Of Knowledge of Hebrew as a Language

To be hard headed is the requirement of WOMAN IN LUST.

In her introduction to The Mystical Cabala, Dion Fortune wrote something that I only now understand: “Of knowledge of Hebrew as a language I am guiltless.”

I always blamed her for this–and always planned to get around to Hebrew ONE OF THESE DAYS.

As I labored with the Hermetic Cabala for a decade in my ex’s presence, our Jewish ancestors taunted me through him, “You can’t have women reading.”

I guess there is a curse on any woman who mounts TORAH. This is how they kept the second stringers in DA MACHINE while the greatest fey warriors were caught in the Chinese finger trap of TWO KITCHENS.

Why were they Jews? I can hear some asking. Those Rabbis and ceremonial magicians would arrange for the witches to be brought into Judaism as poor women THANKS 4 FAMILIAR TERRITORY and it took a few lifetimes but eventually they learned the ropes, as with any new underworld. NICE LEVERS, BOYS.

The Jews have informed me that they are good at bringing the old souls of all types into their world and just NO WAR was their business. Oops. We now are going backwards to the YES WAR position. I was informed I would be brought in IF WISHFUL THINKING IS A REALITY.

I now opine that at a certain point in the work of Cabala, a woman becomes so psychic that she hits that wall of crazy known as WOMEN NOT READING and . . . can’t learn Hebrew if she doesn’t already know it. In fact, it is very clear to me that the only Semitic language open to me is Arabic SOME DUTY. The Quran I now see as an elegance I labored with first out of duty and BLIND. Mohamed understood that the Arabian peninsula was the bassinet of the sorcery of the western world, yet the fey-wizard-god-aristocrat-people-fey nexus had been broken, and the best course was THE FINERIES OF ART. The Quran is mostly a masterpiece of POETRY which we use to take a running start at the whirling of the ELEVATIONS. It is just me and my ecstasy that gets the attention of eternity and brings me up to snuff. And they are clean, thank you.

It has taken the bonds of BLOOD to get the fey to be able to perceive and teach me how to get the Norse work functioning for them. This is possible in limited capacity for many, and I have no idea what is going to happen when the Chinese get full of Viking war – they seem to do just fine.

Jailbreaking the Norse work for the Americas has been about comprehending in ALL of the traditions that the Norse fey might have worked in, ended up in, or been born into:

  1. Norse, of course
  2. Catholic Christianity
  3. Lutheran Christianity
  4. Orthodox Christianity – hard as the dickens
  5. Slavic work ? I have not done except in opera
  6. Celtic work ? Poetry only so far
  7. Islam, when they were carried in bodies to all those lovely faraway places – old ones
  8. Judaism – very likely 
  9. And we know they contrived to get born into the African slave world – hello
  10. The Amerindian world(s) of one’s birth place and/or ancestral home. My family has both situations, so unless you have a sibyl handy to read your soul, please look into the traditions of the land you have a real connection to. I notice this is how it has worked out in my family. 

If we are to jailbreak the Cabala, we should take a similar approach. The de-androgynization of the human soul has caused it to become bureaucratized to the utmost, and while that great big pile of BOOKS is nice, and would take seven lifetimes to read and master, for mostly odd results as we see in the furry hats of Brooklyn, not to mention the glorious business of the kitchens, we need to work in all of the traditions that the fey of the Cabala would have been of, or they cannot be fully CRANIAL. I leave it to the rich and masterful scholarship of the Jewish grandmothers to achieve this end and some dumplings.

Many of the souls in Israel who are incarnated into Jewish bodies are, of course, Muslim in so many lives that they are being crapped out, and the djinn forced into the awful nonsense of a NEW state religion. We need to help them by learning Arabic stuff at the very least. I have a close relative who is a Muslim soul who was swept into our family to hold down the fort for ELEGANCE. This person is ill in many ways from the war between Arabs and Jews. Troubles in the homeland translate to non functionality in people who have much connection to the earth lords. My grandmother had a single route to the grocery store and back, and that was her lifeline, without which there were panic attacks for no real reason.

The Golden Dawn does not make resort to kosher sources, so we don’t get anything more than Dante, and they don’t tell us why The Divine Comedy was considered the greatest book of the Middle Ages. Clear as a bell. You can’t work the Christian Cabala without literature and art.

I have always wanted to say, WHAT? We are slaves of Crowley and of Europe. It is ridiculous. So much talent being wasted and my friends all dying a decade early. Power grows as you age. You can’t just die.

Those shabbat candles work like crazy, though. Man, can I get people jobs or what — but mostly in New York! I am always being badgered for not healing, when the Christians have tricked up healing so badly that their portals take a cut and scramble everything with Angel tricks and JUDGEMENT so I have to heal with other approaches. I am also disgusted with the fact that Christianity pulled all of the making into healing, so that the money work was automatically transferred to the church and love was crapped out by chastity. In my opinion, getting someone a job means they have to be well enough to work. Ditto love.

I see Dion Fortune from here. She is giving me the heads up. I know she entered the underworld to protect her work and I keep trying to work out permutations of what could have been different, take this out, add this, change things up. Always a race against time.

I am aware that she died as a result of the Holocaust THE BLATHERING. Most of the luminaries of this era did.

And here is where we have more problems called DYING. I know everyone is asking me why I am rushing the gates of heaven. At one point, we were all sitting at the war table with Thor. He was presenting various effective strategies for dealing with the situation: go underground; buy a gun; take initiation into the African tradition–all shot down by Odin, who had turned himself into a fractal. So he put down his hammer Mjollnar and had a glass of mead.

The Holocaust has broken us–and has broken Thor in particular. Millions of Jews were killed by people who were their soul brothers. I had past lives on both sides and it was miserable all the way around. It is not that the fey illuminati wanted that horrible war. They clearly tried to stop it and got many Jewish souls into lives in far-flung parts of the world. Hello. The fey only ever do what the humans actually function in. Now the Jews are BEING THEMSELVES finally in war, only they are mad. Not that I notice.

I was instructed by the Man of the World to spend every cent of my life savings, including my teacher’s pension and inheritances, on hotels and restaurants and he was there with me the whole time. It was not fun EXCEPT IT WAS. And it changed my THOUGHTS. Then I asked the magic for the RIGHT day job, and they got me jobs scrubbing the floor. And I was grateful. More about this later on BEING A WOMAN IN THE UNDERWORLD. (Wars are also a means of offending the fey who are too regimented in the gods of the systems. I was very popular with the Muslims until the Iraq War situation described in the earlier post “Collisions with Wealth and Power,” and bankrupting myself was a form of PENANCE after I had sold out. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. HAVE SOME FUN.)

Everyone wonders why the Norse gods would support this asshole situation called the Third Reich.

Thor CREAMED the Nazis and sent our workers into the laboring classes. This is why I am scrubbing the floor. They have to loop on some of what the Norse workers actually do.

Now they are in prison, a lot of them, for many reasons, and I am not interested in propounding the dogma of a DEAD GERMAN any more than I really like dealing with the DEAD JEW, but I do. I have much work of Mormon Christianity, and it was wonderful while crapping out some of my art. But prison is something we must face in our work, and not just getting Israel some cool gizmos, which I have done. The fey always deal in REALITY.

Prison is due to many societal factors of the rich and their cows, and we could solve the problems of poverty if we CARED.

But they can’t be unloved. Evidently prison has been DISCOVERED by the fey as a place where there is enough power and enough WAR and enough love for the workers to find their god Thor again, and I’m wishing we could just RAISE GOATS, for that is a better way to acquire the subatomic patterns of a god who used to be GOATS to be leant on by the FEY and not just the gods. Of course, the only fey who can function in the Norse work are MUSLIM after all those centuries of TRADE and sometimes WAR. We transmigrate in reincarnation, though in the best of cases, it is in love and by AGREEMENT thank you. The Viking Warrior is the soul scion of some Albanian Djinn Sorcerer. The ambient making of Northern Europe is now not strong enough to raise the Norse fey and the Jewish fey have a BLOCKADE on the Norse fey work, so an Albanian djinn sorcerer is putting on HER armor again and pretending to be blonde, because the djinn work is pretty much blocked in Islam AND WE NEED A WORLD TO WORK IN. Oops, Howl, fine going after that stunt in DARPA. BOUND IN MARRIAGE AGAIN, SWEETIE? Will I never have the victory?

Both the Islamic djinn workers and the Norse sorcerers knew in advance that their worlds would fall to giant systems, and so arranged to transmigrate souls via reincarnation into each other’s worlds and BACK EACH OTHER UP IN HARD TIMES, which is exactly what I am brought to in a blue state. They also both entered the Jewish lives with their NINE WORLDS of the Cabala.

So here we are, Muslim Viking Warrior Cabalists BOARDING GOATS, because it won’t be long before science discovers a way to close the ROKKR portal forever. It is all hands on board, if you ever loved a Viking like HE did.

The dark Santeria work is TEDIOUSLY OFF for much ancestor magick with the fey. I NOTICE UR SOON DEAD IF NOT REAL WITH UR STUFF. Their fey are KEPT HUSHED under the command of corruptible gods AND IN A DIFFERENT SYSTEM THAT YOU DON’T ENTIRELY KNOW OF AND WHILE HAVING WORKED IT IN PAST LIVES NEED TO NOT EXACTLY GROW UP OR READ OR GO DOWN TO THE CROSSROADS OKAY FRIEND GO ON, and while the work is fine AND ELEGANT YES, if you can hear the old ways of EUROPE, you will be not hearing them much and your fey old ones and those of your ancestors, extended family, lovers, and all enslaved without recourse. WE LIKE THOSE GUYS THEY WORK WITH US ALL THE TIME. I know. And there is more Buddhist invasion in all of it than we are allowed to say. BUDDHISTS ARE FUN.

My question is, why don’t they ever talk about this stuff? It appears to be worked solidly and more effectively from the underworld and if you want to put in forty years of hard work will probably get something cool. I BET IF THEY WORKED EGYPT THEY WOULD. Like us.

Here we need the Jews. DEAD.

European fey magick for several centuries was a death sentence if caught, and for that reason the European demon work has been built as a short mission, hence the pact with its two to seven years of duration then dragged to Hell, which we now know is the REAL place. The fey become entrained so badly even with seven churches and lots of earthly endeavor that you have to make a choice. You let them go and the whole thing becomes SCHOLARSHIP like many or you go home PARTLY like Dion Fortune DON’T GET FORCIBLY ENTRAINED TO THE CELT WORLD IF ALBANIAN and the truth is, the women build bigger and more cosmic demons than the men and it is often not possible for them to remain if the organization is pure. I am advertising what might be not the case but the old ones say I was already slated to be off the world with that cancer situation and it is only by the grace of the old ones and the work that I am still in my rocket ship.

Back to the story.

I don’t believe we were intended to lose Ragnarok.

The Jews have their book, the Catholics have their mass, but the Norse world has Odin. THE GODS. He is DA MACHINE. He is forty thousand years of memory and making and worlds of power and art. The witches kept Odin alive in the forest at the cost of their own lives. The thing that terrifies us most of all is his death.

The sorcerers who wrote down the myths were messing with us.

It is time to fight BUT NOT HUMANS. I know I sound crazy when I say that there is a subatomic boarding of aliens going on and that this is one interpretation of our mythology, but it is all the rage in Feyville. Pure animals can evolve to energy states that are way beyond biological life, which is why they are politely minding their own business for the most part and even willing humans off the planet because ENVIRONMENT, but the fey civilization–hybrid human and animal or tree–is designed to remain. That is why there is so much work of FUN. The fey are part of biological life, and if those bastards come in the fey will crease to help them be our new overlords of a PLANNED DEVELOPMENT of stupid. That may cause matter to poof! sooner than normal. The animals are eternal in subatomic. The fey take longer than pure animals, so some of us are DOWN TO THE WIRE.

The fish will swim up then they will swim down then they will lay their eggs all in a nice little controlled situation and they will never enter the bodies of WOMEN. Around here we call it THE GREAT BOREDOM and we’re all in favor of putting a wrench in the works.

I am told that help of some sort is possible. I am not clear about it.

Geniuses and the rich are being invited in the underworld into the mediocre alien PLANNED COMMUNITY and are of course saying yes. The scruffy set need not apply.

Thank G-d for the scruffy situation we are in!

Why am I NOT GETTING WITH THE PROGRAM in the underworld or in the above world? With possibly the usual consequences, of course?

The gods and the fey and many other powers cannot FOCUS on this world enough to function without a human sorcerer who is tuned up to it, especially in a regular life.

A sorcerer has to DECIDE and that decision can be bound. Death is not exactly irrelevant but you might find yourself in SITUATIONS that make it seem UNDERIMPORTANT. So are those funny drugs and torture and you know the ropes. You can be taken from the underworld in certain ways, but not in others.

And the truth is, there is no way to make this happen WORLDWIDE if we decide that Tacoma WHO KNOWS WHERE is mine. We are TOO PLAIN WEIRD.

Paimon has always said that time travel is possible and now I know it was built into the Catholic ritual at least as “Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, in saecula saeculorum.” – As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, worlds without end” and that Paimon himself has been required to do certain things by the Church but now he knows his lord again and, well, fine. The timeline is restored, so rock on, Fauns. The great portal of AIDS was worth it.

There was this one point where I realized that my life was being rewritten over and over again and I could feel each time shift and the range of timelines coming in, both fun and not. After my father died, I studied science to go back in time and save him, a notion I knew to be ridiculous but also see that it was what needed to happen to make sure I exist. The fey-functional humans are always being retroactively UNBORN.

Loki reminds me that I petitioned him for the life of a sick child in my family that I did not really have the ENERGY to save. Freyja involved herself as well. People leave the world because of a variety of patterns, and who am I to step in when a life does not have the energy to continue?

There is a price tag, and the Man of the World is finagling.

The fey need to remain for much longer in their energy state in order to remain cohesive than those who mount the other dimensions. If the biological world is destroyed, they die. When humans come into their world who have mounted the other dimensions, it saves them. Hence the requirement of the lady Cabalist who still works. Many fey with Jewish fractals in their heads can be with us if we do this dangerous but NICE stuff. Ditto the other work.

A woman has to do the woman magic or she can’t think, and in our work she is also a requirement of The World, that always ends in men, who can’t figure out the Cabala at this point. IT IS ENTIRELY A PINBALL MACHINE for males. Jews are better at it, some opine, and I seem able to rap in Judah without giving a rat’s ass.

There is always a problem.

(BTW Dion Fortune probably knew Hebrew just fine, but there are many curses on the situation of the Hebrew language. HERMES gets the consonants but not the vowels. It is only now, after three years in synagogue, that I have finally ascended to these diacritical markings and to the prayer book SORCERY.)

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