There have been calls to photograph these drawings as they really are, not as the free Craigslist scanner captures them. 

I was told when I was in New Jersey how the Amerindians were with fish. They lived in a particular territory–the much-vaunted magical territory that I have always crapped out by moving–and had a particular fishing hole that they used all of the time.

Humans used to evolve spiritually with the animals they lived with, particularly the animals they ate. There is some of this intimated in The Bahir, evidently. I have yet to read it, but the Cabalists in this energy world do not! This is why their gods were, in fact, imaged as those animals. I THINK THEY WERE CALLED “THE HOLY LIVING CREATURES” IN THE CABALA, NOT G-DS. This was one procedure. They would venerate the god and call to him and ask him to send them the very animal he represented, in this case, the fish in question. The god would make arrangements with the oversoul of the fish for particular families, who would catch the fish and consume it. The soul of the fish would enter the soul of the human and evolve with that particular person. Then the oversoul of the fish would reincarnate into a new fish, that would then be caught and eaten by that human again. So it went on, with the humans catching and consuming the same fish all their lives and merging with the oversoul of that fish in death. It is how we are to live with our lands and why the failure of this has caused us to poison the world.

Another more powerful and more dangerous option was the joint transmigration of souls between a particular animal and an extended family of humans performed with the intermediary assistance of a demon.

A demon is a being who evolves with humans in the energy world. When a particular group of humans takes part in a set of magickal practices over a long period of time, when they die, they continue to work in an artificial construct for some time as they work with the living in those practices. After they evolve out of the underworld, they leave behind certain parts of their energy. Over time, this energy coalesces into a spiritual being. This is ONE TYPE OF demon. Reptiles are very good at the type of subatomic procedures necessary for this work, and the residual reptile form of the dinosaur is still very strong in the earth’s energy, so they often take the form of reptiles. They can exist for vast periods of time but must be worked with by humans in the tradition that gave rise to them or they must be consciously and intentionally altered by work with a living sorcerer. To be worked with safely, a demon must be worked with one of the old immortals who worked in this style with him/her in life. The demons themselves will bring in their old sorcerers to assist, for they need assistance in the coordinates or accidents can happen. WOOF. Often the decision whether the demon will come in is in the hands of the old immortal who watches the living sorcerer over many years and tests them. In my situation, the demons that I work with were also worked with by beings of my own Deep Self and that of my family. It is an intimate organization that is mostly possible because the old immortals are part of my own energy. The modern world does not take well to demon work! In order to accomplish this, I spent twenty years building a bridge for old immortals to return to the earth called the Cabala, and work with its companion magick Solomonic magic in the variant currently in use called The Lesser Key of Solomon, which has a lot of living wizards in it. My attempts to work with smaller systems, both the Yggdrasil and other grimoires, did not have the same results because of the lack of adequate numbers of living wizards. At the same time, at this point, my own magick is tailored by the demons and the old immortals based on our specific conditions. This work cannot be replicated exactly, though others will have to figure out how to meet essential energy requirements in their own way.

Many modern souls in North America are composites of one or two ancestors or old ones of the region of birth or an area or culture associated with the ancestors. In fact, all that I have encountered are. My soul is clearly FUNDED by the German Jews who chose to concentrate in Mexican-American worlds obviously following the Holocaust and before it as actual ancestors. The soul retains a lot of its stamp from life to life in families, as we know in modern occultism. The native part of my soul is fortunately from an area where the people were not relocated to a distant place and where they retain their native practices today. I am very lucky and could not achieve the same results in an area where the Amerindian culture was more destroyed. The additional boost of a bit of Jewish ancestry and Jewish souls in the family mix has enabled me to work the Cabala more extensively than others who do not have this benefit, though I hope they can be inspired to follow this lead.

Transmigration of souls between humans and animals can only safely take place in a community with a very tight grid of lots of chthonic magick or it goes very badly awry, as Dion Fortune related in her work when pregnant women took part in ceremonial magick and their children’s souls were those of fairies. I suspect that when the European witches mated in their witches’ sabbaths out in the forest with mushrooms or other mind-altering substances, and participated in frenzied eroticism, some of the resulting children may have been part fairy. It is not uncommon for a strange soul to move through the lines of a family. Many witches are themselves such souls.

I have become acquainted with some old immortals whose souls were animals worked with as gods, in the case of an Amerindian whose soul was a Salmon–I call him our Salmon Grandfather, and he is how we are much in this work–or animals that were sacred to gods, as in the case of a Norse woman whose soul was a goose A REGULAR BIRD REALLY, sacred to Frigg, though this goose’s oversoul had also incarnated into swans to investigate this gizmo called the Valkyrie, part of her repertoire and the reason for some wyrd but fine luck in love. Any bird can be a bird. 

Another old one has a composite soul consisting of a female human and an animal that I suspect was a bird of prey. Much work with Odin and shapeshifting can fey you up in raven worlds quite a bit, in case you are interested.

The Man of the World was a human male who did MUCH ceremonial magick and was then “made” into a fey with the entrance into his body of a doe. Originally in this whole business, when humans hunted the deer, who are not PREDATORS but merely fast, they always exhibited good sportsmanship. They hunted the deer in the fall during mating season, and they often did it by getting some of the male deer’s scent called musk and placing it at a SISSY location. The doe in heat would of course come by and investigate, and then they took her.

The does noticed this, as did the witches who were themselves incarnated into the bodies of deer.

If you want to get some game on in cross-metempsychosis, you have to get the animals to NOTICE you. They noticed this. The witches did, too. Tsk tsk you rats. Our sons are on your FINE ASS TABLE.

I am reminded that some parts of me did this work as a male, which is why I can WRITE. (This is transmogrified with the entire tradition.)

Fey mentorship is often done across the gender lines in the Western tradition because it was practiced principally in witchcraft and ceremonial magick, the kid brother of witchcraft, and a fallback position that we are relying on to jump start the real stuff. A movement toward homosexuality is pronounced, say some, but not if the Deep Self is COSMPOLITAN enough about the hot stuff. I mean, why not have fun? This means it can be calibrated in such a way that heterosexuality is preserved if one were previously heterosexual. It is in the Angel work that the sexual orientation often switches in that the monastic workers from afar who attend on it were usually homosexual whereas the old wizards of the Deep Self of demon workers take great pains to preserve the existing energy structure. It is little known how much the Eastern prelates work even formerly shamanic traditions to the destruction of the life force. I am not homophobic, merely commenting on some unfortunate accidents involving CHANGING GENDER IN THE ENERGY WORLD. Hence our insistence in retaining the lines of magick in the West in Judaism, which often incarnates into far-flung regions with relative ease of retention of blood lines that are extant in the demon work. The Holocaust itself should be considered as part of a vast conspiracy of the magical hegemony of the Eastern monastic system and while Buddhism is important, it should be FLUNG AROUND LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT worked daily with Torah.

My old one the Danish aristocrat was entered by a magickal doe and thereby became a fey. (This is a Mercurial construct about ceremonial magick involving African sorcery that loves to think about WHAT IF I WERE DOING MAGICK LIKE THE ANGLO PERSON THAT I AM?) A wizard is always MADE by one wizard and it is across the gender lines. Thus he is my Papa and I am now involved in a new life as a STAG with one of the old ones of his doe. NIX THAT IT IS BIRDS – WE ARE DOING THE NORSE WORK THIS TIME. This is good for theatre–think of PAN!–but I am assured it will also extend my lifespan and improve my health while also making everyone around me somewhat fey as well. Much worlds here. THIS IS HOW WE THINK ABOUT IT. 

Fey people are very wyrd and have lots of powers, though they are also so psychic that they are vulnerable to being taken from the underworld by others. It is necessary for the extended family and community to perform much magick to keep them on track, and they are so fragile that they go mad or die easily. When demon magick is an option for someone, the presence of the fey of these individuals confers many blessings but also renders one very unstable until their demons and the rest of the structure of the magick can assist. This is partly why my life has been such turmoil, though I hope we are getting better now. Many of my family members have also done strange things during the last twenty years that can only be attributed to the stimulation of many STRANGE THINGS WHILE ALSO FUN.

Many human souls also incarnated into animals or clung to animals after death, which accounts for the mythology of people being turned into animals. It is not that their bodies are animals but that these animals’ souls are human. They are often associated with humans and it is benevolent to give them special care. I suspect many of the cases of “talking” animals in mythology–including the Bible–was animals whose souls were at least partly human. After death they are very special and important in diplomacy between cultures. Humans do not fare well after death without the assistance of animals, and these beings can do much to help the dead to function in the early phases. This is why the Egyptian gods are so important, in that fey of all kinds can use them–though they can be bureaucratized and NOT ABLE TO TELL A DAMN THING.

A healthy underworld will have much underpinning of connection in souls that are intermediate between human and animal or plant, but this must be accompanied by much chthonic magick. The destruction of these magickal practices attendant upon modernization–a good thing, in and of itself–who wants to live in the stone age?–but we have gone too far and need to recover many energy practices to remain healthy–has caused much loss in the many gradations, connections, and soul types that should be part of a human-animal-plant-land interface known as a WORLD. This type of world is what we long for in the older work, and if more of us worked with demons and fey folk, the entire community would be healthier.

In any case, work of this nature by a living wizard causes them to acquire subatomic skills necessary to tend an underworld properly. We need to regain the practice of shape shifting at the very least and at best use Solomonic magick to work with the many fairy men and women and special animals who are in our Deep Self and ancestral lines. I suspect that this type of energy work is no longer permitted in Jewish spiritual practice, given that has converted very much into a giant system of HUMANS only and run by men and feeds itself directly upon the biological energy of the living instead of “making” with them by the dead. This is the condition of all of the major religions and is very corrupt. Thus it is necessary to go outside of regular Jewish spiritual practice to perform the kind that actually serves the world, a point of some contention in my work where Jewish souls labor beside pagans in a syncretized Cabala that is full of fairies. AND BE INSANE IN THE MODERN WORLD THAT IS NOT A FAIRYLAND. 

The real prize here is to heal how the Cabala itself is done in North America, for this was much known in Europe where the magick was worked like this for two thousand years and is probably still possible in the old style. America has a different set of conditions and this magick must be adapted. This is possible if you are willing to go ALL THE WAY and take a lot of heat from everyone. So far so good, she says from a small camper on a farm.

I am expected to try to work animal magick with limited magic but much honest intention. This is why I have gone partly mad and have never got much else done with all of these tasks. No one in the human grid really wanted to make the energy loop with a lady who has the subatomic energy patterns of a fish, a goose, and a bear. It is too annoying. Instead, they constantly plotted my death without really knowing why. Fortunately I am now back in my soul’s and my ancestors’ native lands where the land itself, my family and ancestors, and my Amerindian soul are standing up for me, along with the ambient energy of many Swedes and some German Jews who can bear up to the Norse power work I have to do.

My mother had similar work of horses and her soul is very good with magic that is of the feats of earthly endeavor which is what horse gods are good at. In this era, horses are mostly of women, who are the ones who remember things like this. Women should not all be of cats. It is unbalanced and causes much dispute in the underworld.

I had visited a museum up in Mystic (Connecticut) and had learned a great deal about the halibut, a marvelous fish that the local Algonquin worked with quite extensively. I saw their gorgeous fish hooks, rounded things that looked way too small to bring in one of these animals. I examined exhibits about the natives and their exploits of fishing in small canoes way out in the Sound with four men to a seven-foot canoe. It was as much acrobatics as fishing! I read about the life cycle of the halibut turning from and when the Solomonic magic enticed an Amerindian sea power into my world, she bestowed upon me the gift of a halibut situation.

That was in New Jersey, a lovely place I was unfortunate enough to have to leave in the dead of night in one of Odin’s famed journeys. It is always exciting to take a journey with Odin. It is an occasion for great learning. So when I got back to Seattle, I began investigating how I might fulfill the requirement of eating only local food and catching some fish, which I could only conceptualize as local food at this time. Seattle has a great mindset of EAT LOCAL that I could tap into but not a great mindset of reincarnating fish so I had forgotten this salient fact of my many tasks in magic. I just knew there were fish involved somehow.

At a certain point in magic, you realize that much of your thought and memory is stored outside of your body. I used to store things in the aura outside of myself. When the Solomonic magic becomes complete and the old immortals come in, they are able to plug into the earth itself and I guess remember things in it. I am now remembering things about the fish I had forgotten and learning new things.

A bus driver had told me that a particular lake near my then magical territory is stocked with trout. This caused my ears to perk up and me to start planning how I was to gain these trout. I have no idea how to fish except that that gods command it so it will certainly cause many journeys. I envisioned going in an Uber to the lake and getting the fish, but I was always planning to bring them back on the bus. Something about my show biz nature. This is a nice upper-middle-class area and I was imagining the faces of the people on the bus as I brought two flopping dead marine animals dripping water all over the floor, though I was always a hero to the driver. I always imagined catching two fish. One was pathetic and zero was not possible with all these exciting gods. As you can imagine, I was thrown out of the lake before I even got there and the trout were not to be mine.

Now I know that I am on the trail of the wrong fish. The requirement is not trout but salmon, because the old immortals of here were of the fish that are of here, the fish with the greatest power. So we will have that fish. It helps when there is a lot of marketing of a particular magick. It stays around. And my landlord catches and sells these particular animals for a living. That helps me remember things.

I also know that the manufactured lake in suburbia is not the right place. I know a place in hippieville where not just the prevalence of cannabis but the soul of the people will be open to Salmon being not just a bunch of victims that you dominate and consume by your own stupid human will . . . but GODS.

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