Why We Like the Demons Better

The gods are the enemies of the human afterlife. They get their energy from living energy of humanity. There is no benefit for them for the humans to exist after death. In fact, the intermediate state between life and true death is ANNOYING to the gods and they are continually seeking religious practice that will accelerate it.

The only upside is the dissipating energy of the RICH, FAMOUS, and GENIUS. They can be placed in structures where they eat the living, loop on them in mediocre ways, and assist in the HOMOGENIZATION of the human energy work so that the gods can siphon it more effectively.

We can call gods Angels, and they can descend far enough down to be of benefit, but realistically have no agenda for doing so as long as things continue as they are.

The gods are addicted to human energy as such and actually have a better time when things work as they did anciently, because human endeavor is actually quite fun. The richness of the old mythology of Denmark in the form of FOLK TALES shows us that people lived with gods, Angels, fey folk, ancestors, local animal devas, and all kinds of structures wrought by human thought in a rich menagerie of energy work that is now largely attenuated except in wonderful places.

The fey or Rokkr, the intermediate beings brought about by metempsychosis or magick, are the ones who construct the living-dead magicks that assist and construct the civilization of the dead that enables them to evolve to other energy states where they can remain forever. HEAVEN COMES FROM THE DEVIL, NOT GOD.

The gods assist the RICH to achieve great wealth and power if they are arranged in a way that is advantageous for them.

Gods only function properly when they are SMALL IN SCOPE like a family altar or the worship of an extended family. That is how things used to be and how they were in the days of the Man of the World, who arranged a local SAINT for reverence and cut the Church down to size as much as possible within his estate and caused his curate to be a DEMON WORKER always. It was how things were done in the great ways of Danes.

Howl and the ancestors wish to point out that the demons only come in when the sorcerer is at the end of their human life and the refusal to accept the work results in a denouement of the life and a downshifting of energies toward physical death, though living in the underworld of death causes your friends and family to VAMOOSE. This is why so many of our Enochian magicians seem to die when they do–unless they have found a way to work the death energies within other systems. At the moment, we have not yet configured that work to constrain it into the form of a SIMULACRUM IN HELL, though that is planned. I can hear my Thelemite friends shudder. Don’t worry–Odin will be involved, so your regularly scheduled programming with Thor won’t be a DIPSHIT SITUATION.

At the same time, please recall that the Cabala was only begun after forty and was always intended to end in physical death or the demon work. Your call. You have a bit before it gets CRITICAL, and I only made the cut-off at twenty years WITH MY TAIL BETWEEN MY LEGS comment the ancestors who were so downshifted by my work they swatted me. Feeling better now.

At the conclusion of the Abramelin, I was aware that my most recent predecessor, the Austrian seance worlder we call the Bourgeoise, was already deceased and that her death timing was bleeding into mine in that method. There was also a lot of fine dining on her tab, as well as being CROSSED UP BY SPOONS.

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