Clearing One’s Karma: Latin Catholicism

Solomonic magic used the scaffolding of Latin Catholicism for a thousand years, and Latin Catholicism has been in continuous use itself for two thousand years. This means it is in the energy band of the earth itself, and any god or old immortal anywhere can ping the earth to obtain the patterns. I have seen Chinese immortals ping the earth to pick up the pattern, when they never practiced a lick of it in their lives.
The depth magics are exhausting to regular modern ghosts and to regular modern people. We are not used to doing that much land spirit work or work with very old immortals in different systems. The Norse immortals of my Deep Self have their own system(s), and in order for a ghost to enter and be healed in them, they have to make certain agreements. Some would rather not or would rather not make certain agreements. (I suspect this is true of all of the magics, none of which my ancestors practiced in life. I am assured this is very true of Solomonic magic.) The depth magic also works with old immortals, and they are very “hot.” The old powers form the dead differently, which causes a backlash. This is different from the normal underworld of this place and time, and we all have to learn to carry the energy. A bit of familiar stuff like Latin Catholicism enables the ghosts to “rest” in something readily recognized.
Some of them say the passageways are already etched into Solomonic magic in a way and can be ready used.
I had many problems dealing with the magic before I began attending mass every week and praying the rosary in Latin every day, so I am going to recommend this practice to those coming after me in learning this magic.
I would estimate that about 60% of clearing your karma can be accomplished using Latin Catholicism and offerings to the saints. The magic of regular Catholicism doesn’t seem to work as quickly as conjure or Solomonic magic, which hit like a hurricane and have those lovely signs that are absolutely clear. It also doesn’t track as well with the tarot. I suspect it has to pay a tax to the Catholic Church, which is why a lot of Catholics don’t bother with it anymore. But it does have a long, slow capacity to change things for the better gradually, which is good. It also trains people and ghosts who are not used to witchcraft or consider it wicked so that they can “make” for the living in socially acceptable ways, and that is good.
It also works well with many witchcrafts in common use today, like Latin American or Afro-Hispanic. It also works well with people who have a lot of Catholics in their Deep Self or their oversoul (HGA). Such people–and souls–often come from the Southwestern part of the United States, Latin America, or Europe. I have a lot of Catholics in my Deep Self, but a lot of Lutherans in my Deep Self and HGA. This means I have to attend Lutheran church occasionally to enable them to really “make” in Catholicism. You might have to go to your ancestral church(es) as well to build a bridge, especially if your ancestors were Protestant.
How to Do Operative Catholicism
1.   What is the problem? Christianity focuses on healing physical illness of the body, because Jesus did mostly that. Some Rosicrucian systems only allow this as their operative magic. This is like leaving money on the table. The best healers are the ghosts of doctors and nurses, and they are in short supply! Many ghosts who are not doctors and nurses are excellent at jobs, lovers, family, hobbies and interests, and so on. Humans develop from all of these, not just from having good health, which is best handled by western medicine anyway. There are many “saint dictionaries” available online to give you an idea of who the patron saint of various things would be. Look that saint up.
2.   Figure out if the saint will be a good match for the situation. Divination and meditation assist. The Catholic saints commonly used in the Latino world are often very good at operative work. Other saints worked considerably in the Catholic countries of Europe are also good at their work. I have worked not just with the Virgin of Guadalupe, who is marvelous at just getting me regular about things, but Saint Joseph who is the patron saint of the Italians who lived near me in New Jersey.
3.   Obtain a prayer card or statuette of the saint and provide offerings like candles, a cup of water daily, flowers, incense, food. Pray and meditate with the saint often. The saints like to spend time with you and will often offer suggestions. Work a rosary, especially in Latin, for the petition often, especially if you are a woman. Mary is the principal god of the demon work for women. 
4.   Make sure you perform daily divination. Even if you are not divining about the petition, the fact that you are keeping your divinatory tools “hot” means that they are constantly interacting with your intuition. This will enable you to assist people around you.
5.   Help everyone in your life who occurs to you: family, lovers, colleagues, friends. Often you will be surprised how influential people are whom you have not seen or communicated with in years, especially if they were near you early in life. The early life shapes the soul, and we often entwine with one another in ways that are not perceptible later. We form an energy loop with each other that contains both the good and the bad in our character, and this informs everything we do. This is our karma. If we put optimization on everyone—healing, success, luck, protection—the energy loop will contain the best of both parties and will make the world a better place.
This will also help you to live by the highest aspects of Christianity, an absolute necessity when dealing with the old demon magic, for it is full of bullies and feared by most and should be worked with the greatest benevolence that one can muster. I had lived an earnest and devout Christian life for two decades before undertaking Hermetics, and even then I was so absorbed in lodge grades and the development of my own energy that I did not overtly help those around me, and it brought me very  low.

Help those around you as a good witch, and the gods of the underworld will be strengthened in goodness and will be able to enter the stream of human evolution in elegant and benevolent ways. They will be welcome by the ghosts and the living alike.  

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