Your Type of Magic

An old post. I have moved on in terms of how I do the posts, but this one contains some ideas that will be rewritten after I MACHETE OUT on some OWLS.

Every magic has a fundamental way of handling everything, and once you get the thing going, it is best to stay the course because that is how the communication is structured in the underworld among both the living and the dead.

There are particular potentialities and the magic charts a course in a particular way, and the basic structure of the thing governs how the energy “money” is spent.

In my world, it comes down to YOUR VERY GRIMOIRE AND HOW YOU ARE TOLD TO WORK IT. 
As a general rule, high magic builds a beautiful civilization for the dead and for the living to use as technology for coping and to enter after they die. Rosicrucians are not wrong in dedicating so much of their work to creating these structures, because it is not just the lodge magician who enters them but everyone in energetic range. This also involves the terra forming of the afterlife, and it is important that it be done.
Many of the members of my secular family are now in the Cabala of Hermes and are quite cozy with it, while the Christians of dogmatic ilk fight it. I know people in regular religion who are in the Cabala and having GREAT ADVENTURES in the underworld and will once more be my loves when we have shuffled off this mortal coil. I say, let people choose the energy work they want in the underworld of life as well as death and most of the secularists FUND THIS. 
Churches advertise the fact that they build afterlife civilizations, though they don’t know that it is OPTIONAL. Much worldly endeavor builds it as well, especially where there is A GREAT PASSION. Lodges are unjustly scrimpy about church. You can have both. I personally involve myself in several major religions so that the organization can have lots of tools and enter lots of worlds living and dead. By the end of what I hope will be a long and religiously productive life, I expect to explore Judaism, Catholicism of various stripes, Protestant + conjure, Buddhism, tai chi, the Norse world, Islam, Mormonism (already built) and have some work of the local Amerindian cultures that are part of my family and oversoul, as well as acquaintance with what else says it needs to be in, including the ATR which I have some funding of. I really don’t want to fight but BUILD BRIDGES and would love to see them achieve as much functionality in ceremonial magick as their tradition can accommodate. At the very least, there are some projects that should be approached with the West and not with ATR and vice versa. They need a way in and I hope they will track on my work and figure it out for themselves. The Maoris of the Golden Dawn are funding this. 
The fey(fairy)/Rokkr (animal or plant hybrid soul) people really need the energy work they practiced to orient themselves, or something kind of like it. That’s why they drive you to church. 
One of the reasons my operative magic of Solomon works is that my oversoul/geographical area is in a place where the shamanic Amerindian work is STILL DONE and can be recovered in certain ways by me. Many religions have been lost, and those folks are hard pressed to work UNTIL THEY FIRE YOU AND GET YOU BACK TO YOUR FAMILY. Your mileage may vary, as one famous occultist is always saying. 
It is the fairies who make ceremonial magic FUNCTION, a fact that the West does not remember and has MASONED OUT the whole thing. Other posts in this blog starting with June of 2018 discuss how to work with actual fairies IN AMERICA WHO ARE AMERINDIAN, including your ancestors. Some of mine happen to be fish gods, so we are always on about the fish. And I am a Capricorn, whose zodiacal status has within it the fish as well as the mammal and if worked correctly weirds everyone out and runs them off with the capacity to live in AND out of civilization. The farm animal of the horse was helpful as well and I need to give a shout out to all of the animals WHO HAVE BUILT THIS WALL. 
The Masons used to build a lot of wonderful structures, and they were all men AND THEREFORE HAPPY. It was understood that their wives did the witchcraft LODGES AS WELL, RUBE, poking into everyone’s business and fixing what they thought could be improved upon. The South is notorious for this. The men do Masonry and the ladies do conjure. I was offered the path in the Rainbow Girls and now somewhat regret swapping it for the Scandinavian Protestant world of Mormonism, but that was also a good life and one that is permanently a part of my work through past and family. Perhaps this is also a current in why my conjure world is Anglo while I hear everyone around me IN ACADEMIA harping on how this stuff is African-American. It may be for you, but my family and friends are Anglo and from the South. 
The Jewish world is WAS notorious for the rabbis criticizing witchcraft while their wives did all kinds of it and they discreetly looked the other way IF WISE.
I have done contemporary witchcraft that works. After forty years of very assiduous and rigorous spiritual practice and knowing many highly powerful practitioners who join in the spells as do I in theirs, it works like crazy, especially the Saint stuff. The Saints really bring in the goods: jobs, lovers, protection. The saints are la bomba.
At the same time, it is not the best operative magic for me. Neither are the other types of ceremonial magic that always seem to work at the start then are commandeered by other agendas and crap everything out.
Regular witchcraft brings you what you ask for, and over the long haul, that is a path of TORTURE education. 
Early in my career I had a boss who did much Mexican witchcraft. Her spiritual worker was petty and spiteful in the way of TOO MUCH WITCHCRAFT without a genuine altruistic leaning. It is cynical about all goodness because it wins. 
The truth about all spiritual technology is that it can be worked dark and usually is.
I was told to petition Jesus for my hard jobs. He was going to come in with ALL KINDS OF HELL.
The last time I tried to do regular witchcraft I got the heads up that it was never going to work out for me to get exactly what I ask for, because my magic is too COMPLICATED and each OPERATION needs to accomplish many things for many worlds IN OUR WAY as does theirs in the end ESPECIALLY IF FAMILY.
I was not supposed to go back to a certain guy MAKE LOVERS RETURN, but there were many powers who were furiously clashing in everything and the whole thing had not come to enough fruition CAPRICORN for me to have the strength to stay away, even though I knew it was A BAD IDEA. For that reason, when I moved back to that other state, I was unable to get a driver’s license.
I flunked my driver’s license test four times!
It was a sign but I was so involved in conventional witchcraft at that point AFTER MUCH CABALA that I couldn’t read the sign. I made a saint petition and BLAMMO! the driver’s license came in. MY MAGICK WORKED!
This was not the right outcome which was only achieved by the destruction of my health/figure. If I had petitioned the syncretized portal of Orobas the horse DAMIEN for a driver’s license, which a horse DAMIEN would be very good at, that great King would have brought me THE RIGHT DIVORCE followed by THE RIGHT DRIVER’S LICENSE which would have been the one I currently possess. 
I had a similar outcome by switching to different grimoires. Not a bad outcome, but it didn’t fundamentally pull things together, and I don’t blame the grimoires. In this era, ceremonial magic is not used operatively but as psychic adventure and terra forming for the afterlife, which it does beautifully. Most ceremonial magicians work a lot of them and don’t really get a lot of stuff like they would if they had brujeria and saints, but they do have glorious structures that often go awry because DEATH TO WORLDS OF DEMONS. 

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