European Witchcraft

In a way, the whole point of any depth magic like Solomonic magic is to construct portals whereby ghosts and energy beings of various types can work as life gods–money and life work, love and family, protection, healing, interesting projects–with humanity using the normal effective operative work. The normal effective operative work of Solomonic magic was the witchcraft of the era, which is European.

One evocation for a petition, no matter how wonderful, is usually enough to organize the task of performing the many divinations and ten to twenty spells to get the job done and the ongoing work to keep it done and to give it a jump start. It does need additional fuel after that.

Thus the Solomonic spirits need the witchcraft that is native to their system in order to accomplish the work.

This is mostly not being done. The operative work of contemporary Hermetics is Enochian talismanic magic, especially in sex, all of which uses the prana or body energy of the operator to fuel the working.

This is expensive and in some ways unethical, because we are connected to our ancestors, clan, children, lovers, people who desire us, lodge mates, etc., by the body energy and especially by the sex energy. Thus an Enochian talisman is going to drain the entire network. I know people in lodges who are unable to really evolve spiritually because so many of their lodge mates are doing Enochian magic and draining them without their knowledge or consent.

A cheaper and better alternative is to energetically fund the work with offerings like the classic offering, which is fire. (Aaron Leitch has been greeted with a great deal of criticism for suggesting the use of offerings, derisively called “cookies and milk.”)


They are part of all high churches that I am acquainted with because they work.

Fire is also part of witchcraft in that the witch often worked at her cauldron, which was suspended over a roaring fire.

Most Solomonic magicians do not do this because it is not explicitly stated in the medieval Cliff’s notes that are our grimoires and experimenters like me are having to learn by a school of VERY hard knocks what the spirits need.

I started my actual persistent witchcraft work in hoodoo, the witchcraft of the American South, probably because I grew up there. It sounded normal. It is also currently practiced, so it is more available in the soul matter.

I had read up on wicca through Scott Cunningham’s excellent books, tried a few spells, and nothing worked. Mostly I didn’t comprehend what to do, in that the egregore is not currently functional the way it is with hoodoo and the curanderismo of my ancestry.

I now see that it uses the very same techniques of hoodoo, and with some of the same herbology:

– baths
– teas
– pouches of herbs
– tinctures instead of oils

Instead of quoting the Bible and asking the Lord to get the job done, it uses rhymed couplets for the petition.

The Black Man at the crossroads is just the plain old Devil.

I will leave you to the published sources for how to make it happen for yourself.

A Solomonic evocation is an energy jump several magnitudes in power above normal. I have been demanded to do some crazy and awesome things that had some screeching and harsh outcomes like losing a job. This all takes place in a state of high illumination where it makes perfect sense at the time and later is seen to be absolute insanity while also wonderful.

This last evocation, the underworld god informed me that the Solomonic spirits use European witchcraft to gauge themselves. They cannot see exactly how the thing is going to strike me without the European witchcraft.

Gender is also an issue.

Solomonic magic is man magic, and men have great wisdom and power in certain ways–and women in other ways. It is the witchcraft that allows one to glimpse the feminine perspective and adjust the operation so that it is not so draconian.

The fundamental biological imperative of all masculinity is to dominate women. Subjecting myself to a great big pile of man magic for twenty years and caused me to make stupid mistakes so that I could be under the domination of men.

If you are a female taking up Solomonic magic, which is done in this era, be sure to do a LOT of witchcraft and work with goddesses to be able to modulate the whole business and not have the catastrophes that lead you into submission.

European witchcraft works differently from hoodoo and curanderismo, which strike like lightning and cause weird things in exactly the way you want. This is in North America, BTW. I can’t speak for Europe where the traditional witchcraft might work better.

In my experience, European witchcraft instills a gentle wisdom in how things must be performed in the real world. It also highlights better avenues of action. It is a road to the great wisdom of the witches in helping people evolve in the soul through interaction with life. It also works the system telepathically in more effective ways than the ethnic magic.

Race is not everything, but it does affect how the magic hits. European witchcraft works in and through persons of European descent, and since these persons are usually in positions of power in the world, including it will cause things to go better within the middle-class system of normal.

Solomonic magic automatically forms up the Jewish old ones and connects to Jewish people in one’s network, yet I have come to the conclusion that the fundamental magic of Judaism opposes my work because of polytheism. Thus I have opted to honor my Jewish ancestors and the old ones in the mystical and operative Cabala through other means, generally astrological magic. The practice of European witchcraft gives them a safe portal to work in so that they do not have to deal with either demons or pagan gods.

Catholics of European ancestry and other high church Christians are often unable to energetically mold themselves in the underworld into hoodoo and curanderismo because it is too energy intensive and too different from their fundamental energy. It shatters them. They are also unable to “make” in Solomonic magic without the assist of European witchcraft.

When they have their potions and their rhymes, the European people in your grid can very gently begin to learn to “make” in energy so that when they die, they will be able to achieve the kind of chthonic cohesion necessary for many paths of evolution. If the only humans who retain cohesion in the afterlife in the style of life gods are the rich whites who attain it by class alone and the laboring ethnic folks, we will have a very dull world, one that will lead to the inevitable destruction of the middle class.

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