The Bad Boy

The gods clump up people who are like them and cause them to be formed into beneficial energy workers in ways that are not really possible in the tech-savvy modern world that has left behind the ancient energy work.

The old grimoires call this “binding a spirit” and do not make a distinction between a ghost and a living person. They are all spirits.

Loki binds the bad boys. I was informed that I must work Loki with Freyja, in part perhaps because it is Freyja who binds the bad girls.

There are a lot of anti-social geniuses in the world, and while it would be easier just to kill them–which happens–it is better to figure out how to use their talents while protecting the rest of the world from them.

This is perhaps part of the reason Odin entered into the blood brothership with Loki that brought him into the Aesir. As Lyndon Johnson said, “It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in.”

Loki brought a certain relative to my attention when I asked him to heal an innocent who was essentially a lost cause–Loki is the ultimate solution whenever there the situation is hopeless–and this caused me to see that part of the general malaise around the child is the destruction of a close relative.

When someone is badly injured–especially an anti-social genius who has blown his mind out on drugs–that can have significant ramifications on others from the underworld. This is especially true of drug users and the insane, because these conditions cause a person to be psychically open.

We live in various energy grids: our profession; our ancestors and family; our magickal traditions and houses of worship; our neighborhood. Whenever someone “is” something in an energy grid, it increases the likelihood of others also “being” that.

When a person’s self-destructive lifestyle injures not only them, it makes destruction more likely in others.

Also their excellence.

We must heal the people around us.

Doing magical work toward someone creates an energy circuit that causes them to do energy work for us in the underworld, for better or for worse. As a Latina, I have met with much brujeria from others who sought to take away my stuff. An old boss once cursed me–and lost her business for it. By the same token, I have performed beneficial energy work for people who do not much “make” and have, in turn, been blessed by it,  partly by reorganizing the energy grid within which we live. Burning candles and praying psalms and the rosary and making the blota in the Norse tradition puts energy into the system within which I function with that person, and it has had beneficial effects for me.

Anti-social geniuses can be turned into resourceful healers in the underworld IF YOU HEAL THEM.

Contemporary Hermetics does not do enough healing. B.O.T.A. has a healing ritual once a month and the Color and Sound healing system is almost impossible to perform because the members, by and large, will not “make” for it in the underworld.

The Golden Dawn has no regular system of healing until Adeptus Minor–five years at the least–and this is probably responsible for the spectacular fiasco the Golden Dawn always turns into.

I am not that familiar with Thelema, but it seems that it is along the same lines in its charitable endeavors, and has turned Solomonic magic into psychic experimentation.

The egregore of these gorgeous high magicks fails at one of the most fundamental tasks of magic:


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