Why the Demons Crap Out Your Life

A famous complaint about Solomonic magic is that it wreaks havoc in your life.

I am a prime example. The demons ran off my rich, elegant husband; blew my life savings; got rid of every object I owned; got me fired from a very lucrative job; got me in trouble with lots of powerful and potentially hazardous people; and moved me across the country.

That’s for starters.

I put off doing the demon work for ten years because I was afraid that they would crap out a wonderful life I had arranged for myself.

And they did.

But they also revealed to me many of the weaknesses in that life and the dangers to myself in it.

I was afraid that the demons would not understand my life and would be clumsy and stupid about what they changed.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

If I had gone ahead and submitted to their changes ten years earlier, I would not have had many tumultuous and destructive events later.

The demons are not these foreign spirits from who knows where–though at first some destructive energies can get into them until the operator and their ancestors are purified. They are partly the immortals of your own Deep Self who, by virtue of having the same HGA energy structure as you, are absolutely invested in your success. They are also the immortals of your ancestors who are part of your soul as well. They are also the old gods who have worked with your oversoul, in some cases for thousands of years.

Your HGA is a life power and separates itself from those beings who are long dead for its own safety and functionality. It has memory of them but not the kind of active work and communication with them that it had when they were living. If a living wizard is doing Deep magic, the HGA can work once more with the old immortals of its being in evolving ways. Christianity barred the way for much of the Deep work that the HGA used to do, and this is not good. Solomonic magicians working in the old style perform much work of healing for the HGAs of everyone around. It is valuable and one reason to abandon Enochian magic for Solomonic straight up.

In some cases, the demons also include gods who have made serious oaths to other traditions and must now break them in order to work with you. The penalty for this is often death. Yes, demons can die. When they enter the Solomonic system, there are certain agreements they must make to both the system and the operator, and vice versa, and if either party violates the agreement or, at a certain point, tries to leave the magic, everyone is energetically shattered.

This is why a death pact was required in the old European demon work. It made very clear that EVERYONE was in it for keeps.

I don’t know, but I suspect the workers in many African Traditional Religions have death pacts as well, or they would not exercise the power of taking life, which they clearly do and use against Solomonic magicians regularly. You have to bet your life against your victim’s to kill them, however. Ouch.

These spirits have a lot of skin in the game. You are NEVER left entirely in the hands of spirits who have no investment in your success.

When an operator works with HONOR, they are gorgeous. It is when people who want something for nothing, chicks they can’t afford, revenge, and other destruction that is the reputation of DEMONS–that is when they get testy, and even then, they try to elevate the operator into the genuine humanitarian work that is possible with Graeco-Egyptian-European magic.

The Solomonic portal is all things to all people. It becomes what you are capable of. It stretches you and pushes you. It demands everything–and is worth it.

By the time you are able to do the demon work, the entire magical structure of humanity has arrayed such patterns and force against you that you are a cripple being used as a battery.

I came very close to not being able to function at all, and even now I am still on thin ice with my entire life.

Ceremonial magic also always trends toward the confiscation of the temple, and the demons will do much to keep that from happening. Once the whole thing is truly up and running, everyone’s energy stays with the temple until the death of the wizard. It is actually better that it do so. The thief will ask for gold and women and preeminence of every kind, and the demons will grant some of those boons while doing WHATEVER THEY WANT in many worlds at the thief’s expense, but this is not preferable. They want to work with their wizard and do their proper work.

The Solomonic spirits always do whatever they want. You have to accept many unforeseen consequences and situations that often turn out to be exactly what you want in the end, or what was necessary, but not how you thought it would come about.

It is also advisable to have ONLY ONE chthonic portal, because each chthonic portal undoes the work of the others and restructures the entire magic of the operator, something I learned the hard way when the Abramelin destroyed everything but itself–and the Abramelin without Enochian magic is not very effective. So these people who have multiple grimoire works going at once are creating a giant pile of chaos and ineffectiveness for themselves and laying themselves open to parasitic destruction.

I prefer The Lesser Key of Solomon with the support of my ancient Norse gods, Latin Catholicism, some Greek Orthodox Church, Buddhism, and plenty of witchcraft because there are lots of wizards in it. My experience with the other portals is that with fewer wizards, there are fewer MINDS, and less guidance on how to proceed.

It is also more practiced in ceremonial form on the West coast of the U.S. than the East, where Solomonic work is more commonly approached through the paper seal plus herb/jar/mojo structure of the African/African-American tradition. That is a valid approach which I have used–and love. But it is different in different areas.

We have a rare and wonderful opportunity to reconstruct ceremonial magic with this grimoire because there is a critical mass of men AND women working in it. Let’s not waste this opportunity, she said, limping a bit.

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