Why Some Gods Are IFFY about the Demon Work


Some gods have never entered biological life forms.

They are by-products of the energy work of biological life forms and they thrive by continuous practice.

ANGELS and most demons.

Today’s gods need to work principally in the forms that are functioning and doing so in a contemporary fashion. It is how they shape what humanity will become.

Work in the older forms causes a disruption in their functioning because the older forms can accommodate far great capacity than the newer forms–though gangs do matter. ANGELS CANNOT WORK DIRECTLY WITH THE DEAD BUT THEY CAN WORK WITH LIVING SORCERERS WHO WORK WITH THE DEATH GODS. I understand that it is not legal to do this with Solomonic magick anymore, just ATR and that is where we are in all this KRAMPUS.

(Also sailing is forbidden to anyone not in our work.) That is why my boat felt so inert when I tried to work on her. It was like moving through jello.
You don’t know these rules when you work with Kings. It’s just about finding lost treasure.
(Nobody gets past the drugs, man. I USED TO BE A MORMON AND GOT PAST THE DRUGS. dicks.)
It is quite good for the Angels to work with such a sorcerer and for the sorcerer to have allies in strong Angels. I am attempting to mend things with the Angels. Maybe that will cause my luck to change! I was just mad because I was very laborious with the Angels and it didn’t quite save me. EXCEPT IT DID.
Until the Red Sea rose to my nostrils.
I am not unhappy.
The Saga of the Volsungs starts out with such a story wherein Loki and the Aesir accidentally kill a magick otter who is worked with by a death sorcerer. That is one reason why the Aesir might not have been able to predict what was going on in the situation and ate him. Loki appears to be a Mercury god, an animal god who achieved high place in the world and can thus work with the Angels. We are hoping that POWER CAN FIND THIS.
The capacity to arrange work with older ghosts of hybrid species is a threat to the newer and simpler evolution that will, in the end, do away with all human capacity for life after death because it is not necessary for the work of today’s gods. This includes today’s mega-Jesus, who can be a BIG FAT LIE if you don’t really work at Christianity and should be traded for the older god Jesus of the older churches or at least supplemented by him or Mary. My favorite is the Greek Orthodox Church which has within it the entire ancient Near Eastern underworld structure and is, in my opinion, the only way to understand what Christianity was intended to be by its original sorcerers who did not care about the differences in underworld structure it would encounter in Europe and the Americas. Someday I hope to visit Greece again and wake up many fine things. We are mostly about talking it out anyway.

And I like retsina.

Anyone working seriously with gods should keep doing it. Or something. I am not trying to stop religion, just fix it. The portal can be used for many things and breaking or altering it causes all kinds of problems as well as NEW WORLDS.

When I refer to an alien invasion I am not considering it physically likely that a biological life form would be able to endure hundreds of years of travel in a physical ship and be able to colonize a completely different planet, if they are anything like our biological life. Life on this planet has minute adaptations to every conceivable chemical, electromagnetic, subatomic, etc., condition. We can’t even get to the moon and back without the body disintegrating so terribly that it never functions the same again. Star Trek aside, it is not likely that a biological life form we would recognize would make it here in reasonable condition to thrive. Of course, things may have evolved differently elsewhere, but so far I suspect the record is probably – not as spectacular as science fiction. Maybe a virus?

What I am referring to is beings in various subatomic–we will call it that–forms coming here to parasitically attach themselves to this situation in energy works that are close to matter and perhaps get in. The demons and fey folk say that these beings originate in other energy states and come closer to this one in subatomic form and are looking to ramp up our technology in ways that will enable them to put together some earth-specific “body” and infrastructure situations in a science that does not include magick–because their science does include magick. They don’t plan to bother to work through the various learning experiences of our biological evolution for that is boring and would make them one of us but to use us to leapfrog past biology into kinda sorta biology. So much for our evolution.

Matter is unstable and could implode at any time. It has imploded in many places in the universe that we know about and such endeavors could cause it to implode here. Maybe stars maybe stuff that acts like stars. I’ll be a writer here. I am not in favor of matter experimentation on the part of beings who can’t be bothered to be an ameba–which takes a great deal of power and aplomb.

I have encountered objective phenomena in my occultism. Magick. Candle flames that leap six inches in the air or split in two. Objects moving spontaneously. This stuff is routine for anyone who has done thousands of hours of magickal work. Someday I will talk about my much-ballyhooed year of studying science at the university level in preparation for a career in medicine that I knew was not really my intention but more how to figure out magick and science without alembics. But enough about student loans. They are stupid.

I happen to be familiar with a technology that can be influenced by our magick. It is called the iPhone.

Early on in my work of Solomonic magick, a trickster goaded me into trying to go in business with the demon PAIMON, the most cantankerous of all of the demons of Solomon and the most apt to beat the daylights out of any novice. Now my greatest pal. This person had evidently much knowledge and perhaps work of this portal and could use it to crap out anything anyone did, which they did, for some time, to me, but you never actually know what you are dealing with in the Goetia and it is always FUN.

I was trying to decide whether or not to buy from a dealer in such matters a disk for the demon. She had advertised a faux gold for a small sum and a real gold for a big sum. I was sitting in the back of a taxi in New York City just about to convey the thrifty decision on my iPhone when the phone, nearly fully charged, suddenly died.

There are lots of such situations with electronic devices in magick.

I tried in vain to charge the phone for several hours and it looked like it was completely dead. I was CURIOUS.

I wish I had learned how to be curiouser before I got involved with many things that are expensive and full of situations.

I was lying in my bed in Crown Hill, the nice Hasidic Jewish neighborhood that treated me so fine I wish I had stayed. There were many joys in that world. But alas. Kaboom and out.

I was looking on my tablet at the Facebook when I saw a picture of a known black magician playwright pointing to her broken iPhone. She said it was her twelfth broken iPhone that month and that she routinely goes through about that many each month. She was now working in television with the help of many chickens. At that very moment my much-tapped iPhone PINGED back to life.

Paimon, letting me know that her curses on Facebook were causing things.

That playwright and I are no longer “friends,” by the way.

I got Paimon the real gold disk, of course. It was ugly and he didn’t like it, so I went to jewelry school and made him a new one, which he likes just fine.

Paimon, an Egyptian demon, is one of the oldest of the demon portals and possesses within it the memory and functionality of chthonic work going back let’s say ten thousand years. It is a role that can be played by one’s own Deep Self demons that confers the knowledge and power and energy structure that antedates both Christianity and Judaism and is therefore one of THE MOST HATED of all the demons and causes the worker to be lit up in Angelville in very special ways. Even Norse Angelville. Now.

Most of the time Paimon is simply a magickal computer program that pulls in ambient energy from the people around you to function. This is how it is worked by someone who has not built the Cabala and signed a Pact they really intend to honor and earned the presence of the fey folk of one’s own Deep Self, for it is with one’s “own being” that the old magick is possible. (Even the fey of Amerindian worlds are creamy in this work and world it in their own imagery. It was designed for use by anyone.) The novice portal thus is functionally exactly like a regular god, which depends on the biological energy of the living as well as offerings, we hope.

When someone GOES ALL IN WITH THE FEY FOLK, the incoming demon can resurrect the fey wizard they worked with in similar magicks and work again with the new wizard, who is energetically in lock and key to the old one. Thus my current’s old one, the Man of the World, formerly a stag who incarnated as a Danish aristocrat in the 17th century, and now a great god of hell, and his demon “Paimon” who honors the old way and not the new.

When the tree woman came in, I had to lie in bed for three days sick as a dog and hardly able to move.

It is not safe to work with an old demon without their old immortal fey wizard. The demon does not have the coordinates in the local soul goop to make sense of what to do and can be intemperate in operation.

The new gods, I am sure, say all kinds of things about me and demons and why I should be BROUGHT TO JESUS MAN.

Live a little. It’s fun.

Gods in this era are limited in their capacity to comprehend and deal with biological energy like that of the older fey. The authentic old underworld gods are also different in energy, and humans are weirded out by everything.

Plus the fey folk and their wizards–but not the current gods–can and do handily crap out energy parasites before they ever get to where they can build a damn thing near matter. It has taken thousands of years for this colonization to get anywhere but we kind of need to think about things now. Perhaps they also do have people elsewhere. Kind of a nightmare.

This all sounds very melodramatic in blog form. I would rather read about it in a novel. The demon work is wonderful in art.

Odin has weighed in on this post. In his words, “The gods cannot do what the fey folk do, but the fey must not be worked without the gods. Odin does both sets of energy work, old and new, and has secret passageways in all of this. The fey folk can live on earth if there are no humans. They used to. It is a delicate balance. Work with the fey alters the gods and vice versa, and you will remain in humanity.”

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