Yin and Yang

I am an artist, a calling dear to the heart of Odin. As such, I tend to attract interesting men. In my quest to find a new love, I am doing cut and clear work to remove the energetic links to my old lovers. As I sat in my favorite coffee shop writing this evening, Odin came to me with a revelation about how men and women transfer energy to each other. As a writer, I am a woman doing a man’s job. Since I have opened myself so prodigiously with Cabala and its operative function, Solomonic magic—death magic, in that it organizes the civilization of the dead—my past loves have been extracting creative energy from me at a voracious rate. Odin revealed to me that this is how human civilization functions. Women send the men the energy of worldly works; men send the women the energy of civilizing and spiritual power. But more than that. As I was conceptualizing a work of art I am involved with, I “saw” how men mate with me energetically in order to gain access to worlds of creativity I am capable of funding. By putting these men in removal spells, I find my head clearing and my sense of the work coming back. My greatest periods of creativity coincided with periods of Brahmacharya, absolute celibacy, which I practiced for three years. It is a position that in the end I could not sustain, but my Solomonic love god King Beleth has guided me to the more moderate position of the rabbis: only on “Shabbat.” 

Odin has many names: High One, Striker, Lord of Lords, Granter of Wishes. One of his more enigmatic names is Jalgr—Gelding, a castrated horse. The old ones have insisted that the sexual function of any type be sparse if I want to work with the Aesir, the death gods. It is the sublimation of sex that makes this possible. Hence Odin sacrificed his sexual function in order to preside over the civilization of the dead. 

In tai chi class, the old ones formed up in the way they do in martial arts, as great soldiers in my defense. I grasped that the yin and yang is a sign that as a woman I transfer energy to my male old ones for my defense. This is great magic–much more useful than sending my boyfriends all my money.

It is also how I have made a great deal of art while practicing sublimation. I send the energy to the great creatives and operatives of my Deep Self and to those around me who are wonderful artists–many of whom are men–and in return they assist me in creative endeavors. When an accolade caused me to leave the geographical area where I built this magickal structure, the whole thing came crashing down and I lost much. 

Note to self: Do. Not. Move.

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