Enochian vs. Solomonic

Let me preface this by saying that I do not do Enochian magic which I think is probably wonderful in the proper context and is certainly the go-to magic for contemporary Hermetics, which mates nicely with the new sorcery. It is still all a work in progress and I need to be observant of how things progress. At the same time, I am interested in staying with my very interesting RUBRIC.

It seems that Lord Ganesh, the Lord of Obstacles, has instituted a course correction.

Last night as I sat in the Greek Orthodox Cathedral at the Christmas Vespers, I looked up at the elegant ceiling and made a wish: I’d like to join this Church instead of the Roman one. It’s much more elegant. The energy structure, the world, the City of God which John the Beloved wrote of, it is all right here in Greek. I can feel the entire ancient world in here, whereas I can only feel Europe in the Roman Church. The demons are sleek and intelligent here, the land powers of Greece and environs accreting to them. They are in their ancient power, and I know that the Buddhist devils who are upon my disks wish to work with this magic as Graeco-Egyptian, not as an afterthought to Roman Catholic paper seal witchcraft, which works like crazy but in more hidden ways and with the great intricacies of the Southern root I love so well–not that we have to pick, though we do. With this church, I must renounce the Church of Rome. That is clear. Yet it was the Goetia, the underworld gods of the ancient world, who built the god Jesus, and they did so by agreement, tricking the whole thing up so that they could use the structure for their work whenever they needed to–and they need to now.

The next to last time I worked with the Heptameron, the old ones of the Golden Dawn came to me and explained that the original backers were Russian Orthodox, and that is why the LBRP has a Greek cross. The Roman Church murdered so many witches and wizards and the damage of the Inquisition is not really healed. The English Rosicrucians knew that they could not work with the demons in their greatest forms in the Roman Church, so they dealt with them in Greek.

My old ones were with me last night and explained that they could do much more in the Greek church than in the Roman, and they would back me if I chose to work in it instead.

I felt lonely.

My ancestors and my old ones were Roman Catholic. My Saint magic, which is so powerful and effective, is also Roman Catholic–no coincidence.

Yet I am a Rosicrucian. I am only doing this Christian thing at all because of my path of Hermetics, so I might as well do what is best for that path.

And I love the Solomonic spirits. I am all in for them, as they require.

I cleansed my home today and did the first reading of the Greek Orthodox daily scripture, and it came to me that this is how we resolve the conflict between the Enochians and the Solomonic spirits.

The Enochian forms are for the newer ghosts who do not have as much of the animal, plant, and earth soul matter in their souls as the ancient shamans, for those who are more of the recent systems like Christianity (mostly!), Islam, and Judaism. The Enochians are demons of the Book. Instead of “making” in the chthonic world, by eating the decaying soul matter of the dead and forming it into magical structures, they eat the living, the Enochian magician and their sex magic partner. I am assured that eating the dead is yucky compared to siphoning life force off of the Enochian magician/sex magick partner, one’s family, children and sex partners, but it is more ethical. For this reason, the Enochians cannot work in the chthonic energy levels at the same extent as more traditional operative magic or other ceremonial magic. This is why the magic relies on sex magic to get the job done. Sex is a portal to the chthonic. Yet one spell alone–even an Enochian one–is, in my experience, seldom enough to accomplish many tasks. If the Enochian magicians went to Church, they would be able to work in witchcraft as well, an adjunct to all ceremonial magic. This is also why there was a great big backlash when I evoked King Beleth, the love god of Solomon, and asked him to work with me in tantra. This meant that I would not be participating in Enochian sex magic, the Enochians’ bread and butter. It also meant that my sex force would be used to fund the old gods and the old wizards of the Deep Self instead of the Enochian magic taking place around me via my use of Golden Dawn ritual and the Hermetic magical structure. It has been quite a battle.

The Solomonic demon forms are structured for the more ancient ghosts. In order to work with them, you have to also work with old gods, especially the old gods of your own Deep Self, in my case, the Norse and African.

It is the Greek Orthodox church that can build forms for both Enochian and Solomonic. When working with the Greek Orthodox gizmos, the Enochians can form into the Solomonic forms.

It also forms the chakras more elegantly. Most systems form them as one giant whirl which only permits one powerful point of view per energy area. The Greek Orthodox and ancient Greek culture in general form them as a host of tiny whirls which is more like how they form in the body anyway. This is how the ancient gods and Angels look to me when they come in. Since beginning Solomonic magic, I have had a terrible time with what I call “peanut-butter brains,” an incapacity to think normally. I cannot telepathically “mate” with the people around me because my head powers need to be a lot of little whirls and their are all one big cone. It shatters everyone. The Greek Orthodox religion forms us into little whirls who are nevertheless part of the human world. It has been a great relief to remember how to work an Excel spread sheet.

The Thelemites place the Solomonic spirits under the command of the Enochians.

I find this to be backward. The Solomonic spirits are the more ancient beings, more powerful and more experienced. I want the newbie Enochians to be under them.

Go to church, ya’ll.

The Greek Orthodox backers complain that when a system of magic is built, say Christianity, there is always a way within it to get to the old magic. In Christianity, we have the Mother of Jesus, Mary, Mar, Sea. She is a sea goddess. Etc.

The fact that contemporary Hermetists do not understand how to use Judaism and Christianity to back, explain, and enhance their work tells me that the makers of these nouveau Hermetic traditions did not build enough trap doors into them. “This is the new era!” they crow, without understanding that the new era is a baby in poopy diapers without the old magic.

(The fact that this apprehension is even possible is due to two facts: 1) I spent seven years in B.O.T.A., which discourages Enochian magic; and 2) I worked extensively in John Michael Greer’s Circles of Power, a system that leaves out Enochian magic in preference for the Cabalistic work of the Golden Dawn, principally in magical eucharists (this system’s practical work doesn’t function). It was an accident that I spent thousands of hours at these disciplines, then moved into African-American witchcraft, which actually works operatively and which my Deep Self has three hundred years of experience at, that enabled me to avoid doing solitary Enochian magic, though I did ascend to the level of Practicus in a very corrupt lodge of the Golden Dawn. Otherwise, I would be doing what everyone else is doing, so I don’t blame anyone for doing it, and realize how rare this experience is. At the same time, I am going to make hay while the sun shines!)

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