Cristo Rey

I was told that the Beautiful Church welcomed me.

I had been avoiding it, the Catholic church near the park where I meet with the ghostly witches. I had been unable to hear the old ones telling me that mass is part of the work.
A lot of the witches hate the church so badly in bonding with them I, too, continued that fundamental attitude, which is detrimental in demon work. The demons love the church–it is their work, but they can’t have us be naive about it. I had been Mormon for twenty years, and the gods of Christianity built the soul in me, but they kept me from doing the life work I was capable of. I was intended to be a nice Christian woman who made lots of power for the underworld but never had any fun. The dead are always hungry. Look at how impoverished life becomes when religion gets out of hand. Anyone read the Talmud? Also parents who want nice girls.
So it has not been easy to eat crow and go to mass, but I took their word for it. 
This was the first time I had been to mass in Spanish, my ancestors’ language. 
It was an old Latin American priest, the congregation was a bunch of old regulars, and they all handled the ritual beautifully. 
When the priest blessed the wafers and wine, I saw the spirit of Christ descend and envelope him, and while he administered the body of Christ, it was Christ himself saying, “This is my body, take and eat.” The demons and the old gods were only able to rise a foot above the floor. They were smaller than usual, but they were ecstatic. 
The spirit of Christ told me that the honorable demon work was His work. It is the Devil who keeps Jesus honest, because the Church is about earthly power. 
The priest’s energy told me he understood what I was doing. It is an old way of working. The great demon I work with of this era is Santisima Muerte, a sine qua non for the Norse powers, and for whom I have always had a great passion. 
The priest’s energy said demon workers don’t live long unless they have backing from a Christ. He also said after death I will not enter the Christian elevations but remain in the bowels of the Church where the demon work is done. I knew that was how it would be and am fine with it. Who wouldn’t be?
In the other Catholic church where I worship, I am tended by St. Jude and great demon kings. This is the one where I am accepted by Jesus, so I will also worship here. Both are great.
The actual demon work of this era and region is done in Spanish. I suspect I am capable of doing the old stuff because I am Spanish. 

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