It was my decision to go all-out with the Roman Catholic Church that made me remember that the Goetia are “healed” in Greek. I had read Jake Stratton-Kent’s books on the subject–they are filled with tricks–so I did know this, but in the flurry of chaos that has been this last year, I have lost them. Last night I had a dream in which my ex, a Greek scholar, showed me his passport with Greek written all over the top of it. I got out of bed and looked up ancient Greek language training.

I had tried to study Greek during the Abramelin, but did so in Los Angeles where Thelema is based, and while many Thelemites do study Greek, they also involve themselves in Enochian magic, America’s ceremonial magic. I do not practice Enochian magic and am not a Thelemite, though I did study Latin and much classics in college. I am convinced this is a sign or at least it headed me in the direction of ceremonial magic.

What Greek does is to chthonize Enochian magic and contemporary Hermetics as much as it can be. It was Greek mythology that did much to preserve the ancient underworld structure in Europe and that can transfer to European bodies in America.

I am half European with many past lives in Europe and have loved the Greek gods my entire life.

Today as I cast about to learn which spell to do next, divination revealed that it must be the Greek language spell. The daemons also told me to attend the Greek Orthodox mass a lot. I have been planning a great tattoo in their honor and they promised that the tattoo would come in quicker with the Greek mass.

I was also told that Paul Foster Case’s gods become great healers in Greek.

Americans need to chthonize ceremonial magic with the African, Latin American, and Native American powers, but there are many energetic blocks to doing this. We must take this to the next step. We cannot afford to eat the old ones of Amerindia in the making of Enochians, demons who are only nouveau human in energy and do not have the great powers of the old shamans whose souls were part animal.

So today, Christmas eve, it is off to the Greek mass I go.

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