods are always testy, the debacle of fascism WWII caused him horrendous injury, and the racist skinhead element still does. Marvel comics and the movies are rehabilitating his reputation in wonderful ways. I need to see those movies. They are normal. I can hardly stand anything anymore. I am also blessed in that for me the role of the Norse god Thor is played by the Great One who also works with me as Santa Marta Dominadora, the war goddess of the Afro-Hispanic tradition in this area. She is great.

Magical enemies formed up around me, ghosts who opposed the Asian work because it is not Christian and magicians who sought to dominate and control me. By the end of class they were very short. I think the tai chi form is more a way to protect yourself from ghosts and energy work than from actual street fighting.

My grandmother the Chinaman was also there working the form with me. She is making herself in the afterlife with all of these Asian exercises. I think she will be a creditable Asian-ish white woman in the end as well as a Thelemite, she would say.

It is not fair that the contemporary Hermetic tradition does not tend souls who could be formed in death. They are sucked into the work and used as raw power or left to rot. My grandmother was a very important person in my life who thought Christian church people were nosy gossips and hypocrites, but I think mostly they were Christian and didn’t taste very good.

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