Paradigm Shift from THE ART to ATR

Much of this was semi-channeled from my ancestor SCRATCH and a lot of Masons in the old village, as well as Jews. 

THE ART is really small if it works, and this means a small estate and perhaps five families of the middle class, as Jane Austen was fond of saying, with a lot of working people doing a lot of it with those beautiful thatched roofs.

This is likely how THE MAN OF THE WORLD had a larger estate but it was closely confined and carefully worlded, as you know, he is nervous in crowds. This is a family old one. He is an Angel worker, though he did some work with LUCIFER.
There is a magnetic limit to the amount of tracking and close communication among the animals, the friends, the fairies, the regular humans and general folk in the area. It is important to have the right size of organization, though this could be transferred into a tight-knit LODGE and was later, QA dependent, though there was always one principal Adept and that was ruled by the OWLS, some of whom were animals.
After the shift from paganism to Christianity, which in the Norse world was somewhat dark, though the Celt world seems to have had more trouble at the end of paganism and endured it more effectively in Christianity. This is where we are later in phase shift in the Celt work and cannot reach into the depths in quite the same way, though with the Church it is supremely beautiful.
This is something these two great worlds do not really accept about each other and why the Norse work is more effectively undertaken with Judaism which solved the problems of RASCALS and vice versa, which is why we are heartbroken that Norse world work was used against our glorious FRIENDS.
This is also perhaps why so many Jews were ALLOWED to settle in Germanic lands, whereas not so much in the Celt regions which must have RUN THEM OFF.
The paradigm shift problems between Germania and the rest of Europe were probably more effectively solved by NOT CHRISTIANS than OH MY CHURCH. What if we consider the possibility that the Norse world did not really Christianize so much on the deeper levels and kind of GOT THAT STUFF OFF pretty much as soon as possible and that this is why we have a resurgence in Norse world in broad strokes of worship whereas as much cannot be said of really old Celtic stuff. These things go in phases, and we are far enough from the wars of the 20th century to get back to dragons and stuff. Which are fun.
Now the phase shift into Christianity and its attendant SNEAKY SHAMANISM in the form of DEVIL work took quite some time, but in the end, the ANIMAL GODS knew how to run the show entirely.
This means that if you undertook the fey initiation, which takes “a thousand years,” — a lot of lives — and is somewhat underway for me,  as some say,
you would have to be put through your paces of rich and poor, male and female, various occupations, soldier and courtesan, etc., and in the end, would be expected to stay A PERMANENT SORCERER though not necessarily in hookerville, DAUGHTER.

Deleted post here, though I will reprise it WITH SOME CAUTION.

The aristocrats able to remember their past lives do NOT like to be poor serfs again – though this faculty does cause them to be VERY NICE TO THE SERFS. It doesn’t always work out to be poor. It used to be a run of lives to be chthonically stabilized — not always — this is oversimplified and dependent upon individual circumstances and areas. Just riffing anyway.

Instead, they always ALWAYS especially trend toward a permanent aristocracy and the fey are ENSLAVED or TOSSED OUT or CORRUPTED. Many deals were . . .

So the aristocrats began a trend away from THE ART and in the latter years of the 19th century began moving toward OTHER STUFF like Hinduism, which caused Hindus to want to incarnate into the great houses of Europe without moving through the varying phase shifts OF CLASS AND STRUCTURE that would enable them to be FINE in those positions. As with many Jews in COWS as well.
How to get past the SORCERERS who required the adequate shamanic initiation of a thousand years while still keeping the riff raff out?
New World Sorcery was noticed and evaluated as a means of sorcery par excellence, which it is.
However, it was not really dealt with in genuine honor by European aristocrats.
As we have pointed out by family memory in the devil work, a set of folks consisting of the great house, middle class, and working class constituted the working unit of deep magic, all incarnating back and forth among each other’s families. And in LOVE.
Humans are simian and have hierarchies, and it is necessary to respect that fact, and so the deep magic DOES NOT ELIMINATE class. It merely works the birth and death portal in wonderful ways, and in the end, it’s all good, man.
The wealthy did not want to respect the existing integral structure of the ATR which consisted of some upper middle class, MORE middle class, and much working class. They were not welcome to be ETERNAL ARISTOCRATS but invited, among other things, to start at the bottom and work their way through the various power channels, including incarnating into ANIMALS.
Not. So. Much.
So they pulled a CHOP SHOP on the ATR while destroying THE ART in America and caused a giant mess with the paradigm shift being MUCK.
My ancestors say they anticipated many problems coming, for the old ones and the animal gods warned them, and there were many earthly considerations as well, but they did leave the South and go to the Oregon Territory where their beautiful Amerindian spouses and children HA HA PHASE SHIFT would have adequate cover in the vibrant Amerindian culture that was always at war with us near FORKS. Plus Japanese and Chinese. And other white folk. Mostly conjure at this point with THE ART as a bass line in the underworld for both black and white. FOUND IN SWEDEN.
As the rich sought remedy for the necessity of REAL SHAMANISM, they of CURSE course crapped out everything and did stupid stuff which we are DEVELOPING INTO FILM SCRIPTS and trying to recoup things — at least I am — because THE DAMAGE IS DONE IS NOT — and we can yet have a resurgence of THE ART which Crowley sought but could not do all things.
It was Lawrence who WANTS WHAT YOU WANT.
The PO PO SORCERY LEAGUE is not impressed and can’t figure out WHY.
I posit the idea that as the ruling class of the U.S. moved away from THE ART to politics and got the ATR in, smart people decided that they could lop off the top echelon of the ATR that was honorable and put themselves in its place and scramble THE STUPID TOP WERE WILLING TO HELP — but it doesn’t function in equity — and the powers are not really pulled together in a way that enables genuine shamanism to fund itself. It’s a mess from what THE ART was able to do while also being riff raff and I deplore the IMMATURITY of the egregore and the stupidity of TAKING DOWN THE CABALA OF HERMES like you are stupid and this stuff doesn’t work we are gods and now you KNOWING stuff that has a different phase shift and I can’t find it.
I keep being TOLD we’re number one and it doesn’t happen for me, while running around like a chicken with my head cut off does.
I am not saying the ATR is a bad idea, because the slave magic always wins.
Judaism won over Egypt.
Christianity won over Rome.
The ATR is winning over THE ART but not nicely, and the gentlemen did step away from it and let the past go. The Holocaust phase shift was very hard on anything to do with THE ART because it was bound in the memory of creepy things. The Church’s INEPTITUDE as well.
The compression of slavery causes a group of people to make very fierce fighters and a very strong magic, and in the end, it takes out the effect and the decadent. That is NORMAL.
My experience in taking work in the working class, and I have done so for a number of years on both coasts, is that the rich REQUIRE their servants to appear not just subservient but plain STUPID. If you show that you have smarts, they are just ANGRY. You have to shuffle. It is part of the entire ACT of class.
Call up these powers and they come up shuffling. You do NOT know what you are getting. They are geniuses, many of them, in the work of energy, AND ANGRY, and it is impossible for the egregore of CLASS, not to mention the slave magic itself, to reveal them as they must be. CLOWN I AM, but also part of a family continuum going back a long way leading into THE ART as it was practiced by the middle and working class, and it was not uncommon in the South. We also did work (witchcraft). I am very concerned by what many from other traditions are doing with peremptory CRAZY in calling on stuff and arranging stuff in ATR that has real effect but now I am in an energy loop with them going back decades in some cases and this is not to be UNEXAMINED by powers.
Plus they have points of view about humanity. Consider the situation of Africa and AIDS. It has been callously undertreated, and their babies are ailing. The de rigeur destructive magic often used in ATR is FOUND when they notice that WHY ARE YOU SENDING SOMEONE ELSE YOUR AIDS? The entire miasma of AIDS in PO PO  SORCERY LEAGUE is perhaps inflected by the situation of Africa and African Americans itself of which you are mostly not descendants. There is nothing wrong with being honorable and gay, but STRIKE PEOPLE IN TAKING THEIR HEALTH or swapping out dimensions of AIR — change gods — and these ole powers, if they are FOUND in THE ART AT LAST, and good Cabala, really change if you are COW.
At the same time, THE ART was bitch slapped out of us and we are not KIND about that. Given that we structured ourselves by marriage to Amerindians, Jews, and African-Americans, our phase shift is able to JUMBLE STUFF and this is a family inheritance that many of my acquaintance who are SORCERERS share.
THE ART always ends with phase shift problems because the ancient powers have much to teach us about THE TORAH for instance and its fairy initiation that is now once more possible with Jews being on farms, entering the military, and exploring other avenues of spirituality. Much is also able to be learned from the Norse literature, shamanism, the Celtic work, etc, now that the Church has loosened its iron grasp on spiritual practice. But be certain that the old work of the Church will KILL in the end if not compromised with in seal worlds.

ARE WE COMPROMISING WITH IT? We are in THE DEVIL — that is the compromise.

Fairy initiation is not welcome to the everlasting aristocracy. Club.
In the end, the ATR will grow and evolve but until then it will STRIKE horribly because slave magic in the hands of the rich without the intermediary powers of RIGHTEOUS upper- and middle-class of the type that actually BUILT IT and the containment of a REGULAR situation and NEW TOY WHAT CAN WE DO WITH THIS? It seeks the destruction of the ancient people who can COW the knowledge of how it can be equilibrated, and for this reason I am soft shoeing around with things and expect to teach many people that GODS are fallible even with MIRACLES APLENTY. Especially if they are you.
The ancient mechanism of BECOMING A GOD is known in New World Sorcery as it was known to the ancient world. It is partly a WILLING human sacrifice and the magical entrainment of that soul into the FORM of a new god or goddess. So they willingly get AIDS?
This is why we have Jesus. He was a willing SYMBOLIC human sacrifice at the PHASE SHIFT RESET of the end of antiquity and the truth is, there were many old sorcerers who undertook WILLING human sacrifice to BECOME a Jesus. Just look at all those martyrs!
THE ART was not the same for the DEMONS. You simply showed up when your descendants called for THE DEVIL some generations later. You had to do a lot of work between the time and it was always FREAKY. You could do the work of your profession or POOF! out of existence. You could also show up for others of your soul essence in times distant and that is why we keep being able to show up when someone rings that AWESOME bell.
A willing human sacrifice is a working of EXTREME POWER and the reason we are having so many problems in Cabala. They did this, the Jews. AND BECAME DEVILS.
THE ART was known for sacrificing humans and that is why we got away from it. I know people who did it, though not as aristocrats, just middle class.
Human sacrifice is not as good THOUGH MAGNIFICENT IN ELECTROMAGNETIC EFFECTS as working over the long haul with YOUR DEEP SELF SOUL REQUIREMENT and the animals, plants, and general land stuff around you.
Reconnoitering for putting THE ART back together in honor and finding out it was done very nicely in middle- and working-class Deep South RECENTLY means we can recover lost ground and FOOL WE LOVE THE PAST LIFE STYLE. Many Aristocrats of Rosicrucians gave everything in their ART to keep it alive and want to HOW some with the Angels. Bound in Angels is we and CLARENCE THE CAT killed the spell that worked the po po into keeping you down. 
I am not sure what I am actually going to do about this WAR COURTESAN stuff. NOTHING BUT WRITE IS HOW IT IS. I am a middle-class educated lady with a long track record in day jobs but will figure it out. DODGER IS NOT THE THING. I actually agree. It is holy to be in your job and the prostitute is actually a very fine and permanent job FOR A CAT. It really is. Politics is the problem. I have symbolic ideas of hell money that can be used to magical effect in REALLY FUN WAYS, says Scratch.
THE ART was also practiced in Europe where human sacrifice had been recently practiced. That is not as much the case in the Middle East of the dawn of Christianity. It was more gone by then with energy work moving into animal sacrifice and symbolism. Effluvia in the etheric and HUNDREDTH MONKEY stuff.
I posit that many are considering becoming gods AND PERHAPS I WILL OFFERED BE. It’s probably fun crap. My soul essence has obviously been AND STILL IS a Thor, though a small family Thor, not an impressive one, albeit with the power to reincarnate at will and cause others to become SHEEP.
Here Krishna posits that he was always a requirement of a god, not a man.
This is not fun for the ATR SITUATION AT HAND which does not intend to LOCK. We are NOT found in queue.
The problem with the ATR god situation is that it is not RIGHTEOUS. You sacrificed yourself to Thor to protect people of your family from BAD GUYS, real monsters and I promise you dragons were real, and in general it was a matter of WIDE CONSENSUS among the extended family and especially among the ANIMAL elders who were THE GREAT ONES and far wiser CLASSIER not always than we. Furthermore, the souls of such beings were actually ANIMALS who incarnated into human form of vice versa, and it was not uncommon to sacrifice a GOAT in ancient Judaism. This was gone by the time we constituted this — animals participated in the magick and became very fine operatives. In fact, every year, and that is why we have THOR happily around Jews. We used the goat to get along with non-Jews, and it worked. It also caused a lot of sex.
This is what I find so unconscionable about how THE ART has been treated in my energy worlds and why certain powers of ancestral WEALTH have been involved in teaching me how to do it, which I will reveal FOR FREE and show you how THE ART is HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT in the songs and folk tales of The Deep South where my family practiced it for a long time. LOUD WORLDS ARE THAT IT IS RIGHT HERE was done here with normal strikes and always with a sword in the ground.

Paper was dear, and the ancestors knew how to write WITH STICKS in the earth. Simple geometric designs could be erected with rope and SACRED GEOMETRY is how I AM FOUND. Magic names. Pictures of animals. Astrology. Family specific knowledge that is lost but not impossible to KIND OF WORLD in certain ways if you grasp the essentials.

Scratch was usually played by A RABBIT, and the animal types can work with each other, which is why THE SQUIRREL GOD Paimon Rock is so very popular as an initiator and no one cares to consider why B’rer Rabbit is FOUND and why I was so happy on that farm recently with all those rabbits running around and HEARING.
I am teaching for free, which is why girls are fun.
It always comes back to human sacrifice, the Jews will offer, and by taking it out we kind of DAMPED IT DOWN but probably it never goes away.
The truth is we don’t need more human gods. We need to remember that the gods were always ANIMALS and SACRED PLANTS and that when we sacrifice THEM — or work with them — they make better gods than humans ALBEIT UNPROVIDING OF CRAZY.
Animals are better at death and when they work with humans over a long stretch, particularly with a particular kind of human, like in THE ART, they get very good at solving problems and entraining others to DO THE RIGHT THING.
Human gods become rote automatons who make the same mistakes in death they did in life, as well as easily destroyed by those who did devil work in integrity. And cause similar problems. And are not very creative. And are easily controlled by the living. This is why the bureaucrats like human gods, and the THINK TANK considers that becoming a god is a SPLENDID idea if you are part of our CLUB because we can ROCK THIS JOINT if we have the right STUPID gods.
You can, but risk magnetic deconstruction if THE RABBIT GOD shows up and I am not Paimon Rock for nothing.
So no more human sacrifice, GOVERNMENT SORCERY LEAGUE.
We are trying to make LIQUOR and BREAD into gods, as well as our farm animals like the Sheep who is THE LAMB OF GOD, though I am interested in a RAM which is a fearsome and aggressive LEADER who takes care of the herd with great FIGHT and has nice hair.

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