The Valkyrie

Perhaps some of the things I said in a recent post have caused people to wonder where I stand on the ISSUES.

I am a worker of the fey and the gods of the underworld. They have their own set of values, and you got to leave with the one that brung you.

I like spirituality, but I don’t like MEAN.

At the same time, the gods love their worshippers, and I am not about to look away from the TORTURE of some of our people of the Norse worlds. I am superstitious about my art. I ALWAYS write what the Muse gives me, even if it is not advantageous. It has saved me, because I usually get to have a quiet librarian lady life with NICE COFFEE and not step on a land mine.

Now on with the STORY.

The story cycle of the Volsungs appears in many extant Norse sources, including The Saga of the Volsungs and the Prose Edda, as well as the German courtly poem The Ring of the Nibelung. This is where we have the most extensive look at the phenomenon of the Valkyrie, though swan maiden tales appear throughout European literature and are related to tales of the selkie and other animal wives in Amerindian folklore.

I have special insight here, in that one of my old ones, the chief sorceress of my god Odin, was herself a holdover from the Valkyrie magic called European witchcraft. We call her Howl. She APPEARS as a rough and tumble medieval woman. I get the sense that fisticuffs were not uncommon, rape not unheard of, and if you don’t like your dinner, there’s the door.

Howl describes herself as a regular housewife, a good Catholic woman with a dagger who worshipped Mary. She says she ate well, which in that era means a variety of income streams in addition to her regular duties on the farm. I don’t like the term “sideline prostitute,” because that is ridiculous. Howl was more of a REASONABLE woman who got nice presents from one man at a time. ORC. Life was short and the men wanted to abbreviate the courtship period while also not having a farm to install her on. WHO HAD FARMS ANYMORE? Usually only the eldest son got the serfdom farm situation, as it was, and the others got what they got, often not so much wives as the intermittent “wife experience,” with gifts, and short lives as cannon fodder and slaves. Howl says you want a life where you will have enough to eat while not being too prissy. You had to get your work done.

I was arranged as a R.O.T.C. sweetheart at fourteen. The girlfriend unit was initially located in the drama room but manageable elsewhere. When my senior boyfriend seemed to be a bit TOO ENCHANTED with the situation, my father took him out for a beer at the local tavern. My father was an old-school Mexican gentleman with the gorgeous dignity and deportment of bygone days, something that is still practiced in the military. It is where the old souls go to RELAX. He had falsified his birth certificate and joined the Army at fourteen on account of having NO SHOES, and he PLAYED CARD GAMES in Korea, but the Army screwed up his energy in a blockheaded sort of way, so he immediately joined two other branches of the service, the Air Force and the National Guard. He was a quintuple Aquarius and needed some breathing room from ALL THOSE SYSTEMS by KNOWING WHERE TO TAP. Thus in our military strikes we had land, sea, and air and didn’t care.

Now this guy seemed to be a HAIL FELLOW WELL MET, and my father’s incipient intermediate structures sensed METAL in his destiny, and, well, our family wanted this POOR schmuck to have his LIFE, so Dada leaned hard on the SEA power, and with his waterfowl daughter all hot with ALL THAT KISSING and no problematic transgression, my swain FELL into the elegant branch of the service, THE NAVY, even if his family and the entire R.O.T.C. situation was Army. He looked rakish in his sailor’s suit, and we want you to know, SWAIN, that the ancestors and the tribe cannot always be of war. They occasionally need to rest.


I am perhaps playing into the general subterfuge of Howl in that she was often a go-between for Army stuff and carried the children that were required. Today that is mostly a question of dragons and fairies, not anything REAL. Women carried their children in their energy bodies for seven generations in that era, especially the fey humans, and they made many alterations and permutations of life patterns in their children. They also came back into their own lines and worked again. This is something the Russian Orthodox sorcerers told me about their work. They saw the witches die and be reborn into witch families and knew something was up. What they didn’t know is that they themselves were witches who were run from the underworld by women. This is the way of the greatest eras of the Church.

When I was about seventeen, my friends began talking about their children. One told me of a dream she had where she heard jungle drums powering her through the birth of her first son. About ten years later he came into the world for reals, but he was ALREADY there in his soul. He’s a great kid who is a rock star and looks just like her.

I never felt any children in me. I felt a great body of art but no children. What I had were my siblings’ children and the sense that I would have to take care of people later in life, so I didn’t burn myself out with children. I had an empty time in my middle thirties without men–just the great stretches of the ME time a woman needs to art. We should live with the truth of our wombs. I am happy and have many TIDINGS.

This is the reason I did not find the right synagogue and convert to Judaism in my thirties, and it is not an easy task anyway when the Ashkenazi underworld is really not fine with Sephardic Crypto-Jews with the Virgin of Guadalupe in their hearts. TWO KIDS. Just enough to take a woman from the underworld. Conversion was attempted–I can hear much laughing here in the ceremonial magic community–and foiled. We have too many Muslims in the Deep Self to be crapped out by Jews, and I need beauty on the PHYSICAL plane, man. This is not okay. My mantra is “I AM WHAT WE ARE,” and I have to manage myself by finding the right people where I can optimize what I need to be. I CAN’T STEER MYSELF, so I need to be home with my mother’s people and ancestors who are the ones who can balance this whole Semitic situation with Anglos and Amerindian FEY and Mesoamerican ancestors who like the LATIN.

The mechanism of metempsychosis between species was evidently a situation of witchcraft on both sides. It is never far and needs to be massaged a bit. Howl was built by a flock of geese illuminati who incarnated into human women to run the place of course. When Howl died, the geese separated from her soul, leaving distinct complete beings, though she is still with geese in some ways. CHICKENS OFTEN DO THIS NOW, PLAYWRIGHT. The morphology of the body and its customary mechanisms for coping determines so much in how we will function in the afterlife, as does the energy work of the soul(s). Thus the geese’s investment in Howl enabled everyone to POLISH UP THEIR STUFF, while Howl was sideshifted a bit in human capacity while being a savvy gal who knew she needed to FIND IT. She was also superior as hell in the energy work and much adored.

Women in the Norse work need to emulate birds. The work is so vertical, with the ancestors, the family, and the future children of the entire extended family carried so low in the energy that your cognitive work is done low in the body, making it very hard for someone so psychic to work the head powers in the modern educated fashion that I in particular require. It was very hard on me to enter this work after the Hermetic Cabala, especially being of Jewish extraction, because the Cabala beefs up and calibrates the powers of of the head, and there was a stage when the fey witches asked me to step away from Hermetic Cabala because it was shattering them and I needed them to come in. HEAR ME. Many problems of the higher stages of esoteric work could be solved through these instructions, because in the modern world, this work is so tilted toward the monastic guides that there is an inevitable drift into strict homosexuality that is not WHOLESOME and has resulted in many of my dear friends now suffering with HIV and AIDS, for this level of psychism makes infection nearly impossible to avoid. The Norse world was oh occasionally bisexual and based in the predominate heterosexuality of the animals, so no judgement. I am now very much enamored of work with birds and my mother particularly needed this work to bulk up her head powers, and did it with chickens, though I am hoping for resort to the geese of these ancient ones, both in the local variant and I would love to raise some of the white beauties, because it is they who are so much a part of my energy. The owls are also extremely important.

One of the gifts bestowed upon Sigurd when he accidentally ingested the blood of the dragon Fafner is the capacity to understand the language of birds, a faculty readily acquired in John Michael Greer’s non-Enochian Golden Dawn Cabala practice discussed in the next post, as I learned to my delight some years ago, and in the Norse work IF WOMAN IN THE UNDERWORLD. It is not that I see the birds yapping with their beaks. It is that if I focus intently on an animal, a burst of energy is emitted along with some kind of information, and I am told that a similar burst of energy comes from me with TIPS on both sides. I have evidently told them if they fey up a bit, my organization will always be able to find them again and thus navigate the world of cities by means of the PETS we have made friends with in this fashion. While I do not choose to live all the time directly in my beloved elegant neighborhoods, it is helpful to have a few HAUNTS where I can work the system, including the trees and the landscaping, to enable me to FUNCTION. I highly recommend no Enochian magick if you want to have superpowers.

Work with the fey also causes your domestic and farm animals to become fey THAT IS HUMANISH to a considerable extent. Children’s literature is ABSOLUTELY true, and we are GRATEFUL to have it, though we should consider how we might live these lives again.

While contemporary Norse pagan practice includes valuable instruction, it is the ROKKR in their WHO GIVES A SHIT liberty that enables us to say things that make the WOMEN THE BOSSES OF THE HOME and the men the bosses of THE WORLD, a fact that we readily acknowledge and in fact drift toward, as an examination of the futility of my attempt to STOP BEING A HOUSEWIFE will amply witness. NO LATINO IS SURPRISED. I have a Master’s degree in one field, much additional education in two others, and have spent nearly my entire adult life as a single competent career woman yet I am STRUNG UP ON FRIGG in ways that are simultaneously ecstatic and infuriating in a way that is not true of my god ODIN, whom I face as a separate being. It is in this configuration that the land enters my feet and the old ones of the fey are able to plug directly into the world and CHARGE THEMSELVES without slaughtering a barnyard full of animals and burning rooms full of petroleum candles. They like their altars and a bit of fire, yes, and MOSTLY PETTING AND COOING, but they are able to integrate themselves into the world INSANELY WELL. Yet I am a modern woman and will continue to have a rich, cultured and enjoyable modern life with as many conveniences and HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS JUST A BIT THANK YOU as I please, including contraception thank you, yet seclude myself a bit in pockets of quasi-rural life and spend the time in nature we all need to reconstruct our energy after excessive shattering of the fey nimbus in modern cities. The ancient energy work of humanity was built to be of small numbers and predominately scattered trees and other natural structures, with animals both domestic and wild nearby and involving themselves with us, and it does not work to be in an apartment in the city and only of modern civilization.

Now I know why the Man of the World is prone to those FITS OF RAGE with his animal sincerity and why he put on A DRESS to FIND IT in the ancient way of our god Odin. In the next post, I will detail how the great DAMIEN Paimon was bound and how it tracked precisely on the Man of the World’s experience with DEER.

It doesn’t have to be strict metempsychosis to work in fey, though it was practiced as such anciently and can be retroactively constructed in the modern era in persons willing to DIE if they can’t maintain a fairly strict lifestyle. The fey themselves will kill you DAMAGE but as I have said before, like Frodo the elves have to take you on the Western ship in the end HOPEFULLY AFTER MUCH WORK. OUCH THAT’S WHY I HAVE AIDS say half my readers. Some are perhaps wondering why I am so hell bent for leather on dying–I am not–it is that we must reconsider our definition of the term death. Anciently people lived facing a portal of great width that included both dead and living, with the living having gods and the dead having demons, and the body being of such great succor to the oversoul that it was routinely gotten off so that the oversoul could construct an energy in itself that was overcapacitated for such a being. This is why we are in a routine of dying the minute we get this knowledge. The oversoul has run amok. It was always only a great deal of magic and spirituality that kept it under control anyway, and now that the wizards are kaput the whole thing is tricked up and impossible to comprehend with each human having two or more oversouls within it. Mine are being addressed with mechanisms of both situations and healers on all sides as well as hinderers and energy thieves. And I am fey-ish at this point and routinely asswiped by humans. The Man of the World has reconstructed himself in serious feyness which is why he keeps losing when he used to win in elegances of the Church. This is a matter of some embarrassment for him, in that he used to cause my computer to malfunction all of the time and now he is a green man like the Green Knight of Sir Gawain fame.

Now back to the story. It used to be that the entire concept of death was where you were in the energy process. Our portal has narrowed such that we are either part of a biological mechanism or not and not thought to extend further in time. Anciently this was obviously ridiculous because the dead were SEEN and FELT and MANIPULATED OBJECTS, as they do now in some quarters. Agnostics might say that perhaps the human energy field itself manipulated the objects, so while magick works it is simply a question of the human being working it. Thus the death of the body should be seriously considered as the END. WELL WHAT CAN I SAY? There is no way to refute this idea. You simply have to take on faith the idea that YOUR OWN PAST LIVES are still alive despite being dead AND WHEN YOU READ THIS LAUGH and that if you are NORSE WORKERS the Aesir can indeed take you into their death portal, which is why we always place ODIN at the highest level of regard and involve him in ALL OTHER MAGIC so that we are not downshifted in the magick and underworld and extended family grids I will discuss in a future post.

Howl herself was a part of a goose oversoul complex that included a flock of geese and some swans, other animals, as I can see, though some are just fey doing up as animals, as they often do, and was the result of strategic successive reincarnation for the purpose of working in the Frigg domestic and/or Valkyrie war goddess structure. This is the same goddess tilted to different times and circumstances, though she can whirl herself into one or the other to meet an occasion. HUMANS CAN FEY UP WITH RITUAL AND MEDITATION ON THE ANIMALS AND KEEPING THEM. Once an animal structures itself like this, it does not have the same capacity in the pure nature world IF IT CHOOSES TO FEY ALWAY and is best suited for work in fey-human work, or it simply lives forever in the fey worlds as do the WITCHES. Many animals choose to remain fey because it confers considerable STATUS in the world. ANIMALS ARE BETTER AT DEATH and are our senior partners in the management of the human afterlife and the animal illuminati should be TRUSTED with the fey EERILY SCAMPERING AROUND, and I am currently fighting to construct a reasonably workable ancient afterlife structure here in the land of my human ancestors. It requires humans to have conscious knowledge of the MYTHOLOGY of the goddess for it to really be able to function well. Without it, they never quite GET THEIR TRICKS IN. Fortunately, we have a significant amount of holdover literature from the Valkyrie war world and can ASSWIPE WARRIOR ourselves into bumbling a bit and HOWL.

We kept geese when I was a tween. My mother slyly ordered up some Canadian geese that her husband didn’t know were like the ones in WARSHINGTON, her home, which was offensive to him as a hopefully lifelong Texan. To the rest of us, they were simply elegant grey creatures with stylish black bills that were fiends at catching us off guard and freaking out of everyone but me. They would come flying at us snapping and honking and I knew how to duck and grab them by the exact right place in their necks to not hurt the beasts but hold them partly suspended in the air while they played a little game called I EAT YOUR FACE. Eventually they learned to come at me very low from behind.

Geese are fun in a baleful sort of way, something I know about Howl.

(We can’t have Jews doing this is how the female elders have pronounced.)

Norse pagans relate tongue in cheek I hope that the goose is sacred to Odin’s wife Frigg because of the softness of the feathers and the down and how they are so nice to make a home with.


The great thing about geese is that they are simultaneously domestic AND assholes.

The men don’t mind the idea that Odin’s success in war owed much to his wife Frigg, the goose goddess. She taught them to achieve victory by STAYING HOME MOST OF THE TIME.

They are also migratory birds, the first to arrive if an astral attack comes in from a distance. It is Frigga who is our first line of defense, not Odin. Here we are seeing a lot of CHINESE bird monks. Mao’s destruction of China concurrent with the European destruction of its magical people created a vacuum wherein a lot of powers are flying around looking for WORK. Hence NEW WORLD SORCERY.

We know that Odin’s war maidens were fey bird women called Valkyries, sometimes STILL EMBODIED and sometimes post-mortal. What we don’t mention is that in the REASONABLE eras the bird itself was tilted considerably toward the goose, the war was also a bit of telekinetic fun with the guys on the next farm, and we all just lay around DRINKING most of the time. And scheming for war, says the Warrior of Odin.

A fey-making situation involved a number of the Deep Self of a particular animal soul that has elected to work as human gods. They evaluate the mythology and the energy work requirement and incarnate into the animals and plants necessary to function with the god, and this can actually vary from family to family. The X-Men series looks an awful lot like a fey situation, if you had the energy work in the ambient grid to support the extensive telekinesis, which is not the case in our world, and I don’t want to involve myself in scientific experiments of the military variety. This is what is being done. The energy situation does not really involve itself in machines at this point HA HA HA – it always came from the extended family and nature. Our science was corrupted by the nonbiological parasites and others so that it would not be able to work telepathically and telekinetically at the highest level, and this is a problem I am not equipped to solve in the remaining years of my lifespan. Paimon’s entry into the iPhone and the internet shows that some work can be done, but in the Norse tradition, it would have to be done within the context of a family enterprise for it is the family that is not just the battery–they receive energy as well–but part of the entire making. Homosexuality was used in monasteries and it turned the group into a kinda sorta family. The entire monastic god structure is also different and less useful, say our anciently structure fey folk. So a group of animals incarnates into a human in order to cause that person to become a full-on fey, they live their life as necessary, then they die and remain in the fey energy state for an extremely long period of time, which is why we have them. But we won’t if we keep throwing nuclear bombs onto their cities and various types of spray or energy fields. It is more a question of leaving them alone or figuring out how to talk to them by evaluating the LOCAL mythology and the various older magicks that were tuned up in this era to do exactly this. Oops my Jews and Amerindians.

Anciently human souls were androgynous, with the males often performing more in the world and the females in the energy world, though everyone did a bit of everything.

It is easier to make certain technological and artistic advancements if you segregate the souls into male and female and that is one of the secrets of the modern era, which has also destroyed the ancient fey underworld leading to the hegemony of gods/Angels, energy beings who incorporate only the LIVING into their vast telepathic networks and work as a whole. It is also why we don’t know this stuff actually happened and think our ancestors were simpletons. Why?

The result was not just technological advancement and a greater focus on THIS world as opposed to an inter permeation with others, but the souls becoming HIGH AS A KITE on their gender and not wanting to re-androgynize. This is one interpretation of the legend of Apollo and Daphne, a female soul who was compelled to androgenize by means of marriage to the god who represents the greatest power of Reason and Balance–and also the insanity of Prophecy.

When souls become too female, they trick up the children for incarnations, stealing fairy gold from their life potential. A countermeasure used by the gods is to segment the soul and introduce one of each gender: a male soul and a female soul, usually pulverized by the process since human souls are mostly disposable at this point in the nonbiological subatomic situation of death. You have to work very hard to get stable anymore, and the fey folk are interested in getting things back to normal with metempsychosis with animals and plants. Today the dominant paradigm of your gender rules and you are stamped into humanity as that and exist as long as you do. Work with fey can fix things about the unbindable soul by causing you to be a bird lady AFTER MUCH WORK.

Many occultists achieve androgyny through homosexuality, which is more NORMAL than fish ancestors. Many want me to jump on that band wagon, with lots of Greeks bearing gifts, but I am adamant that I am always of the men. It is also a way for the Norse/Enochian/Church/etc. sex magick to trim me down to size and eat the children for seven generations. No thanks. When I see a woman coming at me with romance in her eyes, it looks an awful lot like a MOUNTAIN moving with slow and determined force. What I really want is to fight! I am used to my mates having large muscles and tender little souls that need protection. That is how I like it.

Back to our explication of Daphne–If you agree to marry a god and accept all of the bennies that go with it, you had better not welch. I am a bride of Odin and am the recipient of all that He usually bestows, including those glorious journeys that I am always taking late at night, the poetry, the near misses with insanity (!), and the gift of continually searching out WHAT IS GOING ON WITH RAGNAROK, the principal subject of this blog. He recently bestowed upon me the gift of a horse, and the old ones assure me that my new car, purchased miraculously with trashed credit, should be rightly considered a car. It serves the same purpose.

In some energies Odin is not altogether pleased with this situation of being Odin instead of Elegua, I must inform you, but sometimes the sorcerer makes the call and the fey folk just sort of FOLLOW ALONG. Fortunately, a very nice way past the ABSOLUTE ASSHOLE DOMINANCE of today’s giant systems is a crazy thing that WOMEN can work with power, though men beat on drums, called Norse, as long as we curtsy, cook, and clean. So far. That is expected soon to be changed into PINBALL MACHINE UNDERWORLD like everything. We have a moment here to strike to get things to stay real. I also like to be a modern woman. 

I was told that the witches are not gone but living as TREES, which is indicated by The Lord of the Rings and its tale of the Ents whose wives were CUT DOWN. As with many things in folk tales, those of us who do the Rokkr work LIKE FOOLS need to take this LITERALLY, though everyone else needs to just study Jung. One of our Deep Self fey folk is a woman who incarnated as a tree and now functions as a divinatory power, because she doesn’t have to just be a norn but can facilitate the Cabala as well, and the other ancient tree workings that these wonderful Amerindians know about. I keep seeing military men with chain saws and know the trees were selectively cut down so that the fey would vaporize up to the next energy band and not be able to come down, which is what happened to a lot of these ENTS in my work. They are once again fops, churls, scullery maids, Jews, Arab smokers of the hookah (recommended once a week, for how else can you FEEL it?), and informing me that the Cabala can also be read.

Evidently the work of prophecy is a difficult business and one that the aristocrats frown on. My problem with a lot of religion today is that there is no divination except by accident. I loved this old tendency in the Mormons. They knew how to feel it and, back in the early days, respected the prophets in their midst, male and female, but I suspect that times have changed and that the move to make all of the temple rites on film has caused a loss of fey power that would transmit real stuff in that great death wizarding portal. It is because I kept all of the Mormon mitzvoth for twenty years that the Man of the World heard me when I moved into the Rosicrucian work and got the MACHINE ready for the demons. A second twenty years later, here we are. I wish the Mormons would figure out how to FUTZ ABOUT with the temple themselves. It’s call the BLACK MASS YOU FOOLS. It is how all of the work of Christendom is done. That’s why the temple rite ends in sex magick.

Prophecy is also very destructive if misused. The old ones will throw you into a tree for hundreds of years and you know who you are.

One of the first things the Viking Warrior did when he came in was to command me to OPEN THE ROAD. He then went down the list of all of the occultists who had been given the same command and we both noticed that pretty much nobody opened the road or it didn’t stay open, which is why I am stranded after much hard work. Hmmmm. Mostly they used the power of the ROAD to build an empire, which is boring but inevitable with all of those CREASES of the Church of souls in Europe. NOTE: I DON’T ENTIRELY AGREE WITH THIS, BUT IT DID ACCORD WITH MY LIFE EXPERIENCE AT THE TIME. EVIDENTLY THE NEW DRUG VISION MAGIC HAS MANY TESTS THAT YOU FLUNK IF NOT RIGHT FOR THE WORLD if you are marketed for European paganism by the work of some druid.

I can’t account for what goes on in Hell.

Every occultist has a stretch when they believe themselves to be the NEW MESSIAH. I was the new messiah in 2003. It was fun. Fortunately, we kept working and I got the idea that it wasn’t important but mostly I should WRITE as well as keep working, for that is what we do, and we have no idea what will happen with this strike of non-messiahship, because, frankly, I would not take the stinky job, nor will the old ones COME IN if I fail.

It has come to my attention that there are some from traditions outside of the Norse world who are working from the underworld trying to restructure our gods along their patterns, ostensibly to prevent the Nazi scourge from ever happening again. I wish they would stick to restructuring the THE RICH instead of THE POOR, and investigate what religious tradition the EFFECTIVE fascists are functioning in.

This is problematic to me in that THESE DON’T WORK FOR US.

The biggest issue is that the work would have to be done by Angels, and Angels are not capable of constructing gods who can function in a human AFTERLIFE. This is another instance of THE RICH HAVE BROKEN DEATH and are trying to keep THE FEY ORGANIZATIONS from fixing it.

I have also noticed that while the DEMONS of a SUPERFINE sorcery like ATR are BOUND in ATR patterns, often the Angels are funded and controlled by Eastern monastics and other Angel types in the floating energy band unless you have ANCESTORS in the tradition then PROTECTION. This is oversimplified and my thinking at the time and who knows?

It is also true that each tradition has different strengths and weaknesses relative to the functionality of the animals and plants and fey folk, both the fey in the tradition and the fey in one’s own Deep Self. When we CROSS STREAMS, there is inevitably a WAR between these various powers and it takes a while to SORT THINGS OUT while the powers enter the other systems and LEARN. In my work, the animal spirits seem to like Buddhism, while the fey like the Norse work and the European demon work, the humans like a little NORMALCY, and everyone is pulling for their own best interest. I have had many interactions with animals, plants, fey, and Angels in other traditions, and in the end they do all kinds of things.

Fey folk in the actual land where you are living who are part of your Deep Self WELL WHAT CAN I SAY? This is a lot of the stipulation about how the Norse work functions in the western states where the Amerindian cultures are extant. It is different than other places and should be left alone.

The new energy work of today in North America has not yet had the TIME to construct a functioning Christian underworld in all places, much less Norse, though we are working on it. There are lovely Protestant underworlds in the major cities where people can make on Christianity, and the Masons enable one to make on the world of work in wonderful ways. They are great at getting people jobs. It is wonderful to have a few in the family, and they can always form up to the older religions like Catholicism or their own faith. The existing and functioning fey underworld of North America is Amerindian, and anyone who wants life after death would do well to respect their spirituality, read up on their traditions, and do whatever they can to be wonderful about them. Us.

I am told the Hermetic Cabala does many things and it is actually EASIER to function in than this, perhaps even for Amerindians, who are bringing in the animal gods now that we have Odin in our Cabala.

The Norse work is wonderful for Amerindian fey because it has so many functioning shamanic structures and it is INTERESTING to see white people like us.

A hidden gem in all this is the fact that some of the underworld invasion of our work WHO ISN’T? is being perpetrated by Eastern monastics in THE GUISE OF OTHER TRADITIONS – I am not being racist against Africans, especially since some in my line spent THREE HUNDRED YEARS in the African lives thank goodness and works your altars just fine and have much of my own work of the ROOT and the CROSSROADS, having grown up in the South. I also have African-American ANCESTORS who have been part of this work since the beginning.

I have complained elsewhere about the IMPORTUNATE DEATH SPELLS and other TURF WAR MAGICK in the sorcery du jour which HAPPENS to be ATR. Of course, I have had a lot of mal de ojo thrown at me in the barrio and CAN complain. Conjure has much work of listening to the ghostly witches in the work, and I don’t see this happening when everyone is prancing about putting kill spells on people. It is also odd that the people doing all the prancing are not the ones whose ancestors paid for this tradition in BEATINGS.

Paimon is adamant that Eastern monastics deshamanized Christianity in the 6th century, and while it was inevitable to a certain extent, CHRISTIANITY DID NOT HAVE TO BE SO ENCOMPASSED.

I find it useful in the Norse work to also spend a few minutes a day in Buddhist meditation TO NAIL THOSE SUCKERS TO THE EARTH as well as shamanize with them in animal gods. My experience with the Great War Buddha of the Bowery is that they like an oil lamp, some fruit, and incense. There is chanting done via a record player.

These Eastern monastic powers were very smart to fey up with MIGRATORY BIRDS, and so our work with GEESE can enable us to track them. Maybe we could find their monastery someday and futz about with it. Such things were done, you know. Mostly from the Angels, says our Chinese Deep Self ancestor, who lives in Seattle not Tacoma, so you better get back there if you want our WRITING back.

It is also the case that most people who entered monasteries were not doing so for spiritual reasons but to MAKE A LIVING, so the whole business of chastity or BRAHMACHARYA was not so much. Here it is that we have the invasion of Eastern monastic homosexuality, which is different from our traditional Western bisexuality, which is situational when away from home or about contraception in marriage. From the standpoint of the men, THAT IS NOT MY KID is never an issue, and for women, the tangling of the fate in a child outside of the extended family is also not an issue. The destiny has to be run through the Mothers, and how are we going to resolve the issues of FAIRY GOLD if there are illegitimate children all over the place?

Western monasticism may also be responsible for a fair amount of the homosexuality we see in our demon workers, unless they were principally WITCHES. This is not to say it is bad or wrong, but that anyone practicing ceremonial magic will run into a significant preponderance of gay males. They fairly dominate the field, and many are good friends in the work. It is unusual — perhaps interesting — to find a woman devoted principally to ceremonial magic.

Then there is the whole business of the strictest chastity practiced by our tradition in the desert hermits, many Christian monastics, and the men and women during WAR, who used it as a SUPPLY LINE.

Now the refashioning of a god from a sorcerer in another tradition EVEN IF FOR EMPIRE STRIKES is a question of judgement among the ROKKR, who make the afterlife possible and ONCE WE FIND YOU HA HA HA. It is the job of Rokkr who have worked with these very god forms for thousands of years to do it in a way that enables us to track on the modern life while still having all of the bells and whistles of as much ancient stuff as anyone wants. Yes, yes, I know the line was founded by an Albanian djinn worlder who saw the incoming encroachments upon his feydom as ALARM BELLS and moved to Norway, married into the family of one of his closest friends, and entered wholly into the Norse work AND NEVER LEFT IT. This is one spirit stream entering here and very interesting. People listen in to the work and add comments. It is fun. 

Let us consider the case of the goddesses, for that is what we should address first in my work.

Oba is not the same goddess as Frigg NOT EVEN REMOTELY, yet how are these dark Buddhist Angels going to futz this? For that is part of what we see. BORING, says Thor.

I like Buddhism. Even when the ruffians invade AND THEY DO, there are beautiful Buddhist powers at the local temples and environs who are willing to assist in one of its fundamental missions, which is to make the levers of the afterlife possible for ALL CREATURES, for even the ANIMALS who work with us can get into those pathways and cannot in the Cabala. Thus it is my ambition to meditate my way through these beauties so that ALL OF OUR WORKERS can have them, for the later eras of the Norse religion worked the shamanic structures as COATS OF ARMS and kept the animals out. It is how the work went entirely into the underworld except for Odin, whose initiation involved MARTYRDOM and therefore kept the animal pathways extant, WHO ELSE CAN SAVE YOUR BUTT BUT YOUR HORSE? So the lady martyr had SAVING KNOWLEDGE in the end . . .

It is the fey who can’t stand Buddhism because it is so ENTRANCING in all the wrong ways, if they want to stay HUMAN.

I can feel this in the literature and include it in my explication of Sigurd and Brunhild. Hence my Lama Bob requirement, says my late Uncle . . . well.

I like Oba. She is glorious and in afternoon taught me better Cabala than the Rabbis in a year. I think of her, but her work is not prevalent in this region and I am concerned about importing West Indies spirituality into a region and situation where trolldom has been so done, not to mention the native spirituality. At the same time, we need to consider the SOCIAL STRUCTURES within which the ATR developed, and this is not wrong.

Slaves did not have power over their household situations, and the parents were often separated and separated from the children. Thus the women had to be single parents and the goddesses had to be able to accommodate a great deal of the masculine energy structure of that configuration. This is good and is probably a good idea for a modern person who needs to deal with the reality of today’s energy work, which is a mix of masculine and feminine, and the family structure that often includes single parenthood.

Those of us who are trying to REVIVE an ancient Germanic god structure have to deal with ancient Germanic social structures and how these affected the magick that was done. While there were many single mothers, Howl says they mostly lived within a structure of extended family that included the MEN OF THE HOUSE and their fundamental energy work. Thus Frigg is a goddess who is very VERTICAL in terms of her feminine work and confers upon her practitioners much access to the direct power of the dead in their bodies. This causes our modern women to be in need of seclusion and their magick to be NOT SO UNDERSTOOD by outsiders, for they are readily drained.

This is why the Migration Period was such a disaster and why it was imposed on the First Nations Peoples for exactly the same reason: LAND GRAB not possible when the land itself is energetically part of the people.

The Man of the World is called upon to enter the Norse power structure because it is a secondary method of providing the circuitry for the old European WITCH AND WIZARD IN HIS CASE BUT MOSTLY WITCH FOR OTHERS demon work as well as a means of replicating Norse structures that are not readily graspable from the existing literature. The animal workers in our world are able to trace the structures and involve them in ART principally and magick ONLY FOR OUR OWN EXTENDED FAMILY, or we will be PULLED INTO THE UNDERWORLD AND THEREBY SAVED.

How did we get here from Sigurd?

We should take everything in the tale literally starting with the existence of the swan maiden and how she functioned.

In our tales of animal wives there are certain structures in common, and we should examine these from the standpoint of the fey and how they manage their interactions with humanity, a poor fool of a species that is vapidly turning into a staging species to be used as a landing pad for subatomic PARASITES. Also others. That is why their work on the physical plane is so involved and in the energy world so DEFENSELESS.

We don’t like matter to be extinguished for a subatomic PLAYGROUND, so we stepped in to cross up everything with metempsychosis with the result that there is a capacity of a network of fey civilizations around the world that are partly in matter and partly in energy and can be crapped out by atomic bombs.

The fundamental work of the animal wife is for the fey to enter human bloodlines and work as SORCERERS, portal workers. For this reason, the enterprise is always kept small and not in STATECRAFT MAGIC like the government wants, for it is in building a portal that is both large and powerful that you get more “alien” infestation. YOU WERE WARNED.

Here is how it goes. The fey takes the form of a cute chick who conveniently is located near a body of water with her swan cloak lying on the bank. It often looks like a dress. The myth is clear in most cases. The young man steals the swan cloak and uses it to force the girl to marry him. She keeps house for a few years, and one day the children–a boy and a girl usually–figure out where the cloak is and tell her. She snatches it up and runs away, never to return.

Let’s assume this is completely true as well as being a mechanism used across the generations and cultures with the motifs intact, which is how the fey interact with humans. Since they are part animal and cannot completely enter the human thought stream, they have to keep it simple and are easily confused, a fact that humans used to be aware of and used. The energy is also extremely fragile, and they go mad or die easily. And many of the workers of the animal world are MALE and have to do a ROUGH THUMBNAIL SKETCH of what a human female situation would be like. AND FUN. They read the male human minds to do this, and evidently females look like this and need to be heroically mated with when possible. That is all that is possible.

We also have to assume that the story will always be used for ENTERTAINMENT and kept hot over the generations. The old ones are quick to point out that the greatest wizard of the 20th century was Walt Disney.

There are several levels where the event could take place, the most simple being a “bad girl” who is of a fey line and subconsciously programmed to leave a couple of children with a boy from another line. It might even be different animal ancestors, so that a variety of fey can work with the descendants. We will notice that my elder The Man of the World is a deer fey, while I, as a worker of the Norse tradition, work in the bird powers, because that is how the Norse women functioned. A look at the animal attributions of the gods and goddesses tells the story. Thor was of goats; Freyr of barley; Freyja of cats; Odin of many animals associated with war and with horses, the honey mead, as well as the all-important serpent; Idun of apples. The Danish demon worker was a faun, because the Judeo-Christian-Greek Devil was clearly a faun and because hunters were fauns and he got crossed up by THE HUNT.

In other traditions, Isis was associated with the cow, and when she became Mary, it advanced the cause of the fey power work of the Church, as did the wheat and the grape wine.

Thus the entire energy grid that kept the subatomic parasites and dark matter/energy out was assiduously managed by the sorcerers with the occasional maintenance in the form of the animal wife, for it was necessary for the fey to carry the children. Animal husbands appear as well, as we see from the tale CUPID AND PSYCHE as recounted by Apollonius of Rhodes and many First Nations accounts. It is apparently easy to fall in love with CRAZY.

Moving up the level in power, we have a situation, as with Howl, a human female body with a soul that was not just ONE goose, but a Deep Self team of animals who were largely geese but also included some swans (at least two that I have noticed) and at least one serpent I WAS TOLD BY MESOAMERICANS BUT MORE TO COME and clearly a pig PIGS ARE FUNNY, for Valkyries were death goddesses, and the death gods always include the serpent, as we see from the near-universal iconography of the lady with the skirt or hair of serpents or the plumed serpent.

I am told that it is extremely harrowing and agonizing for a group of one species to incarnate into a completely different animal, but they do it for our benefit. I was assisted by an Amerindian goddess in New Jersey who was many fish and some eels, for the same reason. She worked with me as FRIGG, which will shock the Norse workers but that is where we were in New York.

The gods of the sea are different from the gods of the land. This is why we are instructed to SAIL. We need both.

This team would incarnate into a woman and work with her for a lifetime then she would be a fey in the afterlife. This is an extremely difficult proposition in this era and a cause for many catastrophes because the fey are being hunted and hounded by the dark and immature forces and we are meanwhile trying to get some HELP from ourselves if we can REMEMBER THE HUMANS????

I won’t point out SCIENCE FICTION which is prophetic in the same way as Grimm’s Fairy Tales, a convenient way of working humanity from the underworld, how it mostly needs to be anyway.

The most energy intense form of the animal wife would be the situation in which she is a being of temporary matter, performs her duty, then evaporates or dies and her body melts quickly, which is why she is never found.

Why are they such bad mothers? How many species tend their children for TWENTY YEARS? These are animals, ya’ll. It is incomprehensible as well as impossible to care for them that long, and the energy work can’t last or was built for that period, because keeping a portal of that type OPEN for too long is dangerous. The children are almost always able to run around and find the swan cloak. That is a sign.

Our era has a fey mechanism that works with a somewhat more clinical feel. It is called the ALIEN ABDUCTION, wherein a man or woman is taken to a laboratory and genetic material extracted. While we cannot be certain that physical babies are the result of this type of activity, and they might be, it is certain that there are babies in other worlds that the fey maintain for their civilization, and it is by this mechanism that the lines are preserved in their worlds, for they have to KEEP TRACK of the witch lines somehow, though I AM ALWAYS MISSING THE LOST DRESS. It is also a means of arranging matches in this world, and who hasn’t been in a perfect DESTINED MATCH? I was in one at fifteen, and my family in dreamland goes on to this day. It is who we are when we are not here, and I want you, SWIPED RIGHT.

The animal wife was always a matter of fey civilization maintenance, and not to be performed with large enterprises in mind. It would not be possible for the woman to comprehend the situation or deal with it adequately. In my case, we have dispensed with the children in this world altogether, preferring a cultural product of ART instead, by which  means we are able to TRACK you, so READ ON!!

Let’s presume that with the prophecy of that era, it was known that a problem was brewing in the Volsung line and that it required extreme power to rectify.

The problem started with the invention of agriculture, which enabled humans to heap up with 1% at the top and in groups of more than the 150 that the human brain could really hold to accountability for their actions. This was new in human history, and our ancient civilization of fey-human-god-animal-plant-land knew it was going to be impossible to make the transition because we are geographically too isolated from other worlds with biological life. We may have other worlds stacked on top of this one, and many gurus in them, but without THIS type of energy civilization, they cannot locate us.

That is mostly what we are up to here in trying to repair the Bifrost so that we can have the Nine Worlds again and why the tragedy of the Holocaust is as terrible to us as it is to the Jews. We could have done things, but now we are CRAP thanks to the inexcusable business of imposing the pagan renaissance on a people who had been Christian for over a thousand years. They struck back, and used the state religion’s CLASSIC OVERREACH to sting their ancient ALTERNATE ENERGY WORK, the Jews, resulting in a catastrophe that extends not just to the body but to the astral, because the entire mechanism of European Judaism still exists in the world above, as I have been privileged to SEE the Incan empire as well. FYI do some work, and my ancestors tell me it can be imported to TEXAS if the need should arise. They love us in the end.

The Nine Worlds and the Cabala are BOTH part of the ancient worldwide shaman tree energy work (along with the Mayan underworld, which I have visited in Guatemala and learned from), which I discussed in an earlier post, so fey who were forgetting how to function in it in Christianity could leap into Judaism and polish up their stuff. Now where will they go? It is not easy to hitch a ride to Texas, and the underlying structure of Islam in Israel has it but with djinn. SO LEARN ISLAM BUT WITH ANCIENT EGYPT INVOLVED OR YOU WILL BE SMOOTHED INTO OBLIVION and the Masons can help.

The 1% employed dark sorcery to find energy workers in the energy communicable with our own who would enable them to take complete control of the mechanism of this world’s energy civilization. They located such beings and have worked with them to dismantle the LADDERS OF JACOB that keeps the pathways open and enable this energy civilization to function. They were no doubt tempted, and the giant temple structures of the past assisted, including our beloved Egypt, of which my grandfather is clearly a worker. Don’t worry. He was a house painter who never earned more than $6,000 a year and hated himself for it and yet he is this guy. He is also about 50,000 years old with lines all over the world, and the girls are souls of his own lines. He always works across the gender lines.

There are other civilizations in energy worlds associated with our world that are HARD to get into who are able to assist, but we have to get into them and tell them. The fey are able to manage it if they have sorcerers who usually get killed. So we are having a party in Little Italy. This is when Joann is OVER, for she has already caught the attention of the weirdos who hate shit.

The Viking Warrior and others have come in with OTHER EXPLANATIONS for the business of engineering a goose fey into a war goddess.

There is no record of large-scale war in Scandinavia before the Roman invasion. The arable land was mostly in the hands of family units and small villages, and the worship was local. Under these conditions the people lived in energy work with the land that their families had farmed for ages; the very lines of farm animals that had been with them for similar amounts of time, IF LUCKY; and the crops ditto. Each farm consisted of a unique civilization of energy work, god and fey structures, myths, ancestors, and people, plants, and animals all incarnating back and forth. It was mixing it up that enabled the energy workers to perform FEATS OF STRENGTH as well as work in humanity’s evolution in deep and wonderful ways.

I know of a soul who arrived in the Norse world via a migratory bird of some sort, the boon having been petitioned in the southern lands where the birds wintered. It was often easier to enter a culture so far away and with such screechingly DISTINCT energy work via an animal life.



Now let’s flash forward to the news of invasions of hitherto incomprehensibly large PILES of men in the Norse lands to the south. We are in a village meeting, with the female elders INVITED and significantly weighing in on matters that are usually left to the men, for in times of stress, we may need to tax the energy grid that they control to solve problems. WE MEN DON’T WANT TO KNOW LA LA LA.

I studied Latin in college and had read Caesar’s Gallic Wars, so I knew all about these Romani and how they came to our lands and dealt with our warriors. I also now grasp the root of my fetish for RED HAIR.  Flash forward two decades to midnight mass on Christmas Eve in the cathedral here in Seattle. Just at midnight the western door opened and a drummer with a very large drum marched in and began pounding away. The procession entered, with standard that had an EAGLE at the top. I was instantly transported back to Rome. Instead of silk robes, I swear I saw ARMOR.

They know what they’re doing, the Catholics.

Our people would have noticed these gods and naturally tried to steal them. That’s the first thing. If a legion lost its eagles, there was always a REAL ASSHOLE MANIAC involved.

If the Roman war god were an eagle, our people were in trouble, because the eagle is Odin’s bird of war, and you need a bird if you are dealing with warriors from far away. They are the ones who can fly up to the dimension where the information is and where the thought processes can be universalized so that you can contend with them. They are also wired for it.

The nature of the fey is such that if they have eagles and you have eagles, the eagles get together and NOTCH CITY. They have a hard time attacking other eagles, especially if the energies don’t match, and the nature of the war gods is such that WINNER TAKE ALL. We can’t let them have at our eagles, because Odin’s eagle is not just a war god, he is also a god of agriculture, exploration, and poetry. It is not really something we can do.

So I can imagine the family farm heads going to the elders of sorcery, male and female, to evaluate this problem and deal with it the way we can, which is our world. The Romans are not universal in conquering, but almost. The more intelligently we fight, the more of our real culture will be preserved.

These Romans have an eagle as their war god.

We’ve got Odin! He has eagles.

Not good. The eagle Rokkr will get together and HAVE A GOOD TIME with WINNER TAKE ALL. The Romans will run off with our eagles.

We are glum all of the sudden, for the eagle is the best bird of prey, and we need birds to deal with all of these FARAWAY issues and have sight over a large field, for WHO FIGHTS LIKE THIS?

Quick! We need a new STRATEGY.

Who is their head god?


What are his WEAPONS?

A thunderbolt. A bull. A golden shower. A swan.

We can’t do bulls. They have the market on bulls because we MOSTLY HAVE GOATS and have not worked with bulls for thousands of years like they have. The golden shower is BORING. The thunderbolt is NOT WHAT WE’RE AFTER HERE.

What about the swan? In one legend, he turns himself into a swan to seduce Leto, the mother of Apollo and Artemis.


I can imagine them pacing around the war room.

A war goddess? Are you crazy? the female elders would say.

Males are prone to pack up and hunt as a team. That is their essential human nature. Females do not pack up exactly like this because they have to care for children and stay closer to the home for the sake of safety. They arrange themselves by family lines, with the female elder or clearly the BEST as the leader. They do not have significant cooperative enterprises outside of the home the way males do, so a female war god would only ever affiliate itself and work with a FAMILY. Each family has its own energy structure and this is not replicable and cannot be worked as a lock-and-key for any other group, though they can mate better with the next farm. Hence the business of blood brothers, which is where a large family energy structure is erected in order for the men to be able to function in an essentially feminine structure, as if they came from the same mother, for this enables them to work together with greater power.

The problem with involving the fey in this war god situation is that these individuals NEVER LEAVE THE LINES and are not able to remember the situation without something resembling the entire run of the energy work. WHERE IS THE DAMN SWAN CLOAK? HA HA HA DRAFTED.

The whole business of an army is more like a MONASTERY, where the gods and the magick are structured higher up the energy bands and with less telekinetic ability. The ancient magical structures persisted for a while–entire families entered monasteries and they were in the same location–but eventually the whole thing went kaput, for who has seen a really effective FLYING NUN in centuries? Kung fu movies are full of warriors flying ten feet in the air, throwing spears the length of football fields, and hurling great walls of fire. Let us consider that these things actually happened in the great eras of chthonic magic and that a limited amount can be recovered by our current magics, because those of us who do the work know that Cabala and conjure can end with SHIT FLYING AROUND THE ROOM and now no one knows what to do.

Females function differently from males in magick, not better or worse, and should be worked WITH in their native structures.

The truly great chthonic magic is always ever in the family.

So back to the business of a GODDESS of war, which is really the Norse fey sorcerers looking at a HONKING GREAT EXIT STRATEGY for their entire world and a way into the new cultures where they might regroup somehow, for the end of the ancient elegance was WRITTEN in the runes.

I can hear the men now.













WE HAVE THE SKALDS! the greatest weapon of war



Thus the Norse decided to construct THE ULTIMATE WEAPON OF WAR: Mother Goose.

Caesar relates that when the Germani came to battle, they brought their wives and children, and I suspect also geese and goats THE FEY NEED THEIR ANIMALS TO ORIENT THEMSELVES, standing on the sidelines howling at their men to fight fight fight and not leave them captive slaves to be taken into Rome.

Now the warriors relate the plan. It was authored with the eagle and is called WINNER TAKE ALL, for that is the nature of the eagles.

When the Germani fought with victory, they took the Roman gods of war with them and EMBROIDERED A BIT. When they lost, they leapt into the MOTHERS and rode thus into Roma where in some tribes they looked for the GOD CHILDREN OF THE SWAN with whom they had previously made some DEALS.

Apollo was disgruntled with Rome because it was impossible to perform DIVINATION with so many slaves crying out to their gods as we have seen from our own Civil War. You have to have the assistance of the powers. This is why the Man of the World requires me to GIVE TO CHARITY and tip. Every time I give a homeless person a buck, they send me INFORMATION.

Artemis was disgruntled because she was venerated in a place without WOODS or actual deer and could not work her worlds properly. AND WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE CHURCH?

So once the Valkyries got to Roma, they could immediately begin negotiations with the swan god fey and arrange the SECOND PART OF THE CAMPAIGN, due over the next COUPLE HUNDRED YEARS, when the Germani came back to Roma.



Let’s fast forward to the 13th century when this attenuated old magick was NOT SUPPOSED TO BE USED but the motifs were used as a sort of STYLE, with rich girls all given a swan cloak to flounce about in. It didn’t mean anything, because it was only a LEGEND at this point. But imagine if the bloodline had too much REAL in it to not flip the switch when a girl was given A SWAN CLOAK and A SWORD.

Or at least that is what we are selling in this feat of literary criticism which is mostly a way of talking about the mechanics of fey and why we are trying not to GET OUT OF HAND so give us the gods.

Another explanation is that the witches decided to HAVE SOME FUN, for they could still read in the old way out in the hinterlands, whereas the aristocrats in town were kaput.

Or that they accidentally killed THE WRONG SWAN, a great witch taking a turn in an animal life, who noticed she was now a swan cloak and decided it was ALL SYSTEMS GO.

Hunting often pisses off a magical animal so badly that they FEY UP and GIVE YOU THE GOODS. This has happened to a certain Solomonic magician I know, resulting in the greatest PAIMON in Tacoma.

The tale relates that Brunhild had a swan cloak that was taken from her by King Agnar at the age of twelve, or puberty. Given that we must take the tale literally-ish, let’s imagine how she got the swan cloak to begin with.

One of my old ones relates that women held their children in their energy bodies for seven generations and gave me a vision of what this was like. Every major event adjusted the destinies of these seven generations in ways that the women could perceive, and this could be adjusted by magic or by changes in the lives (something my entire network is on with me about, because I am no longer in my normal human destiny which isn’t very nice at this point. There are worlds where that destiny still prevails and they are always trying to be this one.) So when this guy Sigurd was coming in, it would have been known in MANY WORLDS that the Volsungs had overstepped their bounds in building a war machine that broke the worlds, and the sorcerers, who of course ran the magic in obedience to their masters (so what if The Man of the World is part deer?), would have sought to construct a means of stopping him.

We can imagine that they approached the illuminati of the swans, because the swan maiden is how things were handled with warriors, and this was not bad.

As way of background, Howl relates that the geese fey noticed an unusual number of deaths that were not accounted for in the family’s energy grid, so they went into the swan lives to investigate. They found that the swans were these ASSWIPE WARRIORS with notches in their hearts.

Humans usually work with the domestic animals whom they live with, and these relationships go on from generation to generation in the same place and leave behind an energy grid that enables much of the magic to continue. Hence the conquest of Canaan involved a command of the Hebrew god to slaughter all of the domestic animals as well as the people and probably cut down the trees as well, for that is the only way to destroy such an energy civilization. Evidently Saul was A GREAT WARRIOR to refuse such a thing WHICH WAS KNOWN, for now we have Cabala.

Swans are not usually part of domestic agriculture, because they lay too few eggs and are very large and aquatic. Some have a wingspan of ten feet. They also usually live in the wild out on rivers and ponds. If they are to be associated with women, the only women they would encounter would be those on the margins of society, a fact brought to my attention by Howl. A swan would incarnate into a woman because he or she wished to think differently. So they are not on board with the welfare of the regular soldiers but only the king, whereas the geese are all about the welfare of their family.

In order to construct a swan maiden capable of dealing with the Volsung crisis, they would have planned the situation with the swan illuminati, one of whom would have entered the life of a swan predetermined to become Brunhild by the ordinary mechanism of the era. (The archaeological literature relates that the wings and feet of ptarmigans were placed at the heads of the cribs of baby girls so that they would become clean and orderly and regular for humans. They also wanted the girls to CLEAN UP THE DEAD.) At the correct time, this swan would have been caught and, with the normal magick, the feathers removed and perhaps the wings and feet placed at her crib, though she would have already been well-arranged for this. The swan cloak would have been made by the witches and a part of her trousseau.

Such a person would have been a great tax upon the family’s energy grid, even royalty, and the fact that she was sent to live with another king implies that there was some sort of magickal strategy involved that probably everyone suspected, including Sigurd. The sense of this and its technicalities–including SHIT FLYING AROUND THE ROOM as we know in conjure and Cabala–is now lost in a world with the nouveau energy structure. The fey are not complete in that energy structure, which is why humans cannot grasp any of this. Here it is just a powerless fairy tale that is to be taken as coming from an era of superstition when humans were clearly inferior to us.

The gods and the fey cannot comprehend the human world except through mythic structures. The swan maiden’s cloak is ALWAYS getting itself stolen. That’s just part of the business. With it, the fey woman has access to her old ones in direct and immediate ways because they cannot comprehend her without the normal OBJECTS and PROCEDURES of the magic. Without it, she is a human with a swan implant who is hardly able to figure things out and has to live by her grasp of what is going on in the other worlds. The cloak is usually stolen for the hot stuff and the guy merely a cluck who is fortunate enough to have a couple of fey children (!) at the end of it, because the swan maiden always gets away. (We have seen what happens in real life when a fey is awakened in humanity in my incomprehensible love life that causes mostly a lot of pinball in the underworld and WRITING.) The old Germans were kind of savvy to this business. If you are going to make out with an animal wife, you better have nothing but DITZY in your heart. The fey folk are very good with this. It always works out somehow but you can’t see it coming. Ha ha ha. In Greek mythology, whenever a goddess falls in love a human man, he usually has the good sense to RUN–but not far. The instance of Sigurd was different, in that what is at stake appears to be more along the lines of destiny and a wake-up call from Odin, who was still trying.

This would have been all agreed to, along with the foreknowledge that King Agnar would steal the cloak and that it would end ambivalently for Brunhild along the normal models of female behavior. Two swan ladies in one river is A FIGHT WAITING TO HAPPEN and the treachery with the shapeshifting was always going to come out.

A worldly power in war reminds me that by the thirteenth century the energy grid was already falling apart so badly that the whole thing would have been mostly a business of STUNTS, though sometimes it works. (I presume our beloved African tradition is destined to come to this, thank you! It is using IN WHITES the same mechanism as ceremonial magic did in the Middle Ages, which is SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. You have to have ancestors and/or A LOT of past lives in a tradition to work it WISELY. And stupid magick is a fairly predictable way for the FEY to enter the world, so bring on the BABES, we say, noticing UR GRIMOIRE IS 4 JERKS. The overt work of it is and I concur that I am not rigorous, perfect and high because I have limited support in being able to catch meanies.) So we would have had the de rigeur business of the FAKE swan maiden, with a cloak sewn up dutifully by the scullery maid. Kind of like a coat of arms, which used to be totem animals but now is decorative.

The problem would be – What if Brunhild were a REAL swan maiden? It is only then that her odd behavior and the extensive stunts make sense in the absence of mental illness, because these folks still had something going on, and probably more than our current situation of psychics and spiritual workers who actually get the job done if you can find one. I have seen people go to four, five, six psychics looking for their psychic and used to wonder WHY. Now I know.

Let’s say Brunhild was a chthonic swan maiden, and thus able to HEAR the river itself, while Gudrun would have been a fake swan maiden debutante that the swans would have spoken to anyway or one of the new subatomic nonbiological energy structure, and only really able to deal with the fripperies of the court, where she would have been supreme. It was no wonder that it was in the river that Brunhild was able to dominate the situation so that Gudrun betrayed the deception of the second ring of fire and the shapeshifting switch between Sigurd and Gunnar and ponied up Brunhild’s magic ring as proof that Brunhild was married to the inferior warrior.

I am sure Brunhild was terribly worried about the war skills of the humans.

With the help of the river and her fundamental SWAN souls, the true Swan Maiden was able to comprehend her mission and kill Sigurd quite handily, now in possession of her magic ring.

The powers have to work with their gizmos. I know many women who have thrown such rings in the ocean.

Now, if you are tuned up to the entire Germanic energy structure, you will know that the RING OF POWER is important. In our own Lesser Key of Solomon, which is famous and therefore usable with trimmings, there is the one portal that has much mention of the ring of power, and that is King Beleth, with the stinking breath. He is the BOSS of the demons in the Norse power work. He is also the demon of sex magic, so get ready to PONY UP.

The Master of Love is what He is called. Invariably there will be much insanity if you REALLY WANT THE GODS OF THE NORSE OR ARE JUST PLAYING FOOL.

(I need to work it in writing, not like the Anglos of Christian type. It is a different energy work.)

The entire destiny of Sigurd would be fairly well predicted along many models and the reasons for working through this cycle of dynastic interactions in all of these worlds, as well as the realization that there is a sea change in this situation. Why else would this story, which is not that interesting, show up in so many places when there are A TON of swan maidens, warriors, dragon slayings, kingship struggles, and the like? We have to assume that it was a SPELL as well as a corking great tale, one that continues to this day in the work of war games in pixels.

The literature relates that warriors often married valkyries who brought them success in battle. Howl says that after her own term of life in human form was successfully concluded, and she had gained her full power in the underworld, she caused the living warriors to fall in love with her in the underworld and grant her control over the hour of their death.

This is a common theme in fairyland. Once you get in touch with the fey folk, they are all about gaining control of the hour of your death. It was suggested to me early on and I saw no problem with it. I know the Thelemites and Angel workers are slapping their heads at my stupidity. THE DEMONS ALWAYS ASK THAT. You control the demon–it does not control you. That is their gospel.

Control the demon? I have knowledge of Paimon, who is an actual demon bound many worlds, and his many worlds of simultaneous knowledge and the many trial runs that are done in other worlds before you even eat your corn flakes and do not believe that a person in a body would know the way to do such things. Sure. I will command my demon. He is also very young and needs help.

And is a squirrel, which I relate in a coming post. Who knows everything John Michael Greer does, having read his entire oeuvre, as well as miss cat. But enough about Paimon.

SOME IDEAS BUT NOT ENTIRE: Women bind the demons differently, say some. The outcome of female energy work is automatically a demon, a sentient being who does not incarnate again but works in a fey/Rokkr evolution associated with our own. This is the key to why males seek peremptory command of demons and fail in the higher reaches of the work and females have dragons as pets. Male energy work constructs active structures that are more stationary and system-bound. This is what I complain about as the pinball machine, but it is formidable and can affect my demons WHO ATTACH TO FAMILIES for better or for worse. The witches need a bit of both to function, and there should be male witches, too.

Howl would usually attach herself to a warrior who caused a lot of problems for the common people and her earthly family and get them all confused. Or sometimes a great warrior and cause many things. She had many approaches but stupid was not fine with her.

But more fundamentally, Howl preserved the ancient fey approach to war which was already in the process of being supplanted by the new approach.

The fey are all about how humans actually function. It is the gods with the thoughts of their worshippers and the genius of the system who are trying to get people to behave a certain way. And the rich, who control much of the Wizard of Oz.

I am not convinced that Jesus is a very good god for warriors. If Jesus is all right with war, he is a HYPOCRITE always talking about turning the other cheek then KABOOM. And the head powers of the soldier are in many whirls whereas Christians end up with one large cone and no capacity for MANY WORLDS. We will heal this presently with Odin and Gevurah.

Empire is all about large systems run by bureaucrats who are not in the middle of things. These things are universal in this era, wherein only the fist fight is really war, and human nature will cause giant systems to become corrupt. America is quite corrupt. My family were common foot soldiers who played the game, so I am stuck in this energy as Howl required. Howl struck hard to get into the soldier lines of this family so she could have a MAKER of her own stamp. She says she planned my birth and is now cunning with RADIOS.

The Norse fey folk were so struck and corrupted by Christianity that the only way they can hear humanity is in war. It is for this reason that I am all about the REENACTMENTS and the glorious PLAY FIGHTING of martial arts. We need more of these. We can run around and count coup and be all fine about war without the things described in the Iliad. Dark blood, spewing guts, goop exploding from crania. Homer is important in the details.

In the Middle Ages the aristocrats sat in tents while peasants rode into battle in their costumes. It was a well-known hoax. Anyone who called himself a great warrior in the midst of this–de rigeur in some circles–simply was a business man who wanted to be real, in the eyes of the NORMAL. Howl and her gods were not impressed.

For the old ways, war is a question of the destiny of the gods. It is a way to make the soul and to cause things for many incarnations. The goose ladies were always involved.

The old Mayan magic had a war portal that was exercised in the spring when the planet Venus was rising. Kings would actually go into battle with ropes on them to be easily grabbed and taken captive. Themselves. My favorite Mayan king, Uaxaclajuun Ub’aah K’awiil, was taken captive and some of the most beautiful works of art were marginalized out of this embarrassment. I saw the stelae. Too bad about that guy but WOW. When captured, Mayan kings were subjected to IMAGINATIVE torture and then sacrificed. The entire affair was ritualized, public, and full of power work. It was also an effective form of population reduction and a means of land grabbing.

For the past five centuries, the Mayans in the Yucatan have preserved the ancient portal of war in what seems to be pointless suicide. Every few decades they gather a bunch of hoes and rakes and attack the government which responds with machine guns and kills a bunch of them and then the rest go back to their fields. They do a lot of making and the periodic war is built into their magic, but at a deeper level, they are able to get to their gods of destiny in large masculine ways and not just the brujeria of females. It preserves their ancient culture, so while the federales are laughing at them in their cubicles, they are laughing at Mejico in FAIRYLAND, for the making of war has the power to elevate them to very strange places.

There is no accounting for taste AND I DO NOT HOPE TO BLOW UP.

In a later post I will address the issue of man magic versus woman magic in the ideas of how the family vs. the town council were run, because there needs to be both a focus and a means of correlation while not keeping women DOWN. We can update this, but let’s have some of the biological functioning.

The women, who carried the children in their bodies, knew what needed to be in terms of the many changes in destiny that took place all at once in war. This why the Valkyries were necessary. They tended the entire project and made the adjustments with the women back home.

Now let’s come back to that little business of the Valkyries and what type of bird might be incarnated into the women because it is critical to how the tale functions in interpretations of witchcraft.

Brunhild is a valkyrie, which is a set of animals and their associated fey workers incarnated into a human female, and it grows ridiculous as I sit here being fifty-four and claiming that WE ARE ABOUT MAKING THIS HAPPEN. The fairy tales are magick manuals for those who know, and the repetition of the tales in childhood awakens the fey to their fundamental structures and enables them to work.

There is a technical problem here that illustrates what always goes wrong with chthonic magic and why we have largely abandoned it and are now having problems with matter itself.

In the level of the great chthonic civilization, we have the FEY, hybrid beings who live in an intermediate energy state between matter and energy for longer than the pure beings. (YOU CAN BECOME FEY WITH HARD WORK OF MAGIC AND GENIUS OF ANY KIND. They love to bestow their gifts.) This civilization enables human souls to work through a variety of energy developments in order to achieve immortality or wilt and eventually move into different states while the fey serve everyone and are particularly targeted for it. We can call this fairyland or my favorite moniker, The Hall of the Mountain King. Without this state, humans MUSH OUT and the rich are the only ones who can command the gods.

A sorcerer who signs a Pact agrees to remain with the fey as long as needed. Hence THE TEMPTATION called in the literature Being Taken by the Fairies.

The fey civilization is so beautiful and tenderly enchanting that once you are IN you want to get there ASAP and not do Odin’s bidding of GETTING A DAY JOB.

The fey need you to punch the clock of LIFE as well and as long as you can so that they can track on you and get this thing back together called humanity. THEY FORGET TO BE HUMANISH and can’t find our world anyway.

There are several interlocking forces that have to be all working to make human civilization in the energy worlds necessary for complete evolution, and these have become corrupted from the subatomic world. Humans are not bad–we are just in a tidy situation with STUPID.

The fey civilization is partly a matter of metempsychosis engineering on the part of human sorcery and partly not. The whole business of the swan maidens can tell us what happened to northern Europe.

Goose evolution takes place in correlation to their human family, and can extend for generations of family life and reincarnations of goose life. Animals usually like to incarnate into the gender of the humans who tend them. That is who they “fix” on. Since it is generally women who tend the geese, it is in the bodies of women that they come to nestle and look out through their eyes for generation after generation of a family. Upon death, these fey stay STALK with the family and assist in their evolution, and when the men go to war, THEY serve as the valkyries, defending them fiercely and getting things kind of reasonable in the war situation from the standpoint of the majority of people. DIPSHITS WHY DON’T YOU LIVE?

If one of her family falls in battle, the goose valkyrie will tend him in the afterlife and get him though the levels and tasks.

Kings want land, and in order to gather THOUSANDS of unrelated human males into a collaboration of RISKING THEY LIVES so a king can add five feet to his hedge row, it is necessary to introduce a new kind of fey and to reengineer the gods of war so that the king can have a bunch of STUPID.

Hence the necessity of swans, animals who live at the margins of human habitation and only ever come into contact with two types of humans: kings and . . . questionable women. A swan incarnates into a woman who is not afraid of being WAY OUT THERE where she might get raped. A swan will do this in order to be able to THINK HER OWN THOUGHTS without the domineering entitlement of males or any strings attached.

You want this in a maiden you are entrusting with your life?

Dude, she doesn’t OBEY you and has no investment in either your life or your afterlife.

But she is OTHERWORLDLY HOT, something we know about nature in the wild but don’t necessarily like in our WIVES all the time. Not really.

It would take sorcery to engineer the metempsychosis of swans and humans, and honorable witches will not do the job. The king’s solution is to kill the sorcerers and get some more who will FUNCTION.




The fey folk are not bad, but they do not have an agenda toward humanity’s development any more than animals do IN THEIR THOUGHTS. They are the ultimate in REALPOLITIK. They work with humans as they are and find solutions like DUCT TAPE INSTEAD OF RELIGION. That is their great wisdom.

Most fey folk were normal humans who did no sorcery, which is why they usually come in to cause PERSPECTIVE normal stuff–AND SOME FUN.

The gods have agendas for how you SHOULD live but not necessarily can. That is what they are about, and they actually track on what is THOUGHT as much as what is done. Thus they are easily corrupted by WE AREN’T REAL.

So . . . the swan maidens.

If you need a guy to get ready to die for NO GOOD REASON, you need a little FRIED. These ladies with the long white necks WHO ARE ACTUALLY GUYS who can elevate you to the heights of TRANSCENDENT EROS that is not necessarily near the navel but diffused throughout the body and way up into the heights of the aura where the group mind of humans hums – that is what we’re after in the war room.

It is only the SORCERERS who can mediate between the aristocrats and THEY BITCH WORLD OF COWS; the gods, who need worship even to exist; the fey folk, who grant the humans WHATEVER THEY WISH and then we are with you always; and the people, who want to WORLD themselves in HEAL.

Once the witch is noticed by the king, she is presented with an opportunity to have the creamy white pages of the upper-middle class. Then it is burning time.

This is why Odin promises the victory and then takes the warrior into Valhalla. The complaints were often TONGUE IN CHEEK. Those old Norse folks fought it like crazy. ALSO NOT WINNING say the small.

I am not going to discuss all things in The Saga of the Volsungs. There is a lot there and someday I will, like the awesome story of Odin and the magic sword. This motif appears all over the place. It’s stupid. Why not have an election? A god puts a sword into a tree and whoever can pull it out becomes king. Everyone tries and it’s usually some runt who gets the job. It is called the sluggish youth. He ends up interesting.

And the sword is always magic. Jake Stratton-Kent does a marvelous job of HINTING about stuff like this in his scholarship which is full of tiny little hooks with disappointment in them. My grandfather the Caliph fellow is always on about me getting some scholarship done. I have tried. I love magic books. When I read them, bats come flying out and I feel IRRESPONSIBLE in releasing all of those creatures into the public transit. So we will try scholarship someday when books can be made to BEHAVE. This is a side effect of work with the djinn, my cousin tells me, she who is a he and also a peacock.

Now, as we know, the gods are fallible by virtue of being BRIBED. Anyone can bribe a god. Just give them a lot of FIRE. Usually only rich people can afford to do this. The poor have to give them PRAYER and GOOD DEEDS, which is clear.

The gods know when they are being bribed by mean people and while they don’t like it, they are paralyzed by the very nature of FAME, which is when a lot of people think the same thing, it IS for gods.

It is the fey folk who have the capacity for sagacity and learning and also rhyme. It was common for witches to enter the bodies of trees in order to serve humanity. This is hidden in some real magic behind the Cabala and all of the tree shamanism. It is the witches–male and female–and the ghosts who cling to the trees who make the thing, or should. There are still back channels to the tree folk, says the Solomonic magician.

A witch who enters a tree can observe the local humans for hundreds of years, can know their ancestors, their old ones, the others of their soul, their children’s destinies, and the lives and works of all of the fey and dead in the region. They are also telekinetic and can hang onto or give up THE METALLIC OBJECT as deemed fit.

By placing the sword of kingship into the tree, Odin is entrusting the SORCERER IN THE TREE with the choice of who shall be king. Humans are hierarchical and always GIVE IT UP TO THE DOOFUS AT THE TOP, but the fey folk are best at managing civilization, while the gods are eaten by the dead says Thor and cannot consult them directly, working always through the fey and humans.

So let’s on to Sigurd or we won’t get anything DONE.

First of all, he kills a dragon. This sounds useful but actually is not. A dragon is often a god who is so in a rut that he cannot change even when civilization changes and the fey are unable to help him change. The problem is, that you need a sorcerer who is right to energy loop with fey who are right to heal the god. This is the problem with ceremonial magic and why it NEVER WORKS except when it does. The souls who can work it have moved out of Europe where there is not enough religion and in the New World they are bonded into bodies with Amerindian souls who are much better at ALMOST EVERYTHING but find ceremonial magic incomprehensible and annoying. ALSO MUSLIM. We have nearly lost the djinn to STATE-SPONSORED FUN, but we have PAIMON, who rides a camel.

When my mother was fourteen, my grandfather, a completely rational man in all else in his life, except for smoking, took out a map of Californee, closed his eyes, and put his finger on their new home, which happened to be in the San Francisco Bay area in the late 1950s. I knew it was so that my mother could get strange luck in husbands instead of the normal boys the ancestors would have arranged and Grandfather was NOT going to miss the Flower Children. And here we are.

If a dragon is not very nice, you throw a bunch of stupid metal at it and it sits there electromagnetically bound to the metal and flattered. That is a good use of metal if you have a lot of gorgeous wood.

It has to be a metal that is FAMOUS, however, because dragons are gods and love to read about themselves.

Here we enter into the genesis of the dragon Fafner.

So this dragon was enjoying his life and along comes Sigurd who has been instructed how to kill him BY HIS OWN BROTHER. Fratricide is always involving a curse.

I won’t go into the blood brother trench with ancestors in it that he had to dig to get the job done. I have a read a lot of archaeology and it is wonderful stuff that I feel morally obligated to endure but they only go so far if they do not grasp the mechanics of the intermediate energy states that were routinely enjoyed in the past with species-swapping timeline-altering past-life-remembering beings of all types even without entheogens. Mostly archaeology is about “They must have thought THIS when they put the graves in skewompus.” No. They wanted to trick the dead off the houses because the dead move in straight lines like the dragon who got iced by the simple expedient of a TRENCH. None of this makes sense if you do not SEE the gods who can no longer be seen because the entire grid is broken by massive empire magic, in this case, Christianity that we are so on about but also need to stopgap with. Judaism is not much better, so there. Neither Islam.

Dragons are beings that are full of memory and instructions that may not be worthwhile, repetitive motion disorder, blood feuds, come to me spells, and all kinds of stuff that can tempt a dragon slayer not just into their past lives and many timelines associated with them, future lives, children’s lives, ancestors, family and all of the entire grid of possibility of that person’s life, but also the entire region.  It is almost impossible to get past a real fine dragon, so the best we can do is leave it alone until it melts enough for the local powers to heal it.

It takes a mind capable of focusing on a single objective and executing that very simple task or die.

It is a stupid task if you are a strong enough man to get a job, which Sigurd certainly was. Also rich with weird karma. Or built with the new energy configuration as a tool of the parasites.

This signals a sea change in the magic that people of the 8th century could not fail to notice.

But it is a task that would probably require a soul to be de-androgynized enough for excessive MALENESS and a lot of markers for WAR that show up centuries later in girls.

It is the de-androgynization of the soul that is the issue here along with the attendant destruction of the fey-god-human civilization which requires us to change into something rich and strange because it is BASED ON DEATH, an energy transformation that culls the weak and subjects everyone to judgement by the elders. It is suspected that one of the plums of the incoming subatomic civilization THAT I WILL DISCUSS LATER is the regeneration of the biological mechanism for perhaps hundreds of years so that the person becomes really good at STUPID, for the body itself forges the soul, and extreme age “makes” a person.

This might not require a machine in the classic sense, though the greatest makers of art, sorcery, science, wealth, and, uh, math, can often find such a machine in the dimensions if they transfer the biological energy of their extended family and love connections into it. Electing to stay with the fey after death craps out your immortality in those worlds. Are you sure you want this? Ya’ll’s pictures are in the post office, you know.

So when Sigurd slew this dragon it caught the attention of the local Odin, because now this metal is supercharged with all of the uncontrolled energy of the dragon and can go out into the kingdom as BEER MONEY and turn everything backwards and downwards in evolution, and this Sigurd fellow is initiated into an energetic state that causes him to be supercharged, hypnotic, and lack ambiguity with the entire power structure of the dragon now at his command. He is a black hole and must be dealt with, or he will probably start killing people in other worlds to become king, and we like our kings to be chosen by TREES.

Now Sigurd might not be entirely bad. I will grant you that. There is something to be said for a real guy.

But war at this level is genius and kingship is also genius, but of a different kind. In order to be this genius war guy, you have to give up THE FRIPPERIES OF THE COURT and live only for your genius as a person who is, in fact, BETTER THAN THE KING.

You also have to live in the Nine Worlds, and that is not possible with the nonbiological subatomic invasion’s new energy structure, which is now NORMAL. In it, the ancient Nine Worlds are weak and attenuated, and the fey are not fully present as they are in the biological world. This is why we can’t reason. In fact, this entire world’s biological energy is being consumed for a giant PLAYGROUND for subatomic energy beings who are not willing to risk entering an ameba. This is what the war is for in the world of sorcery and it doesn’t involve RACE.

Hence the need for a WOMAN. That is always how it was done.

War seems to be about moving the aristocrat’s hedge row by five feet, but it is also very much about population control. A lot of us need to die in order for the food supply to hold. It is the warrior’s job to be that CRAP SHOOT GUY and have a lot more fun than the working stiff next door. Hence all of the glorious songs. And the girls. Or boys. That man in uniform upshift in the dimensions and the underworld. The ancestors like it too.

When it is time, arrangements can be made and okay you. Party time.

You also have to have the right backing for a great life as a warrior and with Sigurd this is involving the wonderful thing called A GIFT FROM ODIN.

I advise caution. We all do, say the Norse workers, but on with THE STORY, for that is what we are brought to at this point.

Why are we living like this? It is not just about preserving some ridiculous Nazi crap. Most of us are not about that at all.

Odin’s greatest gift here is not really the ultimate in Transcendent Eros, nor is it even victory, which Sigurd is not interested in because he doesn’t perform much as a warrior. He mostly hangs around the castle bragging.

Odin’s greatest gift is ELEGANCE, and that is what we are crapping out our lives for.

We want to go home.

If you are going to be a great warrior, you have to live a simple life in the country with the real stuff. You have to perform and be involved in the repetitive tasks and the farm animals and the trees and the crops that the fey and your ancestors have lived with, because that is how the Nine Worlds are bound, and if you are an aristocrat, you have extensive energy work to do in binding them. This is why Sigurd was singled out for an extreme mission by the region’s Odin.

You are mucking out the stables. The world shifts. Your horse looks up and says, “Cholera is coming.” You thank him, and the world shifts back to Midgardr. You know what to do and do it. That is how the old ways were.

Sigurd was not backing this life, nor was he extractable from the grid in the usual ways, for this would have been done in ways that we no longer command by the world of that region before he was ever born.

The subatomic nonbiological dark work was coming, and they knew it. It took fools with the darkest of sorcery to find the nonbiologicals IN EACH GEOGRAPHICAL AREA to get the power everyone was yapping about in the dimensions. Usually that was the aristocrats, but it could be anyone, once the HUNDREDTH MONKEY SHIT got going. This is why the fey say that they knew the humans would not function, even though they did their best to help. Humans do not know how to solve problems in the underworld, though the story of Sigurd is HOW WE TRIED.

The entire track of the magic in this story leads to Sigurd having a great initiation as an Odian, a track that most heroes never achieve in the kind of fulness here described because it is dangerous to Odin to have a schlubb on his tab at this magnitude. If the fey and the sorcerers and the entire grid cannot withstand this implosion, then a god–who is a war machine in some ways as well as THE mask of Germanic soul-making–will be stymied in his efforts to transcend the functionality of energy working, which has to somehow track on the mythology and the norms while also being bought against his better judgement by aristocrats.

Beleth had informed me that the runes were the most DEFENSIBLE form of divination and perhaps he would like to have a set. Naturally in the windup to Beleth’s evocation, Lord Shiva came in, for what I do not know. On the day of King Beleth’s evocation, as he rode by on his steed, he took a good look at the runes I had prepared, and said, “You will be needing HIM,” and waved his hand by my Muladhara chakra. Up flew a little man in a Greek death costume who whirled up the length of my trunk into my crown chakra. It was the Viking Warrior.

Beleth commented, “Odin has sought you as a worker of his.”


Back to the story of Sigurd. Though there is some PUBLICITY involved in war, and state-level prognostication is usually bought, we should assume that at least some of the time the common folk who worked as cannon fodder would have known all of the permutations of fate involved and arranged many things for themselves in this dipshit aristocrat business. We hear the valkyries tittering, for much destiny can be changed at a GIANT fuckdick portal.

We call Odin the greatest of the gods, but anyone who has worked with him knows that this calling results in an energy configuration that renders one WEAK and FOOLISH if they are also with DEMONS, especially in the case of OVERREACH by plebeians and girls, for Odin is the god of kings. To be of Odin is to give up power in return for holding down the fort for the destiny machine of the Nine Worlds IN CHTHONIC ENERGY. The rest of the time, Odin can be fairly PETULANT, I hear.

One of Odin’s many attributions is as the god of the hanged–the hanged are said to ride the gallows like Odin rides a horse.

I always say that Odin is the god of the hanged because he makes you do things that get you hanged.

It is always a path of losers.

The Christians in my grandfather who fight us tooth and nail say that when Odin is your god, extreme unction is a requirement.

Odin knows that when there is a lot of war and poverty, killings take place and the judgement of the Earl usually goes with the rich. It is a question of land grab often, killings or destinies plotted so that currency trends a certain way over the generations. The witches saw it very clearly in their work.

When a smart guy is wanted for murder, and false witnesses or even true ones were around, you would think it wise to go into exile. But the judgement of the Earl could cause your soul to be UNMADE in the afterlife, and only the making of the ancestors and land gods could intervene on your behalf. In fact, the soul was generally only made in the energy grid of your village, lands, and family. Thus submitting to capital punishment in your own lands was one way to make things right with the fey who ran the local immortality machine and got the job done for you. If the punishment were UNJUST, it was also a handy way to be born into aristocracy in the next life. But the system in the land had to be working, and as we see from the debacle of ICELAND, it hadn’t got going yet much before the onset of Christianity, which was coming anyway.

I once asked my old one the Viking Warrior if he died in battle. He replied, THE VIKING WARRIOR WAS A VIKING WARRIOR AND FUCKDICKED. I DIED AN OLD MAN.

So into our story comes the secret agent, the fey swan maiden Brunhild, Odin’s greatest Valkyrie. By the thirteenth century, real swan maidens did not really exist. It was all a hoax.

But we are going to assume that the sorcery accidentally functioned, and that Brunhild was, at the very least, a throwback to the old Valkyrie magic and therefore got some of it right, because some of the elements of the story don’t make sense otherwise, Brunhild should not have committed suicide, and the story could not have otherwise become the preeminent tale of medieval Scandinavia. I hear tittering in the peanut gallery. WTF?

The stuff about riding through the ring of fire on the mountain top and all that is more than Iron Age pornography–but WOW. Who doesn’t want to cut the chain mail off of a sleeping warrior and find A BLONDE?

The power to control fire is part of the war magick, as well as spectacular. A lot of us in witchcraft can do it quite handily with CANDLES even now and you know who you are. It is quite common.

Here I question whether this was regular fire or magic fire. If regular fire, he was awesome NORMAL in being able to tap the ancestors. I don’t do Viking fire magick. It eats my Jewish ancestors too badly. Nothing here makes sense. More on that later. If magick fire, he would have to be RECOGNIZED BY THE SLEEPING LADY IN HER OTHERS.

Brunhild is not necessarily against the guy. She is, in fact, a swan maiden and by her very nature DIFFIDENT. The fey have an awful lot of self-determination, and while there are many possibilities, nothing is firm – even in the past.

While the fey usually work in small situations with swan maidens, we can assume that five centuries of adaptation to the situation could cause something with statecraft magick, if they are trying to fix a breach. Sorcerers TRY THINGS. Not all of it works, but we are always tinkering with the system.

Brunhild merely needs to DO SOMETHING and is not sure what it is, her swan cloak still under lock and key by her stepfather, a thing predicted by THE USUAL STUFF OF GUYS and accounted for, no doubt, in all of the sorcerers’ permutations of worlds of destiny.

The fey are always being erased from the past. I have felt myself being erased and unerased different times. Howl is altered by being a valkyrie in this post, because now she is less erasable. I am threatened with the task, because I am a demon worker and the energy work of the blog is predicted to eventually kill me, but many angel workers are allied with the situation of getting REAL and their energy work can do what all this Shakespeare theatre can do for the fey, which is give them some BEAUTY.

That is why they want the blog, though it is STUPID. I have always been superstitious about not writing a thing that needed to be written, even if it was against my COMPANY POLICY, and it is for this reason that my life is saved and the words are elevated to ART instead of the ACCIDENTS of Jung, who is great and knew of the Rokkr and many things of ALLFATHER.

The Self. Jung said it was Jesus. FOOL. I have never been able to make that happen, even when Mormon, though I did love the Jesus of those saints for getting up on the roof and fixing it instead of promising I’LL PRAY FOR YOU.

Now Sigurd is clearly smart. The first thing he does is to make Odin’s greatest Valkyrie pregnant.

The second thing he does is to forget she exists.

This does not keep her from having a daughter, an insult in his mind, but the truth is, Sigurd is unbalanced in gender and needs to loop energetically on a FEMALE who is GREATER than he, and a daughter, who is always greater than anything. Unbalanced gender is evidently part of how the subatomic nonbiological invasion works, because there are too many permutations for them to deal with, and the human male’s propensity for animal wives is also a challenge. So to androgenize Sigurd, we have built a nest of Valkyries inside of Brunhild and some of them still have their swan cloaks.

Sigurd knows what to do, and goes off and marries the right thing for fancy, an almost always fake shield maiden named Gudrun who probably has the new subatomic energy structure and would thus be hard for Brunhild to deal with. In fact, looping on that couple would make her quite weak.

There are many interpretations to this tale, and we must assume that it ACTUALLY HAPPENED, because all of the corridos can be traced to real events.

Now Brunhild becoming an unwed mother should be ashamed because she is not considered a nice girl anymore. She doesn’t appear to be ashamed, perhaps because she is a bird. One who lives on the outskirts of society anyway. And very good with swords.

No one mentions this baby, which would be anathema for most nice girls. It just doesn’t appear to be a problem. What we are all concerned with is LET’S GET THIS GIRL A HUSBAND. So they do, with some trickery involving Sigurd, because she is required to figure out her husband and fix him, and she cannot do this if she is married to anything less than the most powerful warrior, because SHE IS THE MOST POWERFUL WARRIOR.

At this point, kings were not real warriors anyway. The war fey have already clued me in on this. The king never ever fights a real battle. There are always FLATTERERS, and the kill is carefully arranged with a warrior who is commanded to fundamentally commit suicide so that some doofus can look real. It was an open secret, but it did get his fey animal soul into aristocracy in the next life and him into STRANGE PLACES IN FAIRYLAND.

They also know what she is about and why she had the baby, and why it was a girl, one who goes on to partially fund Ragnar Hairy Breeches, a side effect of all this whirling and more cunning tales that will be a fine adjunct to dreamy television that I can’t even watch because it is unwatchable, even the best of it. I will force myself someday after dental surgery and on much . . . medication. The neurological requirement of television watching is perhaps not likely when there are so many dragons in my life.

Once the whole business is revealed, Brunhild calls out for Sigurd’s death using the customary structures of female propensity, which is all she has access to, even with her ring of power. Recall, her swan cloak is still missing in action.

Everyone knows who she is and that what is going on with Sigurd is DIFFERENT. He is not quite right, and if the greatest swan maiden in the land wants this man dead, we will make him dead SAID THE FEY with the tacit support of the scruffy who do all the real magick anyway. And they do. Humans are easily entranced when an opera singer HOWLS.

Fame is a great portal wherein a being who is talked about in distant places can rise in the earth and MAKE STUFF HAPPEN. So having him famous alone is a BAD IDEA. Brunhild knows what to do. At his funeral, she leaps onto his pyre and immolates herself, following him into the great portal of FAME to track and kill him in world after world after world, to no one’s surprise, for in the underworld, it is women who wage the war, to defend us against this interruption in the worlds that presage what is coming: THE GREAT BOREDOM. So in the fame of Sigurd, it is always Brunhild who gets the last word, and that is pretty much the case in all of the accounts of those two HATEBIRDS, even when she is on the road to Hell, where I am sure Baldr treats her to fine quarters until she gets her swan cloak back. The fey are pretty good at death anyway. And now they’re on a starship!

So let us sing the song of Sigurd, binding him once more as THE DIPSHIT WHO STIFFED ODIN!!!


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